The Legend of Futian
1234 Leaving
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1234 Leaving

The flames on Xi Chan's body grew increasingly more powerful as the nine suns rotated. She looked like a true goddess of the sun as she basked in the sun's flames. Devastating fiery waves swept out all around her.


Xi Chan stepped forward and headed straight for Xia Qingyuan. The Flames of Jiuyang burst devastatingly as soon as she stepped out, firing nine beams of holy light straight at Xia Qingyuan.

The lotus flower before Xia Qingyuan blossomed and blocked the beams, yet destructive heat waves still washed over her. The extremely dazzling figure of Xi Chan charged at her. It was as if Xi Chan had turned into a sun herself. Ferocious heat waves began engulfing the entire space before she even came close to Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Qingyuan performed hand seals, causing countless lotuses to blossom around her in an instant. Calamity Swordsmanship ebbed within the petals. Beams of destructive auras fired right at Xi Chan.

However, Xi Chan ignored the attacks altogether as she continued to charge.


She sensed that the raging waves sweeping toward her were out to destroy everything. Calamity Swordsmanship burst out as the swords headed straight for Xi Chan. Xi Chan did not even slow down, zipping right through like a bolt of lightning to throw a punch. Her devastating flames contained terrifying explosive powers that wrecked the swords within mere moments.

"Divine Body of Nine Suns," Xi Chan muttered. Her body was like a sun at the moment. She activated the Divine Body of Nine Suns, enabling her to pulverize everything before her through extremely destructive means.

The swords were destroyed and the lotuses crumbled. Xia Qingyuan retreated as Xi Chan continued to press forward like a sun falling from the sky. Seemingly nothing could stop her.

Boom, boom, boom...

Explosions were heard as Xia Qingyuan's attacks continued to crumble. The holy light about her became even more brilliant. Lotus petals opened and closed until they melded into one single lotus flower. Thousands of swords flowed around her body, encircling her in an ever more powerful storm.

Terrifying ringing noises were heard as the two of them chased one another in the air. Xi Chan basked in flames and charged forward like a fireball of the sun. At that moment, Xia Qingyuan finally retaliated.

Xia Qingyuan pointed at Xi Chan below. Boundless swords appeared in an instant. They immediately transformed into a dragon of calamity. Catastrophic beams of terrifying intensity rained down from above. The swords then streaked downward in a frenzy, crashing into Xi Chan's body. The Divine Body of Nine Suns broke and crumbled under the incoming attacks. However, that dragon seemed to be an indestructible being. It continued to roar and charge, engulfing the sky around them.

The mighty beings from the Crimson Dragon Army had yet to leave. They'd stayed around to prevent the battle above from harming the avenue below. Everyone watching the battle from the avenue felt astonished by what they saw happening above them. The duel between the two women was far more intense than they had expected it to be. Their attacks were nothing less than harrowing.

Ye Futian was also watching the battle closely. He was able to tell that Xi Chan was very powerful. Otherwise, the Saint Lord of Jiuyang of the Xi clan would not have allowed Xi Chan to fight Xia Qingyuan in the first place. He'd known that the daughter of a Renhuang would be anything but mediocre.

It was a testament to his confidence in Xi Chan's powers.

Furthermore, Xi Chan's plane was slightly higher than Xia Qingyuan's. It had not been long since she'd became a saint. She was still at Proving Holiness level and her aura was somewhat inferior as a result.

At that moment, however, a beam of even greater brilliance fired from the sun. Xi Chan's Divine Body of the Nine Suns charged forward and destroyed the dragon, ramming into Xia Qingyuan's body to crush her once and for all.

However, at the very next moment, many of Xia Qingyuan's silhouettes appeared and stepped on the lotuses. The petals of the flowers howled with the might of the swords.

Xi Chan stood at the center. Her sun goddess form was still incredibly dazzling. She scanned her surroundings, unable to tell which Xia Qingyuan was the real one.

The silhouettes of Xia Qingyuan all performed hand seals at the same time. Powerful auras burst forward as the swords howled. The noises reverberated throughout their surroundings.

"Thousands of calamities, tens of thousands of shadows, all born of the lotus," many voices said at the same time, resonating with the world around them. More lotuses appeared in the sky. Xia Qingyuan was standing on every single flower.

The place permeated with the truly stifling pressure of devastation. Countless lotus petals circled Xi Chan as the swords flowed around her. Both attacks grew in strength as they tried to engulf the area. The swords conjured devastating hurricanes.

The hurricanes lashed out at Xi Chan. Every single hurricane was being conjured by the countless swords of calamity. Xi Chan charged through, intending to break through the blockade. Raging attacks bombarded the hurricanes around her. However, none were able to destroy the hurricanes. Worse still, she was almost caught in the hurricanes herself.

Xia Qingyuan stood right outside the masses of hurricanes as she glared at her opponent. Her will resonated with the world around her. All things were interconnected through the great path, all phenomena and things were born of the great path. She looked like she had become the master of the great path at that very moment.

The nine suns were high in the sky as they surrounded Xi Chan. When she shouted, all nine suns fired beams of flames. The hurricanes around her exploded in a frenzy, yet the hurricanes stayed intact as they were covered in flames. The flames made them stronger! They all headed for Xi Chan.

Xi Chan looked rather pale at that moment. The Saint Lord of Jiuyang, who was watching from high above, was able to tell from her expression alone that Xi Chan had lost.

This daughter of the Renhuang was one of the most powerful descendants of the Renhuang. Her combat prowess was tremendously formidable.

As the most powerful force within Jianmu City, the Xi clan had frequent contact with the Renhuang forces. Not every single descendant of Renhuang was as powerful as her.

"That will be all, Xi Chan," the Saint Lord of the Jiuyang said. Xi Chan looked up into the sky. The devastating storms of the swords subsided and gradually dispelled. The glow of the sun around Xi Chan dimmed as well. She turned to glare at Xia Qingyuan.

Xi Chan turned around and left right away without apologizing. It was apparent that she was incredibly irked.

Xia Qingyuan had not really expected her to apologize. However, since the Xi clan had behaved so forcefully before and had wanted to fight their entire group, there was simply no way they would have handed the Flames of the Way over to the Xi clan.

The mighty members of the Xi clan departed. The flames conjured in the sky by the Saint Lord of Jiuyang likewise disappeared without a trace.

Xi Chan had lost. The Xi clan could never demand those flames from them ever again.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said. He had intended to stay in Jianmu City for a while and see if there was anywhere in the lower parts of the city fit for training in the way of the flames. From the looks of things at the moment however, it would be ill-advised to continue staying in Jianmu City. They had to return to Qianye City.

Even though the flames were still with them, things had become quite tricky.

"Lord Ye." Some people blocked the way of Ye Futian's party, making him look up at the one who spoke. It was the young man who'd told Xi Chan to just take them away.

Several imposing people were standing right behind the young man. It was apparent that they were from renowned clans.

Many citizens from Jianmu City were able to recognize him. He was a member of the Chang clan, one of the most powerful groups in Jianmu City. They had amicable relations with the Xi clan and their bond ran rather deep.

The young man was named Chang Huai and he was a saint with exceptional talents. He had been pursuing Xi Chan for quite a while, wanting to forge a marriage alliance between the Chang clan and the Xi clan.

"Yeah?" Ye Futian said rather coldly. Chang Huai was the one who'd suggested that they take Ye Futian's party out, so Ye Futian saw no reason to be nice to him.

"I would like those flames. Would you mind naming a price, Lord Ye? We would like to get a fair trade underway," Chang Huai said with a smile to Ye Futian, appearing polite and amicable. He didn't have a single trace of the bullying attitude he'd displayed before.

"Not interested." Ye Futian refused the proposal right away, getting ready to walk past Chang Huai and his people.

Chang Huai was dumbfounded for a brief moment. He then smiled and said, "Lord Ye, you're just a Doctrine Saint, yet you're already the lord of a city. It wouldn't be far-fetched to say that you're the first person to accomplish such a thing in the cities surrounding Crimson Dragon City. But then again, you're a saint who stands behind a woman. Don't you think there's something wrong with that?"

Ye Futian's party stopped and Xia Qingyuan shot him a cold glance. "You've got a problem with that?"

Ye Futian looked at Chang Huai as well, saying with a smile, "It must seem strange to someone who only gets close to women to use them, or to someone who does not even bother with them at all. I assume that you want the flames so you can give them to Xi Chan, right?"

He then continued walking. Chang Huai had been right beside Xi Chan before, and it seemed that Xi Chan hadn't wanted anything to do with him.

Seeing how Xi Chan and her people had been unable to take the flames, it made sense that Chang Huai was asking to trade for them to gain favor with her.

Ye Futian and his people left. They flashed and zipped along the roads below, departing the area at breakneck speeds.

Chang Huai smirked and said in a low voice after they left, "The lord of Qianye City has a way of getting the people around him to work for him. I have to admit, that is a good ability indeed."

Sending Yu Sheng into the Regional Palace, making Emperor Xia's Realm back him up, having Yaya protect him while he's outside, and having Xia Qingyuan fight for him... He was capable of doing all of that, yet he'd made it unnecessary to do anything for himself.

The people around Chang Huai listened to his words and concluded that this was indeed the case with Ye Futian. The man himself had hardly ever fought. No one knew how capable he was.

Many who had watched the Battle of Crimson River claimed that, as city lord, his powers must be on par with Yu Sheng. After all, Yu Sheng had been doing his bidding.

But then again, one would one only be able to know how powerful he was with certainty from seeing him fight.

Ye Futian hardly minded what Chang Huai said. Xia Qingyuan shot a look at him after they left and said, "Don't mind what he said."

"You're the one who shouldn't mind, princess." Ye Futian smiled and did not say much after that. They were traveling at high speeds as they left Jianmu City. He turned his head around and took a look, feeling that it was quite a pity that they'd had to spend so many Sacred Spirit Stones to gain entry. They would have to pay again if they ever wanted to come back.

Yaya conjured a sword in the air. The party hopped onto it and disappeared in an instant.
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    《The Legend of Futian》