The Legend of Futian
1239 Sun Castle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1239 Sun Castle

The lava giant took a huge step forward and clapped its hands in Yin Tianjiao direction. Yin Tianjiao was unfazed and charged at the hand. Her body dazzled with glittering light, power bursting from her body. She threw forward her hand. Though slender, it still contained the might of the great path. Rumbling noises were heard and the world around her resonated with her being. She thrust and an enormous, fiery handprint appeared.

Boom! A loud rumble was heard and the lava giant's hand cracked, but quickly mended. The fires melted her great handprint. She frowned slightly at fire spirit's insane healing powers.

Sword wills howled around Ye Futian. Swords of Kasyapa zipped past and arrived right before the lava giant, which roared as the swords came near. They were engulfed in the fires right away and melted into nothingness. Level superiority was at play in this fight.

Yin Tianjiao's aura became even stronger at that moment. A tall, imposing figure like an empress seemed to have appeared behind her. A towering aura swept all around her body as her might burst in a frenzy. The will of the great path circled about her. Thousands of wills of the great path coursed and the area surrounding her seemed to have become a world of destruction.

Many wills of the great path of flames all gushed into her body at that moment, and it felt as if her body was burning. The will of the great path around her was furiously absorbed into her body. Ye Futian took a look at her and conjured the Halberd of Time and Space into his hand.

Ye Futian burst into the air with a flash, disappearing right away and appearing right before the lava giant, bringing down the weapon like a bolt of lightning.

The lava giant blocked with its hand, clashing with the Halberd of Time and Space. Rumbling noises were heard as the hand crumbled, inch by inch. The fires exploded at the weapon and Ye Futian himself. Still, the giant absorbed the power of lava without pause to reconstruct its broken arm.

Yin Tianjiao stepped out and attacked as well. Her great handprint resonated with the great path around her as she brought her attack down on the fire spirit. The lava giant attempted a block, which caused its arm to quickly crumble inch by inch. Both Ye Futian and Yin Tianjiao continued to press on their attacks until they pierced the lava giant's body. Yin Tianjiao's rules within her handprint cracked open the fire spirit.

A sliver of lava-colored will of the great path intended to flee, but Yin Tianjiao grabbed and pinned it down. Towering fires burst, intending to consume Yin Tianjiao. As holy light dazzled, her body almost burned, devouring the fire bit by bit.

"You could have the next one," Yin Tianjiao said to Ye Futian, who nodded without saying anything.

The mighty one of the Zhu clan added, "Why not internalize the will of the great path inside you to a certain level of strength first?"

"Doesn't matter," Yin Tianjiao replied plainly.

Ye Futian took a look at the mighty one. Since entering the ruins, the Zhu mighty one spoke his mind without reservation.

The ruins had boundless wills all around. The numbers were astronomical. To people who trained in fire-based powers, the ruins were like a holy land all its own. The reason why the nine tribes supported their candidates was to allow them to internalize their will of the great path and increasing their strength. But what was their ultimate goal?

Ye Futian and Yin Tianjiao continued moving forward without thought. The lava area was incredibly vast and looked endless as well. Both of them plundered as much as they were able to, having no idea how many fire spirits they had destroyed and stripped of their will. They weren't the only ones. Mighty ones from the other seven tribes did the same in other areas, too.

A short time later, they entered a territory filled with demonic fire beasts. A city seemed to have appeared right before them—a City of Fire. They stopped and stared at it. The city had many steps leading to the top, and the entire place looked like it was basking in fire. The phenomenon made it seem like a City of the Sun.

"It is best to internalize the will of the great path of flames within your bodies. You might run into greater challenges ahead," a mighty one from the Zhu clan said.

Yin Tianjiao and Ye Futian nodded, then found a spot to sit cross-legged. Ye Futian closed his eyes and dazzling light appeared around his body. Swishing sounds were heard in his Life Palace. At that moment, his Life Palace turned into a world of flames. Flames of the Way circled about endlessly.

Ye Futian knew that those powers were not his. They were simply things taken by force. Even if he were to be able to internalize and use them for battle, they could be destroyed. That would be the end of it. Essentially, he was only using external powers instead of relying on his own skills. It was something he would not have done in his usual training. Those flames could only be used as trump cards, akin to convenient devices.

That was unless his plane could reach the required level. Then he could truly make those flames his own. If at Proving Saint level, he could really enhance his own powers. Of course, there would have been no way for him to finish internalizing those flames in such a short period of time. The greater the flames' intensity, the harder it would have been for him to make them his own.

There seemed to be another silhouette of his in his Life Palace, who sat cross-legged and holy light burst from it. The Deed of Thorough Comprehension flowed about in a frenzy within him. His body was now like a furnace, melting and internalizing the wills of the great path.

The World Tree swished about. Powers of all elements been turned into auras of flames, enveloping his body. Auras of the world around him flowed into his body, entering his Life Palace through his veins. The first of his flames were completed a while later. Flames of increasingly greater numbers melted to become one with him. Fiery auras of the boundless great path flowed into his Life Palace.

Not far away from where Ye Futian was, Yin Tianjiao was also training with her eyes closed. They sat that way for a long time. When they completed their training, they opened their eyes. Together, they began ascending steps before them, moving towards the City of the Sun.

With every step they took, the heat of the staircase grew increasingly intense. Like they were walking on the flames of the great path.

The sun hung high above with countless Golden Ravens circling around it. The birds dove towards them with great force, as if they viewed the group as intruders. Everyone feared they were on the verge of destruction.

Ye Futian sensed the birds' auras and found many of them to be at Saint of True Self levels. Fiery auras of the great path flowed around the sun, coalescing into dazzling beams of light. The beams shot forth like divine fire. The Golden Raves were engulfed by them, and they exploded into flaming auras of the great path.

What transpired had caught the attention of the mighty ones from both the Zhu and Wu clans. Ye Futian's fire ability did not seem weak at all. His own powers combined with what had been absorbed were like rays of the sun, capable of melting anything. It even seemed to contain will of the sword, which gave the beams devastating shredding power.

He conjured the Halberd of Time and Space, grabbing the will of the great path. He charged at the flock of Golden Ravens that blocked out the sky. Yin Tianjiao's attacks were just as powerful. Her entire body was bathed in the dazzling, holy light of flames. It was apparent that, like Ye Futian, she had also internalized the flames. She melded them with her own attacks and crushed everything before her.

Humanoid spirits appeared amidst the great number of Golden Ravens. A silhouette dove straight for Ye Futian. Its eyes emanated an extremely terrifying demonic aura.

Ye Futian sensed the aura as the fire of the sun rained down, intending to penetrate the creature's body. However, it suddenly became a sea of flames, engulfing the area Ye Futian was in. A terrifying head appeared, intending to devour him.

The grey-robed mighty one of the Wu clan came behind him. "Be careful, that thing is out to take your spirit!"

The people of the nine tribes would not have let anything happen to their candidates, not before they reached their destination. The journey was meant to strengthen their powers and familiarize them with the way of the flames of the nine tribes' ancestral land.

The mighty one lashed out with his hand and dazzling, golden flames fired at the being coming at Ye Futian. It let loose a harrowing roar as it was turned into will of the great path.

"Thank you, senior," Ye Futian said before continuing on.

The rest of the mighty ones arrived soon as well, moving up the steps towards the Sun Castle.

Upright figures stood guard at the gates of the city. They cast their glances forward and a frightening and immensely profound aura swept over the field, turning into terrifying storms that resonated with the sun in the sky.

"It has been years since you last came. Is there one worthy of entering this time?"

The nine tribes had been trying for many years. They had toiled for ages, bud had never succeeded. As such, they were forced to begin borrowing external powers. The intent was to unravel the secrets of their ancestral land through the hands of ingenuous outsiders. Even so, not one in all those generations had succeeded. The guards wondered how these new chosen ones would fare. They hoped that the clans would not let them down again.
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    《The Legend of Futian》