The Legend of Futian
1242 The Flames of the Way Enter
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1242 The Flames of the Way Enter

Ye Futian had completely transformed into a sun furnace. He shot forward, with fist will filling the sky, pushing the Flames of the Way before him. He was powerful enough to cut through anything like a blade through bamboo.

There was a loud sound as Chang Huai was sent flying backward. He felt like a hole had been pierced through him. A burst of flame entered into him, causing him to twist and distort his face in pain.

Ye Futian walked forward step by step, looking indifferent and emotionless.

Although he had refined some flames, and his attacks with the Flames of the Way were extremely strong, his defenses had not changed at all. Ye Futian's burst of power had made it so that he had had no way to respond and so he had been badly wounded. The battle ended in an instant.

Ye Futian walked in front of Chang Huai and swept his cold gaze over him. He reached out, and Flames of the Way came out from his hand.

Chang Huai went pale as he watched the figure before him.

He had once ridiculed Ye Futian's reliance on women back in Jianmu City. But now, he had been so thoroughly crushed. Even though it was true that Ye Futian had attacked him without warning, even if he had been ready for him, it would have made no difference.

His will had been seized, and his Renhuang will had been taken, just like with Xi Chan.

Ye Futian had crushed the two geniuses of the Ancient Tree.

Ye Futian returned to his original position and sat down. Everyone looked at him. This contest between them had not been anything special, and so they had not gotten a look at the opponents' strengths and weaknesses. But they could at least see that the Lord of Qianye City was not like they had imagined. Otherwise, it would not have only been two great tribes that would have went to invite him.

After Chang Huai was defeated, there were only the representatives of four tribes left.

Yin Tianjiao of the Zhu tribe, Duan Wuji standing in for the Zhong tribe, the disciple of Saint Jiuyou for the Raven tribe, and Ye Futian.

These four were all very skilled at refining flames. Even now, they had their eyes closed and were cultivating, seizing every moment they could to refine the Flames of the Way that they had taken.

In this place of ruins, the Flames of the Way were power. The one who could refine the most of them would be the strongest.

At that moment, sunlight was falling upon Sun Castle. Only four beams of light were still shining. The light where Ye Futian was was the brightest. He had defeated two great cultivators all by himself, and so he had seized a few more Flames of the Way. The light seemed to form a mystical matrix.

However, this did not increase Ye Futian's power. He could feel the sunlight falling upon him.

Seeing that all four of them were calmly and silently cultivating, the cultivators of the Zhu tribe cast their gaze over the battlefield.

At that moment, there was only the four of them. They and the Wu tribe were together in this, which the Zhong tribe and the Raven tribe must have known. Thus, those two forces would probably not fight each other, which would let the Zhu tribe and the Wu tribe win the battle without lifting a finger.

So, this would be a two on two battle.

He looked towards Duan Wuji, who was fighting for the Zhong tribe. He was probably more threatening than the disciple of Saint Jiuyou.

Thinking of this, the cultivator from the Zhu tribe summoned a cultivator from the Wu tribe and said, "Have Lord Ye challenge Duan Wuji."

They would fight for a bit, which would let them see how strong Duan Wuji was. What they had seen in the previous battle was just a performance. Duan Wuji had needed to use too much of his power to defeat his opponent.

Ye Futian's performance had been outstanding, so he would probably be able to test Duan Wuji a bit more and see just how the powerful the Flames of the Way that he had refined were, and how strong his God-Eating Fire was.

That way, they would be able to find out as well.

The cultivator from the Wu tribe looked out towards Ye Futian. The grey-robed figure walked over to him and said, "Lord Ye, why don't you fight Duan Wuji of the Zhong tribe in this battle?"

Ye Futian opened his eyes and glanced at Duan Wuji. He was indeed quite strong. In his last battle, he had nearly crushed his opponent. He had not wasted any energy. His God-Eating Fire had swallowed up his opponent's Flames of the Way, and he had integrated the will that he had seized into his own God-Eating Fire. He was incredibly threatening.

But if he wanted to make it to the end, this was an opponent that he would have to face sooner or later. He couldn't avoid it.

It was just a matter of when.

Therefore, he did not refuse. He stood up and walked out onto the battlefield. He looked out towards the cultivator from the Zhong tribe and Duan Wuji.

Seeming to feel Ye Futian's gaze, Duan Wuji opened his eyes as well and looked back at him. There seemed to be dark green flames within his eyes, like demonic fire.

He stood up as well and walked out onto the battlefield.

It was still extremely hot in front of Sun Castle. Everything was extraordinarily calm at that moment.

The two of them stood facing each other. Ye Futian turned into a great furnace once again, and the fire of the Great Path surrounded him, bathing his body.

Dark green flames flowed around Duan Wuji, wrapping around his body. They slowly formed a vortex that grew stronger and stronger. It floated forward, swallowing up all the flames and slowly turning into a massive vortex of flames.

The wild vortex shot towards Ye Futian, sucking up all the flame power in the area. Ye Futian used his Deed of Thought Comprehension, and all his will turned into flames that burned like the sun.


He pointed to the air, and the flames around suddenly shot upwards, covering the sky. The word 'leave' appeared among the flames.

The vortex collided with the sun furnace, causing an incredibly destructive storm to sweep out. The dark green storm tried to swallow up the sun furnace, and the sun furnace was trying to transform the vortex. The two forces intermingled, and terrifying Flames of the Path wrapped around each other.

Duan Wuji and Ye Futian were floating in the air, using their minds to control the flames, and guiding them with their hands.

As they watched this ferocious battle, many people thought that if Ye Futian and Duan Wuji's wills were to collide with each other, both of them would be consumed. In that case, Yin Tianjiao and Saint Jiuyou's disciple would probably be able to reap the benefits without having lifted a finger.

Many people were a little surprised that Ye Futian's fire of the Great Path could withstand Duan Wuji.

As a Prince, Duan Wuji had cultivated himself to be very powerful. So, Ye Futian of Emperor Xia's Realm's powerful techniques must be at the Renhuang level.

The two of them floated among the fire of the Great Path, using their hands to control the flames. They were putting more and more will into it, and endless flames descended from the sky. Each flame was filled with terribly destructive energy.

Duan Wuji looked at Ye Futian under the raging flames. Dark green fire wrapped around him, growing stronger and stronger.

He had not put all of his power into the vortex yet. He was still saving some.

However, lines of flame will appeared around Ye Futian as well. The flames were clear and pure, seeming real one instant then illusory the next. There was something unreal about them.

"Go." Duan Wuji swept out his sleeve, and endless Flames of the Way swept out.

But Ye Futian pointed forward, and three thousand Flames of the Way shrieked forward, slamming into his opponent's flames. The two powers shook the sky as they collided.

Duan Wuji stepped forward with a mighty stride and descended right in front of Ye Futian. He reached out, and suddenly, a vortex of flames appeared around Ye Futian, trying to swallow him up.

Ye Futian's eyes were frightening. He swept his gaze over Duan Wuji, and pure white flames appeared around him, seeming to have grown out of thin air. They covered Duan Wuji's body.

The two of them were nearing each other quickly. Duan Wuji raised his fist and slammed it towards Ye Futian. Immense power appeared around his delicate hand.

Ye Futian stretched out a single finger, but it was sharper than a sword. It pierced towards the onrushing fist.

The two attacks collided, and a terrible vortex descended upon ye Futian from Duan Wuji's fist. He seemed unable to control his body, and his aura was sucked out by his opponent's fist. It seemed that his very soul was under attack, and would be sucked out.

But Ye Futian's finger contained immense space-tearing power. It was like a halberd. In a flash, endless destructive will entered his opponent's hand and slammed into his body.

Duan Wuji's blood surged through his body. He had an uncomprehending look on his face. Terrible flames suddenly appeared on his hand, and it turned dark green as he continued to press it towards Ye Futian. His fist seemed able to engulf Ye Futian along with his very soul.

Ye Futian continued to press his finger forward, and Flames of the Great Path shot out of the other fingers. As soon as his finger landed on his opponent's hand, a void was drilled all the way through his hand up into his arm.

Both of their attacks threatened their opponent, so after that single touch, they broke apart. Ye Futian's sleeve was torn, and dark green light had appeared on his hand. Duan Wuji was the same: his sleeve had been burned away to nothing, and undying Flames of the Way were raging across his body, sapping his vitality.

Duan Wuji tried to retreat, but he felt an intense space-binding power. Ye Futian continued to press his fingers forward, trying to touch Duan Wuji again.

Duan Wuji frowned, and coldness flashed in his eyes. Someone was really actively trying to attack him.

He slammed out with his fist once again with no hesitation. In a flash, the two of them collided again like two phantoms.


There was the loud sound of a collision, and the two of them separated yet again. Both of them groaned.

This attack had obviously been difficult to bear.

They had both been struck by their opponent's attack at the same time as they struck their opponent. The threat from the Flames of the Way was more than they could handle at their level, and its destructive power when it entered their bodies was apparent.

Ye Futian's arms and torso were starting to turn faintly green, which looked very strange. Everyone's eyes fell upon him. Could he withstand this any more?

But Ye Futian sat down and crossed his legs as the dark green fire raged across him, swallowing up his vitality, his spirit, and even trying to devour his very breath.

His blood roared and roiled as his divine will descended, stamping out the flames. He looked a little better now.

When it came to flame power, Duan Wuji was not inferior to him at all and was even a little bit better. Thus, he did not have the advantage when they collided.

But at that moment, Duan Wuji was also sitting cross-legged in the air. Renhuang light seemed to flash around him, snuffing out all other power. White void flames raged within him. They were undying, having an unlimited lifespan.

The flames burned until they reached outside his body. His face was ashen. Finally, he groaned and spat out a mouthful of blood!
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    《The Legend of Futian》