The Legend of Futian
1243 Give Up?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1243 Give Up?

The cultivators from the nine great tribes were all shocked when they saw what was happening.

Prince Duan Wuji had been the first one to be seriously wounded. From his current stance, it was clear that this wound was affecting him greatly, and he was still fighting to control the Flames of the Way within him.

On the other side of the battlefield, Ye Futian swept his gaze around. The Divine Sun Furnace swallowed up everything, and gradually devoured the dark green vortex. Duan Wuji had no time to deal with him, and so the conflict up in the air had come to an end.

"Duan Wuji has lost." Everyone's hearts trembled. This was an unexpected outcome.

If this had just been a regular duel, then even though Lord Ye of Qianye City did not have a brilliant record, he would still have been strong because of Yu Sheng, and he could have been more than a match for Prince Duan Wuji.

However, this was a contest of flames.

The God-Eating Flames were famous, and so everyone had thought that Duan Wuji would win here in the ancestral lands. But things had not gone as expected.

Ye Futian of Qianye City had defeated Duan Wui in a contest of flames.

Even the Zhu tribe and the Wu tribe, who had chosen Ye Futian, had not thought this to be possible. They looked incredibly surprised at that moment. If they had known that he could control flames so well, then everyone would have sent him invitations the moment he had set foot in Emperor Kua's City. Instead, no one had come looking for him, and so the Wu tribe had been able to convince him to go with them for practically no cost.

However, many people looked surprised when they thought of the relationship between the Wu tribe and the Zhu tribe.

Yin Tianjiao of the Zhu tribe was still there, and Ye Futian, whom the Wu tribe had invited, was still so powerful. It seemed that there was no more suspense about the outcome of this struggle at the Ancestral Lands.

Saint Jiuyou's disciple was strong, but it would be almost impossible for a single cultivator to resist two powerful cultivators like Yin Tianjiao and Ye Futian.

Indeed, he would have a great deal of trouble trying to take on just one of them.

After all, Ye Futian had already proven his strength in this battle.

Thus, if the Wu tribe was willing to concede to the Zhu tribe, then there was no more suspense in this battle. The Zhu tribe would be the victors and would have the opportunity to put the Ancestral Lands to use.

Eight great tribes had been eliminated from this competition already.

The only question was, would the Wu tribe and Ye Futian concede?

If they didn't, who was stronger? Ye Futian or Yin Tianjiao?

"Lord Ye's strength is supernatural. I never would have thought that Prince Duan Wuji would lose to him. It seems that Saint Jiuyou's disciple would similarly have a hard time against him," said the burly, middle-aged man from the Zhu tribe with the long, red beard.

Saint Jiuyou's disciple looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian raised his eyebrow slightly. This cultivator from the Zhu tribe was a bit impolite. Or could it be that he was trying to incite a fight between him and Saint Jiuyou's disciple?

Among the people present, he was the one who had fought the most.

Although he had beaten Duan Wuji in the fight he had just had, he had used up a lot of his power to do so, and much of the will he had refined had been destroyed.

Moreover, Duan Wuji's attacks had injured him. With such fearsome flames entering his body, how could he not have been affected?

Saint Jiuyou's disciple was not weak, and his Black Lotus Karma Fire contained terrible destructive power.

If he fought again after having just fought, then even if he defeated Saint Jiuyou's disciple, he would not be at full power.

And at that point, the only two cultivators left would be him and Yin Tianjiao.

He knew exactly what the cultivator from the Zhu tribe was trying to do.

His statement seemed to incite Saint Jiuyou's disciple's will to fight. He stared at Ye Futian, and the Black Lotus Karma Fire wrapped around him.

He was ready to fight.

But at the moment, a figure flashed over and descended upon the battlefield, appearing in front of Saint Jiuyou's disciple.

The dazzling figure was none other than Yin Tianjiao.

She had not waited for Saint Jiuyou's disciple and Ye Futian to fight but had actively come to participate.

Terrible flames wrapped around her, bathing her in divine fire. Her violent aura swept out, shooting towards Saint Jiuyou's disciple.

The cultivator from the Zhu tribe was shocked as he beheld this scene. He was surprised that she would act like this.

But then he understood. These people were all proud sons and daughters of heaven.

Thus, this Yin Tianjiao was an incredibly proud person and had seen what he was tying to do.

So she had acted, disdaining such means as he was employing.

The cultivator from the Zhu tribe smiled coldly. Yin Tianjiao was indeed proud. But the Ancestral Lands were extremely important to the Nine great tribes.

Now that they were within easy reach, how could he easily let them go? He would obviously use any tricks at his disposal.

Also, wasting your opponent's energy was not really a petty trick.

Ye Futian eyed Yin Tianjiao. What a proud woman!

Duan Wuji was still sitting there. He opened his eyes and looked at Ye Futian, saying, "What kind of Flames of the Way do you have?"

The pure white fire had been almost clear and seemed like void flames.

This kind of flame seemed as if it could not be extinguished. Even if he tried to use Rehuang will to control them, he would still be burned by them.

"These are flames that I learned about long ago through my cultivation. But at that time, they were just a prototype, so I never used them. Now, when we were refining our flames here in the ruins, I tried to use them again. Now that I've managed to employ them, I call them the Fire of White Lapis Lazuli," answered Ye Futian.

"These flames have an endless will," said Duan Wuji.

Ye Futian nodded slightly. Endless will was indeed contained within those flames, and it would be difficult to extinguish for even the most powerful cultivator.

Duan Wuji smiled and said, "I never thought I would lose to you in a contest of flames."

He was extremely confident in his God Eating Fire since it was so powerful.

"You are very good at controlling flames," said Ye Futian. He then turned and returned to his position. He had not been exaggerating. He had spoken truly.

That God Eating Fire had burned within him. It was indeed quite ferocious.

Duan Wuji looked at Ye Futian, then turned and left as well. The glory of the Zhong tribe had dimmed a little bit.

Only Ye Futian and the Wu tribe cultivator's glory was still shining brightly.

On the battlefield, the two cultivators were locked in furious combat. Although Yin Tianjiao had cultivated many powerful Flames of the Way, she seemed to have integrated all of them into her attack spells. She was bursting with power as she launched her attacks.

Saint Jiuyou's disciples Black Lotus Karma Fire was incredibly strong, but it seemed almost insignificant when facing Yin Tianjiao.

In the end, Yin Tianjiao defeated Saint Jiuyou's disciple and made it to the end of the contest.

The glory of the Raven tribe dimmed while the Zhu tribe's glory brightened.

The light of the sun fell upon the two remaining tribes—the Zhu tribe and the Wu tribe.

It also shone high up into the clouds.

What was hard for people to accept was that the two remaining cultivators were from the Zhu and Wu tribes.

These two tribes were very close and were practically allied. Now they had both made it to the end. Did that not seem a little strange?

Would they really fight each other now?

Ye Futian was still busy refining his will. He sat with eyes shut, cultivating. He seemed to have not seen the conclusion of Yin Tianjiao's battle.

The Zhu tribe cultivator's gaze fell upon Ye Futian. "Lord Ye," he said, "I will have a great gift of thanks for you when we return. Why don't we let this battle end here, alright?"

He hoped that Ye Futian would give up.

Yin Tianjiao was very strong, but if they could win this without a fight, everything would be settled.

The fact that Ye Futian was still there made him an unknown factor.

If he had been able to defeat Prince Duan Wuji, who could say that he would certainly lose to the Princess of Emperor Wu, who had cultivated in the Crimson Dragon Realm?

"End it here?" Ye Futian looked at the cultivator of the Zhu tribe. "The elder of the Wu tribe placed his trust in me and asked me to fight this battle. I've already come this far, how can I give up? I must give it my all."

The Zhu tribe cultivator frowned. He was a bit upset with this reply.

The Wu tribe cultivator looked at him, then to Ye Futian, and said, "Both of them are powerful figures, and so it would be good to watch a battle between the two of them. Why don't we just let them fight?"

The Zhu tribe cultivator frowned. This man from the Wu tribe seemed to have his own ideas.

Was it because Ye Futian's strength had given him confidence, and thus thoughts of total victory had been born in his mind?

"What are you thinking, Wu Yong?" asked the Zhu tribe cultivator coldly. The other cultivators of the Zhu tribe also swept their gazes over the people from the Wu tribe. Coldness flashed in their eyes.

Were they trying to stand up for themselves?


At that moment, a wild flame aura swept out.

Ye Futian ignored the Zhu tribe cultivator. He directly unleashed his power as he sped towards Yin Tianjiao.

He was prepared to fight.

As for the Zhu tribe cultivator's exhortations, how could he obey them?

Why had he even come here?

Would he give up when he was only a step away?

"Please enlighten me." Wild flames rolled towards Yin Tianjiao as the Great Path furnace burned everything. Yin Tianjiao waited for it patiently, staring at Ye Futian.

In a flash, a ringing sound came from her, and she blazed as brightly as the sun. Her radiance was frightening.

Boom! Her wild aura shot up into the clouds. She seemed like a goddess of war. Divine light shot up into the sky as she gazed at Ye Futian's onrushing figure.

Great Path binding power descended. It was spatial will that sought to freeze her in place.

But Yin Tianjiao stepped forward with no thought of retreat. She seemed about to trample upon Ye Futian's body. A giant palm print materialized before her and slammed out towards him.

The battle had broken out in an instant.

There was a dark look on the Zhu tribe cultivator's face. He watched Ye Futian with unkind eyes, but soon, he was watching the whole battle.

This battle was extremely important.

The idea to have the Wu tribe invite Ye Futian on this trip to the ruins had originally been theirs. When the Wu tribe had seen Ye Futian's strength, they decided to gamble with him.

He would watch and see. If Ye Futian was defeated at Yin Tianjiao's hands, how would the Wu clan cultivators deal with him?

And even if he won, would the Wu clan cultivators be able to take all of the Zhu clan cultivators?
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    《The Legend of Futian》