The Legend of Futian
1244 The Gate to the Ancestral Lands
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1244 The Gate to the Ancestral Lands

Two figures collided wildly atop of Sun Castle.

Ye Futian was bathed in the sun's fire. He turned into a furnace tripod, and ancient characters surrounded him, refining all his power and integrating it into his body. He let loose a powerful attack.

Yin Tianjiao was a Princess of Emperor Wu's Realm and was a Renhuang cultivator. It was apparent how powerful she was in combat.

She had also inherited Emperor Wu's talent, and her attack spells were overpowering.

She integrated the fire of the Great Path into her attacks. At that moment, the fire merged with the martial will exploding from her body. But it was different than it had been with Xi Chan. Xi Chan had transformed into the Divine Body of Nine Suns, but that had just been like borrowing the might of the sun.

But Yin Tianjiao had transformed into a goddess of war. Burning flames wrapped around her, and she borrowed the might of the entire world. Her every strike and her every movement was filled with destructive power.

At that moment, Yin Tianjiao raised her fist and pressed it down towards Ye Futian. She was powerful and overwhelming. Her attack, the Nirvana Handprint of Unblemished Flames, covered the sky and shook the very as it slammed towards Ye Futian.

The wave of flames swept out, giving off a shrieking sound.

Ye Futian activated the Deed of Thought Comprehension, and took the flames into his own body, as he had turned into a great furnace. He also raised his fist and stepped forward with the Footwork of Xuanyuan. The air trembled along with the Great Path.

He thrust forward with overlapping Huangting Fist Wills, and his attack slammed into the palm print that covered the sky. A rumbling noise rang out, and the hand print trembled as cracks appeared in it. It then collapsed.

But Yin Tianjiao's attacks did not stop. She continued forward and struck out with both fists at the same time. Her long robe was bathed in flames. She looked majestic and powerful.

She slammed out her fists like a martial goddess, and her flaming palm print flattened everything in its path.

The two of them slammed together, and a destructive airflow swept out at their terrifying collision.

There was a loud bang, and they both retreated. Ye Futian's gaze was fixed on his opponent. He was a little surprised that a woman could attack so powerfully. No wonder she had been able to enter the Regional Palace to cultivate. He wondered if she had fought with Yu Sheng there.

Yin Tianjiao felt her heart quaking. She had not been able to beat Ye Futian, and he was even directly attacking her. This guy was just like that b*stard from the Regional Palace. He was simply a monster. Moreover, he seemed to have a similar power to her own in that he could integrate the power of flames into his attacks.

Either way, this showdown between them was not getting anywhere.

She looked at Ye Futian, and her blood boiled. The blood of Renhuang flowed through her veins.

The light from an even more powerful flame shot up into the sky. Divine fire seemed to wrap around her as dazzling flame light pulsated. It was like a divine golden fire was burning her body and making her aura even more powerful. An even wilder aura swept out from her.

A look of surprise came over Ye Futian's face. Yin Tianjiao's aura was increasing and becoming stronger. It was as if the Flames of the Way within her were improving her combat ability.

Golden flames shot out of her eyes and pierced towards Ye Futian's. In that instant, Ye Futian felt terrible divine flames burning in his mind that sought to extinguish his spiritual willpower.

Woosh! Yin Tianjiao stepped forward, and the divine flames that wrapped around her body transformed into a fiery war goddess with many arms. The goddess thrust out her fists towards Ye Futian, destroying the very air as they covered him in blows.

There was a look of pain in Ye Futian's eyes. He looked up at the oncoming fists, and a terrible fiery airflow swept out from him.

At that moment, horrifying divine fire shot out from his eyes. He looked at Yin Tianjiao, and she seemed to see an incomparably huge fiery god of war.

The scene was somewhat familiar to her.

Intense sunlight fell from the sky. It was as if the sun itself was on fire. The flames fell on Ye Futian's body, making the flames that were already around him become stronger and stronger.

All the cultivators from the nine great tribes were looking at him, and their hearts were trembling. They also seemed to feel a familiar aura.

"The Renhuang Flames of the Way," they all said as they watched him.

Had this guy refined many Renhuang Flames of the Way and integrated them into his body for his own use?

Yin Tianjiao's Flames of the Way could also be called Renhuang Flames of the Way. Her father, Emperor Wu, was Renhuang, and her talent had come from him.

But even so, she had only been able to gradually display her power as her cultivation became stronger.

No matter what, her Flames of the Way should have been stronger than the ones that Ye Futian had refined. After all, she had directly inherited them from her father, whereas Ye Futian had obtained them later.

However, the aura that burst forth from Ye Futian now was not weaker than hers in the least. In addition, Renhuang will burned within it. It was as if he was using the power of these ruins. The intense light of the sun shone down on him.

Boom! A wild burst of will swept out as Ye Futian's furnace swallowed up the flames around him. His body became tall and mighty. It was as if Emperor Kua had come down into the world.

He raised his fist and grabbed at the air. Huge palm prints slammed into the onrushing fists, shattering them completely.

He stepped forward, and the very air trembled. The Great Path roared as fire shot out of his eyes, colliding with the golden fire that was coming from Yin Tianjiao's. The two colossal powers clashed.

Yin Tianjiao's expression changed. She stepped towards Ye Futian. Beneath the flames, she was like a goddess, beautiful beyond compare.

Ye Futian stepped forward at the same time and thrust his fist out. A furnace tripod of the heavenly Great Path appeared in his hand, formed from the Flames of the Way. The flames within him poured into it and then swept out towards Yin Tianjiao.

Yin Tianjiao swept her divine golden flames downward and turned into a divine phoenix. She and many other sacred beasts of flame charged forward.

But the divine furnace was growing larger and larger, and it swallowed them all up. The fiery divine beasts shrieked as they were shattered within it. They could not break out.

Boom! The fiery divine beasts all melted within the furnace. Yin Tianjiao went pale. The terrifying furnace continued to swallow them all up, and endless divine flames shrieked forward, but they could not destroy it. It was as if the furnace was formed of Renhuang fire, and thus was able to consume all their flame will.

The Great Path had formed this furnace, and it could refine all the flames of heaven and earth.

Ye Futian stepped forward and slapped the furnace through the air towards Yin Tianjiao. It pressed towards her, and she raised both her hands to block it, but it swallowed up the flames that were upon her. She was sent flying back by its continuous pressure, and she spat up a mouthful of blood. Her face was ashen.

Ye Futian continued forward with not a hint of regard for her safety. He once again pressed the furnace towards her, continuing his attack on her. She was slammed to the ground. She was finally no longer able to bear it. She lay sprawled on the ground with crimson blood flowing from the corner of her mouth.

Ye Futian's figure flashed, and he descended before her. He began to walk towards her.

Upon the walls of Sun Castle, the Zhu tribe cultivator's face was held hard as iron.

Yin Tianjiao had actually been defeated at Ye Futian's hands.

Of all the nine tribes, it had actually been the Wu tribe's Ye Futian who had made it to the end and had defeated all opponents.

"Lord Ye," called the Zhu tribe cultivator. Ye Futian looked at him, then continued forward, ignoring him.

All the cultivators of the nine tribes were watching him. They were speechless.

The Zhu tribe cultivator could not change this outcome. Ye Futian had no intention of conceding.

He walked up to Yin Tianjiao and cut the flame will from her.

Sunlight streamed down from high up in the sky. Upon the walls of Sun Castle, nine beams of radiance seemed to merge into one. It fell upon Ye Futian.

Golden light wrapped around him and covered the vast area.

The will of the Great Path flowed down along with the sunlight, making Ye Futian's aura stronger and stronger. He seemed to resonate with the sun, and the two of them became one.

Not only that, but of the cultivators standing guard on Sun Castle, only those of the Wu tribe's bloodline shone brightly as well. The cultivators from the other eight tribes dimmed.

It seemed as if their auras had been swallowed up by the sun and given to this one man.

Wu Yong turned his gaze towards a figure standing guard upon the castle walls. The sun shone brightly upon him as he strode towards Ye Futian.

"Do not resist. He will help you open the gate to the Ancestral Lands," Wu Yong said to Ye Futian.

The figure walked towards Ye Futian, then entered directly into his body, seeming to turn into a beam of fire.

It seemed as if the cultivators upon the castle walls were not real, but were formed of pure will.

Ye Futian's golden light grew brighter and brighter, and the refinement of Flames of the Way within him sped up. The light of brilliant flames covered Sun Castle.

A beam of terrifying light shot forward towards the gate to the Ancestral Lands.

The sun, Ye Futian's body, and the gate to the Ancestral Lands all shone brightly one after the other. Even under the light of the terrible golden fire, the gate did not budge. Even as it was heated until it became red hot, it still stood firm.

"Open it, then we can go to the Ancestral Lands," said Wu Yong from beside Ye Futian.

He hoped that Ye Futian could complete this final step and open the gate that led to the Ancestral Lands.

The cultivators of the nine great tribes all watched Ye Futian. They did not know whether or not he could accomplish this final task and enter the Ancestral Lands!
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    《The Legend of Futian》