The Legend of Futian
1247 Black Hole Sun
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1247 Black Hole Sun

Ye Futian was still sitting there, cross-legged. He had not moved at all, but the elder of the Wu tribe, a Nirvana level cultivator, had disappeared.

The sun was high in the air Ye Futian's head. A huge face had appeared in the sky, and as the cultivators of the Wu tribe looked at it, they felt their hearts tremble.

It was the face of Emperor Kua.

Emperor Kua had rebuilt the Ancestral Lands. This part of the Ancestral Lands had been left behind for the nine great tribes to use. If they could obtain it, it would be a great advantage for them.

The thing was, few in the nine great tribes had been able to pass Emperor Kua's test and open the gate to the Ancestral Lands.

This was why they found themselves in the situation they were in now. Ye Futian had come to claim the inheritance, and the elder of the Wu tribe had gotten greedy.

At that moment, conflicted expressions were playing across the faces of the Wu tribe cultivators. They were all top figures within their tribe. The elder had had his reasons for what he had done, but from Ye Futian's point of view, the elder had tried to kill him, and so he had naturally had to eliminate the threat.

They had not wanted their cooperation with Ye Futian to end up like this.

Them being able to open the gate to the Ancestral Lands was really a happy accident. They would have a chance to revive the Wu tribe. But greed was inherent to human beings, and so now they wanted more.

This had made it so that at this moment, their very lives were in Ye Futian's hands, not to mention the revival of their tribe.

It could be that Ye Futian would wipe them all out with one fell swoop at the slightest provocation.

At that moment, Ye Futian was watching the cultivators of the Wu tribe. There was a great sense of tension throughout the whole area.

A voice suddenly rang out, "The elder of the Wu tribe acted impulsively and was killed by Renhuang's Flames of the Way when he tried to claim the inheritance." Ye Futian turned and looked at the one who had spoken. It was Wu Yong.

Wu Yong clasped his hands and bowed to Ye Futian, saying, "Lord Ye, you opened the gate to the Ancestral Lands, making you Emperor Kua's heir. We in the Wu tribe will always be your friends."

The other cultivators of the Wu tribe all looked at Wu Yong. Those of the nine great tribes who came to the ruins were all top figures. Even if they were not elders, they had still cultivated for a long time and had become very strong. But there were very few of them.

They naturally understood that Wu Yong was trying to avoid a threatening situation for the Wu tribe. The elder had tried to do away with Ye Futian, which had led to this awful situation. What would Ye Futian do?

Ye Futian had just slain their elder very decisively.

If he could kill one of them that easily, he could do the same to ten of them.

"After we leave, we will summon the nine great tribes and announce that the elder was consumed by Renhuang's Flames of the Way due to his impulsive actions," chimed in another cultivator beside him. His desire to survive this was quite strong.

"Lord Ye, I understand why you just did what you did. You had no choice but to do it. Everyone here is an elder of the tribe, and none of us are in the elder's direct bloodline. As an elder of the tribe, I can control the rest of them," Wu Yong said to Ye Futian. "So, please do not worry, Lord Ye."

Ye Futian looked at Wu Yong. His eyes were filled with the light of divine fire.

Boom! High up in the sky, the fire of the sun descended, and a giant phantom appeared. It seemed to be the image of Emperor Kua.

He merged into the sun, and flames fell to the ground from him.

In a flash, Wu Yong was covered.

The cultivators of the Wu tribe were all stunned. Wu Yong's expression also changed slightly. He looked up at Ye Futian and cried, "Lord Ye!"

Wu Yong's voice resonated throughout the area as he stared at Ye Futian. He seemed to have shown his attitude and disposition. He did not try to escape.

The light of the terrible flames covered Wu Yong's body. The Wu tribe cultivators' hearts beat wildly.

However, Wu Yong was still standing there. He did not move.

The terrible scene that they had been imagining did not occur. Wu Yong's body was not burned, and the Flames of the Way entered into him. Will was flowing down from the figure of Emperor Kua up in the sky and going into Wu Yong's mind.

At that moment, Wu Yong felt that he had received a great gift from the Great Path, one that had been imparted by Emperor Kua.

"If the elder of the Wu tribe had not acted against me earlier, then I would have given the inheritance of the Ancestral Lands to him. After all, these are the nine great tribes' Ancestral Lands," said Ye Futian indifferently. The cultivators of the Wu tribe felt like they were in a dream. They breathed a sigh of relief, but their expressions were still conflicted.

Ye Futian had been the one to open the gate to the Ancestral Lands and was the one who had the right to receive Emperor Kua's inheritance. He could give it to whoever he wanted.

That was how those few tribes that had come here before had been able to become so powerful.

The elder had died for nothing.

He died because of his greed.

If he had not had that often idea, Ye Futian would have helped him. But since Ye Futian had guessed what he was thinking, that he was purposely plotting against him, it had led to his fall.

A Nirvana level cultivator had died for nothing.

They all sighed inwardly. It was truly tragic.

"Previously, you all saw that this was not what I wished. I grant what Emperor Kua left behind to Senior Wu Yong. If he wishes to give it to someone else after this, that is his affair. From now on, Wu Yong should be in charge of the Wu tribe," Ye Futian said to everyone.

Wu Yong was an elder of the Wu tribe, and now the inheritance had been passed on to him. Now he would be able to lead the Wu tribe even better.

Wu Yong was stunned when he heard what Ye Futian said. But the one beside him said, "He is worthy of bearing the position of elder."

The others all said the same thing one by one. Wu Yong nodded, not shirking his responsibility. This must have been fated to happen.

The brilliant light of the flames flowed through Wu Yong's mind, but it stopped after a while. When Wu Yong opened his eyes, fire seemed to flash in them. He bowed to Ye Futian and said, "Thank you, Lord Ye."

"You should go and cultivate, elder," said Ye Futian, already calling him "elder."

"Very well." Wu Yong nodded, then turned and walked to the front of the gathered Wu tribe cultivators. "We will go somewhere else to cultivate," he said.

"Yes, elder." Everyone followed Wu Yong away. They walked down the stairs. They took care not to disturb Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced at them. How much of the inheritance Wu Yong was willing to pass on was his own business.

He closed his eyes and began to sense the Great Path.

At that moment, there was only one man left atop Sun Castle. He sat with legs crossed beneath the sun. High up in the sky, there was also a massive figure.

This scene could be seen from far away. It was incredibly astonishing.

Endless will flowed down, descending upon Ye Futian's body. Besides the law power that Emperor Kua had given him, the scene that he beheld was growing clearer and clearer.

It was the figure of Emperor Kua. It seemed that these ruins had turned into him.

His perception spread out throughout the ruins, expanding the range he could sense. As he stretched out his perception, the fire flowed towards him.

Could it be that there was something else hidden here besides Emperor Kua's inheritance?

It was that that previously no one had been able to find it; otherwise, nothing would have happened.

He sat there, calmly, perceiving, letting his thoughts spread out.

Time passed slowly. The Wu tribe cultivators were cultivating at the foot of the stairway. Wu Yong's aura was the strongest.

Some of the others looked up at Ye Futian and saw that the sun was growing redder and redder. Crimson clouds streamed through the sky. They wondered if Ye Futian would be able to find whatever it was that Emperor Kua had left behind besides his inheritance.

Could he find the secret of the Ancestral Lands?

Or maybe the nine great tribes had been wrong all these years, and there was no secret of the Ancestral Lands at all. Maybe Emperor Kua had only left his inheritance here and waited for people to come and claim it.

They did not know if this trip would end up being a blessing or a curse.

Woosh! A powerful aura exploded from Wu Yong, and divine light covered his body. Strange light shot up into the clouds.

The cultivators of the Wu tribe looked on in fascination. Wu Yong's aura was already at the level of an Unblemished Saint.

Perhaps he would have the chance to reach the Nirvana level before long.

Outside the gate to the Ancestral Lands, no one had left yet. They were still waiting there. No one knew what was going on inside. They could only imagine.

However, they could all faintly feel the flame will all around them, flowing towards the gate to the Ancestral Lands.

A long time passed.

Ye Futian was still cultivating at the top of Sun Castle.

His thoughts seemed to cover all of the ruins. These ruins formed the figure of Emperor Kua. He could faintly feel a strange aura in the sun at the peak of the ruins.

Up in the sky, there was an incomparably brilliant sphere among the sun's flames, which was slowly rotating. There was a powerful aura within it. Rays of light shone out from within it and stretched out into the distance. They covered the whole ruins.

"What is this?" A thought flashed in Ye Futian's mind. His will and his perception floated towards it, trying to enter in. But once they got close, it turned into nothingness. There was no way to touch the depths of the sun.

The terrifying thought surged wildly. It melded into Emperor Kua's will, broke its shackles, and continued to penetrate the core of the sun.

Ye Futian saw flames bursting from the brilliant sphere within the sun. They shot out all over the ruins. It seemed that the source of the fire of the Great Path was here.

At that moment, Ye Futian's life spirit, the World Tree, began to sway. He felt something.

It made his heart tremble. This had also happened when he had run into Feixue.

Could this be a treasure like the one that resided within Feixue?

There was a rustling sound in his life palace as he thought of the way that he had helped Feixue. The World Tree began to spread outward.

At that moment, he put the will of the emperor into his life spirit, making incomparably brilliant light shoot out of the World Tree. It was like the World Tree had its own sun as it stretched out towards the actual sun.

A powerful sense of burning spread out and the will of the emperor that had been melded into the World Tree began to burn. But the leaves and branches of the World Tree grew even more brilliant as they were bathed in flames, and they began to swallow up all of the fire, even the flames from the radiant sphere within the sun.

At that moment, everything suddenly changed. A terrifying vortex instantly appeared inside the sun, and the endless flames around him shot towards it.

"What is going on?" Everyone at the base of the stairs looked up and saw the clouds fluctuating up in the sky. All the flames were flowing wildly towards the same spot.

They were flowing towards the brilliant sun on top of Sun Castle.

At that moment, it had turned into a Black Hole Sun and was swallowing up everything.

After only a moment, the whole world went dark!
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    《The Legend of Futian》