The Legend of Futian
1248 The Ancestral Lands Disappear
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1248 The Ancestral Lands Disappear

"This..." Everyone looked at the scene before them in shock. Even the Unblemished Saints among them had never seen something as shocking as this.

The sun hung high above Sun Castle and had turned into a black hole that was swallowing up all the flame power in the Ancestral Lands. It even seemed like their own flame will powers were being pulled out of them and sucked into it.

Wu Yong, who had been cultivating, opened his eyes and looked up at the scene taking place in the distance. His robes fluttered in the wind as he was bathed in endless flame. His eyes that were full of flame will power did not seem disturbed in the least.

Had he succeeded?

Over the years, many had been able to enter the Ancestral Lands, but no one had ever really uncovered the secret therein.

However, could it be that this time Ye Futian of Qianye City, who they had brought with them, had been able to do it?

Solar wind blew by him, incomparably hot. Many thoughts raced through Wu Yong's mind.

This trip to the Ancestral Lands had been full of twists and turns. Ye Futian, whom everyone had overlooked, had crushed the other eight cultivators and entered the Ancestral Lands, surprising everyone. But afterward, the elder had wanted to take the inheritance for himself, and so had tried to kill Ye Futian, but had been killed himself.

Afterward, Wu Yong himself had been made the new elder and had been granted the inheritance.

Now, they were going to uncover the secret of the Ancestral Lands.

It was said that Ye Futian had come from Emperor Xia's City.

The nine great tribes were all on the same side. They had once followed Emperor Kua. And even though Emperor Kua had fallen, they still dominated the western portion of the Crimson Dragon Realm.

But there were so many heroic figures in the wide world. Who would have thought that Ye Futian of Qianye City would defeat all his opponents and even slay a Nirvana level cultivator?

Even though he had cultivated up to such a high level, Wu Yong still had to be in awe of Ye Futian. If he had been in the middle of that solar wind, he would be swallowed up easily.

The world grew darker. The black hole seemed bottomless as it violently swallowed up the sun.

Ye Futian was sitting there cross-legged. He seemed to have entered into the sun as well. It was a shocking scene.

At that moment, all of his thoughts were focused on a bead of flame spirit. Up to that point, he had known what it was, but now he was sure that it was similar to what had been within Feixue. It contained truly frightening power.

Moreover, his life spirit was resonating with it. He did not know who had granted this life spirit.

Endless leaves and branches sprouted from Ye Futian as he sat in the sun, covering everything. They stretched out to the center of the sun and entered into its spiritual will. They were continuously destroyed and reborn. They inexorably stretched towards the bead of flame spirit and seemed to be devouring the power within it bit by bit. They seemed to be automatically refining it.

However, that thing that seemed like a bead of spirit was devouring all the flames in the area at the same time. Even the will that he had already refined was being sucked in. He could not stop it.

He could only feel himself sitting inside the sun, but his World Tree life spirit was rolling the bead of flame spirit towards him, bit by bit. Ye Futian's heart was beating wildly. It seemed that all the fire in the world was being sucked in. It looked like he was the black hole.

But Ye Futian understood that this was not something that he could do with his power.

What was more frightening was that he could sense the image of Emperor Kua being swallowed up by the sun as well.

At that moment, the figure became extremely clear. It was as if it was formed out of Emperor Kua's actual will. But at the same time, it was being swallowed up by the terrible vortex, bit by bit.

In the outside world, everything was becoming darker and darker, until there was almost no light.

All the light was being swallowed up by the black hole.

The cultivators of the Wu tribe stood there, not moving, letting the wind blow by them and rustled their clothing, which made a rustling sound. The wind was burning hot.

"Wu Yong!" came a voice from the darkness. Wu Yong's eyes were like flames. He looked into the darkness. It was like looking into an eclipse.

"I'm here," answered Wu Yong. He could naturally tell that the voice had come from Ye Futian in the heart of the storm.

"Catch," came Ye Futian's voice again. Brilliant light appeared in the sky. Wu Yong could faintly see a figure standing up there. It looked like the figure of Emperor Kua.

The figure rushed into his body like a beam of light.

Terrible Flames of the Way burned across his body, like the fire of the gods. It was so dazzling that he had to shut his eyes. He let the flames burn across him. He felt like his body would burn away to nothing.

His aura seemed to be gradually weakening as if he was being reduced to an ordinary person. It seemed that he would be burned to death by the fire of the Great Path.

But at the moment when he reached his weakest point, a more powerful flame flared up, lighting went up the sky.

Brilliant flames shot up from Wu Yong's body through the darkness, reaching the clouds. His eyes became even more dazzling as they turned into flames.

"Nirvana!" Behind him, the cultivators of the Wu tribe's hearts trembled as they beheld this scene.

Now that the elder of the Wu tribe had fallen, Wu Yong was inheriting his position.

Had Ye Futian killed one Nirvana level cultivator and granted the power of Nirvana to another?

Of course, this was not done solely by Ye Futian's power. Wu Yong's level was very close to that of Nirvana already, and now both his will and his mind were being washed clean, allowing him to break through to the next level and become a Nirvana level Saint, the final step on the Divine Path.

"Thank you, Lord Ye," said Wu Yong clearly. His Nirvana aura swept out, no weaker than the one that had slain the Wu tribe elder.

He looked up towards Ye Futian and saw a powerful beam of light that stung his eyes. None of them could see anything. In the next moment, the world became dark, and Sun Castle disappeared completely.

However, after this moment, there was another powerful beam of light that descended from the sun.

Everyone opened their eyes and looked around them. It seemed that they could not believe their eyes.

Sun Castle had disappeared, and the sun that hung high in the sky was no longer the sun of Sun Castle, but the sun of the Crimson Dragon Realm.

The wind blew, still a little bit hot, but nothing like it had been earlier. They knew that Sun Castle had disappeared.

And not only Sun Castle; all of the ruins of the Ancestral Lands had disappeared as if they had never existed.

Everything that had just happened seemed like a dream.

Up ahead, a figure was walking towards them. The cultivators looked at him, and a look of shock came over their faces.

Ye Futian seemed to have changed, but they could not quite tell how. Everything looked the same. It was impossible to imagine that the man who had just devoured a sun was the white-haired youth before them.

"Lord Ye," called Wu Yong. He and the other Wu tribe cultivators were looking at Ye Futian completely differently from before.

Their visit had deeply moved them to the ruins.

"Congratulations on breaking through to the Nirvana level, elder," said Ye Futian with a smile.

Wu Yong shook his head and was about to say something, but he seemed to feel something, and so he did not open his mouth. Instead, he turned and looked off into the distance and a group of figures coming towards them through the sky. They were the cultivators of the nine tribes and the eight cultivators that Ye Futian had defeated.

All the cultivators from the nine tribes were watching them keenly. They swept their gazes over Ye Futian and the rest of them. The cultivator from the Zhu tribe was the first to speak. "What happened, Wu Yong?"

None of them were calm at that point. The Ancestral Lands had disappeared.

What had happened after they had opened the gate?

"We are not sure," answered Wu Yong directly.

"You don't know?" The Zhong tribe cultivator frowned. Wu Yong had stepped into the Ancestral Lands, and he said he did not know what had happened there?

Yin Tianjiao and Duan Wuji were looking at Ye Futian. Could it be that this guy had found whatever it was that Emperor Kua had left behind in the Ancestral Lands?

And they were not the only ones wondering this. The others were looking at Ye Futian as well, including the cultivators from the other eight tribes.

Ye Futian was the one who had opened the gate to the Ancestral Lands. If not him, then who?

The cultivator from the Zhu tribe seemed to notice something, and so he suddenly asked, "Where is your elder?" The others all noticed as well. The Wu tribe was missing a member.

And that member was their elder. He seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Off in the distance, there was the sound of more people flying. More cultivators flashed over. It was the crowd of people who had been waiting outside for several months.

The people of the eight other tribes and the cultivators of other forces all descended.

Xia Qingyuan and Shen Tianzhan had naturally come as well. They flashed over and descended beside Ye Futian.

They could feel that the atmosphere here was a little mysterious.

Wu Yong faced the crowd and said, "The elder acted rashly. He tried to seize Emperor Kua's inheritance in the ruins, and so he was swallowed up. He died at the hands of Emperor Kua's Flames of the Way. After that, the world changed, and all of it disappeared, just like you all saw."

Although the nine tribes often invited people to open the gate to the Ancestral Lands, they never thought of giving away what Emperor Kua had left behind. If Ye Futian was strong enough, he could deter anyone, and even become the head of the nine tribes.

But at that point, Ye Futian's level was not high enough. If the nine tribes knew that he had received Emperor Kua's inheritance, they would not let him go. They would have to make him give it up, or take him from it at any cost.

Moreover, at that moment, none of them knew what had happened in any detail.

The cultivator from the Zhu tribe looked at Wu Yong and said, "Wu Yong, do you think anyone will believe what you are saying?"

Ye Futian and the Wu tribe were not the first ones to open the gate to the Ancestral Lands. He had been in there as well, and he knew what it was like inside.

Now the Ancestral Lands had disappeared, seeming to fly away like ash and smoke. Wu Yong was telling him that there was no reason for this; it had just disappeared. Was that possible?

"And Wu Yong, you have not cultivated to a high enough level." He stared at Wu Yong, and a powerful pressure stretched out from him.

But Wu Yong was now at the Nirvana level.

Everyone could naturally feel it. Their gazes all fell upon Ye Futian.

"Lord Ye, did the Ancestral Lands disappear because of you?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》