The Legend of Futian
1253 Confrontation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1253 Confrontation

In Thousand Leaves City, there were countless people on their way to the Lord Residence.

Warriors of the Situ Clan were heading toward the Lord Residence, too.

At this moment, a horrifying Will came from the void. Situ Yan raised her head and saw a large group of warriors flying across the sky. The sun rays fell on them as if merging in their bodies, extremely dazzling.

"They are the Nine Clans in Emperor Kua's territory," Situ Yan thought to herself. She felt worried since she had just received the message that the army of the West Land would enter the city, so she hurried to the Lord Residence.

However, the Nine Clans had already passed in front of them.

How would the Lord Residence go through this battle against these warriors?

Situ Yan was a little worried. She heard that when Ye Futian in the West Land, Emperor Kua's clans didn't lay a hand on him because several warriors who battled with him spoke for him.

But this time, they directly broke into the city. It was not likely that they would easily give up.

"What did that guy take away from them?" said the lord of the Situ Clan, Situ Zhong, in a low voice. There was a tinge of worry in his eyes. Confronting such a large lineup, there would be a cruel defeat waiting for Ye Futian if he refused to take the thing out.

In recent years, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng from Emperor Xia's Realm had become legendary figures. One of them entered the Regional Palace and was ranked on the list of Regional King Ranking.

As for Ye Futian, although he didn't have an outstanding grade like Yu Sheng did, he led the battle between two Renhuang Realms and defeated so many rivals in Emperor Kua's ruins. It was said that the Regional Palace's glory, Emperor Wu's Princess Yin Tianjiao and the Prince of East Palace, Duan Wuji, was also defeated by him.

Although nobody knew what happened in the ruins, it also proved how unusual he was.

They had unlimited potential, and their future would not be restricted to Thousand Leaves City.

He didn't want to see anything bad happen to them; he wanted to witness their bright future.

In the void, more warriors had arrived.

"The Black Flame Clan came here to add trouble, too," said Situ Zhong, frowning. He knew many warriors were staying in Thousand Leaves City, especially the ones who were good at Flame skills; they should be more interested in Emperor Kua's treasure.

They came so fast.

All the people of Thousand Leaves City could feel that an enormous storm would break out in the city.

This storm would be no smaller than the battle between two Renhuang Realms.

During the rivalry between two Renhuang Realms, both sides deployed four Nirvana-Plane figures, and the warriors covered the whole Eight Saint Planes.

But this time, if the Nine Clans were all present, there would be nine Nirvana-Plane figures present.

And the number nine did not include Nirvana warriors from Thousand Leaves City and elsewhere. One could see how intimidating the battle lineup was.

Thinking about this, many people showed weird looks. Before Ye Futian and others entered Thousand Leaves City, Thousand Leaves City had never experienced a storm like this. Not only in the Thousand Leaves City, but such a storm was also rare in the cities outside Crimson Dragon City.

But since Ye Futian came, it had happened again and again.

However, in history, the rise of a legendary figure also accompanied crises more serious than anyone else had ever seen.

The Thousand Leaves City Lord Ye Futian might be a figure like this.

It was just that, this time, would he pass smoothly through the storm?

Everything was as usual in the Lord Residence; there was no tension at all. Ye Futian even hosted a banquet for the warriors of Wu Clan.

Besides, the banquet was set in the main palace of the Lord Residence, where they could see the scenery in the distance.

People of the Lord Residence didn't know what he was thinking; he was not worried at all.

But Shen Tianzhan looked quite calm, too. He would lend a hand since the Lord Residence was in crisis. Since he had promised to stay and be the deputy lord, he would try his best to assist. He expected Ye Futian's growth.

Besides, Shen Tianzhan knew it that no matter what the outcome was, at least he would not be in danger.

Although he had promised to assist Ye Futian, when it was a moment of life and death, he would not die for Ye Futian.

Their friendship hadn't gotten to that stage.

Ye Futian knew it well, too.

There were not many people in this world like Dali Imperial Advisor.

At this moment, Wu Yong was telling Ye Futian information about each clan's real strength. In addition to the strongest Nirvana Saints, Emperor Kua's Nine Clans also had several Unblemished-Plane Warriors.

After listening, Ye Futian couldn't help but comment that the Nine Clans who ruled the West Land of Crimson Dragon Realm indeed had intimidating power.

If Emperor Kua had been alive and led the Nine Clans, they would have been equal to one world in Crimson Dragon Realm.

The Wu Clan had the least number of warriors and was relatively weak, which was the reason they kept being weakened in the political fight of the Nine Clans and had to depend on the Zhu Clan.

The Zhu Clan's Head Zhu Kong was also a top figure of the Nine Clans. Among the nine Nirvana-Plane figures of the Nine Clans, his level was the most inestimable one, far stronger than the level of Wu Clan's ex-Head. Even when two warriors were of the same Plane, there might still be a notable gap between their abilities.

Otherwise, how would the Wu Clan be willing to depend on them?

"No wonder, seeing the Wu Clan in crisis, some people would rather pledge to Zhu Kong of the Zhu Clan than follow you. I somehow understand it after hearing what you said," said Ye Futian.

When the ability of two sides was so clearly contrasted, it was unwise to stand with Wu Yong.

It was not unusual that Zhu Kong could lead the warriors of the Zhu Clan to control the Wu Clan.

"Lord Ye, please forgive our ex-head. Part of the reason he wanted to inherit all left by Emperor Kua was because of this. The Wu Clan, as one of the Nine Clans, has been treated as the lowest for many years and was under Zhu Kong's control. He also felt resentful and wanted to reverse the situation when entering the relics," said Wu Yong.

Ye Futian nodded; he didn't mind at all.

Thinking about the ex-head's situation, it was completely understandable that he made such a decision since everyone worked for their own interest.

But from Ye Futian's standpoint, since his life was threatened, he had no choice but to eliminate him.

"Sir, don't worry. As the saying goes, 'out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss.' One day, the Wu Clan might unify all the Nine Clans," said Ye Futian. Wu Yong took a look at Ye Futian in surprise and said, laughing, "I hope the day will come."

He then raised his head and looked into the distance.

Not only him, but Shen Tianzhan also raised his head and looked into the distance.

"They are coming," said Wu Yong. Even though the people were still far away, they could still perceive their imposing aura.

Ye Futian had not sensed it yet, but he also looked into the distance and said, "Let's go receive them."

He got on his feet and walked from the Lord Residence; others followed him.

Ye Futian didn't wait on the ground outside the Lord Residence. He stood on a building in front of the Residence.

Many warriors had converged and surrounded the Lord's Residence. They looked up and wondered whether Ye Futian had gotten ready or not.

The sky in the distance turned red. A gust of intimidating might swept over.

The Sun Chariot showed up. Zhu Kong sat on the Sun Chariot, surrounded by countless warriors. The giant group marched forward.

Warriors of the Nine Clans were all with him, each wrapped in the powerful life force of Flame. The void sky seemed to be burning.

The fire shot directly toward the direction of the Lord Residence from afar. The Sun Chariot stopped in the upper sky. Warriors of all clans paused, too. Their eyes of Flame glared in Ye Futian's direction. It was extremely terrifying.

There were warriors continually coming from all directions and landing near the Lord's Residence.

"Warriors of the Black Flame Clan have arrived." At this moment, a group of people with horrid life force came near. The person who led the group was dressed in a black robe; he was the head of the Black Flame Clan. This time, he came in person.

The ancestor of the Black Flame Clan, Emperor Black Flame, was also a Renhuang.

"Warriors of the Flame Prison City have also arrived." Another group of people bathed in the dazzling glow of flame came from a different direction. The person who led the group stood relaxed, like a war deity of fire.

In the beginning, these powers had visited the Lord's Residence, but their suggestions were all rejected by Ye Futian.

This time, nobody knew if they came just to watch the battle or join the fight for Emperor Kua's heritage.

"Ye Futian!" the figure who was standing over the Sun Chariot in the void sky called. Bathed in the glare of the sun, he looked like a deity.

He was the Head of the Zhu Clan, Zhu Kong.

"Emperor Kua's heritage belongs to Ancestral Lands of the Nine Clans. You colluded with Wu Yong and killed the Head of the Wu Clan, took away Emperor Kua's heritage, and made the Ancestral Lands disappear, undermining the base of the Nine Clans," Zhu Kong said in a sonorous voice while looking at Ye Futian. "How do you explain this?"

His words spread across the void sky. Hearing what Zhu Kong said, people could tell that this time, the Nine Clans were very confident to take back what Ye Futian had gotten.

Besides, Zhu Kong even claimed that Ye Futian colluded with Wu Yong and killed the Head of Wu Clan, one of the Nine Clans. They had declared his sin, which meant their side had justice. This time, they were ready to take away Ye Futian's life.

Obviously, the Nine Clans knew it, too. Since Ye Futian had become their enemy, all they needed to do was to eradicate him, eliminating any potential risks.

"Zhu Kong, Wu Yong, and other Wu Clan warriors around me know better than anyone else how the Head of Wu Clan died in the Ancestral Lands. You instigated in the inner conflicts of the Wu Clan and tried to annex it. It is not my business, and I am not interested in asking you about things related to the Nine Clan," replied Ye Futian coldly when looking at him.

"But if you insist on targeting me, let me ask you, since you know I have obtained Emperor Kua's heritage and inherited what Emperor Kua had left, now I am in front of you, but why don't you bow to me and regard me as your master?"

Under the boundless sky dome, countless people heard Ye Futian's voice and were shocked.

This guy was demanding the Head of the Zhu Clan call him "master" when being besieged by the Nine Clans?

Even Zhu Kong's pupils contracted after hearing this. The horrifying Will of blazing flame shot from his eyes and darted toward Ye Futian.

"You claimed Emperor Kua's relics belong to the Nine Clans. Why don't you follow Emperor Kua's last will?" continued Ye Futian. "If you don't follow Emperor Kua's final will and regard me as your master, how dare you challenge me and beg for Emperor Kua's heritage?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》