The Legend of Futian
1255 Cave Masters
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1255 Cave Masters

Zhu Kong frowned and glanced at the chaotic battlefield, and said coldly, "Go."

As his voice fell, cultivators from all the major clans stepped out once again. In no time, more cultivators of the Saint Plane descended onto the battlefield.

Xia Qingyuan frowned. Although their side also had quite a few Doctrine Saints, but not as many as those other tribes.

As many figures came through the air, the cultivators in the first realm of the Divine Path started moving, and Situ Yan also stepped into the battlefield.

"You go too," Shen Tianzhan said to Shen Jun, who nodded in agreement, then walked toward the battlefield.

An overbearing breath bloomed from Ye Futian's body, and he wanted to take action himself but heard Xia Qingyuan say, "I'll go."

As soon as she finished speaking, she marched on and went toward the battlefield.

Ye Futian was the City Lord of Qianye City; he could not make his appearance in the conflict so easily.

Even Xia Qingyuan had come out to fight now. No one who was of the first realm of the Divine Path from Emperor Xia's Realm dared to stay behind.

For a moment, this vast space seemed to be completely inadequate for the battle between these people. As they continued to move the conflict toward higher altitude, the scene was becoming chaotic.

In the distance, other cultivators kept coming.

Saint Lord of Jiuyang of Jianmu City had arrived in person, and also Xi Chan, whose eyes directed toward the battlefield.

Next to them was Chang clan, another principality of Jianmu City, and Chang Huai was also there.

His eyes were directed toward Ye Futian. There was a slight coldness in those eyes.

Ye Futian glanced back and saw not only the Saint Lord of Jiuyang but also the cultivators of Xiang City. Xiang Nan was also there.

On this first day of the beginning of the year, Qianye City was truly lively, with top figures from all walks of life coming together.

These top figures also looked toward the battlefield and saw many acquaintances of the same level.

"Saint King of Gai has arrived, too," the Saint Lord of Jiuyang said while looking in a particular direction, where a group of shadows descended from the void.

The person who headed the group was a man wearing a magnificent golden robe, appearing extremely majestic. Even standing there casually, he seemed to possess an authority that could rule the world.

A pair of thick brows slightly curved like swords, showing a sharp and authoritative aura, his hands folded behind his back as he looked on at the battlefield. Many people's eyes were looking at him, and their hearts were shocked.

They did not expect Saint King of Gai to come here for the occasion.

Many people also looked at the person next to Saint King of Gai, a peerless young man with an extraordinary temperament, who had only the breath of the beginning of Saint Plane. But even before this, he was someone famous and well-known.

It was just that someone else had stepped upon his name to enter the Regional Palace.

Xing Qiu of the Ancient Imperial City.

During the Battle of the Crimson River, witnessed by everyone, they thought that he would be like his older brother, Xing Kai, who swept aside all other cultivators, and elevated to the Regional Palace to cultivate.

However, in that battle, Yu Sheng surpassed all others, overpowered every single competitor, and entered the Regional Palace.

It was rumored that after entering the Regional Palace, many geniuses in the palace tried to intercept Yu Sheng during the welcome ceremony. Yu Sheng fought his way into the Regional Palace and pushed forward in such an invincible manner so that in a few short months, he was named in the Regional King Ranking.

Saint King of Gai and Xing Qiu came together. Even though Saint King of Gai was not from the Ancient Imperial City, there was no doubt in anyone's mind; the relationship between Saint King of Gai and the Ancient Imperial City was known to everyone in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Very few in this realm of Divine Path would deserve the respect of this peerless Saint King, and he was almost at the peak.

The only exception was the Ninth Servant, who was said to be the first person under Renhuang, who was respected by someone as powerful as Saint King of Gai.

Rumor had it that Saint King of Gai once received a favor of the Ninth Servant, the City Lord of the Ancient Imperial City, and there were also rumors that Saint King of Gai was once a seeker at the door of Ninth Servant.

Now, Saint King of Gai personally accompanied Xing Qiu to Qianye City, and it was unclear if he was here simply for the excitement or he had some other agenda.

The assemblage around Qianye City was getting scarier.

Zhu Kong also frowned slightly. He clearly felt that there were many people of the Nirvana Plane around him, which was a threat in itself. It would be a tough situation if these people were also to compete for the relics left by Emperor Kua.

"Ye Futian, do you want to compete against us the Nine Major Tribes with the power of Qianye City?" In the void, Zhu Xuan said with a clear voice while upon the sun carriage. The bright sunlight shone down, and hot air currents oppressed heaven and earth.

"Don't involve the others."

"If you retreat now, I will not pursue what had happened today," Ye Futian glance at the other, responding.

Zhu Kong, Chong Lou, and the others frowned. Their majestic look was even colder. This guy didn't know when to quit while he was ahead.

"What made you so sure of yourself?" Zhu Kong uttered. The brilliant divine sunlight directly beamed in the direction of Ye Futian. Wu Yong appeared in front of him, with flames burning on his body, and the sunlight directly fell on him as if he was bathing in the divine light.

"What about you?" Ye Futian cast a glance at the other cultivators other than Zhu Kong and Chong Lou. "Think clearly. If you insist on participating in this matter today, and if you are not able to take me down, you will be responsible for whatever happens next. And, if anyone from my Qianye City perishes today on account of this, I will most definitely take all of you out of the nine tribes of Emperor Kua."

Everyone stared at Ye Futian; he was way too presumptuous.

The Nine Major Tribes in the West, except for the Wu tribe and the seven tribes outside of the Beili Tribe, were here to join in the kill, and he dared to speak of such outrageous words.

Could there really be a wildcard?

The seven characters of Nirvana were present, even if it was just like the last time when the three great Nirvanas of Emperor Xia's Realm descended. Shen Tianzhan and Wu Yong perhaps were not going to be enough.

Furthermore, many top figures did not detect traces of other Nirvana characters in the City Lord's Office.

The war between Dali Dynasty and Emperor Xia's Realm last time had caused discords between those two Renhuang realms.

Where did Ye Futian get his confidence from?

The brilliance on top of the sun carriage was getting brighter and brighter, and a hot glow shrouded the vast endless space. It seemed that Zhu Kong wished to take him down in person.

The battle of the first stage of Divine Path that erupted out front was not going to be finished in a short time, and there was no way to touch Ye Futian in a hurry.

Just as he was about to start, a strong breath came from afar.

Zhu Kong frowned and directed his gaze at the distance. He saw a group of people come through the void. They instantly descended into this space.

He saw a familiar figure, and it was the cultivator who had cooperated with the Zhu tribe previously, Wuhuang Princess, Yin Tianjiao.

However, Yin Tianjiao later went to Ye Futian's aid instead.

Yin Yinjiao was not alone but came with many people.

The person who headed the group was an elder clad in a flaming robe, who possessed a terrifying aura.

The appearance of this person was recognized by many and attracted many suddenly exclamations.

Even the top figures of the Regional Palace were present.

But he was surrounded by youngsters.

"Yu Sheng."

Many people's eyes fell in one place. There was a stalwart figure standing next to the old man from the Regional Palace. He stood there, a head taller than everyone else, and his entire body seemed to be full of explosive power.

Qianye City, Yu Sheng.

Xing Qiu's eyes instantly looked over there. After seeing Yu Sheng, his pupils contracted slightly, and his body was filled with the intention of war.

In the battle of the Crimson River, after he became a saint, he was suppressed by Yu Sheng, who had also broken into the Divine Path.

The name of Xing Qiu was destined to be less than that of his older brother, and the rest of the world would always only see him and be reminded of Yu Sheng.

Although Xing Kai had counseled him on that day that no one who cultivated in this world could be undefeated, seeing Yu Sheng's name becoming more well-known and now among the Regional King Ranking just like his older brother, one could only imagine his feeling.

"One of the cave masters from the Regional Palace," Saint King of Gai said to Xing Qiu while glancing at the old man next to Yu Sheng.

Although Xing Qiu looked nothing out of the ordinary, his heart was extremely unsettled.

Was Yu Sheng traveling with cave masters in tow?

At the Regional Palace, there were some special places of blessings. Each cave master would have several very powerful characters under their tutelage, who were responsible for instructing the disciples of the Regional Palace daily.

In other words, even if one had entered the Regional Palace, one may not be so easily accepted in the house of a cave master.

Every cave master was someone who was the epitome of the Saint Plane.

But Yu Sheng was accepted directly into the house of a cave master to cultivate.

This was what he had wanted, but now, all the limelight was on Yu Sheng.

"Xing Qiu, even though he has a cave master to instruct him in cultivation, you have the teaching of the Ninth Teacher, not any inferior than him, don't be too obsessed," Saint King of Gai seemed to have read Xing Qiu's mind, and was reasoning with him.

"Well, I will do my best," Xing Qiu nodded. It was difficult not to care about these things completely.

"Although I don't know what Ye Futian obtained, if it could persuade the chiefs of the seven major tribes to come in person, it must be something quite extraordinary," Saint King of Gai whispered.

Just as they were speaking, Yu Sheng stepped out and walked toward the battlefield.

He did not look at those who were defeated by him, such as Xing Qiu and Xiang Nan, who were not important in his eyes.

Zhu Kong and his people had noticed when the cultivators from the Regional Palace had arrived, and he now frowned when he saw Yu Sheng stepping out. He looked at the cave master, saying, "Today's matter is between our Nine Major Tribes and Ye Futian. The Regional Palace will not be interfering?"

It was the Crimson Dragon Emperor who was behind the Regional Palace. Generally speaking, he did not like to interfere in the affairs of the outside world.

"No," the cave master said lightly, which comforted Zhu Kong somewhat. He heard the other party continue, "But Yu Sheng is from Qianye City. If he wants to participate in the battle, the Regional Palace will not restrain him, so you are free to do as you please. However, we do not want to see people of higher realms from the Nine Major Tribes to bully disciples of the Regional Palace."

Everyone who heard his words expressed a look of curiosity. Yu Sheng was someone who had already entered the Regional King Ranking, which was a clear sign that he was going to be the one doing the bullying.

However the words of the other could not be refuted either. If they deploy those of the higher realms to fight Yu Sheng, then the people of the Regional Palace would have a reason to butt in.

Zhu Kong frowned slightly without saying anything further; he directed his gaze at Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng stepped outside of the battlefield and ran in one direction.

Someone of the Saint Plane from the Nine Major Tribes directly attacked him. The flames were soaring high into the sky, and the violent handprints pressed down.

Yu Sheng glanced at the other, his footsteps slamming into the void. The world roared, and demonic might tumbled and rolled without ceasing as if it donned the demonic armor.

Boom! With a loud bang, everyone saw that Yu Sheng did not block the attack at all, but instead, opened wide to allow the other's palm print to descend and blasted on his chest. The terrifying flame of the Way intended to burn up his body, the fire soared into the sky, drowning Yu Sheng's body within it.

The armor of the demon god seemed to ignite flames, becoming even more radiant.

That man had never dealt with Yu Sheng before and had no idea how terrible Yu Sheng's defense was.

By the time he realized that something was wrong, it was already too late, and Yu Sheng struck out.

Boom! With a loud noise, his chest was punched through from a single strike!
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    《The Legend of Futian》