The Legend of Futian
1256 Borrowing the Way
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1256 Borrowing the Way

"This kind of power ..." Many people looked at the battlefield where Yu Sheng was after seeing his moves.

After all, he was an existence new to the Regional King Ranking, and with the cave master of the Regional Palace accompanying him, it was natural that he attracted all the attention. People wanted to see just how strong his combat power was.

This strike gave everyone a clear sense of the wild, explosive power contained in his stalwart body. His opponent was of the Saint Plane from the Nine Major Tribes, whose strike seemed to have done nothing when blasted upon Yu Sheng. But as he took a hit from Yu Sheng, the fist will directly punched through his body, and he fell from the sky.

Without allowing them much time to think about it, Yu Sheng continued to walk and shook the void. His palms stretched out, and they instantly transformed into the palms of a demon god, grabbing toward someone of the Saint Plane.

That cultivator of the Saint Plane waved with both hands. Endless Divine Fire surrounded his body. It erupted directly, blasting toward Yu Sheng.

Boom! A shocking demonic might descended, and everyone saw a sheltering demonic shadow appear behind the giant palm print of the demonic way. This palm print seemed to explode out of the hands of this demon and getting larger and larger. The Great Path of heaven and earth echoed each other and suppressed this space, the cultivator of the Saint Plane felt that it was difficult to move.

The dazzling Divine Fire collapsed and was pulverized underneath the palm print, and he quickly retreated.

But before his very eyes, the demonic shadow continued expanding. The more he fled, the more he found the insubstantiality of his body, still under the palm of the demonic way.

It felt as if there was no way up and no way down.

Boom! A loud bang, and an immense palm print drowned him, slamming down on him from the sky to the ground. With a violent outburst of sound, an extremely clear giant handprint appeared on the ground, surrounded by rippling cracks.

The hearts of many trembled. Such an aggressive, offensive force was merely hopeless.

The Regional King Ranking, as established by the Regional Palace, was not specific in the kind of ranking it pertained to. Without exception, anyone who was on the list was almost invincible in his realm and surpassed their peers. Unless there was conflict with others who were also on the list, it was hard for the others to reach.

Before Yu Sheng got on the list, there were still others who doubted his strength. Now, many had witnessed just how strong those on the Regional King Ranking were.

Xing Qiu stared at the battlefield that Yu Sheng was in. Now that he had entered the Regional Palace, he was much stronger than when he had first entered the Divine Path.

The intent of battle surrounded his body, and he seemed to want to battle again.

Saint King of Gai next to him seemed to have perceived the intent to battle from Xing Qiu, saying, "Do you want to go?"

Xing Qiu did not respond, but he did want to fight again.

However, this time was not the same as the battle of Crimson River. In the last battle of Crimson River, he thought he would win.

But now, he had not a bit of confidence.

"You don't have any confidence?" Saint King of Gai continued, "Knowing that one shouldn't but still does so, it is the same tempering of the mind. As long as you release attachment to the outcome—treating it as a test—victory or defeat is irrelevant."

He could see that the last battle had cast a shadow on Xing Qiu, who had just entered Saint Plane.

This was unlike Xing Qiu from the past, full of self-confidence, and had the conviction of looking forward as if he was on top of everyone who was excellent and worthy.

Before that, he and Xing Kai were very much alike.

The two brothers were exceptionally talented. The younger generation admired him a lot. And his achievements would not be lower than this brother's in the future.

Therefore, Saint King of Gai wanted to help Xing Qiu overcome this mental block.

Xing Qiu nodded, then really started walking straight toward the battlefield.

On his body, a horrific glow bloomed, and the aura of the Great Path shone between the heaven and the earth. His body seemed to resonate with the birth of this firmament, and an immense body of the god of war appeared behind him. Xing Qiu, at this moment, turned into a war god.

He raised his hand and launched an attack on a cultivator of the Saint Plane from Qianye City. It was Situ Yan.

Situ Yan felt a terrible coercion of might. Her face changed as her strength bloomed in defense. But Xing Qiu's attack was aggressive and boundless. The strike of his palm was one with the Great Path, capable of destroying everything.

With a loud sound, her body was thrown back, and blood spurted out of her mouth. Her body trembled violently, and the blood boiled within her body.

"Xing Qiu has made his move."

In an instant, countless eyes fell on Xing Qiu, and many still remembered the end of the battle of the Crimson River last time.

Ye Futian frowned and looked up at the battlefield.

Was Xing Qiu using this battlefield as his place of trial?

Once again, Yu Sheng crushed another person and blasted him away. He then headed straight to where Xing Qiu was.

Likewise, Xing Qiu also approached him. After the battle of the Crimson River, the two met once again.

The power of demonic mighty kept rolling, and Xing Qiu concentrated on condensing the seal, resonating with the Great Path. A supreme coercion exploded out of his body, and above it, there was a faint trace of the glory or Renhuang.

Seeing that Yu Sheng was approaching, Xing Qiu's body and his life spirit blended together, and a rumbling sound was heard. He transformed himself into the Great Path and became a true God of War.

Streams of light lit and surrounded his body, resonating with heaven and earth. With his body as the center, there was an overwhelming coercion of might.

"So strong," many in the Saint Plane secretly exclaimed as they felt the coercion of Xing Qiu. After Yu Sheng was named on the Regional King Ranking, everyone understood that Xing Qiu's defeat was not due to his weakness but was because his opponent was even more terrible.

Now those who were witnessing the will of battle on Xing Qiu would agree that it was indeed terrifying.

Moreover, now that Xing Qiu had entered the Saint Plane, he must be able to fully exert the unique method inherited from Emperor Zhan—Taixuan Will.

This technique could use the body itself to resonate with heaven and earth. The practitioner was required to practice martial arts also from an early age. The body must also be able to be sanctified until the spiritual will and the body could resonate with one another to communicate with the heaven and the earth so that one's own body could release battle power far beyond one's combat power.

This technique held extremely high requirements for the spiritual will as well as for the physical body of the practitioner. Once upon a time, Emperor Zhan relied on this method to crush the peers of his generation. He fought everywhere with strength so great that he was named "Emperor Zhan" when he entered Renhuang Realm.

Centered on the body of Xing Qiu, a terrible storm seemed to be formed and rolled toward Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng stepped in the void, and the demonic might above the void was immense. Behind him, there appeared the illusion of a mighty demonic god whose pupils were cold, and his domineering eyes seemed to want to make Xing Qiu submit at his feet.

The method practiced by Yu Sheng was perhaps not less powerful than Taixuan Will.

The might of authority was terrifying.

Before the two of them even made a move, two forces roared and clashed.

Boom! Accompanied by a loud bang, the handprints of the demon god in the Great Path above the void blasted down from the sky.

Xing Qiu let out a scream, and his body soared into the sky. The aura of the Great Path above his body resonated with heaven and earth, and illusions of the god of war appeared. He raised his hand to launch the method and rocketed into the sky.

It seemed that it was a repeat of the battle of the Crimson River in the past.

Boom! The palms that could crush all crushed the space. Many fists aura of the war god broke into pieces. The arm that was the incarnation of Xing Qiu reached out, and thousands of fist will shattered the space as he attempted to raise the sky with his hands.

Dong. Yu Sheng stepped out and crossed the void, stepping down directly. As he looked down from the sky, his arms raised, and the figure of the demon king smashed toward Xing Qiu, who was below.

Another loud boom and Xing Qiu's body fell from the sky. He moaned and spat out a mouthful of blood again.

"Help him," Zhu Kong said. Suddenly, cultivators of the Saint Plane flickered forward and launched an attack at Yu Sheng.

They wanted to gang up on Yu Sheng.

Xing Qiu's mouth was still bloody as he looked up into the sky. His will to battle remained strong as he rose into the sky once more.

Saint King of Gai looked at this battlefield and glanced at Yu Sheng.

It seemed that this time, Xing Kai and Xing Qiu had found their match.

It was pressure, but it could also become motivation.

Zhu Kong stepped forward, and an incomparably dazzling divine power descended. It was as if the sword of the sun fell straight down in the direction of Ye Futian.

Wu Yong was still standing in front of Ye Futian. His palms blasted into the void as the sword fell, disappearing bit by bit under the flame in his palm.

The top figures of all seven major tribes stepped forward. Zhu Kong said, "Those who have nothing to do with this, leave, lest the innocent are hurt."

What a terrible scene when the powerful cultivators of Nirvana Plane get involved.

Many cultivators below the Saint Plane all retreated into the distance, fearing that they, too, would be destroyed by the ripples of the aftermath.

Cultivators of various major tribes came forward. Zhu Kong stepped out of the sun buggy, overlooking Ye Futian Road in the city's main government. "If we shoot, it might affect the entire city's main government. You really want us to do it ourselves ?"

Until this moment, he did not know where Ye Futian got his confidence.

He even threatened him with these wild words.

The seven major tribes, how many tyrannical figures, this coercion came down, and the entire city's main house seemed to be shrouded in a coercion of coercion.

"You'd better not hurt anyone else; otherwise, your tribes will be responsible." Ye Futian looked up at the figure in the void and said, "Elder Wu Yong, please take the way of Emperor Kua."

Wu Yong lifted his eyebrow and was puzzled, but he still nodded and said, "Alright."

Zhu Kong and cultivators from the other tribes were equally puzzled. What was the meaning behind Ye Futian's words?

In Ye Futian's Life Palace, the branches and leaves of the ancient tree of the world wrapped around the dazzling Fire Spirit Orb as traces of horrifying flaming will diffused. This Spirit Orb drifted toward the life spirit of the sun in the life palace. Suddenly, that life spirit of the sun became brighter and brighter.

In an instant, terrible flames lit up on Ye Futian's body. Above the firmament, the clouds changed color, and it seemed to turn into a world of the flames.

The sun's rays fell on Ye Futian's body, and an infinite fire came toward him. The flames between heaven and earth also poured wildly toward Ye Futian's body.

Boom. Ye Futian seemed to transform into a sun, bathed in the fire of the sun, which drowned his whole person within it.

"Don't resist," Ye Futian said. For an instant, the brilliance of unparalleled flames poured into Wu Yong's body. What was more terrible was that there were not only flames but also will that flowed wildly into Wu Yong's own will.

At this moment, Wu Yong seemed to perceive a figure of Renhuang, who was like a peerless god of war.

"The inheritance of Emperor Kua," Wu Yong murmured. His heart trembled. Did the sun that was devoured by Ye Futian contain the will left by Emperor Kua?

"Forge Chonglou Battle Form," Ye Futian said. Wu Yong nodded, and with a bang, his body grew taller. He intended to become a god of war!
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    《The Legend of Futian》