The Legend of Futian
1257 Wu Yong Battles Seven Nirvana
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1257 Wu Yong Battles Seven Nirvana

"What's going on?"

Stares that were like sharp swords all directed toward Wu Yong, and then at Ye Futian, who was behind him.

Above the sky, heaven was branded crimson red, flowing toward the distance, trying to envelop all of Qianye City.

The sun above the sky seemed to become one with Ye Futian and Wu Yong, shining straight upon them.


Wu Yong's body continued to grow taller, more and more powerful, wanting to shelter the sky.

Zhong Lou, the chief of the Zhong tribe, stared at the scene playing out in front of him. He couldn't be more familiar with this method.

He was named after this method.

Zhonglou Battle Form.

Zhonglou Battle Form had 13 phases, and each was stronger than the one before. If it reached the 13th phase, it could be considered the Battle Form of Renhuang and even become the War Emperor of the Sun.

By now, he had reached the realm of Nirvana, but out of the 13 phases of the Zhonglou Battle Form, he had still only reached the 11th level, and it was only accomplished a few years ago.

But at this time, Wu Yong's body continued to rise, becoming stronger and stronger. His aura was so imposing. It was as if he was a Renhuang reincarnate, and the battle form of Zhonglou was transformed and sublimated.

Soon, Wu Yong's battle form had reached the tenth level. This was the level that Nirvana levels could enter. Although Wu Yong entered Nirvana not long ago, he never practiced heavy building battles before. The body, perhaps in the relics, would have to be passed on that day.

At this moment, it broke through the tenth phase.

Alas, Wu Yong did not stop there.

He was still getting stronger. Ye Futian seemed to be transformed into a sun that had devoured heaven and earth. All the fires were surging toward Wu Yong, lending all power to Wu Yong.

Boom. Wu Yong's body pulled taller again, and the Zhonglou Battle Form now reached the 11th phase—the same level as that of Zhong Lou, the leader of the Zhong Clan.

But what shocked Zhong Lou was that he did not stop there.

Wu Yong was bathed in the infinite flame, and an illusion appeared in his mind. He saw a majestic body standing between heaven and earth. It was Emperor Kua.

At this moment, he truly felt the will of Emperor Kua.

"Break." With a thunderous shout, the fire emitted by the sun above the sky turned into a storm. Wu Yong's body rose again. The world roared, and the flames turned into a sea of fire. Many cultivators retreated into the distance.

The entire City Lord's Office was burning, but beyond that, even the sky was burning.

In the vast area centered on the City Lord's Office, countless people looked up at the sky, looking at that tall and immense figure—the flaming god of war.

The battles of many cultivators of the Saint Plane were interrupted, and everyone was retreating to evacuate from the battlefield.

At the moment, the will upon Wu Yong's body was far too terrible. It seemed intent on burning the sky, and it was difficult to bear the heat in close range.

"12th phase." Zhong Lou, the leader of the Zhong Clan, was lost for a moment when he looked at the scene in front of him.

The 12th phase could be considered to be at the top of Nirvana Plane—the real peak of the Saint Plane.

Even he did not reach it, and now, Wu Yong had done it.

However, Wu Yong had achieved it by borrowing the way.

Ye Futian had indeed gotten everything left by Emperor Kua, as they had suspected. No wonder the ruins had disappeared.

But, what exactly did he get?

According to the elders of the Wu clan, it was a terrible sight when Ye Futian devoured the flames throughout the ruins.

But it also seemed to corroborate the scene they were witnessing.

He was devouring the flames of heaven and earth, and at the same time, releasing the infinite flame into Wu Yong's body to lend him the way.

Above the sky, a face appeared. It seemed to be the face of Emperor Kua that then merged with Wu Yong's body. It was as if Wu Yong, at this moment, represented the will of Emperor Kua.

Not only was the attention of the cultivators of the seven major tribes fixed on this scene, but many of the cultivators here also stared at Ye Futian and Wu Yong.

What a terrible flame; what exactly did Ye Futian inherit?

No wonder the major tribes of the western region had gathered here today.

They were intending on getting back whatever it was.

Even if Emperor Xia's Realm should be offended in the process, it was worth it to get back the inheritance left by Emperor Kua.

But now, it seemed that it was not so simple to get it back either.

"Nine major tribes all belonged to Emperor Kua. Now that the will of Emperor Kua has made itself visible, the likes of you still have not bowed down in worship. What are you waiting for?" Ye Futian stood behind Wu Yong, bathed in the radiance of flames, and said in a clear voice that resounded through the space.

To ask the nine tribes bow down and worship...

At this moment, the will of Emperor Kua appeared and descended upon Wu Yong.

But no one worshipped. Zhu Kong and the other seven tribes were here today to arrest people. Even the appearance of Emperor Kua's will did not have much effect. They were here to recapture, not to worship.

"The will of Emperor, Kua should be returned to the Nine tribes," Zhu Kong said.

"Sacrilege!" Ye Futian shouted. "Today, those who violated the will of Emperor Kua are to be regarded as traitors. As the heir of Emperor Kua, I will mete out the punishment later. For now, you still have one last chance to repent. There is still time to obey the last testament of Emperor Kua."

"I don't know what you are talking about," Zhu Kong said coldly. His eyes were directed at the others. He said, "Since he is stubborn and unwilling to follow us back to the west, let's make him."

Obviously, he still decided to fight Ye Futian.

As the situation had deteriorated to this point, how could it be possible to turn back now?

The leaders of each tribe belonged to the Nirvana Plane. They were resilient and would not retreat easily.

With the seven cultivators of the Nirvana Plane surrounding Ye Futian, the whole world was burning.

"Everyone, get back," Ye Futian said to his people. This battle was a battle among those at the peak of Nirvana. For those below Nirvana plane, it would be difficult to intervene.

Unless those in the front had no doubt, only Shen Tianzhan was still guarding next to him.

He was also an expert at flaming ability. If Wu Yong did not come this time, and someone from the Crimson Dragon Realm came to plunder, he might have to fight using Shen Tianzhan.

But Wu Yong, who was originally from the Wu Clan that belonged to Emperor Kua, was much more suitable.

Zhu Kong looked down, and the sun's divine rays sprinkled downward. He lifted his palms. Suddenly, the flames of heaven and earth condensed into a terrible vortex which directly condensed into a solar fireball and burned all existence.

"Go." Zhu Kong waved his palms downward, and suddenly, the sun dropped. It chased toward the immense body of the towering flaming god of war—the 12th phase of the Zhonglou Battle Form achieved by Wu Yong.

At the moment Zhu Kong made his move, the seven cultivators of the Nirvana Plane gathered a terrible flame of the Great Path at the same time, all of which had the power to destroy.

Zhong Lou, head of the Zhong Clan, between the opening and closing of his eyes, an extreme might descended between heaven and earth. He stepped into the void, and it seemed that a flaming war god would come from the sky and kill Wu Yong.

The cultivators of Raven Tribe stepped forward, and suddenly, golden sun birds appeared between heaven and the earth, whistling down and drowning the void.

Seven cultivators attacked simultaneously.

The attack of each contained a different flame, but they all contained a terrifying force of destruction.

Wu Yong lifted his eyes and looked at the sky. Between the sky and the earth, things had changed. The infinite flames in the sky converged and spawned a terrible storm this immense.

The seven characters of the Nirvana Plane looked at Wu Yong's eyes and saw that between the blinking of the eyes, a solar storm descended. The suns went toward the people in attacks, colliding in the void as if it was the flame that would destroy the world.

Boom. Wu Yong reached the sky in one step. His eyes were terrible. At this moment, he seemed to have been transformed into a god. Those eyes were the Divine Eyes of the Sun that hid the method and ways within them. Looking afar, a solar storm was born.

The terrible solar vortex storm swept out toward the seven nirvana cultivators, trying to bury them in the solar storm.

Witnessing this terrible storm, the seven Nirvana cultivators looked badly.

This was the method of the Zhu Clan—Divine Eyes of the Sun.

Now, it was blooming on Wu Yong with a power that was extremely scary. Compared with Zhu Kong, it could only be stronger, not weaker.

The cultivators in the distance where shocked when they saw this scene before them. Was Wu Yong going to fight the nine major tribes' seven Nirvana figures with his own strength?

At this moment, Wu Yong's breath climbed almost to the extreme of Nirvana Plane.

Some other nirvana figures who were also there stared at the battlefield. Saint King of Gai looked indifferent, focusing ahead.

"Borrowing the way, borrowing the will of Emperor Kua," he said in his heart. He did not expect Ye Futian to work in tandem with Wu Yong to showcase such combat effectiveness.

Zhonglou Battle Form at the 12th phase was already at the top of the Nirvana Plane.

Wu Yong himself was of the Nirvana Plane. Ye Futian had swallowed the power of heaven and earth in order to lend the power to him, thus making him even stronger. That, combined with the will of Emperor Kua and his inheritance of the way, all contributed to the making of Wu Yong at this moment.

Wu Yong, under such circumstances, was stronger than any one of the seven great nirvana figures and was much stronger.

Therefore, even if the seven great Nirvana figures joined forces, it would be difficult to kill Wu Yong.

But to take down Ye Futian, it was necessary to pass over Wu Yong.

Zhu Kong and the others naturally understood this as well.

"Zhong Lou, Raven, we will be the main attack, the others can take down Ye Futian," Zhu Kong said. Inside the solar storms, there was a Sun God sword penetrating the storm. Zhu Kong's body went downward, with might authority.

Zhong Lou and Raven moved at the same time with him toward that peerless Zhonglou Battle Form, trying to hinder Wu Yong.

The other four Nirvanas bypassed Wu Yong in an attempt to take down Ye Futian.

Wu Yong's strength was given by Ye Futian. If Ye Futian was to be taken down, Wu Yong would lose without a fight.

Seeing the seven Nirvanas coming closer, like gods diving down, Wu Yong's countenance remained unchanged. The flames kept burning on his body, and at the moment when the seven Nirvanas descended, an infinite Golden Raven manifested, drowning the sky. It came out attacking.

This Golden Raven seemed to possess torrential breath that seemed to be transformed by his will. The seven Nirvanas attacked at the same time.

Wu Yong stared at one person in particular—the relatively weak chief of the Shang clan among the seven great Nirvanas.

"Thousand Divine Arms!" Ye Futian commanded. Wu Yong understood. Suddenly, on top of the towering and terrible Zhonglou Battle Form, infinite arms suddenly appeared, and each one of them was surrounded by terrible flame. It was as if there were thousands of arms being extended at the same time, grabbing at the seven cultivators of the Nirvana Plane.

Boom. Wu Yong stepped into the air, suppressing the firmament above.

The shadow of Emperor Kua appeared to become solid. At this moment, the seven nirvana figures had an illusion. It was as if Emperor Kua had returned for this battle using Wu Yong's body.

These abilities were all abilities of Emperor Kua!
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    《The Legend of Futian》