The Legend of Futian
1259 The Mighty Ones Attacking
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1259 The Mighty Ones Attacking

The Saint King of Gai had been in the debt of the Ninth Servant, city lord of the Ancient Imperial City, since he was young. He was subsequently taught by the Ninth Servant, resulting in his legendary status in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

His plane could have easily made him the lord of a city. However, he had not done so. Instead, he'd spent his days either traveling the land or training in the Ancient Imperial City. Everyone who knew him saw him as a member of the Ancient Imperial City.

Due to his close relationship with the Ninth Servant and the others, even though they were not related by blood, Xing Kai and Xing Qiu called him their uncle.

The Saint King of Gai nonetheless valued Xing Kai and Xing Qiu very much. Everyone in Crimson Dragon Realm knew that to be true.

The Saint King of Gai did not have any descendants, so he nurtured the Xing brothers as if they were his own.

The Ninth Servant, who was known as the number one Holiness of Nirvana, hardly needed his help with anything. As such, he was still unable to repay his debt to the Ninth Servant.

Furthermore, he had not worried about the Nine Tribes of Emperor Kua coming after him when he'd taken it.

The Saint King of Gai naturally knew that Zhu Kong had instigated others to take out Ye Futian because he was unable to do so himself. This would get rid of Ye Futian and give them all the chance to take the secret treasures of Emperor Kua once Ye Futian was dead.

However, only six of the nine tribes stood together at the moment. Their allegiances were divided.

But then again, he would not have to concern himself with those western tribes once he got his hands on the treasure.

Even if the nine tribes stood together as one, there would still be nothing for him to fear.

In the eras that followed Emperor Kua's passing, the nine tribes lost their former glory. The nine tribes, which still reigned over the western region nonetheless, hardly concerned him.

He saw the nine tribes as nothing compared to the Ancient Imperial City.

If the Ninth Servant made a move, not even Holiness of Nirvanas would be able to stand in his way.

The Saint King of Gai stepped forward, bursting with dazzling golden light.

Many pairs of eyes turned to him in an instant. All those looking shuddered intensely.

No one had anticipated that the first to act would be the Saint King of Gai.

There were many top-notch figures present that day. No one knew if they would act against Qianye City. They all waited to see what would happen.

Someone would make a move after Zhu Kong spoke.

What surprised them all was that the first to make a move was the fearsome Saint King of Gai.

All of them wondered what would happen to Qianye City and Ye Futian after that.

Would they be able to escape this ordeal?

Ye Futian shot a glance at the Saint King of Gai. Many people behind him made severe expressions at the sight.

Shen Tianzhan's pupils contracted somewhat as he said, "Be careful, the Saint King of Gai is an extremely renowned Holiness of Nirvana. His art at manipulating space is second to none. He is an extremely dangerous threat."

Ye Futian, who was basking in the light of the sun, looked coldly at the Saint King of Gai and Xing Qiu as they walked toward him.

Was this the Saint King of Gai's will, or Xing Qiu's?

But then again, that hardly mattered.

The Saint King of Gai stepped forward. Frightening storms of space whipped up around them as he threw his palm forward.

Terrifying whirlpools appeared near Wu Yong and Ye Futian in an instant.

Wu Yong, who had taken the form of a god of war and fire, shot a look at the Saint King of Gai, feeling extremely threatened.

The will of the great path wielded by the Saint King of Gai was indeed second to none.

His eyes turned into the Divine Eyes of the Sun. Terrifying will of the flames transformed into the sun, shrouding the Saint King of Gai.

The Saint King of Gai responded by grabbing them with his hand. The space around them was twisted until the will of the great path was crushed.

One wave of his hand was all it had taken to destroy it all.

The Saint King of Gai continued to walk forward. It took only a single step to close in on Wu Yong and the others.

The surrounding mighty beings were all shocked by the move.

The Saint King of Gai was indeed a legendary, fearsome figure. His attacks were able to shake Wu Yong, who had borrowed powers to use as his own.

The space around The Saint King of Gai warped as the will of the great path of space emerged, conjuring terrifying whirlpools to devour everything. He extended his hand again. The space between both Wu Yong and Ye Futian was twisted. Ye Futian sensed that a terrifying will of the great path was indeed intending to separate him from Wu Yong.

It was apparent that the Saint King of Gai had realized that Wu Yong was currently at the pinnacle of Holiness of Nirvana level, making it difficult to find attacks against Wu Yong.

As such, the only thing he could do was sever the connection between Ye Futian and Wu Yong.

Zhu Kong and the others undoubtedly knew that as well. They were, however, unable to pull this off.

However, the Saint King of Gai's manipulation of space made it possible nonetheless.

If the connection between them was severed and the borrowed powers failed, Wu Yong would only be a common Holiness of Nirvana. If that happened, any of the six tribes' Holiness of Nirvanas would be able to fight him.

Ye Futian would have no way to resist the incoming attacks then.

Wu Yong's expression changed when he realized what the Saint King of Gai was trying to do. His eyes turned into divine eyes, intending to trap the Saint King of Gai in the fires of the sun.

However, the Saint King of Gai was extremely perceptive of space. He simply took one step forward and blitzed through space at blinding speeds. It was as if he was trying to tear space itself apart. The attack was unable to even touch his body.

The Thousand Divine Arms burst out and covered out the sky in an instant, blocking out the sky. Countless flaming hands shot forth, burying the space with a flurry of attacks.

A warped storm of space appeared right before the Saint King of Gai. He stepped into the air and extended his hand forward. The devastating storm twisted and tore the incoming hands of the great path. Will of the great path of space then shrouded Wu Yong's Chonglou Battle Form at the same time, separating him from Ye Futian.

A twisted storm of space shot at Ye Futian at the same time.

"Look out!" Shen Tianzhan stood before Ye Futian and launched a palm attack, sending the incoming attack reeling backward.

The aura around Wu Yong dwindled rapidly. His boundless Flames of the Way seemed to have been extinguished. The space whirlpool caught his humongous body and severed the connection between him and Ye Futian. Terrifying tearing powers of space appeared between the two men, preventing Ye Futian from borrowing Wu Yong's powers.

The Saint King of Gai sent a palm attack forward. It turned into boundless blades of space that tore through the air before him, clashing with the attacks from Wu Yong. Wu Yong's battle form was being wrecked bit by bit and rapidly reducing back to its original form.

"Terrifying indeed."

"Such is the power of the Saint King of Gai. His powers of space are indeed at their very pinnacle."

Many shuddered deep down. He had separated Wu Yong and Ye Futian, directly diminishing Wu Yong's combat prowess. It also rendered Ye Futian completely helpless.

Zhu Kong and the others all paid close attention to the battlefield. They had been watching the battle even before the had Saint King of Gai acted.

However, at the exact second when Wu Yong and Ye Futian were forcibly separated, they finally stepped out.

Six Holiness of Nirvanas emerged instantaneously. Their bodies descended from the sky and headed straight for Ye Futian.

All six of them had terrifying powers. Their pressure permeated the space around them.

Ye Futian sensed stifling pressure and nothing else. Shen Tianzhan, who was by his side, felt their intense, looming pressure as well.

Beili Qiu, the leader of the Beili tribe, frowned.

The Saint King of Gai was nothing short of a nightmare when he attacked.

The Saint King of Gai shot a cold glance at Zhu Kong and the others when they moved. They had instigated him to make a move. They wanted to take Ye Futian away from him.

"Did you think that was possible?"

"What are you people taking me for?"

He stepped forward, zipping through space. The six Holiness of Nirvanas descended within an instant, lashing out at Ye Futian.


Terrifying pulling power grabbed at Ye Futian from below, sending him reeling back. Zhu Kong and the other five clashed with Shen Tianzhan and Beili Qiu, sending the two of them flying backward. The six went straight for Ye Futian.

However, there seemed to be a terrifying matrix of the great path lying in wait.

A figure appeared behind Ye Futian. He stepped forward and stood before Ye Futian. The image of the matrix continued to grow and become extremely dazzling.

"Qian." The figure extended their hand and conjured an ancient symbol. It then transformed into a wall of the heavens, blocking out the sky.


The attacks from Zhu Kong and the others bombarded them. The matrix began to crack. They all looked at the handsome figure standing before Ye Futian.

They were surprised to find yet another Holiness of Nirvana on the battlefield.

Ye Futian turned to look at the figure before him and felt just as shocked.

He'd been wondering where his elder brothers and Feixue had been training in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Yan Yuan was standing right before him.

Yan Yuan had appeared in front of him when he was in trouble.

It was apparent that he'd known about the commotion. The fact that he was able to come to offer support meant that he had been observing from behind the scenes all the while.

There had been many Holiness of Nirvanas around on that day. Many members of top forces were already there, so no one had paid extra attention to him as he'd lurked in the shadows.

If Ye Futian had been able to take care of the fight himself, Yan Yuan probably would not have appeared.

"Elder brother," Ye Futian called out.

"I'm no longer your elder brother." Yan Yuan brought the powers of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension to the very extreme. Wills of the great path coursed about in a frenzy across the image above them. The attacks from Zhu Kong and the others caused more and more cracks to appear on the image.

Ye Futian did not say anything else. It did not matter what their relationship was anymore.


The matrix shattered with a rumble, sending Yan Yuan's body reeling. He then grabbed Ye Futian and retreated.

However, when he touched Ye Futian, he vaguely felt an eerily formidable power that sent tingles throughout his body. That was probably the thing that Ye Futian had acquired from Emperor Kua's ruins. He'd borrowed it to allow Wu Yong to fight at maximum capacity.


The Sun God sword zipped past.

"Run on your own." When Yan Yuan saw several Holiness of Nirvanas appearing, he knew that his hands were full. They would prevent him from guarding Ye Futian. He struggled to conjure a matrix of the great path again as he moved but still managed to seal his surroundings for a moment.

"Move," a faraway voice said. Someone else appeared. It was yet another Holiness of Nirvana.

It was yet another Holiness of Nirvana from Xiang City, as well as the Saint Lord of Jiuyang and the leader of the Chang clan from Jianmu City.

They were all there to claim the relic of Emperor Kua.

Things were clear at that moment. No one could have seen the eventual outcome. With so many Holiness of Nirvanas attacking, there was simply nowhere for Ye Futian to go.

The relic of Emperor Kua would fall into the hands of whoever managed to get to him.

The mighty beings all ganged up on Ye Futian. Their auras were simply terrifying.

He was done for. That was the thought that occurred to many who were watching from afar.

There was simply no way Ye Futian would be able to escape in one piece under such circumstances.

It seemed that the lineage of Emperor Kua would prove to be his downfall.

Ye Futian, who was basking in the Divine Fire of the Sun, looked up at his pursuers. His eyes, which were wrapped in flames, looked extremely cold somehow.

The imperial will within his Life Palace infused into his body. The Fire Spirit Orb inside his Life Palace burst with dazzling light, resonating with his surroundings.

Towering, dazzling lights burst out of his body in an instant, igniting a terrifying firestorm.
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    《The Legend of Futian》