The Legend of Futian
1261 Submission
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1261 Submission

Countless eyes turned in that direction. Boundless Flames of the Way burst from the enormous palm, sealing the Great Elder of the Chang clan within.

The Great Elder of the Chang clan let out a shrill howl as rumbling noises were heard from within the flames. He took the form of a huge god of war. However, he was still being consumed. His body was rapidly losing its form.

It was as if he was no longer a being of a solid body. Instead, his body was made of flames.

"Clan leader!" All the people of the Chang clan turned pale at the sight. Chang Huai, who had once entered the ruins of Emperor Kua, was the palest of them all.

Their clan leader's body was gradually turning to nothing. Everything around him was on the verge of melting down.

The flames bursting from the clan leader's body were being consumed.

An ethereal being was about to burst from the flames with a howl.

However, bursts of golden divine flames were descending, causing that specter of a being to howl again.

"No..." the Great Elder of the Chang clan continued to howl. He looked at Ye Futian with a terrified expression. He could only see Emperor Kua's silhouette, tall and proud.

The clan leader was a top-notch figure in Crimson Dragon Realm, as well as a Holiness of Nirvana. He was the clan leader of a very renowned clan in Jianmu City.

He was about to die.

A young man on the Proving Holiness level had tapped into external powers, taking the form of Emperor Kua to cook him to death.

"The treasure was left behind by Emperor Kua, but you nonetheless need to be alive to take it," the tall, imposing figure said in a voice that reverberated throughout the space, causing the hearts of countless people to race. Even the Holiness of Nirvanas felt this threat to their lives.

Ye Futian was terrifying, even more than when he had been lending his powers to Wu Yong.

It was no wonder that he had been so confident before. He was able to lend his powers to Wu Yong, but he was also fully capable of fighting alone.

If the leaders of the former seven tribes, Wu Yong, and Shen Tianzhan had been there, there would not have been any problems.

However, given that so many mighty beings were joining the battle and even the Saint King of Gai making a move, Ye Futian's hands were indeed being forced.


A raging rumble was heard. The body of the Great Elder of the Chang clan was completely consumed in the frightening flames. His body was reduced to a ball of fire.

"No!" the mighty members of the Chang clan yelled. Their faces were very pale.

Their clan's leader had been killed.

Their eyes fixed on those flames. They wondered what being a Holiness of Nirvana meant to them anymore.

Having a Holiness of Nirvana in their midst meant that they had the chance to bag a city and become lords. It would have enabled them to create their own clan and establish a top-notch force.

The reason why the Chang clan had been able to gain such prestige in Jianmu City was simple—they had the greatest power backing them, a Holiness of Nirvana.

In the world of cultivation, having top-notch combat prowess meant everything.

Their clan leader had been killed. This meant that the Chang clan was now off the list of top-notch forces.

All the industries they had in Jianmu City would be taken away by others. There was no way for them to keep control of all their industries.

Furthermore, there would be other dire consequences to deal with, such as the many enemies that would be eyeing the wealth of their clan.

Every single person and force that they had offended before was waiting to do them harm.

The death of their clan leader represented nothing less than a disaster.

The Saint Lord of Jiuyang looked down on the vanishing body in the air and felt a chill running down his spine.

He wondered what would have happened if he'd been the one getting cooked to death.

The fighting stopped all of a sudden. Yan Yuan turned around to look at where Ye Futian was. He sensed a harrowing aura in Ye Futian when he was near. The power emanating from his now gave him the same feeling.

It surprisingly felt like the mysterious power residing within Feixue's body.

He wondered if the treasure that Ye Futian had acquired from Emperor Kua's ruins was something similar to whatever was inside Feixue's body.

His teacher had sealed the power in Feixue's body, never letting Feixue use it for training. His teacher had been afraid of the consequences that would result, fearing that it would exceed what Feixue could endure.

At present, Ye Futian was cornered enough that he'd had to tap into such powers to do battle. If the recoil was more severe than expected, the consequences would be dire.

Yan Yuan wondered how Ye Futian was able to endure using such powers.

If Feixue tried to pull off what Ye Futian had pulled, he was sure that the likelihood of her death would have been over 90 percent.

He'd been able to deduce that from how Feixue tapped into the power of that thing inside her to train.

Ye Futian had to be severely cornered by the many Holiness of Nirvanas to perform such a feat.

Things would not have come to this otherwise.

An elder appeared in the distant sky. He looked down at the battlefield with a faint smile on his lips.

He found it interesting that Ye Futian had succeeded in inheriting Emperor Kua's ruins.

However, he found so many Holiness of Nirvanas ganging up on their junior to be rather unsightly.

Even after stepping into the Holiness of Nirvana level, they still wanted to become invincible on such a plane. If they succeeded in becoming invincible on the Holiness of Nirvana Plane, they would probably want to get to the Renhuang Plane next.

The further one's journey into cultivation went, the greater their yearning for greater planes would become. It was because they had already seen things that were so beautiful that they wanted to reach higher heights to see more.

"This is not Emperor Kua. This is just a specter that he conjured using the treasure's power. Do not get near him," Zhu Kong said. He too felt a tinge of fear and panic inside him.

If they gave up them, it would be a catastrophe for the tribes.

There was simply no way Ye Futian could just let the six tribes go, especially not after all the fighting they had done that day.

Their only way forward was to kill Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's continued existence would pose a great threat to them. They needed to take him out.

Ye Futian glanced at the leaders of the six tribes. The eyes of Emperor Kua turned to the leader of the Vermillion Bird tribe. A terrifying aura of sharpness emanated from him.

"You wretched beast. You see your emperor in front of you and you refuse to submit?" the huge figure shouted. He fired a terrifying will into the mind of the being. The clan leader felt a chill run through him, making him balk.

He felt rather dazed at that moment. It was as if he was facing the emperor himself.

"You once served as my steed. You should have stuck with your mission and aided the one inheriting my powers. I shall give you one more chance. If you're willing to serve me and kill Zhu Kong, all of your crimes of the past shall be absolved," another voice said, reverberating throughout the place.

The look in the eyes of the leader of the Vermillion Bird tribe suggested that he was struggling with the decision.

He naturally understood that the one speaking was Ye Futian. He realized that Ye Futian was pretending to be the emperor by mimicking the emperor's tone.

However, Ye Futian was attempting to spare him as well.

If he changed his stance right there and then, it might be possible for him to come out in one piece.

He hesitated.

"Can't you see that he is playing you for a fool?" Zhu Kong asked, looking at the Vermillion Bird tribe leader. He was surprised to see that the other tribe leader was hesitating.

The Vermillion Bird tribe leader was still hesitating. Wu Yong had been the first one to submit to Ye Futian, and Wu Yong had become a Holiness of Nirvana.

The Beili tribe decided to do the same and stand together with Ye Futian.

Why were they all doing this?

Ye Futian had been able to inherit the ruins of Emperor Kua. After the battle they had fought that day, there was no doubt that Ye Futian's talents were immense. He would probably become the next Emperor Kua.

The reason that they had all thought only of taking the power from him instead of submitting was that he was believed to be too weak to be the new emperor. However, that thought seemed to be changing.

Furthermore, Ye Futian was giving him a chance to change his mind.

"While he was able to tap into Emperor Kua's powers and bring this much combat prowess to bear at the moment, it is obvious that he is duping you because he is not confident in his ability to fight any further. Don't fall into his trap," Zhu Kong said to everyone with a brimming voice.

The power of Ye Futian's side continued to grow. If the Vermillion Bird tribe leader decided to balk and switch sides, then the nine tribes would have only five left.

Ye Futian would have three tribes on his side.

"You now have a chance. If things were already set, what use would I have of you?" Emperor Kua said yet again. The eyes of the Vermillion Bird tribe leader kept shifting.

If he were truly able to take Ye Futian down in such a situation, would he be able to get anything left behind by Emperor Kua?

That wasn't certain.

Among the six remaining tribes, the Zhu clan and the Zhong tribe were the most powerful. Furthermore, others might also be getting a share.

However, helping Ye Futian would be risky. He was considering what would happen if Ye Futian's side lost in this tug-of-war.

He was considering if the Zhu clan and the other tribes would still want to settle the score with him by then.

"Alright." The Vermillion Bird tribe leader gritted his teeth and made his decision. He flashed and lashed out at Zhu Kong in the air. He'd made his decision, and now he needed to show that he was sincere.

"You..." Zhu Kong had not expected yet another tribe to switch sides. He stepped forward and headed straight for the Vermillion Bird tribe leader.

"Other than the Zhu clan and the Zhong tribe, are there any who wish to submit?" Ye Futian asked. "If any tribe wishes to submit, each side will have four tribes each. Regardless of how the battle ends, there will always be four tribes standing on one side. If that were the case, there wouldn't be any need for further concerns."

After the Vermillion Bird tribe, there were still the Nanli tribe, the Raven tribe, and the Jue tribe left.

"There is still one place left. Any tribe that decides to submit to me will receive the powers of Emperor Kua to aid their training," Ye Futian said.

Despite having killed a Holiness of Nirvana to shock everyone, there were still too many enemies for him to take on at once.

The situation was still dangerous for him. Even if he could defeat all of his enemies, it would be impossible for him to kill all of them. There was also the future to consider.

As such, he needed powerful forces to submit to him.

His powers at the moment were shocking. That, coupled with the lineage of Emperor Kua, made this a very good opportunity for him.

He realized that most of the tribes were simply being forced to commit at the moment. As such, what he wanted to do now was give them a push and an opportunity.

Xia Qingyuan, who was watching Ye Futian from the distance, found that Ye Futian was being far more composed in dealing with matters than he'd ever been in the past. Even at such a critical moment, he was thinking not of slaughtering his enemies, but of giving them the choice to submit to him.

That would benefit his future endeavors in Crimson Dragon Realm a great deal in the long run.

If he were to be able to get command over greater tribes of the western region, then there would be fewer forces capable of shaking him in the future. What was happening on that day would not happen again.

She understood that there was no way Ye Futian could simply fight like this every time. If he recoiled, it would be extremely devastating.

"I have witnessed Emperor Kua's lineage today and I believe that you, Lord Ye, have earned the late emperor's approval. We of the nine tribes have always belonged to Emperor Kua. As such, the Nanli tribe is willing to submit to you, and to aid you in bringing the former glory of Emperor Kua's era into reality again." The leader of the Nanli tribe made his decision right there and then.

The expression on Zhu Kong and the rest's faces were extremely gloomy and ugly.
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    《The Legend of Futian》