The Legend of Futian
1265 The Overbearing Ninth Servan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1265 The Overbearing Ninth Servan

The number one city of Crimson Dragon City, the Ancient Imperial City.

The Ninth Servant stood with his hands behind his back at the tall majestic palace within the city lord's office. His sharp, imposing eyes gazed forward. His will seemed to have shot through the vast space before him and descended upon Qianye City, bursting through Xing Qiu's eyes.

The Ninth Servant was lauded as the number one City Lord outside of Crimson Dragon City, so much so that he was even known to be the number one figure below Renhuang, and half a Renhuang. That was a plane like no other.

However, to the Ninth Servant, he had only someone per his namesake—a servant.

Xing Kai and Xing Qiu were both the young masters he served.

The Ninth Servant's greatest wish in his life was to see both of his young masters make it into Renhuang Plane.

He was extremely concerned about the safety of Xing Kai and Xing Qiu, much more than other Renhuang would have only their offspring.

He disallowed anyone from threatening the lives of both Xing Kai and Xing Qiu, which was why he became the number one figure outside of Crimson Dragon City and had his name known throughout Crimson Dragon Realm.

A powerful aura burst from the Ninth Servant, shooting into the heavens. His will seemed to have melded with Xing Qiu's.

In Qianye City, Xing Qiu took one step out, and his extremely raging aura sent Yu Sheng flying, and the demonic might about Yu Sheng faltering.

That scene caused many to turn their eyes in their direction. They all sensed a terrifying aura from Xing Qiu. It was as if the aura had been someone else's.

"The Mark of God of War."

Everyone recalled a rumor, and their expression changed. Fighting will shot to the heavens from Xing Qiu. Brimming pressure washed all over the place in a raging tide.

The phenomenon caused many to recall Xing Qiu's rumored background, which was related to the special ability trained by the Ninth Servant.

That aura is probably not that of Xing Qiu, but of that number one City Lord.

"Know your place."

A cold voice came from the Ninth Servant's lips. Xing Qiu then lifted his arm and lashed out. The Mark of God of War seemed to have burst within an instant, overwhelming their surroundings as he charged at Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng shouted, and his demonic might emerged with a raging roar. His fist will tore through the space before him and continued to roll. However, that mark seemed to have overpowered everything. The great path of the world around them rumbled as if the sky was about to collapse.

Boom. The demonic armor conjured around Yu Sheng seemed like it was about to shatter as he was pinned on the ground, spitting blood from his mouth.

A cold killing intent was seen in Xing Qiu's eyes.

Boom... A loud rumble was heard from above. Gai Huang and the Star Plucking Saint had both separated. Gai Huang was falling from the sky, down to Xing Qiu's side. He lowered his head and said, "Sir Ninth Servant."

His eyes seemed to have a hint of self-blame in it. He had intended to help Xing Qiu take a treasure of Renhuang on that day, but it had ended up with Xing Qiu being caught in danger and even almost ending up dead instead.

"Ninth Servant, have you no shame?" a voice said from the sky. The Star Plucking Saint looked at the injured Yu Sheng.

Another gust of might swept over the place from another direction. It was the lord of the Regional Palace coming down. Extremely overbearing aura washed all over Xing Qiu.

Xing Qiu's eyes turned to both the Star Plucking Saint and the overbearing lord. He looked around, extending his will. There was no way he could fight all of the Holiness of Nirvanas around.

The Ninth Servant only wanted to see who would have dared to make a move against Xing Qiu.

"So you're Yu Sheng, the young man who went to the Regional Palace to train, then?" the Ninth Servant took a look at Yu Sheng, who was rising from the ground, and said coldly.

Demonic might continued to boil around Yu Sheng, as his eyes were fixed on Xing Qiu.

"If you dare do so again, I will kill you all the same, even if you're one who is training in the Regional Palace," the Ninth Servant said. His voice sounded imposing. He behaved just as arrogantly, despite the lord of the Regional Palace standing right in front of him.

Everyone around shuddered. That was the might of the Ninth Servant of the Ancient Imperial City, the number one City Lord outside of Crimson Dragon City.

Rumor had it that he was only about half a step away from Renhuang Plane in his training.

He was also ranked in the Regional King Ranking.

The holiness of Nirvanas ranked on the Regional King Ranking were seemingly capable of reigning supreme over the saints. Few throughout the entire Crimson Dragon Realm would be able to stand against them.

"Ninth Servant, you're too much." That lord stepped forward and exerted his might onto Xing Qiu.

Yu Sheng was studying in what was technically his organization, which made the young man his student.

Xing Qiu looked up at the lord and said, "I have no objections with sparring, but are you not going to stop him even if he were to land killing blows? The Regional Palace is known as the number one holy land for training in all of Crimson Dragon Realm. I wonder if I could pay a visit to your place? If Crimson Dragon Emperor were to allow it, that is."

"You could try," the lord glared at Xing Qiu and answered.

Xing Qiu's eyes were icy, and he was devoid of any expression. However, he still looked overbearing and intense.

Everyone knew that the Regional Palace was a holy land, yet they were limited by their perception of planes and the extent of powers.

In the eyes of the Ninth Servant, however, the Regional Palace was of no difference from anywhere else, so long as there was not a Renhuang in it.

Anyone who dared to do any harm to his young masters, they would have had to answer to the Ninth Servant.

"Gai Huang, bring Xing Qiu back to the Ancient Imperial City," the Ninth Servant said to the Saint King of Gai at the side.

"Yes, sir." Gai Huang nodded.

Boom. Yu Sheng stepped out, and his demonic might bursting in a raging manner. Do you think you can walk away like this?

Xing Qiu shot a glance at Yu Sheng, but he knew that those were not the eyes of Xing Qiu; it was the eyes of the Ninth Servant.

"You think you could go about your business without regard for consequences, just because you're ranked on the Regional King Ranking? If anything were to happen to Xing Qiu, how many in Qianye City do you think would live even if the Regional Palace was able to cover for you?" The Ninth Servant's eyes seemed to be about to penetrate those of Yu Sheng, suppressing his demonic might.

Both men stood off at each other. The will in Xing Qiu's eyes gradually dissipated. He then said, "Gai Huang."

Gai Huang walked out and took Xing Qiu, getting ready to leave.

The Star Plucking Saint and many other mighty ones stopped him. Yu Sheng clenched his fists as his demonic might burst in a frenzy. He looked up at Gai Huang and Xing Qiu, never saying a word the whole time.

Ye Futian stared at his front. The mighty ones then watched Gai Huang took Xing Qiu and left.

Countless watched at the battlefield and shuddered deep down.

So that is the Ninth Servant, the City Lord of the Imperial City.

One top-notch figure had been more than enough to stun all mighty ones around him.

The lord of the Regional Palace came before Yu Sheng, seeing that the demonic might around Yu Sheng had yet to dissipate, showing that he was incredibly frustrated. However, Yu Sheng did not make a move the entire time and watched those two leave.

"There would be a day where you will step into the Ancient Imperial City, but on your journey to get there, there is still Xing Kai, who is training in the Regional Palace as well," the lord said to Yu Sheng. He had high hopes for Yu Sheng's future.

While Xing Kai was also in the ranking, he was under the charge of another lord. The lord before Yu Sheng came to believe in Yu Sheng when he saw him.

Yu Sheng's future achievements would eclipse those of Xing Kai.

With the Ninth Servant taking Xing Qiu away, he hoped that there would be a day, where Yu Sheng could step into the number one city outside of Crimson Dragon City himself.

That Ancient Imperial City, which had never been touched by any other.

As Gai Huang left, the battle finally came to an end. Zhu Kong and his men were all Holiness of Nirvanas. No one would have been able to stop them if they were to insist on leaving. However, the mighty ones from their respective tribes remained.

"City Lord Ye, could we head back to the tribes and sort things out first?" the few tribe leaders then said to Ye Futian.

"Very well." Ye Futian nodded. The nine tribes were in a mess at present, and there was a need for those people to sort out the mess.

Everyone flashed and left. The mighty ones from the Zhu clan were closely monitored to prevent Zhu Kong and his men from going home and throwing their weight around in the tribes.

The commotion had to be sorted out.

There were already two tribe leaders out of the nine perished and eliminated early. Things with the remaining tribes depended on how things played out.

The mighty ones left one after another while the sky was still red as if it was on fire.

Vast tracts of land had been burned down. It was as if a firestorm had attacked the city.

The whole place was brimming with a fiery aura.

An earth-shattering battle had been fought, and things came to a close.

It had been a while since a city, or even the entire Crimson Dragon Realm per se, had seen a battle of such scale.

Over a dozen Holiness of Nirvanas participated in the battles. One mighty one after another revealed what they were capable of.

All of that happened due to the lineage left behind by Emperor Kua.

Qianye City survived. Not only had Ye Futian managed to stay alive, but he had also even been able to maintain his possession of Emperor Kua's lineage. Four Holiness of Nirvanas died on the battlefield on that day.

It was believed there probably was not anyone who dared to make a move against him without at least thinking twice.

Furthermore, that was the result of the mighty ones from Emperor Xia's Realm being involved. It was the strength of Qianye City alone that repelled such powerful enemies.

That massive battle at Qianye City changed the place. Several leaders out of the nine tribes submitted to Ye Futian. The strength of Qianye City reached a different level altogether right there and then.

At that moment, the flames all around them disappeared in a frenzy, flowing somewhere else. Everyone looked at Ye Futian's direction. That huge, imposing form of Emperor Kua's specter shrunk and dissipated quickly.

The boundless flames seemed to have been swallowed by a terrifying whirlpool. The phenomenon persisted until Ye Futian was seen again, swallowing all remaining flames himself.

Ye Futian continued to bask within the boundless flames. One mighty one after another came to his side.

Yan Yuan did not leave. He, too, came to Ye Futian's side.

"Begin reconstruction of the city lord's office immediately," Shen Tianzhan ordered. The people of the city lord's office had only just come and proceeded to clean up the rubble around.

"Are you all going to stay here still?" He turned around and looked at the mighty ones around who came to watch. There were quite a number of people there, but none of them had participated in the battles. No one else knew what was going on in their heads.

"I shall take my leave." The City Lord of Flaming Prison City cupped his hands and then left. Many top-notch figures then brought their men with them and left as well.

Many left quickly to prevent any unnecessary misunderstandings. None of them stayed behind for long.

Many who were standing far away were people from Qianye City.

Xia Qingyuan, Yu Sheng, and the others came to Ye Futian's side, turning their attention to him.

Ye Futian did not say anything. Tension and concern were seen in Xia Qingyuan's eyes.

Having tapped into such formidable powers must have come with terrifying recoil.

"How are you doing?" Xia Qingyuan asked with a low voice.

The flames on Ye Futian gradually dissipated. He then looked at Xia Qingyan. Blood dripped from the side of his mouth, and his entire body was red hot. All of his internal organs seemed to be burning.

"Pfftt..." A mouthful of hot blood came right out of his mouth, before dropping onto the ground right away.

The blood splashed onto Xia Qingyuan. It was so hot that she was even able to feel the heat. She extended her arms to pick Ye Futian up, who was falling on her. His blood had stained her face.

She felt the temperature from his body and sensed his internal wellbeing. Xia Qingyuan's eyes turned red hot as well, seemingly filled with terrifying killing intent.
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    《The Legend of Futian》