The Legend of Futian
1266 Submitting to Another
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1266 Submitting to Another

The news regarding the battle at Qianye City spread all over Crimson Dragon Realm. It caused immense commotion even at the absolute center of the realm—Crimson Dragon City.

Over a dozen Holiness of Nirvanas fought, and four of them perished. It had been a very, very long time since Crimson Dragon Realm had seen such intense battles. No one would have thought that a young man at the Proving Holiness level could have sparked such a massive battle.

Furthermore, he won.

Qianye City had repelled Holiness of Nirvanas from many top-notch forces, killing four of them along the way.

The nine tribes were in shambles.

Qianye City had achieved fame due to the battle between two imperial realms fought there, with many coming to know the name of the City Lord of Qianye City, Ye Futian.

That one most recent battle brought him to even higher heights.

He had acquired the lineage of Emperor Kua, summoning the will of the late emperor, making it as if the Renhuang had come back to life again. Such a member of the younger generation was unnervingly frightening.

Furthermore, with Yu Sheng, who was ranked on the Regional King Ranking added to the list, two renowned figures had emerged from one city.

Both of them came from Emperor Xia's Realm.

The two of them would probably become legends who would be remembered in the history of Crimson Dragon Realm.

Of course, that was if they were able to stay alive and grow further.

Qianye City, a newly emerged force to be reckoned with, seemed to have clashed with the Ancient Imperial City, which was to be the king among cities, from that battle. The Ninth Servant had taken over Xing Qiu's body and emerged in an extremely imposing, overbearing form.

The clash between the Ninth Servant and Yu Sheng made it seem to everyone that it was a clash between the old and the new.

Everyone wondered if the newly emerged Qianye City would be able to threaten Ancient Imperial City, the one city that had been unmoved for ages in Crimson Dragon Realm.

At the very least, from the look of things, while Qianye City had indeed been extremely terrifying, it was still too early for them to challenge Ancient Imperial City's place.

The Ninth Servant alone was able to take down an entire army on his own.

There was hardly anyone capable of standing against him and emerging victorious.

He was a Holiness of Nirvana, and one who was nigh-invincible. Only a handful of figures at such levels were found throughout the entire Crimson Dragon Realm. Ye Futian and his people were still too far away from where he was at the moment.

Furthermore, there were also two members of the younger generations boasting superb talents in Ancient Imperial City. Xing Qiu was put aside at the moment, for he had been practically run over by Yu Sheng twice.

Xing Kai, on the other hand, was also a renowned figure ranked on the Regional King Ranking, and a fellow student of Yu Sheng in the Regional Palace.

If he knew that Yu Sheng had almost ended up killing Xing Qiu, his younger brother, many wondered if he would have looked for trouble with Yu Sheng in the Regional Palace.

Other than the clash between Qianye City and Ancient Imperial City, which attracted the most attention, the crumbling of the nine tribes of the western region and the death of a Holiness of Nirvana from Xiang City was just as astonishing.

In the era following Emperor Kua's passing, the western region of Crimson Dragon Realm had been ruled over by the nine tribes, which were at odds with and competed against each other for many years. However, they were always united when dealing with anything that was not one of their own, which enabled them to maintain their status as overlords of the region.

However, someone managed to inherit Emperor Kua's lineage, causing the nine tribes to splinter and crumble. No one knew what would have happened following that.

As for the death of a Holiness of Nirvana of Xiang City, many wondered what Emperor Xiang's Realm would have thought of it.

It was said that after Xiang Nan returned to Xiang City, he brought his men with him and left. It was speculated that he had probably returned to Emperor Xiang's Realm.

Xiang Nan had, of course, been worried about Ye Futian taking revenge. Ye Futian had dared to kill a Holiness of Nirvana from Xiang City, after all. There was no telling if Ye Futian would go to kill him next.

Without a Holiness of Nirvana stationed at Xiang City, there was utterly no way Xiang Nan could have resisted Qianye City.

There were several Holiness of Nirvanas at Qianye City. Wu Yong and Shen Tianzhan, both of whom were Holiness of Nirvanas, would have followed Ye Futian.

As for the possibility of Emperor Xiang's Realm amassing mighty ones to take revenge, it remained an unknown.

That was probably not something Xiang Nan would have been able to decide.

A formidable battle with far-reaching consequences ushered in year 10020 of Divine Prefecture Calendar. It seemed that the year would not have gone by in peace.

It was also probably a sign signaling the rise of legends of another generation.

Time passed, and the city lord's office of Qianye City was restored. The place had seen many troubles since Ye Futian came, and that was something rare on its own.

There was probably no city lord's office in any other city that had seen so many troubles within such a short period of time, being destroyed and rebuilt again and again.

Ye Futian was still asleep in his bedchamber in the palace.

Xu Chehan and Little Butterfly were at Ye Futian's side, checking on the extent of his injuries, while Loulan Xue was helping out at the side.

"How is he doing?" Xia Qingyuan asked Xu Chehan. While Xu Chehan's plane might not have been high, he had learned the way of medicine from Saint Jiang later, and Little Butterfly was quite knowledgeable as well.

"It is a miracle that he is alive. If it had been someone else, I'm afraid..." Xu Chehan said with a low voice. "But then again, there is no need to worry too much, Princess. His self-repair functions are extremely formidable. While the flames have scorched all his meridians and internal organs, they are regaining life bit by bit."

Xu Chehan was able to sense that Ye Futian had some special abilities that allowed him to keep repairing injuries. If it had been someone else, it would not have mattered if they were at Proving Holiness stage. Even if they were to be a Saint of True Self, they would have probably died a long time ago. Tapping into the force of Emperor Kua was dependent on how much one could have taken.

Ye Futian's plane was far below what would have allowed him to withstand such a powerful force.

Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian, who was still in a coma, before turning around and walked outside.

There were also others outside the room. Yan Yuan stayed behind. He had not left the room in days.

While the battle fought previously had shocked many mighty ones, in truth, more of the shock factor came from Ye Futian summoning Emperor Kua and doing battle in his form.

Many wondered how many times Ye Futian could fight like that.

That one time had almost cost him his life, and he was still in a coma.

As such, things were quite shaky in Qianye City. If someone were up to no good, like Gai Huang, things would quickly take a turn for the worst.

As such, other than Yan Yuan, Wu Yong, and Shen Tianzhan were also at Qianye City, guarding the place against any unforeseen circumstances.

"Sir." Xia Qingyuan bowed slightly to Yan Yuan.

"Your orders, Princess?" Yan Yuan looked at Xia Qingyuan and asked.

"I'm getting ready to head back to Emperor Xia's Realm for a bit. I'd like you to look after Qianye City in my absence," Xia Qingyuan said.

Among the three Holiness of Nirvanas in Qianye City, she naturally trusted Yan Yuan the most.

While Yan Yuan had once been on the opposing side of Emperor Xia's Realm, which technically made them enemies, Xia Qingyuan nonetheless trusted Yan Yuan more.

The temperament and character of the Imperial Advisor of Dali and his students were all tried and tested.

Despite being enemies, they were worthy of respect. Furthermore, Yan Yuan appeared on time when such a crisis hit Qianye City.

"Rest assured, Princess." Yan Yuan nodded.

"Thank you, sir," Xia Qingyuan thanked him and then left.

A group of people left Qianye City without making a fuss. Few knew that they were even gone.


Time passed, and many throughout Crimson Dragon Realm continued to pay close attention to Qianye City's affairs.

There were rumors that Ye Futian suffered severe recoil after that battle, with his state of life and death remaining unknown. He had yet to make it through. Xia Qingyuan had probably returned to Emperor Xia's Realm to get someone to treat him.

Some claimed that Ye Futian would never rise again.

Recoil from a feat as formidable as tapping into the will of Emperor Kua and bringing such levels of combat prowess to bear would have terrifying consequences.

Ye Futian might have even paid the price with his life.

Countless continued to keep a close eye on Ye Futian despite the rumors.

If Ye Futian were to perish, there would be yet another storm waiting to come.

Everyone saw how things would turn out at the moment.

The western region was anything but peaceful throughout the entire period.

The Zhu clan, the Zhong tribe, and the Raven tribe were allied, fighting against the Nanli tribe, the Vermillion Bird tribe, and the Beili tribe, which had joined hands.

Several battles had been fought between both sides. There had been many casualties, and yet, none had been able to best the other.

The Zhu clan was waiting for news as well, hoping that Ye Futian would never come to this time. The alliance would have naturally come apart in that case.

With Ye Futian still around, the three tribes allied with him still had hope in the future.

If Ye Futian were to emerge fine, Zhu Kong and the rest knew that it would spell disaster for them.

However, none of them escaped. All three tribes were huge, and their industries vast. There was no way they could have all just migrated elsewhere.

While Crimson Dragon Realm was a huge place, it would still be near-impossible to move three tribes of such massive sizes elsewhere. That was unless all of them were to leave Crimson Dragon Realm and move to other realms.

The option was not one they deemed acceptable, however.

At present, all they were able to do was to continue to pressure the other three tribes, trying to take the other side down as soon as possible.

The alliance of the three tribes around the Zhu clan remained in advantage. The powers of Zhu Kong and Zhong Lou were more powerful, after all.

As long as they were able to defeat the other three, Ye Futian could have hardly posed a threat to them, even if he were to awaken.

On that day at the Nanli tribe, massive numbers of mighty ones were in the air. Castles were everywhere below, and members of all six tribes were fighting there.

"We of the nine tribes have always been of one entity, yet you people choose to submit to an outsider and forsake the alliance of the nine tribes." Zhu Kong stood tall in the sky, and a brilliant light burst from his body. He then added, "If you remain headstrong and foolish, then this battle will never cease. If you remain ignorant of the alliance between the tribes, then we shall do everything and use any means necessary to crush you."

To Zhu Kong and his people, time was running out, and they needed to settle things as quickly as possible.

"Zhu Kong, if you confess to your crimes and ask for forgiveness in Qianye City, City lord Ye might still probably pardon your crimes." The Beili tribe leader then added, "We of the nine tribes invited people all over Crimson Dragon Realm to enter the ruins. It was fate that Ye Futian inherited the lineage. It is also the will of Emperor Kua. From how he performed in Qianye City, he might just become yet another Emperor Kua in the future. Why stick to the old ways and succumb?"

"I, Zhu Kong, shall never submit to another," Zhu Kong said proudly, his voice reverberating throughout the entire area. He then looked at the ones below and asked, "We are the nine tribes. Are you telling to submit to an outsider?"

He suddenly sensed something when he spoke. He turned his head around and looked.

"That so?" A voice was heard from the sky. Many sensed the vast, undeniable pressure coming down on them.

A figure appeared all of a sudden before long. It was as if a celestial army had emerged from the heavens. Their pressure was felt throughout the entire region.

An extremely beautiful woman stood in the midst of those mighty ones. It was none other than Xia Qingyuan, princess of Emperor Xia's Realm.

"Emperor Xia's Realm." Zhu Kong then looked at the top-notch figures at her side. His expression turned extremely grim within seconds.

Xia Qingyuan had asked for reinforcements from Emperor Xia's Realm. Furthermore, there were several Holiness of Nirvanas.

"On this day, any who refuses to surrender shall be eliminated with extreme prejudice." Xia Qingyuan's voice was icy. Refusing to submit to another, you said?
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    《The Legend of Futian》