The Legend of Futian
1276 The Battle of the Princesses
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1276 The Battle of the Princesses

As the two of them drew nearer to each other, a wild windstorm whipped against them.

A group of seals appeared beside Hua Ye, and each one seemed to contain an incredibly powerful spatial storm within it. They were filled with Space Tearing Will.

The seals all flowed along his body, all the way down to his arms. Suddenly, the incredibly brilliant light of the Great Path bloomed on his arms. A terrible spatial hurricane swept out from him.

He pointed forward, and all the energy that had appeared seemed to gather together on his finger. The people on Divine Mountain could only see a destructive hurricane sweeping out, and the air before it appeared to be utterly destroyed.

Gu Dongliu was in the very center of the storm.

Could the man from Qianye City withstand it?

The ancient characters wrapped around Gu Dongliu and resonated with the Worldly Great Path. His white robes whipped around in the wind. Even facing the destructive storm in front of him, his expression was unchanged. He stepped directly into the storm and clapped his hands together.

In a flash, an overwhelmingly loud rumble filled the area.

The vortex destroyed the ancient characters. But each character was like a giant palm print; even when it was shattered, the fingers continued forward.

However, the light from the ancient characters that surrounded Gu Dongliu continued to shine. A terrible airflow rose around him. The Great Path howled as it flowed through heaven and earth. The ancient characters turned into seals, and they grew stronger and stronger.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Hua Ye felt a series of blows that felt as powerful as storms. He ripped through space itself with his finger, causing vortexes to appear in the air as he pushed it forward, destroying the palm prints of the Great Path.

But his opponent's palm prints were growing stronger and stronger. Finally, a row of ancient characters lined up and slashed down at the same time. His finger slammed into them, and he felt like he had hit a might divine wall, so firm it could not be destroyed.

Hua Ye saw that this was the final barrier. The ancient characters that were around Gu Dongliu had merged into one in preparation for this single attack. If he could break through them, he would be able to destroy Gu Dongliu himself.

Hua Ye pulled back his arms, which were trembling slightly, and then thrust them forward again. An ear-splitting screech came from the ancient characters.

Gu Dongliu moved forward at the same time, in harmony with the world. He slammed his hand forward, and it resonated with the heavens and the earth in all directions. The noise made Hua Ye's eardrums tremble, and his blood boil.


There was a loud noise as the ancient characters shot down, slamming into Hua Ye's arm. There was a crisp snapping sound. He was sent flying backward, eventually landing on the ground. He spat up a mouthful of blood.

A look of surprise came over everyone on Divine Mountain's face, except for one old man of the Nirvana level who had a delighted look.

Gai Huang's disciple had actually been defeated. Even though this was not a full-fledged battle, it was not possible for the two opponents to purely use the power that they had just perceived. Some of the power they had used had been their own, such as the strength of their will.

They had put this power into their attacks.

The point was, Gu Dongliu of Qianye City had not been recognized before and was not famous at all.

At that moment, everyone at the banquet saw that he was shining with the brilliant light of the Great Path, and the will around him seemed to be affected by his aura, producing a certain resonance. This was obviously no ordinary man.

Qianye City seemed interesting.

Gu Dongliu walked back. The two of them had merely been "exchanging views," they had not truly been competing for the Thousand Word Proverb stele, and so they would naturally not stay in the center of the banquet hall.

Hua Ye stood up. He said nothing as he walked back, but he seemed a little bit desolate.

He would never have thought that as someone who had studied under Gai Huang and who had a little bit of fame, he would be defeated in his first battle by some no-name cultivator from Qianye City.

This battle had been a bit of a loss of face for his master.

Chi Shang had been watching the battle with some interest. Even the very first battle had been full of surprises.

So the next ones would be exceedingly brilliant.

At that moment, a figure strode forward to the center of the banquet hall.

A look of surprise came upon many people's faces. They had clearly not thought that she would come out so soon.

This person was one of the three women who had received a Peach Invitation.

It was the proud daughter of heaven Shu Zi, who cultivated in the Regional Palace. She was often compared to Yin Tianjiao.

One of them was a Princess of Emperor Wu's Realm; the other was Emperor Shu's daughter.

Both of them had overwhelming attack power. They were in no way weak women.

The Princess of Emperor Shu's Realm was really going to start fighting so soon?

But who would she fight?

She pulled out a card with a golden peach on it. It was a Peach Invitation.

She had been directly invited here.

"May I challenge the Lord of Qianye City?" said Shu Zi. Hua Ye had tried to challenge Ye Futian, but Gu Dongliu had called him out for not having a Peach Invitation and had stood in his way, finally defeating him.

But both Shu Zi and Ye Futian had received Peach Invitations.

Ye Futian looked at her in surprise. This was the first time that he had seen the Princess of Emperor Shu's Realm.

He only knew who she was by reading her name on the Peach Invitation that she pulled out.

Now, why did she want to "exchange views" with him?

Was Qianye City really this famous?

"Emperor Shu is known as the Thunder Emperor. His accomplishments in the Way of Thunder are extremely impressive," said someone on Divine Mountain.

"Ah yes, he is named after his overwhelming style of attack. It is said that the Princess has perfectly inherited her father's talent. She may look weak, but when you see her fight, you won't think that at all," said someone else with a smile.

"But why does Shu Zi want to challenge Ye Futian?"

"I heard that when the Princess had just entered the Regional Palace, she was very arrogant. But she was taught a few lessons by Xing Kai and became much more honest. She threw herself into cultivating and restrained her violent temper a little bit. She even asked Xing Kai to train her," said someone who knew a little bit about the Regional Palace with a smile.

A look of profound interest came over the faces of everyone on Divine Mountain.

These noble-born princesses were very high-spirited, and would normally not deign to notice ordinary people. They had cultivated themselves to be very powerful and had outstanding talent, so the only people who could make them notice them were people who were stronger than them.

But some of the people who had been cultivating at the Regional Palace for longer than Shu Zi did not think this was strange. It all seemed straight forward to them.

Pei Min smiled. Shu Zi had directly challenged Ye Futian. There was a high likelihood that she would be humiliated.

Ye Futian may not have really gotten involved up to this point, but everyone still had high expectations for him.

Ye Futian was about to step out, but at that moment, someone stepped out in front of him, looked at Shu Zi, and said, "I will fight you."

Shu Zi looked at the one who had stepped out and frowned slightly.

"Ye Futian is the one I want to challenge," said Shu Zi coldly. The one who had stepped out was Xia Qingyuan.

Everyone looked on with interest. Shu Zi had challenged Ye Futian, but Xia Qingyuan had been the one to come out.

Shu Zi may have just emphasized that the one she wanted to challenge was Ye Futian, but based on their status, these two were much more suitable to fight each other.

The daughter of Emperor Shu and the daughter of Emperor Xia.

Two princesses of great Renhuang realms.

Xia Qingyuan did not get involved in much in Qianye City. Yu Sheng and Ye Futian were so famous that the Princess of Emperor Xia's Realm did not get many chances to display her abilities.

That was until Xia Qingyuan took over the Nine Great Tribes. Then people all saw how decisive she could be.

"He does not know how to go easy on women. He won't show you any mercy," said Xia Qingyuan coldly.

"..." Ye Futian's face was dark. What did she mean by that?

Shu Zi frowned as she watched Xia Qingyuan come closer to her without the least bit of propriety. She did not keep asking, but instead, a terrible airflow erupted around her.

A roaring sound exploded all around, and the light of purple lightning seemed to be everywhere. It seemed like it would cover the entire area.

Lightning bolt seals appeared all around Shu Zi, each one containing frightening amounts of destructive power. Endless lightning appeared between heaven and earth and shot directly into the seals.

These seals were formed from her understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb, but she was putting her own will into them as well.

Everything in the center of the banquet hall changed. It seemed that terrible lightning covered everything, filled with destructive power.

A terrible storm whipped up around Xia Qingyuan at the same time: a storm of catastrophe swordsmanship.

Catastrophe sword seals appeared all around her body.

Each catastrophe sword seal seemed to be made up of a single character, the character for "catastrophe." These catastrophe sword seals seemed to all be one as they flowed continuously around Xia Qingyuan.


There was a flash of purple light as the sound of thunder rolled throughout the hall. Lightning bolts suddenly appeared and cut through the sky. A lightning seal exploded and shot towards Xia Qingyuan.

A thick, destructive bolt of lightning tried to destroy Xia Qingyuan. It was extremely overpowering.

But Xia Qingyuan did not flee. She stepped forward amid all that destructive lighting, and her catastrophe swords shot out with a roar. Endless light of catastrophe appeared as the terrible catastrophe sword will descended.

The destructive lightning smashed into the catastrophe swords. The two powerful attacks intertwined, and the very air seemed like it was about to shatter.

The power of the lightning seals and the catastrophe swords seals were equally matched in strength.

Shu Zi's dress fluttered in the wind, and her dark hair flowed wildly. She stepped into the air, and another lightning seal shot out, fast as a bolt of lightning, pulling endless bolts of lightning towards where Xia Qingyuan was standing.

Xia Qingyuan pointed forward, and a catastrophe sword seal shot out, blocking the attack of the lightning seal.

Afterward, everyone heard the seals that had formed around Xia Qingyuan and Shu Zi roaring continuously as they shot towards each other.

For a moment, it seemed like the destructive energy would completely shatter the banquet hall. The earth itself opened up, and the sky looked like the end of days was coming.

Everyone at the Peach Banquet threw up their defenses to block the terrible storm. Even just the aftermath was enough to let them feel the terrible destructive atmosphere.

Shu Zi stepped forward through the lightning like a thunder goddess. She looked overbearing to the extreme.

Her eyes were filled with purple lightning, and her fragile-seeming body was bathed in the lightning's light. She stretched out her fingers, and the purple lighting wrapped around them as well.

An even more terrible destructive power surged. At that moment, the oncoming lightning seals seemed to resonate with her will, and she now controlled all the lighting power in the area.

The area where Xia Qingyuan was standing seemed to be locked down by the endless lighting.

"Destroy her," spat Shu Zi. As she said this, thousands of lightning bolts descended, turning into destructive light as they fell!
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    《The Legend of Futian》