The Legend of Futian
1280 I Hope You Win
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1280 I Hope You Win

Xiang Ze had crossed an unfathomable distance from Emperor Xiang's Realm to come to the Crimson Dragon Realm and seek out Ye Futian for a fight.

But he had already been defeated, and his part in this competition had come to an end.

That peerless figure from the Crimson Dragon Realm had not let anybody down. Just when everyone had thought he would lose, he had turned the tables and gained the upper hand.

And it was obvious that Ye Futian had not been using his full power when they were facing each other.

It was only when Xiang Ze had threatened him that he had finally taken action. His hearty victory had proven that even without the help of some object, he was still the top figure in Crimson Dragon Realm. This was just what everyone expected of him.

Otherwise, they would have been a bit disappointed in this person who had made such large waves in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

But Xiang Ze was a bit unhappy with this result. Had he had come from Emperor Xiang's Realm to seek out Ye Futian to lose?

A powerful will surged from him, and the crushing power of the Divine Path filled the air. It seemed that he wanted to use his actual strength to fight Ye Futian.

Ye Futian felt the power of the Divine Path surging from Xiang Ze. The mighty power covered his body. It seemed to be everywhere and had a mighty aura.

Divine might appeared all around him as well.

If Xiang Ze wanted to fight, he would naturally not back down.

"The victor and the loser have already been decided, but they are not letting the matter drop there. Could it be that they fear they will never have the chance to test each other's strength again?" said Chi Shang with a smile.

Xiang Ze was still staring at Ye Futian. But he knew where he was.

The Imperial Palace of the Crimson Dragon Realm was not the place for him to give vent to his rage.

Even if his father, Emperor Xiang, personally came here, he would not dare to be like this.

This was not the place to act rashly.

Moreover, Chi Shang was right. If he really wanted to fight, there would be chances to do so later.

As he realized this, he pulled back his aura, then turned and walked away.

His mood could not be affected too much by a single battle, but he was still a bit unhappy with the result, and there was a cold expression on his face.

Xiang Nan watched his brother leaving, but said nothing. He was also feeling rather gloomy.

He had lost to Ye Futian.

Xiang Ze returned to his place, and Ye Futian naturally pulled back his aura. He walked back to his place.

The last few contests had been between Shu Zi and Xia Qingyuan, Pei Min and Ye Wuchen, and Ye Futian and Xiang Ze.

All of them had had people who had received Peach Invitations taking part. The next battle would naturally not mean too much, and would not be part of the true struggle for the Thousand Word Proverb stele.

Anyone else taking part in the battle would not mean much.

"We should not keep bothering Lord Ye. The contestants have only had a short time to perceive the Thousand Word Proverb, and each battle drains a lot of their energy. Thus, let us have each combatant split up their fights as much as possible. Let us not have one person fight multiple times in succession," said Chi Shang. The atmosphere at the Peach Banquet was relatively relaxed. There were not any set rules. But everyone there was a powerful figure, and greatly desired victory. Thus, even though the atmosphere was relaxed, everyone was taking this very seriously. They all wanted to defeat their opponents.

However, since they were top figures, they would not deliberately take advantage of each other. When Chi Shang said this, everyone understood and agreed.

Chi Shang looked at Yu Shifei. "Shifei, why don't you fight next?"

He had asked his beloved to be the first to fight, setting an example.

Yu Shifei nodded slightly. She looked at Yin Tianjiao and grinned. "Princess Yin, would you like to fight?

Yin Tianjiao was the daughter of Emperor Wu, and was thus worthy of being called "princess."

Shu Zi had already fought with Xia Qingyuan, so they were the only two women left, so it was expected that they would fight. It was not like Yu Shifei was deliberately targeting Yin Tianjiao.

A look of interest came over the faces of everyone on Divine Mountain.

"I wonder if the future Queen of the Crimson Dragon Realm can defeat this Princess of Emperor Wu's Realm," whispered someone with a smile. Everyone knew of what was going on between Chi Shang and Yu Shifei and was delighted by it. They all blessed them in their hearts.

The happy event of their marriage was inevitable.

Yu Shifei, the daughter of the Yu clan, naturally embodied the Dao. She had been fated to be extraordinary from birth, and would one day inherit the Yu clan.

Some of the elders in the palace liked this intelligent and talented woman very much. It was said that even the Crimson Dragon Emperor had no objections.

"Emperor Wu is skilled in warfare, and the Princess of his realm is naturally the same. Her combat ability is outstanding. I wonder if she will make some trouble for our future queen," answered someone with a smile.

He thought that Yu Shifei would win this battle, even though her opponent was a Princess of Emperor Wu's Realm and someone who had cultivated at the Regional Palace.

Yin Tianjiao and Yu Shifei walked to the center of the battlefield. Both of them were gorgeous women, so it was quite a pleasing sight.

"Princess," said Yu Shifei with a slight smile.

Yin Tianjiao nodded. "Princess."

As they said this, their auras changed. They were no longer as gentle as before.

Yin Tianjiao was skilled in using flames, and Yu Shifei was just the opposite: she was skilled at using water and ice.

The two equal but opposite auras filled the area. A look of surprise came over everyone's faces as the room turned alternately cold and hot.

Ye Futian stood to the side, watching calmly. He reached out and felt the heat and the cold.

But the coldness was a little bit stronger.

It seemed cold enough to slow down the blood in one's veins, and even freeze it.

"This princess of Emperor Wu's Realm is facing a great threat," said Ye Futian with a smile.

Beside him, Xia Qingyuan looked at him, then back to the battlefield. "This Princess of Emperor Wu's Realm helped you in the West."

Ye Futian was stunned.

What did she mean?

Where did that come from?

It seemed that Yin Tianjiao had indeed helped him. When the Zhu tribe had sought to block him and not let him leave, Duan Wuji and Yin Tianjiao had spoken up in support of him.

"If you had not said something, I would have forgotten Princess. In that case, I hope she wins," said Ye Futian with a smile. Xia Qingyuan ignored him, continuing to watch the battlefield.

Just as Ye Futian had guessed, Yin Tianjiao suffered a certain degree of domination.

Yu Shifei was on the Regional Kings Ranking, and her strength was beyond all doubt. She defeated Yin Tianjiao, the Princess of Emperor Wu's Realm.

Everyone wished that the battle could keep going. It was a very graceful battle, and many people were watching it with great enjoyment.

But Yin Tianjiao had no desire to do so. She walked away, discouraged. Once she returned to her original place, she looked over at Ye Futian.

She seemed to be staring at him.

Ye Futian was confused.

"I hope you win," whispered Yin Tianjiao. She had obviously heard what Ye Futian had said before. Before the battle had even begun, she had guessed that she would lose.

She was a little annoyed. She had lost to Ye Futian at Emperor Kua's ruins, and now she had lost to Yu Shifei.

She had come from Emperor Wu's Realm and entered the Regional Palace to cultivate, but she had lost several times in succession. Thus, it was only natural that she was gloomy.

Ye Futian smiled and shook his head ruefully.

She must be cursing him.

He had just wished Yin Tianjiao victory, and yet she had lost.

Xia Qingyuan looked over at Yin Tianjiao but said nothing.

Once Yu Shifei and Yin Tianjiao had stepped down, Duan Wuji stepped up. He looked at Ye Futian and said, "I had originally wanted to challenge you, but since you just fought, I must challenge somebody else."

On saying this, he looked in another direction.

The figure there was Luo Yang of the Luo clan.

At that moment, of all the people there, Luo Yang was the one who was most skilled in using flames.

Of the three significant figures of the Crimson Dragon Emperor's City, Luo Yang was skilled with flames, Yu Shifei was skilled with water, and Jiang Tai'e was skilled with the Way of Space.

Of course, they were all good at other things as well.

But besides Ye Futian, Luo Yang was the person whom Duan Wuji most wanted to challenge.

Although he had cultivated far away in the Eastern Palace in the Eastern region of the Crimson Dragon Realm, he still knew of Luo Yang of the Regional King Ranking.

Luo Yang, who was considered the most outstanding member of the Luo clan, had already been confirmed as the future inheritor of the Luo clan.

Duan Wuji was incredibly proud and had a lot of confidence in his ability, but he was not sure he could beat Luo Yang. And only if he beat him could he have the chance to face Ye Futian. Thus, he did not know whether or not he would have the opportunity to fight with Ye Futian here.

Luo Yang walked forward, step by step, and said, "You've chosen the wrong person."

His voice was indifferent, as if the outcome of this battle was not in any doubt, even though his opponent was a prince of the Eastern Palace.

But he was Luo Yang.

"He is still so proud," whispered the people on Divine Mountain.

"Luo Yang has been named as the future inheritor of the Divine Fire by the Luo clan. When he was young, he was trained as the heir. He will be responsible for the revival of the Luo clan. He is also incredibly talented, and has had a hard time finding worthy opponents. He refused an invitation to the Regional Palace, and yet still entered the Regional King Ranking."

"Luo Yang, Xing Kai, Pei Min, and Jiang Tai'e are all worthy of being called the heroes of their generation. They are the future of the Crimson Dragon Realm. And now there are also Ye Futian and Yu Sheng of Qianye City. This is truly an age of heroes. I wonder which of them will be able to stand out from the crowd."

"It will be His Majesty," said someone with a smile.

A smile came over many people's faces. Chi Shang, the prince of the Crimson Dragon Realm, was also a heroic figure, was he not?

However, he did not need to fight the others. He just had to be himself.

"Luo Yang is right. Duan Wuji did indeed choose the wrong person. Luo Yang is a Saint of True Self, and his power of understanding is formidable. Duan Wuji is quite young and has suffered humiliation at many levels. It will be nearly impossible for him to defeat Luo Yang."

As they were speaking, the battle had already begun.

The battle had started very explosively. Ye Futian had seen Duan Wuji's God-Eating Fire. It was extremely strong. At that moment, it had solidified into flame seals, and Flames of the Way filled the sky.

However, he could also see that Luo Yang's Flames of the Way were even more terrible.

He activated the power within him, and he seemed to turn into a sun god. A brilliant sun rose from his body. The fire was divine, and it ignored all attacks and defense.

Ye Futian's eyes hurt as he watched Luo Yang. It felt like they had been burned. That terrible divine fire was much stronger than that which he had experienced among the Nine Great Tribes.

As everyone had expected, in the end, Duan Wuji lost this battle quite badly. He had received a Peach Invitation and thus was obviously an outstanding figure.

But it was just like Luo Yang had said. He had chosen the wrong person.

He had been completely dominated when he faced Luo Yang.

Thus, the outcome of this battle had never been in any doubt!
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    《The Legend of Futian》