The Legend of Futian
1281 Together
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1281 Together

Both Duan Wuji and Yin Tianjiao, who had been able to fight Ye Futian at the Battle of Emperor Kua's Ruins, had been eliminated.

Of the three of them, Ye Futian was the only one who had the right to continue fighting for the Thousand Word Proverb Stele.

This seemed to confirm the results of the Battle of Emperor Kua's Ruins. Most of the time, one's actual power was the basis of luck and coincidence.

As Duan Wuji and Luo Yang's battle came to an end, there were only four people who had received Peach Invitations left who had not yet fought.

They were Xing Kai, Jiang Tai'e, Xie Qingshan, and Yu Sheng.

According to what Chi Shang had said, the four of them would have to fight next.

At that moment, Jiang Tai'e stepped forward. Of the other three, the one who had the best chance of being a threat to him was Xing Kai.

Xing Kai was a Saint of True Self, just like him.

Xie Qingshan and Yu Sheng were on the Regional King Ranking just like him, but in a lower division, and their understanding of the Great Path was much weaker. They would be humiliated if they fought him.

Even if they all had to control their wills, he would still have the advantage.

Thus, to be fair, he had to challenge Xing Kai.

However, he had no assurance of victory if he faced Xing Kai. It would be difficult for him to win, and he would have to expend a lot of energy.

The Thousand Character Stele was a Renhuang level artifact. If he wanted to compete for it, he naturally could not waste too much of his energy.

"Yu Sheng." Jiang Tai'e had decided who he would challenge.

From his view, based on the power that Yu Sheng had shown and his crazy abilities, he was a natural talent.

But natural talents were often lacking in terms of ability to comprehend things.

So, as far as Jiang Tai'e was concerned, his best choice was to choose Yu Sheng.

Besides Ye Futian, Yu Sheng looked at Jiang Tai'e and said, "I forfeit my claim to the stele."

A look of shock came over the faces of the people on Divine Mountain. They had thought they were about to witness a truly explosive battle.

They would never have thought that Yu Sheng had no intention of fighting and would give up like that.

He was not going to fight.

Ye Futian was the only person from Qianye City who would fight.

Jiang Tai'e had been very well prepared for this. Yu Sheng had always practiced a kind of demonic magic ever since he was young. Later, he had mixed in other methods, but the demonic magic had always been the absolute core of his skills.

Moreover, these demonic arts seemed to support all of his future cultivation, allowing him to continue raising his level.

Thus, Yu Sheng was not too familiar with other forms of power.

Other people placed great value on the Thousand Word Proverb Stele, but he had no interest in it.

Using his understanding of the stele to fight was not interesting to him.

That was not his fighting style.

Ye Futian was shocked as well.

This guy was too direct. Couldn't he be a little more tactful?

This was really embarrassing.

At least he was someone who naturally commanded respect.

Even Jiang Tai'e had not thought that Yu Sheng would give up. A look of shock came over his face, and then he walked away.

This was good, though. By avoiding this battle, he could save some energy to deal with the next one.

Next, it was Xing Kai and Xie Qingshan's turn to fight.

The battle turned out just as everyone expected. Xie Qingshan may have been powerful and was on the Regional King Ranking, but he was of a lower level than Xing Kai. After a wild battle, Xie Qingshan was the loser in the end. However, he did cause some problems for Xing Kai.

Anyone who could enter the Regional King Ranking was a powerful figure, one of the strongest in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

And so, those that had the right to continue fighting were Ye Futian, Pei Min, Luo Yang, Xing Kai, Jiang Tai'e, and Yu Shifei.

Of course, Xia Qingyuan was also left. She may not have received a Peach Invitation, but she had defeated Shu Zi, which gave her the right to continue.

However, as long as Ye Futian was there, Xia Qingyuan would probably not compete, so no one knew if she would fight anymore.

Each of the people who were left was a powerful, famous figure.

Not much needed to be said about Ye Futian. In recent days, he had become the most famous person in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

In the year that Xing Kai, the heir of the Ancient Imperial City, had entered the Regional Palace, he had swept away all his opponents there.

Luo Yang and Jiang Tai'e were two of the most prestigious youths in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Pei Min was just as famous as Xing Kai in the Regional Palace. He came from Sword Palace.

Yu Shifei would likely be the future Queen of the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Luo Yang stepped out first and challenged Yu Shifei.

Both of them had been born in the Crimson Dragon City. One of them was the hope of the Luo clan, and the other was the hope of the Yu clan.

The two of them had cultivated to very similar levels and were often compared to each other.

This was going to be a great competition: a battle between ice and fire.

Previously, Luo Yang had dominated Duan Wuji, and Yu Shifei had dominated Yin Tianjiao's flames.

But Yu Shifei could not dominate Luo Yang. After a struggle, Luo Yang was the eventual winner.

He was superior to Yu Shifei on their level, but their understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb was very similar.

After the two of them stepped down, Pei Min came out and looked towards the people from Qianye City.

Ye Futian knew what he meant and stepped forward.

Previously, Pei Min had been challenged by Wuchen and had shown his outstanding power in the battle. Ye Futian had a good impression of him.

The two of them stepped to the center of the banquet hall, with everyone watching them.

The descendant of Emperor Jian was going to fight Ye Futian.

What kind of contest would this be?

Pei Min looked at Ye Futian with a smile. "His Highness set this match to test our understanding of the stele, and thus we must fight. I am at a higher level than you. Even if I control my will, I will still have the advantage. In your last battle, you showed that you had an exceptional understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb. It will be enough to see which of us has a deeper understanding. There is no need to fight."

As a Saint of True Self, he only wanted to fight Ye Futian in terms of their understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb.

As far as Pei Min was concerned, this contest did not mean too much.

He had been very casual in his fight with Ye Wuchen.

Now, facing Ye Futian, he was only curious about how much Ye Futian had been able to comprehend.

He was not interested in fighting Ye Futian just because he was famous in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

If Ye Futian had been a Saint of True Self, he would not have limited himself.

If that were the case, he would have been more interested in the fight.

But not now.

Everyone at the banquet was speechless. They had expected a fierce fight.

However, Pei Min had suggested that they not fight.

It seemed like he was not interested in doing so.

But they knew where he was coming from. As far as Pei Min was concerned, there was no point in fighting Ye Futian in a situation like this.

Ye Futian smiled and nodded. "Fine." Not having to fight was naturally the best option for him.

"You saw the previous battle. My understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb has been integrated into my attacks. I also watched your battle where you created many powerful attack seals which you integrated into your divine attacks. However, is that really all of your understanding?" asked Pei Min.

"I felt everything that you did," said Ye Futian. As he said this, a halo of brilliant ancient characters appeared around him. There seemed to be three thousand of them, flowing continuously between heaven and earth and containing the terrifying power of the Great Path.

In a flash, the ancient characters turned into sword seals, each one filled with terrible Sword Qi and as sharp as could be. They swirled around Ye Futian.

A look of surprise came over Pei Min's face as he stood there calmly, feeling everything.

"I am far from truly comprehending the essence of the Thousand Word Proverb. This is just a shadow of it," continued Ye Futian. The flowing sword seals went towards Pei Min, turning into a river of swords that flashed through the air.

Pei Min felt like what was coming for him was not many individual swords, but a single one.

The flowing sword seals stopped coming closer to Pei Min. They flew around him in circles, giving off an ear-splitting noise.

"It looks like you weren't using your full power in the last battle," said Pei Min. This made Xiang Ze look even more gloomy.

His defeat had already been humiliating enough, and now Pei Min had just said that Ye Futian had not been using his full power.


Ye Futian did not confirm or deny what Pei Min had said. Pei Min smiled and said, "Your understanding of the Thousand Character Proverb is greater than mine. In that case, there is no reason to keep fighting. I forfeit my right to the Thousand Word Proverb."

He nodded to Ye Futian as he said this, then turned and left casually.

It was just like he had said. They had not fought.

But in reality, Pei Min had admitted that his understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb was less than Ye Futian's.

However, no one thought that Pei Min's loss was shameful at all.

On the contrary, it made them think that the descendant of Emperor Jian was a very noble and extraordinary man.

The two men peacefully ended their contest, and they both returned to their original places.

There were only two people left. There was a decisive battle between Xing Kai and Jiang Tai'e. It was a true contest of strongmen.

The power of their attacks was terrifying. Their understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb Stele was incredibly deep. They were locked in a mighty struggle.

In the end, though, it was Xing Kai who had the ultimate victory.

Xing Kai had defeated Jiang Tai'e in battle.

It may not have been a real battle, but Xing Kai was able to extend his undefeated streak.

Moreover, the enmity between the Ancient Imperial City and Qianye City was extremely deep. But up until this point, other than the affair with Hua Ye, Xing Kai had never directly targeted Ye Futian.

But now, besides Xia Qingyuan, who had not fought, there were only three people left.

Ye Futian, Xing Kai, and Luo Yang.

It seemed like there was no way that Ye Futian could avoid fighting Xing Kai.

Unless he was eliminated by Luo Yang, or if Xing Kai was eliminated by Luo Yang. But it was much more likely they would be the final two contestants.

Chi Shang looked at the last few people, smiled, and said, "It seems that the Thousand Word Proverb Stele will soon have an owner. The last few people who want to fight can do it together."

Luo Yang was the first to step forward. Then Xing Kai stepped out of the crowd.

Ye Futian looked at the two of them then stepped forward as well towards the center of the banquet hall.

Xia Qingyuan looked at him, then whispered, "Let's do it together."

Upon saying this, she stepped forward as well, walking side by side with Ye Futian.

Xia Qingyuan was going to fight.

Four people would fight in the final battle for the Thousand Word Proverb Stele.

Two of them were Saints of True Self, and two of them were Doctrine Saints.

Xing Kai and Luo Yang obviously had the advantage!
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    《The Legend of Futian》