The Legend of Futian
1283 Is She Really So Unlucky?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1283 Is She Really So Unlucky?

A terrifying image of destruction had appeared on the battlefield where Luo Yang and Xia Qingyuan were fighting.

Endless catastrophe swords were falling, turning the area into a chaotic space. Everything within it was being destroyed.

Divine light shone from Xia Qingyuan. She was enveloped in a lotus light curtain as catastrophe swords whistled by. Each one was filled with infinite violence, and they were Swords of All Heavens.

However, even though the catastrophe swords were so frightening, Luo Yang had still not moved an inch. He stood there, and the halo of flames around him was still as brilliant as ever. The divine fire light that he was shooting out was filled with incomparable destructive power.

All the flame will in the area gathered together. Luo Yang slapped his hands together, and suddenly the halo of fire rose into the sky, swallowing up all the catastrophe swords, burning them into nothing. It seemed that no force could draw near to the divine flames.

The burning will covered Xia Qingyuan's body. The whole area seemed like it would be melted into nothing by the flames.

Xia Qingyuan watched her catastrophe swords being destroyed and the fiery halo coming towards her. A look of perseverance flashed in her beautiful eyes.

If she lost, then Ye Futian would have to face two people. And Luo Yang and Xing Kai were so strong. They were both on the Regional Kings Ranking, and everyone thought they would one day reach the Renhuang level.

What was more, they were both at a higher level than Ye Futian.

This was obvious from the amount of pressure she was facing now. Even though Luo Yang was limiting the power of this flames, he was still a Saint of True Self, and his understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb was much stronger than her own. Thus, his flames were more powerful than she was.

And on top of that, Luo Yang seemed to have an exceedingly special physique, which was in no way inferior to that of a descendant of Renhuang.

She did not know if Luo Yang was a descendant of Renhung, but over many generations and after many years, he had inherited the talents of his ancestors and now possessed the Flames of the Way.

Endless flames were shooting out of the halo of divine fire. The light from the fire was enough to withstand the onslaught of the catastrophe swords.

And the halo of divine fire could not be blocked.

Luo Yang was bathed in endless flames. He controlled it by pointing his finger. "You haven't given up yet?" he said.

If Xia Qingyuan persisted, his attacks might actually injure her.

Xia Qingyuan looked downward with a cold look on her face. Holy light was flashing from her, carrying a bit of Renhuang brilliance. She was as dazzling as a goddess.

The catastrophe swords were destroyed and then reborn, turning into lotus flowers that covered her body. Every lotus petal had been formed from many catastrophe swords, and they continually swirled around her.

Within her, a burst of life energy enveloped the lotus flower, making it look like she was one with the lotuses that were forming around her. They were feeding off and enhancing each other.

Xia Qingyuan traced a seal with her hands, and many of the catastrophe swords joined together and shrieked forward, becoming many straight lines of catastrophe will. They flashed over like lightning, cutting through the air.

This spell was called the Infinite Catastrophe.

She turned into a bolt of lightning and shot down towards Luo Yang.

Luo Yang frowned as he watched the shrieking catastrophe swords that had joined together smash into the divine fire. Her attack was no weaker than his own. The area around them became a zone of catastrophe as it was all enveloped.

Even Ye Futian and Xing Kai, who were locked in battle, looked over. The two fights were not far from each other. The sky above them seemed to be caught in the catastrophe as well, but Xia Qingyuan was controlling the scope of her attack.

The world was buried under the Infinite Catastrophe, and everything was destroyed.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Catastrophe swords were falling all around Luo Yang, filling the air. He frowned as he felt that he was actually in danger. If he had been a Doctrine Saint, he could have been threatened by this attack.

Everyone on Divine Mountain was watching Xia Qingyuan as well. What a powerful spell!

Even the Nirvana level elders on Divine Mountain were visibly moved.

"Creation and destruction—the two extremes of will—have both appeared within her, and have burst forth at the same time. This princess of Emperor Xia's Realm is incredible," an elder whispered. The catastrophe swords were a destructive force, and the lotuses were a force of creation.

This was the Infinite Catastrophe. Endless destructive will fell, and the lotuses gave birth to even more catastrophe swords.

In this way, both the creation and destruction were endless.

"Yes, Qianye City is truly an interesting place. The first one of them to rise in the world was Yu Sheng, who became famous at the Battle of the Crimson River, eclipsing both the lord of the city and the princess of Emperor Xia's Realm. It was only at the struggle at Emperor Kua's Ruins that everyone became aware that Ye Futian was also a marvelous talent. As a result, the Princess of Emperor Xia's Realm became even more inconspicuous," said someone with a smile. Obviously, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had eclipsed Xia Qingyuan, and she had not really had a chance to display her power.

But now, she had come across Luo Yang during this struggle.

This was the purpose of the Peach Banquet: to let everyone see these people's talents.

Clearly, they had found yet another rare talent.

The princess of Emperor Xia's Realm.

Outside of the Peach Banquet, many powerful figures had come as well, like Xi Chan of the Xi clan.

She had fought with Xia Qingyuan before. Watching her now, she realized that at that time, Xia Qingyuan had not been using her full power.

If she had used the Infinite Catastrophe in that fight, she probably would not have been able to escape it.

"It seems that this battle is heating up," everyone thought to themselves. Xia Qingyuan was serious.

Of course, Luo Yang's halo of fire was also drawing upon his own power. They were no longer limiting themselves to their understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb.

Their attacks came on so fast that just as people were thinking it, Xia Qingyuan attacked again.

The Infinite Catastrophe clashed with the divine flames. The destructive scene was simply astonishing.

Xia Qingyuan descended, trying to pierce through the halo of fire directly.

Everyone couldn't help but feel nervous for her. Was she crazy?

Did she want to pierce through the fiery halo?

That kind of destructive power could truly threaten her life.

The lotus petals opened up and turned into endless catastrophe swords that shot into the divine halo. They were burned up one after another.

But they kept being created as they were destroyed as if they could keep coming forever.

A sharp snapping sound rang out as the halo of divine fire was finally broken by the falling Infinite Catastrophe.

Her figure flashed through the sky in an instant, falling upon Luo Yang.

Everyone saw the light from the endless catastrophe swords falling and piercing into Luo Yang's body. Xia Qingyuan pointed forward, and it seemed as if all her attacks gathered together on her finger.

Just in the instant that Xia Qingyuan was about to launch her attack, brilliant light bloomed from Luo Yang, burning everyone's eyes. His body became a divine Law Body, and the falling catastrophe swords were melted into nothing. An even more powerful halo of flames rose around him, swallowing up and melting everything.

He pointed towards Xia Qingyuan, and divine fire fell, burning everything. Even her force of creation did not have a chance to function.

"Surrender!" yelled Ye Futian. Xia Qingyuan seemed to be completely enveloped. It looked like she had been burned away to nothing.

Biting her lip, Xia Qingyuan shot away like a bolt of lightning just as a pillar of divine flame descended, sending her flying backward, not stopping until she reached the edge of the Peach Banquet.

Had she been defeated?

Everyone's gaze fell upon Luo Yang and felt his will. Even though it had been his final attack, he had still controlled its power and had not used the strength of a Saint of True Self. But even so, he had still knocked Xia Qingyuan back.

Everyone thought back to the rumors of Luo Yang's ancestry. The Renhuang of the Luo clan had a divine fire body that no one could draw near to. The closer you came to him, the stronger the flames became. It was a physical power of his.

Thus, when Xia Qingyuan had come near to Luo Yang, she had been subjected to an incredibly strong counter-force.

If Xia Qingyuan had been a Saint of True Self, what would have been the outcome of that attack?

Could Xia Qingyuan have threatened Luo Yang?

It was really possible.

Everyone wanted to see a true, open battle between the two of them.

Luo Yang took a few steps forward and looked at Xia Qingyuan. There was little satisfaction in his eyes. On the contrary, they seemed to be full of admiration.

She was a woman, and moreover, only a Doctrine Saint, and she had still given him so much trouble.

Xia Qingyuan had put no less pressure on him than Yu Shifei.

This was a woman who could be compared to a woman of the Yu clan who was on the Regional King Ranking.

There was a little bit of disappointment in Xia Qingyuan's eyes. Luo Yang looked at her and said, "If you have a chance later, you can come to Crimson Dragon City and challenge me there."

A look of surprise came over everyone's faces when they heard this. The fight between Luo Yang and Xia Qingyuan seemed to have created a sense of mutual appreciation between them. He had even asked her to challenge him at the Luo clan when he got a chance.

But Xia Qingyuan had beaten Shu Zi, who had cultivated at the Regional Palace, and her fight with Luo Yang had been no less impressive than Yu Shifei. This was a woman who could be compared with Yu Shifei, and she had a noble background. Even though she was not wearing women's clothing, everyone could still see her allure.

No wonder Luo Yang would appreciate a woman like this. There were few like her in the whole of the Crimson Dragon Realm.

There was a flash of coldness in Xia Qingyuan's eyes when she heard what Luo Yang said. She seemed extremely unhappy with it. "You have no right to ask that," she said.

Her words stunned everyone. She was so aloof!

But Luo Yang did not care. There were few people that he placed much importance on in the Crimson Dragon Realm, and even less who were women.

Xia Qingyuan was outstanding in so many aspects. It was only normal that she would be proud and aloof.

At that moment, there was the sound of a collision. It had come from the battle between Xing Kai and Ye Futian. The two of them moved away from each other. They stopped fighting and looked over at Luo Yang and Xia Qingyuan, for whom the victor and the loser had already been determined.

"Are you alright?" Ye Futian asked Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Qingyuan shook her head slightly as she looked at him. She seemed apologetic. She had wanted to help him fight, but she had been defeated, so she had, in fact, caused him trouble.

As he looked into her eyes, Ye Futian understood what she was thinking. He smiled and said, "Victory and defeat are not important. Leave this to me."

"Mm." Xia Qingyuan nodded, then left. She had officially forfeited.

Everyone was sent into flights of fancy by this scene. Xia Qingyuan had come from a noble background, she was a princess, after all, and thus must have a higher position in Emperor Xia's Realm than Ye Futian. And she was so strong. But Ye Futian had been made ruler of Qianye City, and she stood behind him. She even seemed to obey him.

But thinking of Ye Futian's song, everyone thought this was strange.

Could it be...

Was Xia Qingyuan really that unlucky?
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    《The Legend of Futian》