The Legend of Futian
1284 The Strongest Understanding
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1284 The Strongest Understanding

After Xia Qingyuan stepped down, there were only three people left on the battlefield.

Xing Kai had just moved away from Ye Futian and was preparing to attack him from two sides with Luo Yang.

Luo Yang saw that the two of them were not done fighting and took a couple of steps towards Ye Futian. Divine fire light still shone brilliantly from him.

Ye Futian had said, "Leave it to me."

He did not know what he was talking about.

Could it be that he still thought he had a chance to win the Thousand Word Proverb Stele?

At that moment, there was a roar as Ye Futian and Xing Kai both stepped forward. A huge seal shot up into the air, covering the sky.

At that point, brilliant divine light suddenly shone from Ye Futian. In the moment that it bloomed, he seemed to become one with the world, resonating with the Great Path. The will of the world entered into him, and giant characters appeared in the air all around him.

The characters read "All Universe," "Flowing," "Leave," "Threshold"...

The Deed of Thought Comprehension flared to life.

This was no longer a simple battle of understanding.

Previously, Luo Yang and Xia Qingyuan had already been using their own power to fight, so this was not out of the ordinary.

Ye Futian seemed to transform into the source of all things. The Worldly Great Path resonated with him, and the ancient characters around him soared into the sky.

Each of the ancient characters in the air contained fist will within them, but at that moment, they flared with space will, making them look like countless halberds. He rose into the sky and waved his hand. In a flash, all the ancient characters flew up. A divine halberd pierced through them, drawing upon their power as it pierced forward.


There was a loud noise, and the very air trembled. All of the ancient characters shot down, and the divine halberd slammed into Xing Kai's seals, making cracks appear in them before they were completely destroyed.

Ancient characters were swirling around Ye Futian. Everyone had a look of wonder on their faces as they beheld this brilliant scene.

He was able to turn ancient characters into different kinds of will. This kind of perception was close to the true meaning of the Thousand Word Proverb Stele.

Ye Futian floated above the banquet hall. Time seemed to have stopped.

But he was not looking at Xing Kai. Instead, he turned his gaze to Luo Yang.

"If this battle was simply a test of one's understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb Stele, you both should have withdrawn already. You must know that the only reason you are still standing here is that you are at a higher level than us," Ye Futian said to Luo Yang.

"She really is outstanding. If she had been a Saint of True Self, it would truly have been a tough fight," said Luo Yang as he looked up at Ye Futian. "But a win is a win, and now I am the one who is still standing here. You should step down."

As he said this, brilliant light shot towards Ye Futian, hurting his eyes.

Ye Futian squinted as the light burned his eyes and fell upon him. He was in intense pain even though he had a divine body. If someone who did not have a divine body had suffered that attack, they would have been in grave danger.

Luo Yang was not going to show even a bit of mercy.

Brilliant, holy light covered him, but Ye Futian did not even try to protect himself from the burning. Luo Yang was incredibly skilled, which was why he had beaten Xia Qingyuan.

He also had a divine body and was using the divine fire light to burn him. This would not be easy.


Ye Futian stepped forward through the air, leaving Xing Kai and descending towards Luo Yang.

A look of surprise came over everyone's face at this.

Was this guy going to target Luo Yang while he was already locked in battle with Xing Kai?

That was too foolhardy.

Once Xing Kai decided to follow him, and Luo Yang attacked him as well, would he be able to fight both of them?

This plan of action was reckless in the extreme. Was he not considering the consequences at all?

Even Xing Kai looked surprised as he saw the retreating figure before him.

Was this guy going to go and deal with somebody else while he was fighting him?

Ye Futian moved incredibly quickly, descending into the air above Luo Yang in an instant, just like Xia Qingyuan had.

Endless ancient characters flowed all around him.

At that moment, all the characters turned into the character for "halberd." Light swept out from all the halberds.

An incomparably strong light shone from Luo Yang's Flames of the Way, but when the Deed of Thought Comprehension burst forth, Ye Futian's divine body resonated with the Great Path. He became one with the ancient characters around him. The fire light could not reach him, and it was completely extinguished.

"All of the ancient character seals that you formed have been destroyed. Now you are only using your own power. Since you have to limit it, how can you hope to hurt me?" said Ye Futian. As he said this, the "halberd" characters burst forth, shrieking through the air.

Luo Yang frowned, and the ancient characters came down instantly, smashing through the air.

The divine fire light bloomed from him once again. His Flames of the Way destroyed everything, and they burned up the "halberd" characters. It was just like what had happened with Xia Qingyuan. He did not let them get near to him.

Xing Kai was a bit out of sorts, but he did not stop. Nor did he go help Luo Yang against Ye Futian.

He did not need to.

"It looks like this will end up just like Xia Qingyuan. He won't be able to threaten Luo Yang." Everyone thought as they watched the oncoming halberds burning up in Luo Yang's flames. Luo Yang's body and flame magic were too strong.

"What is that?"

At that moment, everyone frowned. They saw that not all of the halberds were rushing towards Luo Yang; some of them had fallen all around him. They seemed to fill the area.

Soon, the whole area was covered in space will, making it all become a single whole.

Beams of light flowed as the space will reached the extreme.

But it did not stop.

Boom! Luo Yang once again sent out a wave of burning against the halberds. He frowned as he looked around him. He knew that he was trapped within this space will.

"What is the meaning of this?" he asked, looking up at Ye Futian. The will continued to get closer to him, but it still could not hurt him.

"So, how much of the Thousand Word Proverb Stele did you understand?" said Ye Futian. An incredibly terrifying halberd seal appeared in front of him. It seemed to be integrated with Ye Futian's mighty willpower, and the glorious light of destruction shone from it.

The halberds all resonated with the space will around him, and an even more terrifying atmosphere spread out.

"Go," said Ye Futian. One of the characters fell: a halberd that sliced through both earth and sky. All of the will in the area seemed to be integrated into it. It transformed into a huge Halberd of Space and Time.

The halberd fell like a bolt of lightning, piercing through the air as it fell.


The Halberd of Space and Time's target was not Luo Yang. It hit not far in front of him, but it did not get any closer to him. However, an incredibly terrifying will pressed out from within it, splitting the air.

A low moan rang throughout the whole area.

Luo Yang's halo of fire shrieked. He could feel the invisible attack as it slammed into him.

It was a Cross-air Attack.

Everyone trembled as they watched the scene.

Ye Futian used his powerful spatial will to attack him from a great distance.

But he did not stop there.

Ye Futian stepped through the air, making it tremble. Another halberd pierced through the sky, resonating with all the halberd will in the area.


This time, the air was shaking fiercely. A devastating space-tearing storm ripped through the area, seeming to be filled with countless halberds.

The whole area seemed like it would be torn apart by the pressure.

Ye Futian reached out, and it seemed like the actual Halberd of Space and Time formed in his hand. He gripped it tightly.

At that moment, all the ancient characters fell at the same time, following Ye Futian as he stepped forward. His figure flashed through the air like a bolt of lightning.

The will of the Great Path flowed. The endless light of the ancient characters entered Ye Futian's body and was integrated into the halberd.

A huge image of a halberd appeared in the sky, piercing up into the vault of heaven.

All of the will in the area seemed to have been merged, and then it exploded outwards.

The Halberd of Time and Space shot forward, containing the will of the Unending Void.

Everything it touched was turned to nothingness.

Everyone saw the image of a huge halberd appear above Luo Yang. Even the Flames of the Way could not completely erase it. It looked like he would be subject to a fierce attack.


There was a loud noise as Luo Yang was sent flying backward. He tried to block it while still controlling his power, but he was unable to.

The aura of a Saint of True Self flared out from him. He stepped forward. This was the only way he could block the terrible attack.

But the moment Luo Yang let this aura burst forth. He had already lost.

Ye Futian had eliminated him with his overwhelming strength.

But although he had used his power, he was still relying on the power he had gained from his understanding of the Thousand Word Character Stele to launch this attack.

The storm of Qi had still not abated. It blew against Luo Yang.

He had lost. He had lost to Ye Futian of Qianye City.


Everyone on Divine Mountain was staring at the scene unfolding before them.

Ye Futian had directly faced Luo Yang and gotten revenge for Xia Qingyuan.

He had done what she could not do.

He had controlled the entire area with his overwhelming space spells.

It was just like he had said. If they were only comparing their understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb Stele, Luo Yang would not necessarily have been able to defeat Xia Qingyuan.

And Ye Futian's understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb was much more profound than Luo Yang's. The battle they had just had was proof enough of that.

The thousands of halberds seemed to have been formed out of the ancient characters and contained the will of the Great Path. As they fell, Luo Yang, who was still controlling his level and relying solely on the Flames of the Way, could not block them.

Standing off to the side, Pei Min smiled and said, "It seemed that he had not fully displayed his understanding before."

If one was simply comparing their understanding of the Thousand Word Proverb Stele, Ye Futian was absolutely better than Luo Yang, and thus he had obviously been able to defeat him. This level of understanding was a little frightening. No one knew how he had achieved it.

Everyone also realized this. Perhaps his understanding was also better than that of his final opponent, Xing Kai.

Ye Futian was possibly the one who was most qualified to take the Thousand Word Proverb Stele!
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    《The Legend of Futian》