The Legend of Futian
1285 Where the Halberd Is Pointing
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1285 Where the Halberd Is Pointing

There were only two people left at the banquet.

Xing Kai and Ye Futian.

One of them had been famous for many years and was considered to be a heroic figure in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

The other one had come from Emperor Xia's Realm and defeated all the heroic figures who had opposed him.

This man had forced Pei Min to withdraw, had eliminated Luo Yang, and had finally made it to the last one left, Xing Kai.

The battle between the two of them would certainly be worthy of being called magnificent.

At that moment, Xing Kai was the last one left standing before him. Would Ye Futian be able to keep moving forward, defeat him, and claim the Renhuang Stele?

It would probably not be that easy.


As everyone was considering this, Xing Kai stepped forward, and a mighty wave of Qi swept forth from him.

Powerful fighting will spread out in all directions. A halo of light revolved around Xing Kai as he transformed into the Battle Form of the Great Path. He resonated with heaven and earth. His fighting will surged wildly. He stood there like a god of war.

Xing Kai was rumored to be the descendant of Emperor Zhan. When he truly let his power burst forth, he seemed to be as vast and mighty as the earth itself. His terrible fighting will covered everything and pressed down upon Ye Futian.

But he was still controlling the level of his power, keeping it at the level of a Doctrine Saint.

When Xing Kai released his fighting will, many of the mudras around him seemed to be the same. They began to resonate with his body to some degree, especially the huge battle mudras that had coalesced from his spiritual will. They all seemed to form the word "battle." Their power was overwhelming.

Ye Futian's power bloomed at the same time. The Great Path became one with his body, and space will covered the sky. It was wild to the extreme. The thousands of characters formed the word "halberd," and their power was equally impressive.

The two of them faced each other with surging auras that collided wildly in the air, whipping up a devastating hurricane.

"They're both so strong!"

Everyone's hearts trembled.

Most of the cultivators who studied at the Regional Palace knew Xing Kai a little bit. The techniques that he cultivated were at the Renhuang level. The Heaven Punishing Fighting Will was said to have been created by an ancient god of war. When the fighting will was unleashed, and his body became one with the Great Path, his spirit would change, and his power would overwhelm everything around him. When he used any method of attack, his power would soar far above that of those on the same level as him. His might was without equal, and he could sweep away all foes.

With this technique, he had not been defeated in many years. He had become a highly revered figure. When he had come to the Regional to Palace several years ago, he had defeated all his opponents. He had no rivals on the same level as him.

In this way, he was a little bit like Yu Sheng, who had just entered the Regional Palace.

With the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will increasing his power, Xing Kai's aura was simply astonishing. The halo of light around him was dazzling as the divine light of a god of war entering battle burst from him, entering into the battle mudras and increasing their power until it was frightening.

But Xing Kai could see that Ye Futian's perception was possibly stronger than his. But this was not enough to make him give up.

Victory was strength.

There was no such thing as an absolutely fair fight.

Boom! The word "battle" suddenly exploded and sped through the air as it rushed towards Ye Futian.

Every letter seemed to be integrated into his Heaven Punishing Fighting Will. There was a terrible whistling sound as it sped towards Ye Futian.

The Heaven Punishing Fighting Will was a Renhuang level technique, just like the Deed of Thought Comprehension.

Just as the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will corresponded well with Xing Kai, the Deep of Thought Comprehension was extremely well suited to Ye Futian. The ancient characters wrapped around him. His body turned into a furnace of the Great Path, swallowing up and refining all the will around him. He turned it all into space will and integrated it into the characters that were swirling around him.

He saw Xing Kai's attack coming for him, and the letters of the word "halberd" swept out, flowing through the air.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the battlefield. The people who were sitting on the mountain could see most clearly. The words "battle" and "halberd" were flowing through the air above them, covering the sky, turning into a terrible battle mudra and a spatial divine halberd.

Then they smashed together in midair.

In a flash, rough waves of power swept out.

The word attacks that the two of them had sent out were very similar. They were both incredibly overwhelming attack spells.

Their attacks seemed to be matched in strength as they collided in the air.

Xing Kai stepped forward, and the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will whistled through the air. He reached out, and terrible fighting will burst out from the coalescing battle mudra before him. It was growing stronger and stronger.


Xing Kai slammed out with his hand, and suddenly the battle mudra whistled forward, bridging the gap between them in an instant as it shot towards Ye Futian. The "battle" words were integrated into it and pressed down upon Ye Futian from above.

There was a loud boom, and the air itself seemed like it would collapse. The "halberd" floated through the sky, directly piercing through the air itself.

As everyone watched this attack, they thought the sky was going to fall. Would Ye Futian be able to withstand this?

At that moment, they saw a celestial halberd form in the furnace that Ye Futian's body had become. It seemed to have been forged from the will that he had taken into the furnace. It pierced through the air in a flash and slammed into the battle mudras.

Spatial will burst out and tore through everything, turning it all to nothing.

A loud sound echoed wildly in everyone's ears as the battle mudras, and the halberds shattered each other.

The attack made everyone's hearts beat wildly.

Their attacks were powerful enough to frighten anyone.

The two of them stepped forward at the same time. Words flowed around them, sending out waves of pressure in all directions.

Both of their auras were incredibly powerful. Their eyes were extremely sharp as they stared at each other. Their auras collided in mid-air. It was overpowering.


They stepped forward at almost the same time. As Xing Kai stepped forward, his fighting will rose, and the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will grew stronger. It seemed as if an image of a god of war was spreading throughout the sky, looking like it would break through the very air itself.

When Ye Futian stepped forward, his aura surged. He used the Xuanyuan Footwork, and his spiritual will burst forth. His will was growing stronger.


Neither of them stopped. They continued forward.

Bang! Bang!

Each step seemed to shake everyone to their core. Their hearts were pounding.

The Great Path flowed wildly above their heads, and a destructive storm raged. Their words were still smashing into each other.

Their clothes flapped wildly in the gusts of wind that hit them. It was truly frightening.

Would this be the decisive battle?

Their power had reached its limit, and they were getting closer and closer together. They crossed a vast distance with each step.

But they stopped at the same time.

Their robes fluttered wildly in the wind. The figure of a god of war seemed to coalesce behind Xing Kai. He had not unleashed his life spirit; it had just formed merely out of his astonishing fighting will. Its strange image stretched through the Great Path. It was apparent how powerful Xing Kai was.

Many of the ancient words were revolving around Ye Futian, such as "All Universe." A powerful wind form burst forth from the furnace within him, and a dazzling pattern of the Great Path formed around him and shot up into the sky.

Many patterns of the Great Path appeared at the same time, forming a cylindrical halo around him.

Everyone found that they had stopped breathing as they stared at the two of them.

Xing Kai was strong beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And this was the first time that Ye Futian had truly let loose his own power.

He was too strong. He was only a Doctrine Saint, but his aura seemed to have transcended the limits of this world.

Many ancient characters appeared around Xing Kai's body. The towering and lofty figure of the god of war's fist shot out. In a flash, ancient seals floated through the sky, seeming to form into a full body. It pressed through the sky towards Ye Futian.

His fighting will would destroy anything.

"The god of war seal."

Everyone felt their hearts tremble. Xing Kai had used the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will to integrate the attack spells that he was good at into the ancient seals. Everyone felt the pressure up in the sky.

Ye Futian would be buried within it.


The halo of the Great Path roared around Ye Futian. Under the power of the Deed of Thought Comprehension, a divine halberd rose from the furnace that his body had formed through the halo of patterns of the Great Path. Brilliant, destructive light surged out from it, shooting up into the sky.

An ancient seal descended through the sky, seeming to be a complete whole.

The huge halberds slashed through the air as many "halberd" seals descended and smashed into the falling ancient seals.

At that moment, there was an incredibly spectacular scene up there in the air.

It seemed as if the whole sky was pressing towards Ye Futian. Destructive light fell, trying to annihilate him utterly.

But at that moment, an incredibly long halberd stretched forward, smashing into the god of war seal, shaking the sky itself.

Terrible space tearing power appeared on every one of the halberds.

Moreover, it did not end there. The halberd that had formed from his body slashed out, again and again, growing stronger and stronger.

The god of war's descent was growing slower and slower, and cracks were appearing in it.

The cracks were appearing as the halberd slammed into it, stretching out like a spider's web. They grew bigger and bigger. A brilliant golden glow erupted in the cracks. The god of war seal was already shaking.


A powerful beam of light shot out, piercing everyone's eyes. The god of war seal shattered, and terrible space tearing will swept out. Many of the weaker people there did not dare to look at it. The destructive space seemed like it would cut into their very eyes.

After a moment, their eyes slowly opened, and they looked back towards the battlefield.

At that moment, everyone's eyes were fixed over there, staring dumbfounded at what they saw.

Time and space seemed to have frozen. The two figures were still standing up there in the sky.

Xing Kai was standing there calmly. He had not moved. He was right where he had been before.

Ye Futian appeared in front of him. He reached out with his arms and grabbed one of the halberds and pointed it at Xing Kai, and destructive light flowed out of it.

It was evident that Ye Futian had just broken through the god of war seal, and used the Great Path of Space, then had strode across the sky to descend in front of Xing Kai with his halberd.

There were no more words around Xing Kai, and Ye Futian still had a halberd in his hands.

In this battle, they had finally gotten to the point where they were using their real attack spells.

Finally, Ye Futian of Qianye City, who had come from Emperor Xia's Realm and shown himself to be outstanding, had defeated Xing Kai of the Crimson Dragon Realm, who had never been defeated before!
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    《The Legend of Futian》