The Legend of Futian
1287 The Divine Martial Road
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1287 The Divine Martial Road

Everyone returned to their seats. Countless pairs of eyes were fixed on the Peach Banquet. They were not appeased.

If these people had not been restricted by rules and fought without their wills being oppressed, what would the scene be like?

It was thrilling even to think about it.

It was a pity, but the Peach Banquet would not let this happen.

Besides, everyone's Plane differed. If a Saint of True Self fought with a Doctrine Saint with unrestricted Will, it was not fair.

"Excellent!" a voice came. People followed the voice and found the speaker was Chi Shang, who was sitting at the head of the table.

"It was amazing to see you all comprehend the idea of Thousand Character Proverb so thoroughly in just an hour, especially the ones at the end's performances were marvelous. I believe the Thousand Character Proverb will get a chance to shine in Lord Ye's hand," said Chi Shang, laughing. "It is my honor to observe your peerless miens. Let us toast to the heroes of our Crimson Dragon Realm!"

He drank up the wine in his cup.

"Thank you, Your Highness. The Peach Banquet is renowned around the world; it is an honor for everyone in Crimson Dragon Realm to receive an invitation to Peach Banquet. It is our pleasure today to be invited here, not to mention that it is a precious chance to meet so many gallant heroes," said Duan Qingshan, smiling in a graceful, open manner.

"Yes, it is a fortunate thing to meet someone more extraordinary than oneself," said Yu Shifei with a gentle smile. Such a chance was indeed rare.

It was thanks to the Peach Banquet that they could convene together.

"You all are the future of the Crimson Dragon Realm. Compared with you, I am the lucky one to be here. Perhaps, one day in the future, some of you will become Renhuang. At that time, the scene will be different, and your states of mind will also differ. I hope the Peach Banquet will become an anecdote about you," Chi Shang said, laughing.

Time would change everything.

Although the people here still looked young, becoming a Renhuang was still far away for them.

In the long river of time, nothing was impossible as long as one was outstanding enough.

The guests being invited today were the most outstanding ones of the Crimson Dragon Realm.

He was clear that the Regional King Ranking was based on the standard of "having the potential to become a Renhuang."

The Renhuang figures who would appear in the Crimson Dragon Realm in the future must include one or some of them present today.

"After today, there will be new names appearing in the Regional King Ranking," said Pei Min, looking toward Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Qingyuan might not be, but according to his brilliant grade today, Ye Futian would definitely be listed on the Regional King Ranking.

He would become the 19th figure entering the Regional King Ranking after Yu Sheng.

"I should congratulate Lord Ye beforehand," said Chi Shang, laughing. People on the Divine Mountain felt uneasy. Since Chi Shang had said it like that, there was no suspense about whether or not Ye Futian would appear on the Regional King Ranking.

At least two warriors of the Thousand Leaves City would be listed on the Regional King Ranking.

Beside Crimson Dragon City, only the top city in the peripheral realm—Ancient Imperial City—the Ninth Servant and Xing Kai.

"Regional King Ranking is nothing but a list, but I should still thank you, Your Highness," said Ye Futian. He didn't keep the thing in mind.

The Regional King Ranking itself didn't mean anything, but entering the Regional King Ranking would mean a bright future, at least being of Nirvana-Plane.

However, it was nothing but a list.

People looked toward Ye Futian; he was too proud by speaking like this.

But it was the truth.

Chi Shang said, "Lord Ye is right. It is nothing but a list."

"Okay. I will not waste your time. Here is the last course of the Peach Banquet—the Divine Martial Road," said Chi Shang. He rose to his feet and turned around, raised his head, and looked toward the rushing waterfall.

Above the waterfall, golden peach flowers were in blossom; a celestial road seemed to be hidden inside.

There was a celestial pavilion on the top.

"Everyone, please come." Chi Shang turned around and looked toward the warriors.

People rose to their feet and fixed their eyes on the celestial road above the waterfall.

The pavilion on the divine mountain had a name—Divine Martial Palace.

The Divine Martial Palace on the divine mountain stored Martial Arts classics of the world and contained Law methods beyond imagination. It was the place where numerous top figures of Crimson Dragon Realm dreamt of visiting.

However, people who didn't belong to the Imperial Palace only had one chance to approach the Divine Martial Palace.

The chance was to attend the top one banquet in the Crimson Dragon Realm—Peach Banquet.

Below the Peach Banquet, numerous pairs of eyes looked toward the warriors who rose to their feet, full of envy.

Only the people who were invited to the Peach Banquet were qualified to walk on the Divine Martial Road; even their companions had no right to step on it.

"Although Princess Qingyuan was a companion, her performance was outstanding in the previous trial. She can come, too," Chi Shang said, looking toward Xia Qingyuan.

He made an exception for Xia Qingyuan to step on the Divine Martial Road.

Xia Qingyuan defeated Shu Zi of the Regional Palace in the previous fight and fought with Luo Yang at such a high level; of course, she was qualified.

So, it was reasonable that Chi Shang made an exception to allow her to come with them.

"Thank you very much, Your Highness," said Xia Qingyuan, nodding. After Ye Futian received the Peach Invitation, they had researched everything about the Peach Banquet and knew the chance to enter the Divine Martial Road was very rare; of course, they would have a try.

She wanted to see how many steps she could take on the Divine Martial Road.

"Please," said Chi Shang.

"Your Highness, please."

Warriors replied courteously. Chi Shang nodded with a smile and soon rose to the air. He directly strode onto the waterfall and walked into the boundless golden peach flowers.

After a short while, they reached in front of the ancient roads and paused their steps.

Peach blossoms drifted in the wind and fell slowly on the ground. The mysterious ancient roads stood in the mist; the end of the roads seemed to be the Palace of deities on the top of the divine mountain.

36 weapons were lying ahead on the roads.

Each weapon contained a wisp of Path Will, which represented an ancient road.

People who arrived here each could choose a path to go.

"I think you all have heard about the Divine Martial Road. These weapons are the barriers you are about to face, but at the same time, each of them represents a kind of Path Method of Renhuang level. What you will get depends on which step you will finally reach," said Chi Shang. "Please use your discretion in choosing which path to go on. Good luck, everybody."

"Okay," said Pei Min with a smile. He directly entered the Ancient Road with a sword with no hesitation.

He cultivated in swordsmanship, so he didn't have many choices; he didn't need to hesitate.

Pei Min disappeared after entering the Peach Ancient Road, but above the empty space on the Divine Martial Road, dazzling sword light flashed up. The sword floating in the air made metallic clangs and wind sound.

Many figures on the divine mountain saw the scene and felt it normal; it was normal that Pei Min chose the road of the sword.

Many people below saw the dazzling sword floating in the air and asked, "Just now, who chose the Divine Martial Road of the sword?"

"Of course, Pei Min," someone replied, and many nodded.

Next, how would others choose?

Emperor Shu Princess, Shu Zi stepped out and chose the Thunder Hammer. She didn't act like a delicate lady at all. This weapon was extremely fierce.

The moment she stepped on the ancient road, thunder lightning exploded in the sky above the road, extremely fierce.

Xiang Ze chose a cauldron that contained the horrifying Path Will of suppression. As he walked on the Divine Martial Road, a cauldron with metallic clangs appeared on the Divine Martial Road.

Xing Kai chose a giant ancient bell and entered the Divine Martial Road.

Gradually, warriors all entered the roads; numerous people were paying attention to them.

Everyone chose the ancient road matching their cultivation.

"Which road do you want to choose?" Ye Futian asked Xia Qingyuan, who was standing next to him.

Xia Qingyuan pointed toward the fighting gloves, from which horrifying Will of Fist was exploding.

She came from Emperor Xia's Realm and cultivated in the best method. The thing she got here might not be better than what she had already owned, so she treated it more like a trial.

"Go ahead," said Ye Futian. Xia Qingyuan nodded and walked there.

"Yu Sheng, how about you?" asked Ye Futian, looking at Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng pointed toward another direction, where there was a poleaxe.

Ye Futian nodded. Yu Sheng went there and entered the Divine Martial Road.

Chi Shang looked toward Ye Futian. He let Xia Qingyuan and Yu Sheng choose first.

Which Path Road would he choose for himself?

Ye Futian browsed the 36 ancient roads. First, he noticed the cudgel.

But he had his own Heaven-traversing Staff Techniques.

He saw the halberd, but he also created his own halberd skill—Unending Void.

Finally, his eyes fell on one place where there was one thing: a stele.

The stele seemed to contain stars.

A Celestial Stele.

Not long ago, he had obtained a stele with the inscription of Thousand Character Proverb. What would happen if these two abilities merged with each other?

Even if not, he was also good at Starry Spell anyway.

Ye Futian stepped out and directly strode onto that ancient road.

Chi Shang showed surprise at the scene; he didn't expect Ye Futian to finally choose the Celestial Stele.

He raised his head and saw a gleaming giant stele show up above the Divine Martial Road Ye Futian chose and lit up the void sky.

"Ye Futian came in!"

Below the divine mountain, numerous pairs of eyes looked toward the Divine Martial Road.

After the previous battles, now Ye Futian had attracted much attention; his action was always the focus of people's concern.

During the last battle, Ye Futian was the one who came to an end and got the stele of Thousand Character Proverb.

So, this time, would Xing Kai, Luo Yang, and others exceed Ye Futian and prove themselves?


At this moment, the sound of a bell resonated between the sky and earth and took people's thoughts back.

Many people raised their heads toward the sky above the ancient roads and saw beams of light coming from a giant ancient bell.

Soon, the second ancient bell appeared and stretched out toward the Divine Martial Palace.

"It's Xiang Kai!" many people said.

Xing Kai was the one who chose the road of the ancient bell.

He was the first one to pass the first level and let the sound of the bell resonate between the sky and earth.


Another moment, the sword emitted boundless light amid the limitless golden peach blossoms. The second sword appeared above the ancient road and swallowed and spat very dazzling Will of Sword, pointing toward the top of the divine mountain.

Pei Min was the second person who passed.

Soon, the cauldron rang, the poleaxe shone.

People knew these warriors were all heading toward the Divine Martial Road. Every transformation meant they took one step forward!
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    《The Legend of Futian》