The Legend of Futian
1290 Tying History
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1290 Tying History

Ancient bells were shaking above the Divine Martial Road. Numerous people stared hard there.

Would the 15th ancient bell appear?

Would Xing Kai break the highest record of the last Peach Banquet and take out the 14th step?

The whirring sound echoed between the sky and earth as if the bell would start to ring with just one more step.


After a loud sound, all turned into ashes. The ancient bells kept exploding, turning into pieces.

Countless pairs of eyes stared at the scene; many people took a deep breath.

Finally, it didn't ring.

Xing Kai was just one step away.

At that moment, many people thought the 14th bell would start to ring, but it finally failed to do so.

A figure showed up at the gate of the Divine Martial Road; it was Xing Kai.

He was shaken out of the Divine Martial Road by the ancient bell.

However, Xing Kai didn't show any frustration on his face. He had done all he could within his limit and had taken out the ultimate thirteenth step.

He felt humiliated because Ye Futian defeated him in the last battle.

The trip of Divine Martial Road should be able to help him save some face and prove himself to the world.

The violent air flows whipped his face; Xing Kai's clothes were blowing in the strong wind.

He stabilized his body movement. Although he was a little hurt, his breath gradually calmed down.

Xing Kai exhaled a deep, thick breath. All the fierce torrents around him disappeared. Xing Kai looked forward.

In just one moment, Xing Kai's eyes froze there.

He raised his head and looked at the scene above the Divine Martial Road, speechless. Those 14 poleaxes and 14 Starry Steles were so eye-catching and shocking to him.

Beside him, two other warriors also made it.

And they were still inside and were trying to challenge the 14th step just like how he did.

Who was still in there?

He looked around. The divine mountain was quiet right now. Although many watched him, there was no awe or admiration. Even Shu Zi didn't express any admiration or excitement for what he had achieved.

He had been used to this; he usually never cared about it at all.

But today, after having just experienced defeat not long ago, he suddenly craved that kind of feeling.

However, there was none.

Who were the people who took the 13th step just like him?

He had a rough guess, and his face turned grey. He asked the people who had come out, "Who is still there?"

Shu Zi looked toward him with a pair of gorgeous eyes. She said softly, "Ye Futian and Yu Sheng..."

She knew these two names were what Xing Kai least wanted to hear.

Xing Kai had done his job perfectly. With 13 steps, he tied the record of the last Peach Banquet. The score would have been outstanding at any other time.

However, only this time, it was different.

Due to the rivalry between Thousand Leaves City and Ancient Imperial City, Xing Kai was defeated by Ye Futian, and Xing Qiu was beaten by Yu Sheng many times.

Although Xing Kai had not kept all these things in mind, this time, he wanted to prove himself to be more outstanding than Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

However, things didn't turn out the way he wanted. The only people who were still in there fighting at the same level as Xing Kai happened to be Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

So, even though Xing Kai could tie the record, what was the point?

Ye Futian had defeated him in the last battle. Even if it was a tie this time, he still lost.

So, what Xing Kai had done was meaningless.

Even though he had made a rough guess, when these two names came out of Shu Zi's mouth, his face turned sullen.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Were they still able to do what he could do on Divine Martial Road?

Besides, they seemed to be still heading forward.

Of course, he didn't believe it was possible.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were incapable of taking the step.

At this moment, above the Divine Martial Road, a violent storm surged. It rumbled in the sky. The light of poleaxe enveloped the sky like a horrifying wave crazily pushing forward. The sky turned into a battlefield. It was as if tens of soldiers with poleaxes and thousands of horses were roaring there.

Yu Sheng was challenging his 14th step.

Xing Kai was reluctant to believe Ye Futian and Yu Sheng could make it, so he thought it was impossible.

But others were not like him. Many people expected to see the miracle arrive.


A strong beam of light erupted. A poleaxe seemed to appear over the sky dome, which split all skies and chopped all roads of the Great Law into half.

The next moment, people witnessed the birth of a matchless poleaxe.

The moment when the poleaxe appeared, numerous pairs of eyes were fixed on it and froze there.

Was he about to succeed?

Xing Kai's pupils were also contracting; he watched the scene, stunned.

The 14th step?

He took the 13th step and tied the record of the last Peach Banquet.

He thought it was the limit, so even he couldn't make it, he thought he wouldn't feel bad.

Since the 14th step was the historical limit of the Peach Banquet.

The highest record since the Peach Banquet was first held.

He wouldn't feel bad even though he couldn't make it.

However, that poleaxe was being gradually formed.

Until that moment, the giant poleaxe lay over the Divine Martial Road, swallowing and spitting the intimidating halo of battleax. The ax seemed to be able to chop off everything in the world.

The 15th ax appeared.

Yu Sheng tied the historical record.

Did it mean another historical figure would appear in the Peach Banquet?

During the last battle, Ye Futian beat Xing Kai.

And at this moment, Yu Sheng tied with the past record on the Divine Martial Road.

These two guys of Thousand Leaves City...

Today, guests of the Peach Banquet were all the most outstanding top figures of Crimson Dragon Realm. Doctrine Saints and True Self Saints listed on the Regional King Ranking were all present.

However, even among such a lineup, nobody could steal Yu Sheng and Ye Futian's spotlight.

They won over everyone else and stole all the attention.

They triumphed over so many extraordinary figures, Xing Kai, Pei Min, Luo Yang, etc.

Yu Sheng, who gained fame during the battle of Crimson River, had been proved to be stronger than the world had assumed, and more strong-willed.

"Interesting," murmured Chi Shang. He no longer looked unconcerned. Such a score was not only just outstanding; it tied history.

Besides, Ye Futian and Xing Kai also tied with the past record of the last Peach Banquet.

How striking the score was this time!

The look on Xing Kai's face constantly changed.

Even his Heart for the Law had a wisp of fluctuation.

Although he had been defeated by Ye Futian before, he believed that Ye Futian was not actually stronger than him in terms of real strength, even when Ye Futian comprehended the Thousand Characters Stele better than him.

He was still confident he could defeat Ye Futian.

That was why he took steps aggressively on the Divine Martial Road and stayed ahead of everyone else.

But what was the result?

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng did what he could do.

Now, Yu Sheng even surpassed him.

At this moment, dazzling stars shone between the sky and earth. People's hearts were slightly stirred. It was as if they were being triggered by something.

They all looked up to another road, amazement in their eyes.

At this moment, the silence on the divine mountain was somehow horrifying.

Nobody said anything; they just looked at the dazzling stars in the sky. The starry light enveloped the sky where a giant stele was formed.

Many people's hearts suddenly thumped; they trembled at the scene.

Wasn't it crazy?

This Peach Banquet was going wild!

14 steps, another 14 steps. He tied!

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, these two warriors of Thousand Leaves City, were now tied at the same time, leaving Xing Kai far behind.

Before long, when they saw Xing Kai take the 13th step, they all thought Xing Kai was proving his ability.

But at this moment...

Many people even began to sympathize with Xing Kai.

He was not mediocre at all; he had tied the record of the last Peach Banquet and was just one step away from breaking the historical record. Literally, one step.

Wasn't that outstanding enough?

Who could imagine that the two warriors after him would both surpass him?

And, unfortunately, both of them had a grudge.

How embarrassing this scene was for Xing Kai!

Xing Kai made a humph in a low voice. When Yu Sheng tied the record, even though he felt frustrated and struggled, losing the pride in himself, he could accept it since Yu Sheng was far behind him in the last battle.

However, Ye Futian took the step, too. What was that?

It was such a smack in his face.

Xing Kai was slightly hurt, but because his mood was not bad, and his will was stable, after the trial on the Divine Martial Road, his willpower had become stronger, and his Heart for the Law was firm.

But soon after it, he had to suffer the strike, which was heaviest for him.

One could imagine how drastic the change of Xing Kai's state of mind was in this Peach Banquet.

Now, he truly began to question himself. His Heart for the Law was no longer that firm; his state of mind was damaged, and that was why he let out a humph in a low voice.

Shu Zi heard it. She looked toward Xing Kai, quite worried.

She knew that Xing Kai was an outstanding person, full of pride, but this time, he suffered a series of breakdowns.

What kind of shock should be brought to his state of mind?

All of a sudden, Xing Kai had undergone numerous changes in his state of mind. He wanted to stabilize his Heart for Law and strengthen his belief, but it was still too hard to achieve. His faith faltered. That was it.

Even though he understood all the cultivation paths of the world and knew that the truth of the Law was that no one could triumph forever, it was only a hazy notion for him, and when it happened to him, it was not easy to realize it.

At this moment, Xing Kai was clear that he actually couldn't see through it.

He was reluctant to admit it. It was hard to acknowledge it.

But it had been the fact.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had surpassed him on the Divine Martial Road. Ye Futian also surpassed him in the last comprehension battle.

Ye Futian performed better than him in two battles, back-to-back. What did that mean?

Did he still have the confidence to say he was capable tob Ye Futian while in the same Plane depending on real strength?

Who would think like this?

Everyone would think Ye Futian was stronger than Xing Kai after the Peach Banquet.

Even though he could ignore others, how would he get through it when facing his own heart?

Xing Kai was not the only one who had inner struggles. At this moment, some people were excited to witness history, while some people were also in an awful mood, like Xing Kai, Xing Qiu, Xing Ze, and Xing Nan, who begrudged Ye Futian.

They were all very mad.

But even though they were mad, things had happened.

This time, at the Peach Banquet, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had made history!
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    《The Legend of Futian》