The Legend of Futian
1291 The Truth of the Peach Banque
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1291 The Truth of the Peach Banque

In the Divine Martial Road, Ye Futian stood there. All the stars in the sky turned into a gorgeous milky way. It seemed like the starry sky was hidden inside the stele—a divine stele.

One Starry Stele was one sky; one Starry Stele was one world.

Boundless sprinkles of starry light dropped down as if the whole world was under seal. The light fell on Ye Futian's body like a starry sky was over him; his body couldn't move at all.

The light projected from the stele seemed to be the Will of the Great Law originally contained by the Starry Stele.

Ye Futian perceived the power. He had released his willpower to the extreme; his body was the cauldron of the Great Law, making a deafening noise.

He raised his head to see the Starry Stele. It was as if his eyes had seen through endless layers of starry skies. He looked into the stele and saw a matchless figure standing there. His willpower was unparalleled.

The willpower was attached to the boundless aura of starry light. Ye Futian had to bear the intense pressure from each bump; he would directly be shaken out if he relaxed a little bit.

"So that's how it is," murmured Ye Futian to himself. It was not until this moment that he truly understood the meaning of the Divine Martial Road.

Chi Shang didn't announce the meaning behind the road, and very probably, all the warriors who stepped on the Divine Martial Road didn't realize it, either.

If he had not owned some special abilities, he would have not figured out, either.

"Yu Sheng should be the only one here," Ye Futian said to himself and then laughed. He slightly relaxed and slowed down. The indomitable spirit and willpower seemed to have gone.

It was as if he was glad to let it go.

The endless light in the starry sky was like trying to devour him. Amid the whirlwind of the stars, his body spun and was thrown out of the Divine Martial Road.

Ye Futian appeared outside the Divine Martial Road.

A glaring halo surrounded his body. He glided backward for a short while and soon stopped moving. The life force on his body gradually cleared at a steady pace.

Even after he had taken the 14th step, he didn't experience severe shaking after he came out. He still looked quite secure in a proper manner.

Numerous pairs of eyes fell on Ye Futian. Finally, he came out.

He was still not able to break the historical record.

But it was normal since even though he didn't break the historical record, he had tied it, which was precious enough.

Undoubtedly, Ye Futian was the most eye-catching person in the Peach Banquet this time. He stole the limelight from so many people, and the only person who was comparable with him was his good friend Yu Sheng.

Xing Kai's glance fell on Ye Futian. He had never seen Ye Futian as a rival before the Peach Banquet.

But now, in the public eye, Ye Futian was different from before.

This lord of Thousand Leaves City was very likely to become the most outstanding person in this generation that few people could match.

In the vast land of Crimson Dragon Realm, even many figures whose names were listed on the Regional King Ranking were thwarted by him.

Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian. She walked to him and said in a low voice, "Why did you just come out?"

Other people were stirred by Xia Qingyuan's words.

He just came out?

He took 14 steps and tied the record, and she said that "he just came out"?

It was as if, in her eyes, the step was not difficult at all for Ye Futian, and he could easily make it.

Were 14 steps not enough?

Xing Kai felt it irritating. Did she say it with irony?

Ye Futian looked quite calm after he came out and just watched the Divine Martial Road quietly.

"I tried my best to finish the step, so I came out," Ye Futian said to Xia Qingyuan, smiling. Xia Qingyuan looked at him and slightly lifted one eyebrow. Her intuition told her that Ye Futian didn't say the truth.

This guy was definitely able to keep going and challenge the record.

Probably, he himself chose to give up.

Was it because he knew he and Yu Sheng were the only ones there, and he didn't want to compete with Yu Sheng?

The aura of the poleaxe shone upon the Divine Martial Road. A gigantic divine ax appeared above the sky dome.

The whole Divine Martial Road became almost transparent, and a figure loomed in the illusion.

That person was Yu Sheng.

At this moment, he was the incarnation of a demonic deity. Immense Demonic Will was released from his body. A poleaxe also appeared in his hand. He used the poleaxe to chop ahead, and with one strike, the sky was split into half.

It was the absolute power, extremely intimidating. It was as if nothing could stop him.

The light of the poleaxe flashed across the sky dome as if it would chop off the divine mountain.

A new record on the Divine Martial Road was set.

Yu Sheng from Thousand Leaves City broke the historical record and took out the 15th step.

The howling wind surged in the upper sky. On the quiet divine mountain, countless pairs of eyes looked at Yu Sheng.

He finally made it…

Even Chi Shang and the seniors on the divine mountain were bewildered by the scene.

Who could expect that someone would break the record of Divine Martial Road during the Peach Banquet this time?

"He will be another legendary figure," an old man on the divine mountain remarked.

"True. It will take many years for later generations to break this record," another man said.

The record created by Yu Sheng today probably would be exhibited in files for many years.

"Maybe no one will surpass the Peach Banquet of this year in at least 100 years," people on the divine mountain said. Obviously, they all thought highly of the Peach Banquet of this year.

During the trip of Divine Martial Road in the Peach Banquet, one warrior created a new historical record, one warrior tied the historical record, and one warrior tied the record of the last term.

It was supposed to be very extraordinary to tie the record of last time, but this time, apparently, the history was rewritten.

"Xing Kai had bad luck. Don't know if his state of mind will be affected," someone said.

What Xing Kai had done was great enough at any previous time.

However, he met Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

It seemed that Xing Kai in this Peach Banquet was a foil for Ye Futian and Yu Sheng to show their excellence.

It must be a big shock to him, who was a proud person, which was revealed in his bad look after he came out.

The glaring light shone upon Yu Sheng's shoulders. After a while, people saw him turn around and step out of the Divine Martial Road. He showed up in front of others, bathed in the divine aura.

"Congratulations!" Chi Shang said to Yu Sheng, smiling.

"Thank you very much, Your Highness," Yu Sheng nodded and replied to Chi Shang. Both Yu Sheng and Ye Futian had benefited from a lot during this trip. This prince of Crimson Dragon Realm was indeed very generous.

"You earn it with your own effort. No need to thank me," Chi Shang said with a laugh. He soon turned to the crowd, saying, "I assume all of you have obtained gains on the Divine Martial Road!"

People all nodded. Every time they took a step, they could see more clearly the technique being used to attack them and have a better understanding of it. It should be the original cultivation method of the Divine Martial Road.

Since Yu Sheng broke the record, he might have obtained the complete version of it.

But Ye Futian and Xing Kai should have also benefited a lot.

"It is an honor to witness the creation of a record during the Peach Banquet this time. I believe people of this generation will definitely create a new history. From now on, the future of the Crimson Dragon Realm will depend on you," said Chi Shang, smiling.

People had mixed feelings after hearing the words. If one could say people of this generation in Crimson Dragon Realm were able to create a new history, it was all because of the Thousand Leaves City.

If Yu Sheng and Ye Futian were removed, the general ability of the Crimson Dragon Realm would be almost the same as before.

Were these few people from the Emperor Xia's Realm raising a storm in the Crimson Dragon Realm?

"So, let's wrap up this Peach Banquet," continued Chi Shang.

People's faces looked different. Some looked calm, but some were not willing to accept the result.

"Thank you, Your Highness." People showed respect and courtesy and requested to leave.

Soon they all turned around and left there.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said to Yu Sheng and Xia Qingyuan. They left the place and met with Ye Wuchen and others. Soon, their bodies flashed, and they left the divine mountain.

People all walked down and left the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, many people made way for them; the way they looked at Ye Futian was different.

The top of the divine mountain was covered with fallen peach flowers. The only person who hadn't leave was Yu Shifei; she was standing next to Chi Shang.

Seeing people leaving, Yu Shifei turned to look at Chi Shang's face.

"What are you looking at?" said Chi Shang with a gentle smile.

"What is the secret hidden inside the Divine Martial Road?" asked Yu Shifei bluntly, without caring about her own identity.

"You want to know?" asked Chi Shang.

"Yes," said Yu Shifei, nodding, "but it's okay if you can't tell."

"There is nothing I can't tell," said Chi Shang with a laugh. "Actually, the Divine Martial Road contains a matrix. When you step into the Divine Martial Road, you have to face not only the attack of the matrix's Wills inside but also clashes with other warriors. Your willpower will be merged in the Will attack of other Divine Martial Roads. Luck is a factor to help you take the first few steps, but the warriors who come to the end are all…"

Yu Shifei had a strange look on her face. She said to Chi Shang, "That is to say, all of us have indirectly fought with each other once without realizing it?"

"You can say that," said Chi Shang, nodding.

Yu Shifei laughed and said, "So you can figure out every warrior's talent level and information without anyone noticing. Who set the rule for the Peach Banquet? He was really shameless!"

"Aren't you afraid your future senior in-laws hear that and don't allow you to enter my house?" Chi Shang said jokingly.

"I am okay if they do it," said Yu Shifei, laughing softly.

"Nah, it will be my loss," Chi Shang said and took her in his arms. Obviously, their relationship was very good.

They snuggled together and looked down at the scenery. Something seemed to occur to Yu Shifei, so she asked, "When Ye Futian took the last step, there was not much fluctuation of life force on the Divine Martial Road. Was it possible that he was aware of the truth of the Divine Martial Road, so he finally gave up?"

Chi Shang showed a flash of surprise in his eyes after hearing Yu Shifei's words.

Had he already seen through it?
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    《The Legend of Futian》