The Legend of Futian
1293 Joining Hands
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1293 Joining Hands

At this moment, Xing Kai was indeed thinking of killing him. After a series of defeat, he asked himself whether or not he could just let it go.

During the Peach Banquet, he was overshadowed by Ye Futian twice, which had affected his Heart for Law.

He felt Ye Futian had become the barrier on the way of his cultivation. It would be hard to enter the Unblemished Plane because of him. For Xing Kai, it was absolutely unacceptable.

Anyone who hindered his cultivation was supposed to vanish—to be out of his sight.

Thus, Ye Futian should be wiped out, and if possible, Xing Kai should kill him in person.

In this way, Xing Kai could prove his Heart for Law.

Not to mention the grudges Xing Kai had already had with Ye Futian. Ye Futian should be killed. Otherwise, he would become a scourge for the Ancient Imperial City.

Xing Kai was also afraid that Ye Futian had harbored resentment because of the last battle since Gai Huang and Xing Qiu attacked them. Besides, his brother Xing Qiu was almost killed by Yu Sheng.

All these factors let him make the decision to wipe Ye Futian out.

The Print of War Deity contained unparalleled Great Law of oppression, and with the aid of Heaven Punishing Fighting Will, it could seal all beings under one sky. The destructive golden lightning also contained the Tearing Law derived from the Gold Attribute and Thunder Attribute. There was nothing it couldn't destroy. It was very intimidating.

Besides, the Will of a True Self Saint was much stronger than the one of a Doctrine Saint. How could Xing Kai show mercy when he had the intention of killing? The fighting power exploded from his body. Below the aura of destruction, it looked like Ye Futian could be wiped out at any time.

The faces of the warriors of the Thousand Leaves City turned pale; they all knew what Xing Kai was going to do.

Both Wu Yong and Shen Tianzhan were warriors of the Nirvana Plane. Their reactions were instant. Seeing Xing Kai of the True Self Plane try to kill Ye Futian, they immediately released an immense amount of Might. Between the sky and earth, the wind and cloud changed color. A gust of horrifying Might of Flame fell, and a giant blazing palm print appeared from the sky dome and smashed down toward Xing Kai.


An intimidating beam of intense light shot out. Someone tried to block it directly in front of them. Gai Huang, who was wrapped in the aura of the Great Law, showed up. He cast his golden eyes on Shen Tian and Wu Yong.

Obviously, he didn't allow Wu Yong and Shen Tian to disturb Xing Kai killing Ye Futian.

Xing Kai was very resolute. Since he had decided to kill Ye Futian, he knew what to do.

Using practicing combat skills as the excuse, Xing Kai would wipe Ye Futian out, exterminating this threat.

"Gai Huang!" Shen Tianzhan shouted. He stepped forward. Gai Huang's real strength was powerful. In the battle of Thousand Leaves City, he was blocked by the Star Plucking Hand.

"They want to keep practicing combat after the Peach Banquet. Why do you bother them?" Gai Huang said coldly. His eyes reflected golden beams. The horrifying golden storm rose around his body and headed toward these two Nirvana-Plane warriors.

One gust of very intimidating spatial Great Law came and intended to block all their ways.

More and more warriors gathered around them. They looked up at these three god-like figures in the void sky and thought to themselves that obviously, Gai Huang was assisting Xing King in killing Ye Futian.

It was not a practice.

Xing Kai, at this moment, was trying to kill him.

Xing Kai was a determined person. Ye Futian overshadowed him in the Peach Banquet, so he wanted to wipe Ye Futian out and exterminate this threat.

If Ye Futian reached the True Self Plane, Xing Kai might not be able to suppress him anymore.

In the battlefield where Xing Kai and Ye Futian were, the destruction print of War Deity crushed Ye Futian. The endless golden lightning fell from the print of the War Deity and sealed him in this space, trying to kill him.

The halberds kept shattering in his hand. Ye Futian held out his palm. The divine Halberd of Time and Space appeared on the palm, swallowing and spitting intimidating Might.


A strong shaking began. People could see Ye Futian didn't pause under the burning pressure of the Might of Great Law but rather kept heading forward against the force. He took one more step, his spirit rising, roaring. The Halberd of Time and Space swallowed and spat endless light that tore the space apart. It clashed with the golden lightning that fell down the sky dome.

These two forces were getting extremely close, each containing horrifying energy of tearing destruction. When they collided in the void sky, the space where Ye Futian was was submerged in tens of thousands of beams of catastrophe light. He stood inside and bore the killing power of the Saint Law.


He took one more step. The Footwork of Xuanyuan was strengthened. All the Law of the sky and earth was being smelted above the body. The energy released from the Deed of Thorough Comprehension converged in the center of his palm and slipped into the Halberd of Time and Space in his hand.

The halberd swallowed and spat endless aura. The print of War Deity dropped from his head as if the sky would collapse.


Ye Futian took the third step. His body spun, and a terrifying beam of light rose into the sky. The Halberd of Time and Space in his hand thrust out.

At this moment, the spatial beam of light rushed toward the sky. In the vast space between the sky and earth, a boundless giant divine halberd appeared and wrapped the Halberd of Time and Space inside. It directly pierced on the falling Print of War Deity.

After a loud boom, the destructive Might swept across the world. The sky and earth trembled, and the Print of War Deity roared.

Above, the giant divine halberd in the aura that pierced through the Print of War Deity held the sky dome and blocked the oppression of the falling Print of War Deity.

Ye Futian's torso was glaring in the holy aura that enveloped the sky and echoed the Great Law. He raised his head and looked up to the sky. The halberd light penetrated the clouds, like the light that unlocked heaven, but it didn't completely destroy the Print of War Deity.

Xing Kai's Heaven Punishing Fighting Will claimed to be the heritage from the War of God. When it was infused in the fighting power, the Might of the War Deity could explode from it and slay gods.

Xing Kai's attack was always powerful, and with the aid of Heaving Punishing Fighting Will, it was devastating.

The roaring sound between the sky and earth continued. The boundless giant phantom of the War Deity stood above the sky dome. Xing Kai stepped into the void sky, extreme coldness in his eyes. His palm pushed down toward the ground.

Immediately, the phantom of the War Deity followed his action and used his palm to push down.

The Print of War Deity kept falling, trying to crush Ye Futian.

He wouldn't give up until Ye Futian died.

The giant light of halberd was being devoured. What was above Ye Futian's sky was no longer just one divine seal. It was more like a sky that kept crushing down on him. He was not able to move; he was on the edge of being crushed to death.

Even the Halberd of Time and Space was unable to defend from the Print of War Deity.

Other warriors saw the scene and were stirred. How intimidating Xing Kai's real fighting strength was... He was always the peerless top figure in the Crimson Dragon Realm. He had never been defeated and was always listed on the Regional King Ranking.

He was of the True Self Plane, but even other outstanding figures of the Plane had difficulty defending him; he was supposed to wipe out any Doctrine Saint quickly.

However, Ye Futian could fight with him. One could tell this Lord of Thousand Leaves City, who left great impressions during the Peach Banquet, indeed had very horrifying fighting power. If it had been another person fighting with Xing Kai, they would have been killed after the Print of War Deity showed up.

At the same time, from another direction, warriors of the Thousand Leaves City were quickly heading toward this battlefield.

Obviously, it was not a fair duel, and Xing Kai's goal was not to practice with Ye Futian; he was trying to kill him.

He wanted to exterminate him as a threat.

Warriors from the Ancient Imperial City started to take action, too. They all began to move and blocked the way of warriors of the Thousand Leaves City.

Seeing the scene, Xing Kai again drew one hand and created one more print. Two prints overlapped and oppressed all the skies. The loud booming sound came, and Ye Futian's body was about to be crushed down by the great might of the Great Law.

The giant light of the divine halberd was still collapsing. Ye Futian perceived the pressure, and suddenly, an aura of stars appeared around his body.

Endless starry light erupted; the vast space between the sky and earth turned into a starry world.

Stars were formed in the new world; the stars of the Great Law rotated and rose to the upper sky.

Boom, boom, boom... People saw the stars clash on the Print of the War Deity. The void sky trembled for it, but the moment when the stars touched the Print of the War Deity, they were just ground into ashes. All they did was slightly slow down the fall of the Print of War Deity.

However, the light of the stars grew brighter. Ye Futian was amid the world of stars. Endless stars spun and rotated around him. Under the Deed of Thorough Comprehension, a holy halo appeared and formed a plane of stars.

At this moment, stars all over the sky became one and formed an intact Starry Stele where stars of all skies were included.

"This is?"

People who watched the scene from a distance contracted their pupils, stunned.

Wasn't it the Starry Stele of the Divine Martial Road in the Peach Banquet?

It was the road that Ye Futian was on at that time.

Did it mean Ye Futian had absorbed it and used it in the fight after he stepped out of the Divine Martial Road?

Stars were moving. The boundless Starry Stele rose with the stars of all skies and smashed on the Print of the War Deity. The sky dome shivered violently as if it was about to collapse.

Holding the Halberd of Time and Space, Ye Futian shifted away and rushed out of the restraint power of the Great Law. He strode over the space and headed toward Xing Kai.

Xing Kai took a glance at Ye Futian with disdain. The gap between their Planes was too large. If he had been a common person, Ye Futian might be able to win over him.

But he was Xing Kai, Xing Kai, who had never been defeated. If Ye Futian could ignore the Plane difference and defeat him, he would give up cultivation from now on.

A beam of horrifying halberd light thrust out. Ye Futian threw out the Halberd of Time and Space, which pierced through the Great Law and thrust toward Xing Kai.

The halo of the Great Law flew above Xing Kai's two arms and linked between the sky and earth. Gorgeous golden halos darted out and blocked the attacks of the Halberd of Time and Space. At the same time, he stretched out both arms, which penetrated the void sky and broke into the Great Law.

Two forces clashed with each other. Ye Futian's advancing force was pushed back, but his spirit was not weakened at all.

At the same time, a gust of forceful Demonic Might came in. Xing Kai raised his head and saw another person arrive from the sky.

Yu Sheng held a dazzling poleaxe in his hand and chopped down from the sky dome. The demonic light illuminated the sky. As the poleaxe chopped off, it opened the sky as if directly chopping the sky dome into half.

"You came just in time," said Xing Kai.

His eyes turned toward Yu Sheng, full of coldness and a stronger killing desire.

During the Peach Banquet, both Yu Sheng and Ye Futian had excellent performance, and since Yu Sheng actively came to fight with him, he didn't need to consider the Regional Palace!
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    《The Legend of Futian》