The Legend of Futian
1294 Battle with Xing Kai
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1294 Battle with Xing Kai

Seeing the poleaxe chopping down, Xing Kai faced the sky and let out a roar. Horrifying Will exploded from his body, and a dazzling beam of light rose up to the sky. Endless Fighting Will was merged into his body as if a War Deity was rumbling. The bellow trembled Sheng's mind and slightly affected his impelling force of the poleaxe.

Phantoms of ancient bells showed up and surged forward following the sound waves. They turned into an immense amount of Will and formed an excellent barrier for the poleaxe.

Xing Kai raised his hand and drew a big palm print toward the void sky. He stretched out one arm, which turned into a golden forelimb. When the palm print was released, it crashed onto the poleaxe with the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will and blew Yu Sheng's Heaven Breaking Poleaxe away.

Ye Futian took a glance at Yu Sheng. Even though Xing Kai was one level higher than Yu Sheng, he was the first person of this generation who, face-to-face, shocked Yu Sheng that Ye Futian had ever met.

Regardless of Xing Kai's character, his real strength was undoubtedly very strong. He claimed to be War Emperor Zhan's's successor and owned the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will inherited from the ancient War Deity; he was the most peerless warrior in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

His way of doing things was brutal, too. Before, he had never thought about competing with Ye Futian in the Peach Banquet. Xing Kai had not regarded him as the opponent at the time.

But after the Peach Banquet, Xing Kai felt a threat from them.

Or one should say, things that happened in the Peach Banquet affected his state of mind, so he wanted to kill Ye Futian and Yu Sheng to prove his own Heart for Law.

And to exterminate the potential threat for the future.

Since his state of mind couldn't accept them, he chose to kill them.

He was resolute in this. On his way back from the Peach Banquet, he used practicing combat skills as an excuse and wanted to wipe them out forcibly.

In fact, the rule of Crimson Dragon City didn't allow random killing in the city.

Not to mention that Ye Futian had just left the divine mountain not long ago. His performance in the Peach Banquet was outstanding. When Xing Kai thought about killing him, shouldn't he have taken the Imperial Palace on the divine mountain into consideration?

But Xing Kai still was going to do it; he was cold-blooded indeed.

However, even so, he said it was for practicing combat skills.

He could still use it as an excuse.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were both standing in the air and staring at Xing Kai. The spirits of three of them were all very intimidating.

Numerous people were staring at this battlefield, astounded by the scene.

The most extraordinary three warriors in the Peach Banquet were face to face fighting with each other.

The Heaven Punishing Fighting Will came out from Xing Kai's body and swept across the world, turning into gusts of horrifying air flows. His light of Life Spirit shone behind him, from which a real figure of War Deity showed up. The Life Spirit contained Horrifying Heaven Punishing Fighting Will and surrounded every part of his body.

Xing Kai slowly merged into the figure and turned into a War Deity. His body started to move at a low pace. At this moment, his life force reached the climax.

"Since you two want to fight together, come on, show me what you can do," Xing Kai said loudly while looking at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Around the battlefield, other warriors tried to help, but Ye Futian stopped them.

Xia Qingyuan took a glance at him. Ye Futian raised one arm in the air, suggesting for others not to intervene.

Since Yu Sheng had entered the battlefield, he also wanted to see how powerful this greatest True Self Saint in Crimson Dragon Realm was.

Demonic Will billowed above Yu Sheng's body. Many demonic phantoms showed up. Demonic flows gushed out and swept between the sky and earth.

A demonic-deity-like figure showed up behind him. His body of Demonic Law merged inside and turned into a figure of a peerless demonic god.

Above Ye Futian's body, the Deed of Thorough Comprehension emitted glaring light. The aura of the Great Law enveloped the sky and earth. The body of the Great Law formed in Ye Futian's body, emitting beams of light and echoing the Great Law of the sky and earth. His figure kept expanding.

The Fighting Dharma itself was not powerful. When a Fighting Dharma was first established, the warrior was only at the apex of Sage Plane. Still, in a real fight, if the Fighting Dharma fit with the Saint Plane, it could connect the Law between the sky and earth and break the limit of the warrior's flesh, creating a rousing echo between the sky and earth. It would help the warrior's flesh make a breakthrough until the warrior was stronger than his or her own Plane.

The Fighting Dharma could be put into practice in a better way when the user reached the Saint Plane since it was able to fit with the Great Law.

Especially when the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was released, it could make the Fighting Dharma transform, and Ye Futian could coalesce any Will into it.

At this moment, the Dharma in formation contained very strong Spatial and Starry Will. Xing Kai was good at attacking, and his fighting ability was peerless. Only an equivalent counterforce could suppress its power.

In Ye Futian's Life Palace, the ancient tree was emitting glaring light. Ye Futian's body was echoing with all the skies. Between the sky and earth, countless beams of light fell on his body. Boundless Will of the Great Law merged into his body. With the power of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension, his Dharma was built extremely strong.


At this moment, the void sky sent an intense shiver. Xing Kai took a step forward. The halo of Great Law around his body coalesced into an endless golden spear. It was extremely intimidating.

He raised one palm, and suddenly, many giant golden spears came out and pierced through the sky and earth. Divine golden light penetrated the space and darted toward Yu Sheng and Ye Futian.

Xing Kai of the True Self Saint Plane was trying to kill two peerless figures at the same time.

Behind Yu Sheng, tens of thousands of phantoms loomed out. Above all the skies, a demonic space was created.

The Demonic Will surged forward and engulfed all the skies. Those demonic statues let out mysterious demonic tunes, trembling in people's ears.

At this moment, wind and cloud changed their color above the sky dome; they changed their dark demonic color. Demons of all skies raised their hands at the same time and drew demonic palm prints toward the lower sky, covering the sky and hiding the sun, devouring the sky dome. The palm prints struck toward Xing Kai's incoming spear.

When the palm prints and the spear clashed, the void sky was about to collapse.

However, from another direction, Ye Futian stepped into the void sky. When the Footwork of Xuanyuan came out, the void sky shivered. He stretched out two arms and thrust the Halberd of Time and Space. The attack of the halberd contained the destructive Space Tearing Will and the intimidating power of stars.

Flares, like falling stars, appeared between the sky and earth. The light of halberd turned into dazzling falling stars and struck toward the incoming spear. Two gusts of forces collided and together annihilated in the sky dome. Gorgeous light sprinkled down and burned people's eyes.

Boom! Xing Kai did not sway. He stepped into the void sky like the War Deity's incarnation. At this moment, he was the War Deity himself. The Heaven Punishing Fighting Will surged out, and his spirit reached the apex. Not to mention a Doctrine Saint, it was rare for the strongest warrior of the True Self to own such a horrifying spirit.

Xing Kai's goal was not just being a True Self Saint; he wanted to become a Renhuang. The Unblemished Plane and Nirvana Plane were just stages on his way of cultivation, so he would never let Ye Futian blemish his Heart for Law.

Ye Futian must be killed here.

Xing Kai stretched out two hands. Suddenly, the endless Fighting Will between the sky and earth coalesced into a divine golden poleaxe. The boundless poleaxe was extremely sharp. It was held in Xing Kai's hand and chopped forward.

The light of the poleaxe chopped down the void air between the sky and earth. A golden line appeared and crossed over the sky dome. The poleaxe chopped toward Yu Sheng and Ye Futian at the same time.

He seemed to be able to infuse the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will into any derived weapons and ignite an explosion of appalling fighting skills. The power was infinite and unstoppable.

There was a coldness in Yu Sheng's eyes. The Demonic Will from his body got stronger. The sounds from the demonic statues echoed, trembling the sky and earth. Tens of thousands of demonic palm prints surged out, rumbling, and finally turned into a horrifying demonic palm print, striking toward the incoming light of poleaxe.

Ye Futian kept treading in the air, highly spirited. The life force of his Dharma grew stronger, echoing with the Great Law between the sky and earth. The Halberd of Time and Space in his hand launched one more strike. His appearance was like galloping thunder.

Endless light of halberd converged in one spot and thrust into the incoming poleaxe light bit by bit, tearing the shadow of the poleaxe. The aura of destruction surged out from his body. Horrifying flows beat up his body, but his body of stars was still not affected.

Xing Kai lightly lifted eyebrows. These two warriors were still not shaken even after two intimidating attacks.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were getting even more spirited as they fought. The spirit surged from their bodies and got even stronger.

That was why Xing Kai felt threatened by them. If Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were still alive, they would become the biggest threat for Xing Kai in Crimson Dragon Realm.

He continued stepping forward. The giant golden poleaxe in his hand chopped out. That giant figure of War Deity moved slowly, but it contained an intimidating Might. Every time the poleaxe chopped out, the sky and earth trembled. Beams of poleaxe light chopped off the void sky and buried Yu Sheng and Ye Futian's bodies inside.

Every attack used a fighting skill that was fatal to a True Self Saint. If they hit a target, the person's body would be split in half.

Even though Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's physiques were extraordinary, they didn't dare to bear such attacks using their fleshes.

Tens of thousands of demonic statues let out the same tune. The Demonic Will permeated the air and became one in the sky. Yu Sheng stood in the center, like a real Demon King. All the demonic figures saluted him. He stretched one palm, and the appalling Demonic Will formed a Demonic Poleaxe in his hand. With one jump, he rose into the sky. All these Demonic Statues groveled in front of him, and endless Demonic Light converged in his body.

The poleaxe came out, and suddenly, tens of thousands of beams of poleaxe light converged into one strike and chopped off the Great Law.

He chopped down all the attacks. His demon-like body darted toward Xing Kai. It was as if nothing could stop him.

Ye Futian continued heading forward. Every step he took raised his spirit even more. The Halberd of Time and Space in his hand pierced through the sky and earth. The power was getting stronger. Every attack seemed to contain the momentum of the previous attacks. The power of attacks was increasing progressively.

Even though Xing Kai's fierce attacks kept destroying his defense, it couldn't stop him from marching forward.

These three towering figures were fiercely fighting on the battlefield. The sky and earth kept rumbling. People's hearts thumped hard for Yu Sheng and Ye Futian, who kept approaching Xing Kai despite his attacks.

Were these two peerless Doctrine Saints able to triumph over Xing Kai—the True Self Saint?

Xing Kai claimed to be invincible among peers. Except for a few warriors who he didn't have a chance to fight, he had never been defeated by anyone in the Regional Palace. But now, these two lower-ranking warriors were challenging his power!
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    《The Legend of Futian》