The Legend of Futian
1295 Defea
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1295 Defea

In the midair battlefield, Gai Huang overpowered Shen Tianzhan and Wu Yong, who were both Holiness of Nirvanas, all on his own.

Gai Huang was of immense renown, and he was an exceptional figure among the Holiness of Nirvanas found in the realm. He was deemed a truly terrifying figure, as he was lauded as one who stood at the pinnacle of the final plane of sainthood. He was so immensely powerful that he would be able to reign supreme in any realm found within the Crimson Dragon Region.

However, due to the debt he owed to the Ninth Servant, he spent most of his time training in Ancient Imperial City instead and was considered a member of the city by all in Crimson Dragon Realm.

He held Xing Kai in extremely high regard, hoping that he would be able to continue Emperor Zhan's legacy and make it into Renhuang Plane.

Even though Xing Kai was not someone he taught personally, he watched the younger man grow.

Yet, there were two figures capable of threatening Xing Kai's existence in the Peach Banquet.

Ye Futian managed to overpower Xing Kai in two battles.

While Gai Huang was concerned for Xing Kai somewhat, the younger man's decision to act against Ye Futian made him realize that he needed not worry for Xing Kai after all.

Xing Kai knew very well what he needed. He knew his mind better than anyone else.

He was unable to accept Ye Futian managing to surpass him and the idea of Ye Futian being able to reign above him in the future. As such, he decided to take Ye Futian out of the picture outright, furthering his progress in training by killing Ye Futian.

Both men had not been on good terms to begin with. Xing Kai was thinking that if he were to deal the killing blow during the sparring session in Crimson Dragon City, the royal palace would not bother doing anything against him.

Winner takes all, after all.

If Ye Futian died, he wouldn't have been such a big deal anyway.

There was no doubt that Xing Kai picked the best opportunity to make his move.

There was no way Gai Huang would have done anything that was not in Xing Kai's favor. He was not alone, as everyone from Ancient Imperial City would have done the same, making sure that Xing Kai was able to cut Ye Futian down in that very same place.

However, Wu Yong and Shen Tianzhan did not let anyone else interfere when they saw Ye Futian and Yu Sheng join hands. The two older men did not rush in to aid their juniors. They held their own against Gai Huang, stalling him on that battlefield instead.

Both Wu Yong and Shen Tianzhan had extremely great faith in Ye Futian's powers.

Furthermore, Wu Yong believed that even though Ye Futian paid a hefty toll when he last summoned Emperor Kua, everyone knew that it was not something that Ye Futian was able to do at will. Nonetheless, he could pull it again if his life were once again on the line.

It went without saying that it would have only worked when he truly needed such powers.

At that moment, there were three men in front of Ye Futian on the battlefield.

Xing Kai frowned slightly. He was able to tell that Yu Sheng and Ye Futian were getting increasingly aggressive.

None of them showed any signs of lethargy or dread from being overpowered. Both of them were enraged instead.

Yu Sheng's devil battleax was brought down again and again. Every single blow felt like a devil trying to split the sky, cutting the space down right there and then.

Ye Futian's Halberd of Space and Time grew intensely powerful. Every single strike saw the might behind it burst. The light from the Deed of Thorough Comprehension's power on his body grew increasingly intense. The might that burst with it seemed to have burned the great path around them.

Attacks from both men posed increasingly great stress to Xing Kai.

Xing Kai, who had become a Saint of True Self, was being pressured by attacks from two cultivators of lower planes.

Xing Kai had never been one who would have bothered acting against anyone of planes lower than his, as he could have easily overwhelmed and taken them out without breaking a sweat.

However, Ye Futian was one who forced his hand. He was worthy of him doing so.

But then again, Xing Kai never expected that he was unable to take both men down outright. Instead, he began to sense a looming threat from both of them.

Voom. The ax was brought down again. The air in the sky felt like all demons have returned to become a single being, melding into a shadow of a great, overbearing devil, overlapping with Yu Sheng's body. Boundless demonic auras washed throughout the space around them when the ax was brought down. The dark axes tore through the sky at the same time, especially the extremely terrifying one in the middle, trying to tear through Xing Kai's body.

Xing Kai, who took the form of a god of war, shouted. Will of combat surged throughout Xing Kai, and his aura burst to maximum capacity. He stepped forth, and it looked as if one shadow of the saint of war after another rushed outside his body. Every single shadow looked as if they came from him.

What was more terrifying was that every single god of war's shadow was imbued with extremely terrifying spiritual will power. It was as if every single one of them was Xing Kai himself.

The shadows blasted divine seals at the same time. Their surroundings continued to shake, turning into tidal waves sweeping forward, clashing with Yu Sheng's battleax. It tore through the weapon's light. The waves eventually blocked the most devastating move that Yu Sheng was able to bring to bear, causing the weapon to rattle without stopping.

All who witnessed the battle shook within. The three who were fighting right there and then were indeed terrifying.

Each of them was of an extreme embodiment of devastating offense, extreme physical resilience, and adamant spiritual will. All three of them possessed peerless head-on offensive capacities.

It was a case of fighting a firestorm with a firestorm.

Few would have been able to block attacks from someone as terrifying as Yu Sheng, whose devil-like battleax was brought down with force capable of leveling mountains.

If Xing Kai had been at Proving Holiness level instead of a Saint of True Self, he probably would not have been able to stop one such overwhelming attack from Yu Sheng, which offered no mercy or no way out for its target.

If Xing Kai were only taking on Yu Sheng, he would have still been able to handle it fine.

The edge of his plane was obvious, and it was not something that could have been compensated for through tricks and skills alone. Furthermore, Xing Kai was a descendant of a Renhuang, inheriting the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will, which made him near-peerless in Crimson Dragon Realm.

However, Xing Kai was pressured.

That was because he was not only fighting Yu Sheng.

Devastating currents swept all over the place when the attacks of both men clashed.

However, at that moment, a terrifying hurricane appeared in the midst of the chaotic space turbulence. The Halberd of Space and Time was brought to bear within an instant.

The glow of the stars glittered when the strike from the halberd lashed out, shining brightly in the sky, bashing right onto Xing Kai's god of war form.

The rumble was continuously heard. The halberd struck right onto Xing Kai's defenses. Xing Kai's hurriedly attack after a rumble was heard. The incoming attack penetrated through Xing Kai's defensive powers and continued raging on.

Xing Kai frowned and took one hard step forward. The light of the great path laid down screens of defense right away, before stopping Ye Futian's attack. Even so, a stifled rumble was nonetheless heard.

"What..." The pupils of many who were watching the battle constricted somewhat.

That attack from Ye Futian actually managed to tear through Xing Kai's defense.

That had impossible before.

It seemed as if the tables were turning without anyone realizing it.

There were many who attended the Peach Banquet among the surrounding mighty ones. They had left before, but they turned around to return and watch the battle after sensing the raging aura emanating from that area.

All of them turned to eye each other and looked rather surprised. It was especially so with those who were training in the Regional Palace.

They knew how powerful Xing Kai was.

"Ye Futian's attack is still growing in force. One strike is getting more powerful than the previous one. Xing Kai is taking on both Yu Sheng and Ye Futian, who are getting stronger. If things keep going on like this, we'll be seeing a showdown before long," Pei Min commented.

Ye Futian's combat prowess surprised him immensely.

While he and Xing Kai both trained in the Regional Palace, and both men were of the same plane, the truth was that they never truly fought each other. Xing Kai joined the ranks of the Regional Palace later than he did. In truth, he was considered Xing Kai's senior. Both of them were only on the same plane because Xing Kai managed to catch up later.

"Xing Kai had been amplifying all of his powers using Heaven Punishing Fighting Will right from the start, while Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were growing increasingly strong in the fight instead. If things keep going like this, the odds will be stacked against Xing Kai soon enough," Xie Qingshan crossed his arms and said with a smile.

This is interesting, indeed. Two Proving Holiness saints are proving to be a threat to Xing Kai.

Before Ye Futian and Yu Sheng fought, everyone was listing the likes of Pei Min, Xie Qingshan, or Luo Yang when it came to figuring out who of the same generation as Xing Kai would be able to take him on.

Yet, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng seemed to have emerged out of nowhere and attracted all the attention, surpassing Xing Kai within an instant.

"It will be unbelievably difficult to continue to climb in terms of power without limit, though. The process will be needed to repeat several times before they can truly threaten Xing Kai," Pei Min replied telepathically. Xie Qingshan smiled and nodded. He naturally understood that as well.

What they were doing was somewhat similar to Pei Min, who was a swordsman.

However, Pei Min, who was a saint at the art of the sword, would have reached a ceiling nonetheless. It would have been merely impossible for his powers to continue climbing. He would have been invincible if he were to be capable of that.

Yu Sheng's ax continued to be brought down again and again. After yet another rumble was heard, Xing Kai no longer moved forward. He was thrown behind by the force of the strike instead. It was apparent that he truly felt the pressure by then.

An extremely dazzling beam of light tore through the sky like a star streaking through the heavens. That attack from the halberd came right after Yu Sheng's attack, with the follow-up done almost seamlessly.

Xing Kai threw a huge palm print right away before he was able to steady himself. A rumble was heard at that time. Halberd of Time and Space shattered the palm print right there and then as it continued to move towards the god of war.

Boom. An embodiment of will was conjured, and the halberd streaked through space. The light arrived, and a rumble was heard. Xing Kai's battle form was shattered to nothingness right away.

Xing Kai was then thrown back. He was forced to retreat by Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

"They are actually able to grow even stronger. Furthermore, that attack was imbued with extremely raging power of devastating while, at the same time, it contained extremely frightening shredding power. Just what kind of art of the halberd was that?" Many who were able to read what happened shuddered deep down.

They were surprised to find that Ye Futian's Halberd of Time and Space attack was still growing in terms of power.

Is his attack going to continue growing in power?

Xing Kai's expression was ugly and awkward. However, there was no time for him to think. It seemed as if the heavens were about to be brought down on him. Yu Sheng's battleax continued to be brought down on him, giving him no respite at all.

Ye Futian stepped forward while Yu Sheng was attacking at the same time.

Boom... An extremely devastating wave washed all over the place. He felt as if he melded with the great path of that space around him. A meteor streaked through the sky and landed on the god of war. His force was felt before he was even there.

Voom. A dazzling beam of light came and went. Attacks from Ye Futian and Yu Sheng arrived one after another at that time.

The halberd burst with light that was even brighter than the stars. Vast, unending stars seemed to have expanded. However, the halberd seemed to be able to snuff all those stars out.

Boom, boom, boom... The rumble from the continuous clashes was extremely raging. It was as if a divine seal from the god of war clashed with Yu Sheng's battleax.

However, the halberd that came right afterward banged on the rattling seal. Intense light burst, and the seal was shattered in the middle.

Furthermore, the Halberd of Time and Space did not stop. The beam of dazzling light continued moving forward.

Xing Kai roared, and his spiritual will burst to the extreme, yet his body was sent flying. His spiritual will seemed to be on the verge of collapsing, under that intense, raging attack.
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    《The Legend of Futian》