The Legend of Futian
1296 The Will Arises Again
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1296 The Will Arises Again


A loud rumble was heard, and Xing Kai's huge body was sent flying. The pupils of many surrounding mighty ones constricted as they stared at the scene before them.

Xing Kai balked before the other two gave in.

"Wait, what..." they thought.

Ye Futian basked in a divine glow at that moment. The power of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was brought to the maximum. Ancient symbols surrounded him, and he melded with the great path. His raging body itself seemed like the manifestation of the great path. Every single breath and every single step he took seemed to be that of the great path.

Boom! He was shrouded in stars as he walked. Extremely brilliant light pulsed on the Halberd of Time and Space as if the might of the stars was all condensed into a single point, which was at the same time, packed with condensed devastating power of space. Every single attack he lashed out with the halberd seemed to have been an upgrade from the attack before. Be it his spiritual will power or the might of the great path; everything was amplified without exception.

Xing Kai let out a low rumble and took one hard, devastating step. The Heaven Punishing Fighting Will seemed to have coursed all over his Life Palace, shrouding the body of his god of war form. His eyes were ice-cold, and his killing intent reached the heavens as he glared at both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

He was actually sent flying by the continuous attacks brought by both men before him.

That was a true, no-bars-hold battle. None of them suppressed their powers of the great path. The battle was able to showcase the extent of their powers better than in the Peach Banquet.

Xing Kai should have been able to overwhelm those two, who were of a lower plane than he was, without breaking a sweat. The power difference was deemed so vast that he was toying with Ye Futian right from the start, thinking that he would have been able to make short work of them both.

However, as the battle progressed, both Yu Sheng and Ye Futian fought increasingly hard and grew increasingly powerful. He was afforded no respite under the relentless attacks from both men.

Rumbles were heard as terrifying demonic pressure loomed over them. Yu Sheng was again, the first who emerged to lay down suppressive attacks.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng seemed to have reached a certain consensus as they fought alongside each other, with Yu Sheng pinning the opponent down while Ye Futian landed the killing blow.

Brrooomm... Beams of extremely dazzling light burst from Xing Kai's massive body. His spiritual will was cranked to the limit. His spiritual will took the form of one shadow of god of war after another, stacking right before him.

Furthermore, the multiple layers of shadows waved at the same time. It was as if every single shadow was a clone of his own body. Every single shadow was imbued with the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will. He then performed seals again.


Many were shocked by what was happening right before their eyes. It was as if there were thousands of gods of war appearing at the same time, performing the Mudra of God of War with their hands. His surroundings shook. It was as if the space around him itself was about to collapse.

"The Seal of Thousand Gods."

The mighty ones from the Regional Palace were shaking deep down when they saw what he was doing. They never expected Xing Kai to be cornered until he needed to do that, bringing the Seal of Thousand Gods—the ultimate technique of the Mudra of God of War—to bear on his opponents.

The attack was like the gods attacking all at the same time. Xing Kai would have needed to crank his spiritual will to the limit to do so. There was no other way he could have used the Seal of Thousand Gods otherwise.

If that attack proved inadequate of killing or at least severely injuring both Yu Sheng and Ye Futian, then Xing Kai would have been the one in danger instead. There was a limit to how much of his spiritual will he was able to expend, after all. Attacks of such levels were not something that he could have brought out without care.

The Seal of Thousand Gods was activated. It was like the seals of all great paths in the world, unbreakable and nigh-invincible. The attack was cast straight at Yu Sheng, who was closing in fast. The seals were about to drown him, encompassing the entire space in his immediate vicinity.

Yu Sheng sensed the peerless pressure imbued within that attack. His eyes glittered with frightening light of the devil. An overbearing demonic will appeared. Like Xing Kai, Yu Sheng looked like he was surrounded by all devils to be found in the world.

The devils all submitted to him, moving alongside him.

The battleax, which was capable of shocking the gods, was brought down.

Thousands of devils swung the ax at the same time, banging onto the bursting seals.

Their surroundings seemed to be on the verge of collapse when both men clashed. The hearts of many spectators raced as they saw what was happening.

The demonic will on Yu Sheng was completely on par with the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will coursing on Xing Kai's body. Many wondered just how powerful the might of that demonic will would have been.

They were wondering if Yu Sheng was actually a descendant of a devil himself.

They wondered whose lineage he had inherited.

Boom. A rumble was heard at that moment, pulling the attention of the spectators elsewhere, reminding them that other than Xing Kai, who was overwhelmingly imposing, and Yu Sheng, whose demonic might reached the heavens, there was still another man on the battlefield—Ye Futian. Every single attack he brought forth was imbued with extremely refined killing power.

His aura continued to climb as he moved, becoming increasingly powerful. The halberd in his hand pulsed with towering light. The power of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension surged to the weapon. Boundless light of the divine halberd burst at the same time, causing his surroundings to howl.

His feet twisted slightly, and he took another step. The great path in his immediate vicinity howled. That single step seemed to have brought his spiritual will to the limit.

He flung his arms about and brought the Halberd of Time and Space down from above.

Countless halberds tore through space, yet it seemed all the light had gathered into one single weapon.

The weapon tore through the air and came right before its target. Rumbles were heard exploding as the halberds hit the seals, which shattered right away. It was as if the seals were destroyed by the boundless light around the weapon.

The spectators then witnessed a huge divine halberd that seemed to have torn through the heavens and penetrated the earth. The light of the halberd looked as if it had melded with Ye Futian's body. All powers within his body surged into the weapon. The light bursting from the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was all infused within the halberd.

The attack seemed to be without an upper limit.

The Mudras of God of War crumbled. The shadows conjured from Xing Kai's spiritual will were being destroyed one after another as well. The light of the halberd tore through everything as it headed straight for Xing Kai. There seemed to be nothing capable of stopping it.

Xing Kai wore a startled expression. The shadows of gods of war on him gathered and charged. However, the attempt proved futile, as they were all penetrated right away.

That one attack of the halberd tore right through every single bit of power of spiritual will he was able to muster. The distance between two men was utterly ignored, as the halberd headed straight for Xing Kai.

"It burst through!"

All those who witnessed the dazzling halberd attack seemed to be about to stop breathing. Time seemed to have stopped at that very moment. Xing Kai felt as if everything in the world slowed, including his thoughts and speed at counterattacks.

It was unknown if it was he who had become slow, or it was just that attack coming too quickly.


A loud rumble was heard. Many saw Xing Kai, whose shadows of gods of war seemed boundless, crumble. It was as if his spiritual will had suffered considerable damage as the constructs around him shattered.

Yet another stifled rumble was heard. That huge divine halberd pierced the god of war's body. The light from Ye Futian continued to surge into the weapon, making it look like an extension of his body.

Rumbles continued to be heard as the tall, imposing body of the god of war crumbled.

Xing Kai's true body appeared right before both of them. His god of war Life Spirit behind him continued to look extremely dazzling. However, his Heaven Punishing Fighting Will seemed to have been almost exhausted, making him look rather shriveled.

What was worse was that Ye Futian's attack actually made it through, punching through his body.

"How could this possibly be?" Xing Qiu, who was fighting faraway, stopped fighting and looked at the scene, feeling baffled.

His brother, Xing Kai, was defeated in a real battle.

Furthermore, he was defeated as a Saint of True Self, at the hands of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, who were both of lower plane than he was.

All the other mighty ones looked at the scene with baffled eyes as well.

Xing Kai, who was at Saint of True Self level, should not have lost, even if he were to take on two mighty ones.

The difference in planes had never been something that could be compensated for number of opponents. A Holiness of Nirvana could have stood against dozens of Unblemished Saints without a doubt.

But then again, that was if the difference in actual combat prowess was not all that far off.

Well, was the actual combat prowess between Xing Kai, and the other two—Ye Futian and Yu Sheng—actually that far off?

Xing Kai was someone who had been standing at the pinnacle.

Following that line of thought, one could have easily figured out just how terrifying the actual combat prowess of both Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were.

"That really is something. What kind of art of the halberd is this?" Pei Min voiced his admiration. The weapon art that Ye Futian wielded was even more terrifying than Pei Min's art of the sword. That one attack was actually able to break through attacks as powerful as that from Xing Kai, and the man himself was hit by the weapon.

Xing Kai's face was ashen at that moment. His robe and his hair billowed. His eyes remained glaring at Ye Futian, finding it hard to believe what had just happened.

He actually lost.

That battle was not a sparring session like back in the Peach Banquet. He did not hold back at all and fought in earnest. He had even brought the attack of the Seal of Thousand Gods to the fore.

Yet, he still lost nonetheless.

He wanted to kill Ye Futian as a way of showing his resolve. But things did not happen as planned.

He grunted, and blood was seen at the corner of his mouth. His face looked pale.

His Mindfulness of the Path was evidently cracked.

None managed to make it through their training in the great path without failing even once.

However, he was unable to fathom why his defeat had been so humiliating.

He lost to two who were of a lower plane than he was.

Xing Kai was destined to be someone exceptional from the moment of birth. He inherited the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will, and he knew right from the start the path that he was to take.

It was destined that he was to become a Renhuang, one who would bring the glory of his ancestors back again.

He was shouldering great responsibility, and he worked diligently towards that goal. He was not alone, as the Ninth Servant and the others around him worked hard as well.

No one would have been able to stand in the way of their resolve and his destined path.

Ye Futian, however, affected his path. Ye Futian was someone from Emperor Xia's Realm and was liked by the princess of said realm. He had also performed extraordinarily in the Peach Banquet.

However, none of that mattered to Xing Kai. Ye Futian was deemed an obstacle, and as such, needed to be killed.

He was about to kill Ye Futian to prove his way and his resolve, enabling him to continue moving forward.

His Mindfulness of the Path needed to be as indomitable as it had always been, and no one should have been able to shake it.

Yet, that battle fought right after the banquet was over was breaking up his Mindfulness of the Path.

Xing Kai began to have doubts at that moment. He was unable to even win against someone who was of a lower plane than he was, and that made him question how he was going to progress in his path of cultivation and reach the Renhuang plane. He doubted how he would be able to restore his ancestral glory and achieve unparalleled fame and might that was solely his.

The battle on that day would have let everyone know that Xing Kai was inferior to Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Blood continued to spill, and Ye Futian did not bother going easy while Xing Kai was steeped in those thoughts. The halberd pulsed with shredding will of the great path as it tore through Xing Kai's body, intending to kill him right away.

Xing Kai wanted to kill him first, so he saw no reason to hesitate. They were all in this predicament, so one of them had to die.

The chance of killing Xing Kai presented itself, and Ye Futian saw no reason to let it slide.

His eyes were filled with intense murderous intent at the moment as well.

Devastating beams of light tore right through Xing Kai's body, intending to shred the man himself. However, extremely raging spiritual will burst from Xing Kai at the moment. The aura was incredibly vibrant, making Ye Futian feel as if his killing intent was being blocked.

He looked at Xing Kai's eyes, which had changed. Those eyes looked tremendously deep and frightening. It was like they were about to tear right through Ye Futian's spiritual will.

The Ninth Servant of the Ancient Imperial City was very, very mindful of the Xing brothers indeed!
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    《The Legend of Futian》