The Legend of Futian
1297 Killing Inten
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1297 Killing Inten

Xing Kai's eyes became deep and terrifying. They looked a bit surprised as well.

The man before Xing Kai was not a top-notch figure at a very high plane; he was but a saint at Proving Holiness level.

Yet, such a man managed to trigger the mark left in Xing Kai's body.

Xing Qiu had almost ended up killed, and that triggered the mark in him. Xing Kai was unexpectedly the next one to experience that.

The brothers lost one after another. Furthermore, the man who had defeated Xing Qiu was present on the battlefield as well. Xing Kai was probably out to seek vengeance for his little brother, yet it was unexpected that he, too, had lost.

The man behind the eyes watched the brothers grow up and knew what they were capable of.

However, both of them were defeated one after another by the two men standing before Xing Kai.

After what happened in the last battle, he heard that Ye Futian, the young city lord of Qianye City, had opened up Emperor Kua's ruins. The young man then went on to subjugate the nine tribes of the western region, putting the nine tribes under the rule of one man again.

The Ninth Servant realized that Xing Kai and Xing Qiu had indeed truly met their match.

However, the Ninth Servant was hardly surprised. Having lived as long as he did, he had witnessed great battles between Renhuangs and naturally knew just how abundant legendary figures were throughout the three thousand realms. Despite Xing Kai's superbly gifted talents, as his training progressed, he would definitely run into some legendary figures.

Furthermore, that event that was held not long ago would have been the Peach Banquet of the Crimson Dragon Realm.

The Peach Banquet attracted the most brilliant of figures to be found in all of Crimson Dragon Realm, so it was natural that Xing Kai met his match.

However, from the looks of things, Xing Kai seemed rather vexed, and he was adamant of getting rid of the threat.

The Ninth Servant believed that the people from Qianye City did not dare to make a move against Xing Qiu, so it would not have been an exception this time as well. Furthermore, given that Gai Huang was around as well, Xing Kai would have been the one to make a move first, and he was defeated for it.

An extremely brimming pressure shrouded Ye Futian. The Ninth Servant's will was impeccably strong. As a person standing at the pinnacle of Holiness of Nirvana level and the number one city lord outside of Crimson Dragon City, the burst of his will made Ye Futian feel as if he was withstanding pressures the size of mountains. Ye Futian's Halberd of Time and Space was unable to move forward at all.

Everyone turned to look at Ye Futian, and they all sensed the aura emanating from Xing Kai. All of them naturally knew that the will of the Ninth Servant was there. The man standing before Ye Futian was no longer Xing Kai.

The battle between Xing Kai and Ye Futian and Yu Sheng was concluded. Xing Kai suffered an overwhelming defeat.

The circumstances were so severe that his life was in danger, triggering the mark the Ninth Servant left inside his body. The Ninth Servant trained in a particular method called the Mudra of God of War.

It was said that the phenomenon took place when Yu Sheng was about to kill Xing Qiu as well.

The spectators found no difficulty making the connection. If such a mark was on Xing Qiu, it was only natural Xing Kai had it on him as well.

However, no one expected that the humiliating defeat suffered by Xing Kai would trigger the mark.

Many wondered if Xing Kai's state of mind would be able to tolerate such a result.

His mind would have been affected after suffering defeat in the battle before. The blow would have been a hefty one.

And then, he needed to rely on the Ninth Servant's power to stay alive. To someone as prideful as Xing Kai, that was an insult like none other.

It was especially so since he intended to kill Ye Futian to prove his resolve. However, that seemed to have dealt an even more substantial blow on him, making it more difficult for him to overcome the trauma resulted.

The pressure that Ye Futian was withstanding grew increasingly intense. It was as if he was about to be crushed by that overwhelming power of will.

"Senior." A voice was heard at that moment. Xing Kai turned his eyes around and looked at the one who talked. It was none other than Duan Wuji of Emperor Dong's Palace, who had supposedly left yet had returned later.

He looked at Xing Kai and smiled, saying, "I assume that you must be the city lord of Ancient Imperial City. Xing Kai seemed to be the one who picked the fight. I think it'd prove rather unbecoming for you to throw your weight around after the loss. Don't you think?"

The Ninth Servant was known to be the number one city lord. Other than the Renhuang of Crimson Dragon Realm, the only ones capable of taking him on were none other than the few ranked at the top of Regional King Ranking. Furthermore, all of them seemed to have hailed from Crimson Dragon City.

There were even old, terrifying monsters of people from the royal palace itself.

As such, the Ninth Servant was known to be nigh-invincible outside of Crimson Dragon City. Few were even able to stand up to him in terms of powers.

But then again, some would not have cared less. There were few training in the Regional King Palace, and then there was also Duan Wuji, who was training in the Emperor Dong's Palace. He was, after all, a descendant of a native Renhuang in Crimson Dragon Realm.

No matter how powerful the Ninth Servant was, he could not beat a Renhuang. Furthermore, it was not one from somewhere outside the realm, but one who was from the Crimson Dragon Realm itself.

The Ninth Servant looked at Duan Wuji of Emperor Dong's Palace and said, "The feud between the Ancient Imperial City and Qianye City has nothing to do with Emperor Dong's Palace."

"It indeed has nothing to do with Emperor Dong's Palace; however, this is Crimson Dragon City. It was totally fine for Xing Kai to ask for a rematch after losing to Ye Futian in the Peach Banquet. But then again, I assume that you, senior, as a city lord of Ancient Imperial City, are not going to kill Ye Futian in Crimson Dragon City, no?" Duan Wuji smiled and added, "That would be difficult to explain to the royal palace, wouldn't it?"

The Ninth Servant frowned.

"Senior, the battle was indeed started by Xing Kai. Even if the royal palace were to turn a blind eye to you bullying a junior, the city lord of Qianye City is still someone from Emperor Xia's Realm. If Emperor Xia himself makes a move, I'm sure the royal palace would be even more reluctant to get involved." Yet another voice was heard. The one who spoke was Pei Min, who trained in the Regional Palace just like Xing Kai.

While he trained in the Regional Palace just like Xing Kai, Yu Sheng, and the others, Pei Min never fought any of them and was not all that familiar with them. He, too, had no beef with any of them.

As such, he had no cause to speak on such a matter.

However, he was still able to tell right from wrong.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng performed admirably and peerlessly in the Peach Banquet, overwhelming Xing Kai. Xing Kai then asked for to spar so that he could kill Ye Futian. That was personal.

However, since he made his move, he had to accept whatever the outcome was.

Having his old man show up right after he lost to fight his opponent would be quite disgraceful, after all.

If Xing Kai were to agree deep down, then Pei Min would have looked down on that so-called "top-notch" genius training in the Regional Palace. He would not have cared in the least if Xing Kai was not fine with his opinion.

Xia Qingyuan shot from the sky. Her eyes were cold. That was the second time the Ninth Servant appeared.

That number one figure outside of Crimson Dragon City was someone that none could threaten.

It was probably due to the presence of the Ninth Servant that both Xing Kai and Xing Qiu were able to act so impudently.

Regardless of how much of a genius one was or how prideful they were, someone without serious backing and with such an attitude would have died many times over.

The Ninth Servant then turned his eyes to Pei Min. He never expected the defeat would have put Xing Kai in such an unpopular spot.

All of that would be a severe blow to Xing Kai.

His eyes softened as he looked at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. He was able to understand why Xing Kai chose to do what he did. Those two from Qianye City would probably become Xing Kai's inner demons, so he wanted to get rid of them. If Xing Kai were to leave them be, his path from here on out would probably be overshadowed by those two.

He found such a turn of events unacceptable and chose to cut them down right there and then instead. Even though Xing Kai would have found such an outcome to be difficult to stomach, he would have been able to overcome it in time.

He needed to be decisive when the time called for it. If he was unable to bring himself to do so, then he was the problem instead.

At that thought, the Ninth Servant's eyes became imbued with killing intent, which was then infused into his will. It continued to bear on Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was able to sense the killing intent within.


The killing intent lasted only for a split second. No one else other than Ye Futian would have been able to sense it.

Furthermore, the Ninth Servant seemed to have heeded the words of Duan Wuji and Pei Min, getting ready to return. He had no intention of making a move against Ye Futian any further.

That split second prior made Ye Futian realize that the Ninth Servant did not intend just to let everything slide.

It was clear that he did not want to make a move in Crimson Dragon City, to avoid getting on the bad side of Crimson Dragon Emperor and offending the royal palace.

He would have been unstoppable outside of Crimson Dragon City instead.

"The sparring has yet to end, and you're about to return?"

A low voice as heard, and everyone was stunned as they heard those words. Everyone turned around to find that the one who spoke was none other than Ye Futian.

The light of Deed of Thorough Comprehension burst to its limit on Ye Futian's body at the moment. Terrifying aura surged from within his body, shrouding his entire being.

Return!? Ye Futian thought incredulously.

The Ninth Servant was getting ready to leave, and yet, Ye Futian did not intend for things to end just like that.

You think you can just come threaten to kill him and leave when you're unable to do so?

Do you think you can take me on once we all leave Crimson Dragon City?

"What the hell..." Many turned to look at Ye Futian and wondered what he was trying to do.

They were wondering if he had intended to end Xing Kai right there and then. If that were the case, the Ninth Servant would not let things slide.

Everyone in Crimson Dragon Realm knew that the Xing brothers were the embodiment of the Ninth Servant's mission in life. He would not have allowed anyone to harm Xing Kai, let alone killing the younger man.

Holy flames burned as the light from the Deed of Thorough Comprehension burst. The weather changed, and Ye Futian's eyes seemed to have become flames. It was as if a terrifying will was shooting out of his eyes.

His body was bursting with powers that did not belong to him.

"He is still able to tap into the power of Emperor Kua?" The hearts of many raced. All of them thought that Ye Futian had paid a hefty toll in that battle before.

Many thought that there was no way he could have sustained fighting like that. The recoil would have been extreme, and it would have possibly ended up taking his life.

Many speculated that he would have probably died from the recoil of that battle a while ago. However, he once again stood before everyone.

But then again, that battle is still very much a recent thing. Is he trying to pull what he did before again? they wondered.

Ye Futian's body rumbled, and the Flames of the Way in his body became extremely hot. That Fire Spirit Orb in his Life Palace unleashed its power, tainting the skies red within an instant, making the place look like a world of fire.

However, Ye Futian was actually doing his best to control it. The outcome was not something he would have been able to sustain easily, so he did his best to limit the release of such powers.

While the Ninth Servant was there, it was nonetheless just an effect of the Mudra of God of War in Xing Kai. It was not that the Ninth Servant showed up in person.

He wondered just how powerful that mark would have allowed the Ninth Servant's powers to be.

He thrust the Halberd of Time and Space straight at Xing Kai. The weapon pulsed with terrifying light of flames.
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    《The Legend of Futian》