The Legend of Futian
1298 Both Sides Lost and Injured
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1298 Both Sides Lost and Injured

All eyes were on to that towering might. Countless nearby turned their eyes to the battlefield, feeling rattled deep down.

It was Xing Kai who wanted to kill Ye Futian before to prove his resolve, due to what happened in the Peach Banquet.

However, he lost to Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Things were different at the moment.

Ye Futian became the one out to kill Xing Kai, going as far as to want to kill him despite the will of the Ninth Servant giving Xing Kai an advantage.

Everyone present knew just how powerful Ye Futian had become after tapping into those powers back in the battle at Qianye City a while ago. He had been able to overpower a good number of Holiness of Nirvanas. There were real, several such figures rendered dead by his hands. Things were so severe that the Saint Lord of Jiuyang dared not touch him, and even the likes of Gai Huang had not been able to do anything about him.

Everyone wondered how much of that power Ye Futian was planning on tapping into, and if he could have performed as he had in that battle a while ago.

They were also wondering just how powerful the special mark the Ninth Servant placed onto Xing Kai was.

If the Ninth Servant had indeed shown up personally, there was no need for further speculations. Even if he were to bring the full power of Emperor Kua to bear, like how he did in that battle before, he was still borrowing someone else's power. That would not be enough to deal with someone like the Ninth Servant, who was at the pinnacle of Holiness of Nirvana level.

The Ninth Servant, however, was only doing battle remotely through the use of that mark in Xing Kai, and through the younger man. There was no way he could have brought all of his might to bear on Ye Futian.

The Halberd of Time and Space contained extreme might of flames. The spirit orb inside Ye Futian's body seemed to have channeled all of its will of the great path into the weapon. Terrifying whirlpool of flames appeared in their surroundings, gushing into the halberd in a frenzy, causing it to burn. It turned into a tremendously divine Halberd of Time and Space imbued in flames. The fearsome weapon was thrust right at Xing Kai's throat.

Ye Futian's fiery eyes were extremely cold instead, with his killing intent scorching hot in the fires burning in him.

A figure stood tall above the palace at the Ancient Imperial City. His aura was towering, gushing outwards, and shrouding his surroundings.

The vast Ancient Imperial City seemed to have been shrouded altogether by that towering might. Everyone near the city lord's office of Ancient Imperial City was shuddering deep down.

They were all wondering what was happening.

They looked up at the pinnacle of Ancient Imperial City. They were able to see the Ninth Servant hovering in midair vaguely. His gaze was cast far away, and his will gushed in a frenzy, shooting out at a distant place.

The Ninth Servant's robe billowed, and his overpowering might looked extremely fearsome. It was as if he was like a god himself.

Furthermore, the Ninth Servant was filled with intense killing intent.

Ye Futian of Qianye City intended to kill Xing Kai right before his eyes.

As the protector of the descendants of Emperor Zhan, the meaning of his existence was none other to watch them grow, witnessing them eventually surpass him to step into that legendary plane, achieving the former glory of Emperor Zhan of the past.

There was no way he could have watched Xing Kai and Xing Qiu get killed.

He absolutely would not allow anyone to kill them. He was not about to let anyone threaten the Xing brothers' lives.

Anyone who did so, he would make sure to kill them.

Ye Futian is thinking that he can kill Xing Kai just by tapping into the will of Emperor Kua, then? the Ninth Servent thought.

He has no idea what the significance of the Mudra of God of War is, he thought.

The Ninth Servant lifted his arm and pointed his finger in front of him. The place right before him trembled as if that finger was penetrating it.

At the same time, Xing Kai, who was faraway in Crimson Dragon City, lifted his arm as well, pointing a finger before him.

There seemed to be a shadow manifesting from Xing Kai's body in that instant, which did not seem to be his own. Ye Futian seemed to have been able to see yet another figure far, far away through that shadow—the shadow of that legendary figure, who was standing at the top of Ancient Imperial City.

That finger attack was not brought forth by Xing Kai, but by that man represented who shadow.

That finger attack seemed to have imbued the great path of the world around them, which was gathered at a single point and pointed at the Halberd of Time and Space.

The fact that he was taking on one such weapon with only a finger spoke volumes of his tremendous confidence.

The clash between the finger and the weapon seemed to create a terrifying, dark whirlpool, twisting the great path. It swallowed everything in its immediate vicinity. The will of flames shot at the finger with the intent to burn everything down. Yet, at the same time, Ye Futian felt his arm tremble quite a bit. It was as if he was losing his grip on the halberd. That immensely heavy power burst through, trying to wreck Ye Futian's body through the weapon.

A grunt was heard, and Ye Futian was sent flying. A stifling rumble burst from the place the attacks clashed, with a terrifying whirlpool out to destroy everything remaining.

Flames engulfed Xing Kai's finger. It was like it had been scorched. A great will of the great path then enveloped the finger, repairing the damaged parts.

It was apparent that both men were tapping into powers that were not theirs, and it was also apparent that their attacks were defective, as both of them lacked the strength to master such powers.

Ye Futian, who was boosting his physical constitution by tapping into powers of others, was unable to withstand that one attack the Ninth Servant brought forth, which was evident from the fact that the Ninth Servant was still able to hurt him through the halberd.

Ye Futian might have tapped into the powers of Emperor Kua, but he still was not Emperor Kua. He was still a saint at Proving Holiness level. Furthermore, he did not tap into those powers completely. He was doing his best to keep himself from biting off more than he could chew, being concerned about the magnitude of recoil he would suffer.

Xing Kai faced Ye Futian. At that moment, Ye Futian felt as if it was the Ninth Servant at the Ancient Imperial City who was watching him from afar. That overbearing aura was unshakable. It was not something he could have managed to shake off.

That man was at the pinnacle right below Renhuang Plane, and a Holiness of Nirvana ranked high on the Regional King Rankings.

He managed to bring out his true might simply by borrowing Xing Kai's body. Ye Futian wondered what kind of powers they had.

Regardless of the methods used, there was no doubt that it would take quite a hefty toll on the Ninth Servant for being able to go so far.

At that moment, Ye Futian saw Xing Kai beginning to grab at the air. The great path of their surroundings churned in a frenzy. It was as if the space he was in was isolated altogether. Boundless will of the great path bore onto Ye Futian. It was as if countless hands of victory were manifested in the air, enveloping the space around them.

"The might of a Holiness of Nirvana." Everyone around them shook tremendously deep down. Those were powers from the Ninth Servant himself. Even if he was not physically present, he was still able to use his powers remotely.

The spectators looked at that battlefield, finding Ye Futian's body shrouded by the will of the great path. The space surrounding them seemed to have been isolated by that will of the great path, forbidding anyone else from stepping in. That space was put on lockdown, trying to kill Ye Futian inside.

Ye Futian clutched the Halberd of Time and Space tightly. His body seemed to have been burned red. The place around him was still burning, and a tall, imposing god of war of flames appeared. He glared at the figure before him, and the fires seen his eyes seemed able to burn space itself down.

Boom. The flames of the great path burst, and Ye Futian trembled, looking rather pained, yet his eyes remained adamant.

The killing intent on the Ninth Servant at Ancient Imperial City burned even brighter, after seeing Ye Futian's eyes.

The Ninth Servant vaguely realized why Xing Kai would lose.

He extended his hand and grabbed tightly. In that instant, the palms of the great path surrounding Ye Futian rained down in a frenzy. Their surroundings shook, intending to bury that space.

Furthermore, every single attack from the hands was incredibly intense. All of them tore through space and landed hard on Ye Futian's body.

There would have been no way he could have sustained even a single hit even if he had a body of a saint. Due to him still being a saint at Proving Holiness level, the attacks would have killed him right there and then.

Ye Futian's body seemed to have transformed into a sun amidst the terrifying attacks. Rays of sunlight shot forth, looking just like the sun that Ye Futian saw in the ruins of Emperor Kua on that day.

Terrifying light of the sun shrouded everything within his immediate vicinity, shooting at the attacks from the hands around him.

The attacks rumbled and intended to continue moving on to kill Ye Futian, yet they were gradually melted down to nothingness, and they were then punched through by the divine light of the sun.

Ye Futian basked in boundless holy fire under the intense light, as if he was a god of war of the sun.

He stepped forth and blitzed, bringing the might of the holy fire of the sun to bear. The halberd itself seemed like it was burning. The light of the flames punched through everything as the attack was underway, heading straight for Xing Kai's body.

The Ninth Servant saw him coming and took one step forward. A golden divine wall appeared right before him, which looked like a divine seal of the great path, howling as it headed towards its target.

The halberd and the seal clashed. The resulting force made it seem like the space was about to be torn apart, yet the seal was gobbled by the flames, burning a hole through it. A flash of the halberd was seen through the seal. The Ninth Servant lifted his arm and banged onto the weapon, retreating as he did so.

A ray of terrifying light pulsed on the halberd as it continued to move forward, shooting at Xing Kai. Ye Futian's god of war of flames form was sent reeling as well. His body rattled intensely, and blood was seen at the corner of his mouth, which was instantly dried up by the flames around him.

"Retreat." A voice was heard. The Ninth Servant said this as he was seen retreating. The mighty ones from Ancient Imperial City retreated one after another.

Gai Huang threw a palm attack. The light of space glittered, and he retreated as well, with Xing Qiu and the others in tow.

Shen Tianzhan and Wu Yong stepped forward, glaring at the ones who left coldly. However, none of them gave chase, and they went up to Ye Futian instead.

"Let's head home." The aura on Ye Futian gradually subsided. He turned around and left where he was. While he had not used his full power in that battle, he was thoroughly exhausted. The injuries on him were just as grievous.

However, he was sure that the Ninth Servant was having a hard time as well. He was borrowing Xing Kai's body to do battle, after all, and that would have caused severe limitations.

The people of Qianye City retreated in another direction.

Countless in that place watched all of them left. Their minds were still reeling somewhat from what they saw.

If the Ninth Servant had not appeared, Ye Futian would have most probably killed Xing Kai.

Furthermore, even after the Ninth Servant advent, Ye Futian remained adamant about killing his opponent.

However, the Ninth Servant was too powerful. Despite fighting through the use of the Mudra of God of War, it still looked as if he had been present personally, bringing Holiness of Nirvana level of powers to bear.

The conflict between both sides would intensify after that battle.

Worse still, none of them needed to hold back after leaving Crimson Dragon City.

It seemed that a furious storm was brewing.
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    《The Legend of Futian》