The Legend of Futian
1303 Overpower
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1303 Overpower

Xing Kai took his god of war form in the middle of the chaotic battlefield. His eyes were cold and determined, without a single hint of indecision. The spear in his hand crumbled and was entirely destroyed. He sensed the terrifying entropic powers from what was happening. It was as if there were some terrifying space-shredding powers imbued within the power of the stars. Such was the way of entropy.

That entropic power was something he had not seen when he'd last fought Ye Futian.

The stars around Ye Futian were crumbling in a frenzy as well. The halberd in his hand was pierced by a powerful beam of light, quickly reducing to nothingness.

However, he was able to fight just as well without a weapon. He took the shock of the halberd's destruction head-on with his god of war form, then took one step forward to overpower the space around him.

He lifted his arm, causing seals to appear everywhere. Every single seal was imbued with terrifying Heaven Punishing Fighting Will. These turned into divine seals made specifically for combat.

He thrust his arm forward and an extremely huge palm print locked the space around them down, blocking out the sky and drowning Ye Futian's body within. At the same time, that palm print howled as it was blasted by all the other seals around it. They were so powerful that they seemed to be able to tear the sky itself apart.

Xing Kai's eyes were filled with murderous intent. He was a Saint of True Self, which meant that his power of the great path was far above Ye Futian's. He was also armed with Heaven Punishing Fighting Will and the Mudra of God of War. In terms of close combat capacity, he deemed that there was no way Ye Futian would be able to resist his attacks.

Countless people at the shores of the Crimson River and the Regional Palace witnessed that scene. They saw Xing Kai's body merge with his Life Spirit and his entire body emit dazzling light. It seemed as if he was shrouded in the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will, emanating a will of the god of war like no other. That extremely imposing form of his made it so that many were able to sense its might even from far away.

Just how great of a power was Ye Futian taking on?

The battle was not just sparring, but a fight to the death. Xing Kai had no intention of sparring with Ye Futian. He'd brought his most powerful offensive techniques into the fight without delay for the express purpose of killing Ye Futian.

Ye Futian shot a glance at the extremely imposing Xing Kai. So, he was going for a showdown right from the start?

Another halberd was conjured as he was shrouded by the ring of light conjured by the Deed of Thorough Comprehension. He saw the seals coming down at him from all sides, yet he did not back away. He took one step forward, just like Xing Kai.

"You're wasting your time." Xing Kai's voice was cold as he howled through their surroundings. His voice was imbued with the towering fighting will, capable of shaking the will of others.

Yet at that moment, within the ring of light conjured by the Deed of Thorough Comprehension, beams of light of even greater intensity appeared out of nowhere.

It was as if thousands of ancient symbols appeared at the same time, surrounding Ye Futian. Every single symbol seemed to be imbued with extremely formidable powers. Their surroundings rumbled and exploded as the symbols circled Ye Futian. It was the sign of the formless power of suppression emanated by Xing Kai being destroyed, making it impossible for him to stop the orbits of the ancient symbols.

"The Thousand Character Proverb!"

Chi Shang, who was standing at the forefront at the shore of the Crimson River, was rather shocked. Ye Futian had been the one who was able to comprehend the Thousand Character Proverb better than anyone else. He had also earned himself the tablet, which was crafted by a Renhuang, enabling one to extend one's spiritual will into it for learning purposes.

Ye Futian was obviously able to bring the power of the Thousand Character Proverb into the fight with Xing Kai despite not having possessed it for long.

So that was why he'd dared to issue such a challenge!

Ye Futian swung the halberd in his hand around. The symbols around him all howled at the same time. Every single symbol seemed to have been infused with Ye Futian's will of the great path. Powers of the great path were infused within the symbols, with the ones at the forefront already clashing with the seals.


A rumble was heard as the symbols blasted onto the seals like stars of the great path, shattering them. Thousands of seals flooded the place, blocking out the sky as they flew at Ye Futian. However, the symbols around him seemed to flow like the light of meteors, blasting at the countless seals coming from the other side.

The world around them seemed ready to break apart at any moment. Devastating currents swept about in a frenzy above the Crimson River, causing the eardrums of all within earshot to ache. Still, they nonetheless kept their eyes fixed before them, not wanting to miss a single detail of the battle.

The fighting at that moment looked incredibly grand and magnificent. The ancient symbols continued to move forward in a mystical pattern, clashing with the seals from the other side. It was like every single symbol was a seal on its own.


Neither man flinched on that tremendously terrifying battlefield. They moved forward at the same time as the palm prints from Xing Kai continued to blast at Ye Futian's symbols. Other than the most powerful of seals, which was shrouding the place and blocking out the sky, all of the ancient symbols were quickly shattered and destroyed.

However, as Ye Futian swung around with the halberd, the symbols blasted forth one after another, causing the palm print, which blocked out the sky, to rattle. More rumbles were heard, but their force seemed to have been considerably diminished.

At that very moment, Ye Futian's halberd burst with extremely brilliant light as it thrust at the palm print like a heavenly weapon. The ancient symbols right before the halberd seemed to have merged into a single entity. Every single symbol looked like a star as they blasted forth with the halberd into the palm print.

Stifled rumbles were heard in that instant. A crisp cracking sound was heard as the huge Mudra of God of War began to break apart. The halberd was pulsing with boundless light, a result of the light of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension being melded within it.


A rumble was heard as that magnificent palm print that had been blocking out the sky crumbled and was reduced to nothingness.

"It's broken."

The hearts of many who witnessed the scene raced. Ye Futian had been able to break Xing Kai's Mudra of God of War right away, just by using his own power. He'd had no need for god-like weapons. The thing that he had just destroyed had been thought to be unmatched in terms of its offensive capacity, yet he'd done it!

Xing Kai had never lost a single fight with his peers before the Peach Banquet. He had been able to win every single fight using his peerless offensive powers.

Yet at that very moment, those extremely overwhelming major offensive techniques of his had been overcome by Ye Futian's halberd.

Was this the power of the Thousand Character Proverb?

Every single symbol had been an attack on the great path. When the symbols moved and attacked, it was as if the stars were all blasting at the same time. The entropic powers brought froth within that instant had been more than enough to tear through everything. Even the Mudra of God of War had been destroyed all the same.

Xing Kai was dumbfounded. His expression suggested that he'd been caught off-guard. His art at the spear and the power of the Mudra of God of War had all been defeated by Ye Futian. The attacks that had made him invincible in the past had just been shredded apart by someone of a lower plane than he.

Furthermore, Ye Futian had not evaded his attacks at all. He had been attacking head-on all the time. Xing Kai's major offensive skills had been clashing with Ye Futian's attacks head-on as well, and he too had never evaded.

Xing Kai lowered his head and looked at Ye Futian, who was basking in divine light. When the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was brought to bear, his power turned into a cauldron of the great path, melding with the path of the world that surrounded them. Powerful spiritual will burst forth shortly after, cranking his combat prowess to the greatest level achievable.

The person and the great path merged. His spiritual will, physical body, and way of the great path combined, merging into a single entity, reaching the most perfect state.

He watched Ye Futian wielding the miracles. Stars appeared everywhere, shrouding the sky above the Crimson River and circling all around them. The stars seemed to all be emanating dazzling godly light, reaching down to Ye Futian and merging with his body. The man seemed to command the heavens, the earth, and everything around him.

An unassuming elder appeared in the massive crowd at the shores of the Crimson River. His expression was strange when he saw that dazzling scene before them. While he had indeed imparted his methods of training to Ye Futian not long ago, he'd never thought that the results of the lesson would be so dazzling.

It was a testament to his ability that Ye Futian had indeed fused the mystical techniques perfectly, connecting them with his spiritual will. Such talents were very surprising. It was no surprise why the combat prowess he'd brought to bear had been able to resist Xing Kai, who wielded the Heaven Punishing Fighting Will.

If it had been a common Saint of True Self instead of Xing Kai, said saint would have probably been thoroughly overwhelmed. Was this truly the power a Proving Holiness level saint was able to bring out?

A beam of dazzling light burst forward just as that old man was thinking about this, drawing an arc above the Crimson River.

Ye Futian turned the tides and headed upwards, lashing out with his halberd again. It penetrated the sky and headed straight for Xing Kai's gigantic body. The halberd brought the power of the stars with it as it moved, arriving at its target in an instant. That halberd itself seemed imbued with the power of stars, which contained extremely formidable powers of entropy.

The seals that Xing Kai had conjured were shattered in an instant. The halberd then banged against Xing Kai's gigantic body. Surprisingly, the huge god of war was sent flying. Deafening rumbles were. That huge body of his crumbled as the might of entropy blasted him apart.

Xing Kai's god of war battle form was reduced to nothing.

"What kind of an attack..." The spectators were all stunned by the extremely formidable attacks that Ye Futian could produce. Many wondered just how powerful that halberd was. Perhaps the answer was known only to Xing Kai, who'd taken the brunt of the attack head-on.

The Crimson River continued to roar, yet the battlefield had turned somewhat quiet. Countless pairs of eyes gazed forward. That battle of life and death had been treated as a showdown right from the start, both combatants bringing out their strongest attacks. No one had expected Ye Futian to be able to overwhelm Xing Kai.

Everyone then looked at the figure whose battle form crumbled, wondering if it had indeed been Xing Kai, who had been extremely prideful and known to be invincible among his peers.

Xing Qiu felt rather terrible watching the fight. With all his powers, his elder brother had never lost like this before. However, those two men who had emerged out of nowhere from Qianye City had caused even his brother's bright light to dim.

All of this had started with that battle he'd had with Yu Sheng.

"Are you ready to die now?" Ye Futian asked as he walked through the air. His eyes were plain and uncaring as he looked at Xing Kai.

This had always been a fight to the death.

The winner would live and the loser would die.
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    《The Legend of Futian》