The Legend of Futian
1307 Losing the Fight and Escaping
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1307 Losing the Fight and Escaping

The blinding light gradually dissipated, and someone appeared in the air.

It was none other than the Ninth Servant.

One of his arms was torn off. Sword will penetrated right through his body, staining his clothes in red.

His face looked rather ashen, and there seemed to be blood at the corner of his mouth.

However, his eyes still looked deep and terrifying, shining with frightening coldness.

So this is the present Ye Futian has gotten for me, huh? he thought.

That one sword that was meticulously prepped did more than tear his right arm off when it struck him The terrifying space-tearing powers contained within attempted to tear his entire being apart as well. Furthermore, that formidable sword will had indeed managed to hurt him; however, he suppressed it forcibly by using his overwhelming might of the great path, preventing his body from being shredded apart.

His injuries were grave at that moment.

He gazed forward, and a young woman clad in white, who looked like an adolescent, stood with blood at the corner of her mouth. Her entire being was clad in dazzling sword will. It was as if she was a manifestation of the sword itself.

He never expected to have been so severely injured. Worse still, he suffered such grave injuries not long after he stepped into Qianye City.

While Xing Kai's death pained him very much, his young master had indeed fought a hard battle.

The Ninth Servant had been protecting Xing Kai for many years. Xing Kai's talents and state of mind held true to his training undoubtedly, yet he lacked a kind of spirit nonetheless. That was because Xing Kai never suffered true despair, and he had never had his life hanging by a thread before.

Ye Futian was apparently armed with such a spirit. He did not hesitate after affirming their statuses as mortal enemies. He sent a challenge to fight to the death to Xing Kai, requesting a showdown at the Crimson River. At the same, Ye Futian laid down one such lethal trap waiting for the Ninth Servant in Qianye City.

He knew well what he should have done to eliminate the threats around him, and he went all out to get rid of enemies who managed to threaten him. Compared to Ye Futian, Xing Kai was indeed somewhat inferior in more than just the extent of his talents.

Furthermore, other than the Holiness of Nirvanas from the nine tribes who were forced to submit to him, he already had several such figures fully willing to protect and fight for him.

That also had been something Xing Kai lacked. For instance, that young woman dressed in white right before the Ninth Servant's eyes knew how dangerous it was to fight the Ninth Servant.

However, she made her move without hesitation. She had even lashed out a second attack.

Sword matrix of the great path circled her, with her—the core—standing at the center. She zipped past the sky, and the orbiting sword matrix pulsed with boundless flashes of the sword. The melding continued until they melded completely into a single sword, which then lashed out at him.

Her eyes were cold and determined. There was no hint of hesitation in her eyes. It was as if she locked onto her target, and she was very determined to kill.

That attack came very quickly as it streaked through space. All it took was a single thought.

However, the Ninth Servant reacted just as quickly. He stepped out slightly at the very moment of the flash of the sword. Terrifying shocks appeared around him even though he had only taken a single step. Frightening storms of tremors manifested around him as if they were able to stop any other forces from getting near.

Those beams of the sword that came at him crumbled right away. Only the sword that dazzled brilliantly in the middle continued on its course.

The Ninth Servant lifted his left arm and turned into a mirage. His speed was cranked to an unbelievable extent, making it difficult to track him with the naked eye.


The sword came, and the Ninth Servant extended his arm and pointed, which landed right at the tip of the blade.

That dazzling beam of the sword turned into a terrifying hurricane of the sword and lashed out. The sword matrix intended to penetrate the defenses and hit the body of the Ninth Servant behind, yet Yaya only felt that the Ninth Servant stood there as if he was the lord of the space around them. The power of that one finger contained the might of the great path all around them.

Boom, boom, boom... The sword matrix crumbled and was no more. Yaya's sword was shattered as well. She grunted. It seemed as if her body suffered violent tremors, and she was sent flying back. She used the force of the recoil to leave the battlefield within an instant, flying somewhere far away.

She spat up blood as she reeled, looking pale.

She knew that even if she were at the pinnacle of her plane all those years ago, she still would not have been able to take the Ninth Servant head on.

He was someone known to have one leg in the Renhuang Plane, after all.

One of his arms was destroyed, and he had suffered grievous injuries, yet he did not so much as frown. He went on to retaliate simply by lifting his left arm.

But then again, she was not the only one fighting that battle.

The Ninth Servant sensed horrifying pressure coming from above as soon as Yaya backed off.

He lifted his head and saw the Star Plucking Saint throwing a punch from above. It seemed as if stars were falling and tearing through the sky below. The Ninth Servant felt very formidable offensive powers with that one attack alone.

He and the Star Plucking Saint fought before. If he were at his prime, there was no way the Star Plucking Saint would have been able to fight him. The latter would have had to run away in shambles.

Nonetheless, the Star Plucking Saint was still incredibly formidable on his own, especially when it came to offensive powers, bringing the power of stars with every single attack.

The Star Plucking Saint took his Starry Battle Form. His entire body dazzled, and his punches felt even more terrifying. It was as if they intended to break the sky apart.

The Ninth Servant stepped out, and his body moved upwards. He charged into the midst of the Star Plucking Saint's attacks instead of evading.

He extended his left arm and grabbed at the sky. A huge palm print appeared above, taking down all the stars around, making the starry sky shudder.

Boom. The Star Plucking Saint's attacks hit their intended target, yet at that very instant, the Ninth Servant's arm flinched. It was as if countless shadows of the palm were being shot, above one wave after another, reversing the tide of offense.

However, those waves of arms were continuously shattered. The Star Plucking Saint continued moving below, and it seemed he was mere moments from arriving right before the Ninth Servant.

The Ninth Servant threw his final palm attack. Thousands of palms of the great path melded into a single entity. Waves of terrifying might of the great path shattered the stars all around them, causing them to explode continuously.

However, at the same time, the Star Plucking Saint's fists arrived. Everything caught in the crossfire between the two men exploded in a frenzy. The Ninth Servant was thrown down by sheer force alone.

Wu Yong and the other three tribe leaders of the nine tribes, as well as Shen Tianzhan, were all Holiness of Nirvanas. They had long been ready for what was to come, and they definitely did not let the chance slip by. Words were not necessary between them, and they were able to work in tandem with each other seamlessly.

Divine Sword of the Vermilion Bird was brought out streaking through the sky, imbued with formidable divine fires of the Vermilion Bird.

Wu Yong assumed the Chonglou Battle Form and sent palm attacks of the great path bursting downwards, burning the sky around them.

The tribe leaders of both the Beili Tribe and Nanli Tribe attacked alongside Shen Tianzhan. At that instant, terrifying Flames of the Way had practically devoured the sky around them. All of them had been formidable Holiness of Nirvanas in their own right, and at that moment, all of them attacked the Ninth Servant.

People from faraway watched the battlefield. Only saints dared to observe the battle. Even saints found their hearts racing, watching what was going on.

Such high-level battles were extremely rare. They would usually never be seen anywhere else.

The Ninth Servant, City Lord of Ancient Imperial City, was being ganged up on by Holiness of Nirvanas from Qianye City, attempting to make sure that the number one City Lord outside of Crimson Dragon CIty never got to leave Qianye City alive.

Terrifying attacks engulfed the sky where the Ninth Servant was. They only heard grunts afterward, and the Ninth Servant was nowhere to be found.

The hearts of the spectators continued to race. They all wondered if the Ninth Servant would end up being killed in Qianye City.

While Ye Futian had set up that battle meticulously, what was seen then also resulted from the Ninth Servant growing too confident and underestimating his enemy. He believed in his power too much. But then again, he was indeed formidable.

It was just that he never expected to suffer such a massive blow from one sword matrix, as soon as he showed up.


The spectators sensed formless powers arriving at that moment. That power rendered their blood boiling, and their hearts beat furiously.

A very strong sense of crisis was sensed. It was as if the vast area around them had been shrouded by a formless might of the great path.

"It's the Ninth Servant, get out." Those who were watching the battle from afar retreated in a frenzy. Even though they had been very far away from that battlefield, they continued to back away.

That power was so intense that if they were got near, they would have been pulverized right away.

"Look out!" The Star Plucking Saint uttered. A deafening rumble was heard at the next moment. All attacks surrounding the Ninth Servant crumbled and dissipated. Terrifying storms shrouded the place, and the sky shuddered. Waves of terrifying storms lashed out to destroy everything in their path as they hit the Holiness of Nirvanas from Qianye City hard.

All of them felt as if their souls were about to be torn apart. Their blood howled and rolled. The auras inside them shuddered violently.

Grunts were heard, and all of them were sent flying. Many who were watching the battle from afar spat up blood, as they suffered heavy blows.

The Ninth Servant appeared, and his body seemed to have melded with the heavens. Formless storms pressed down on their surroundings with extreme might.

However, the Star Plucking Saint from above attacked yet again, diving straight for the Ninth Servant. The latter had already been severely injured, and yet, he still managed to use such powers. That meant that he was feeling terrible himself as well.

Yan Yuan and the others continued forward at their target, attacking from afar.

The Ninth Servant, however, was seen stepping out hard in the air. He sent another storm sweeping out. He lifted his left arm and lashed out at the Star Plucking Saint, forcibly stopping the latter's advance completely.

Boom. Another step was taken, and the hearts of many raced. They all stopped dead in their tracks. The Ninth Servant shot into the air with that step, bursting out of the barricade, then headed far away.

It was apparent that he did not intend to fight any longer, intending only to leave the battlefield. Even though he had been able to deal damage to those Holiness of Nirvanas, it did not mean that he would have had an easy time killing them. If he were to stay and fight any longer, the consequences would be difficult to predict.

It was entirely possible that he would die there.

Everyone turned around, intending to give chase, but they quickly heard the Star Plucking Saint saying, "Let him go."

Everyone stopped after he said so. The Star Plucking Saint watched the Ninth Servant leave. He finally spat up some blood he had been holding in for some time. The crimson liquid dropped to the ground below, yet he continued moving forward, his silhouette gradually turning hazy.

The Star Plucking Saint knew that the Ninth Servant had suffered severe damage. He would not have escaped otherwise.

Even though the Ninth Servant had suffered grave injuries, if they were to give chase and were determined to kill that man at the pinnacle of Holiness of Nirvana level, at least half of them would probably end up dead.

The strongest attack they had been able to bring to bear was that one sword. None of the follow-up attacks had been able to kill the Ninth Servant. It made it so that killing him afterward would have been extremely difficult.

It was deemed quite a pity.

But then again, they gained a lot from that battle. The Ninth Servant was severely injured, and it would have taken him quite some time to recuperate. Furthermore, the Ninth Servant understood from that battle that Qianye City did have enough power to shake him, making it so that he would think twice before acting against them again.
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    《The Legend of Futian》