The Legend of Futian
1315 Catch Alive
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1315 Catch Alive

At the time of the battle of Qianye City in the Crimson Dragon Realm, Wu Yong had used Ye Futian to exert incredible fighting power and shake several nirvana figures with his performance.

The strength within Ye Futian could directly increase Wu Yong's strength, allowing him, who had just stepped into the nirvana realm, to appear as if he was at the peak of this state. Thus, while the leader of the Zhong clan could only reach the 11th phase of Zhonglou Battle Form, Wu Yong could reach the 12th phase, creating a towering, immense flaming battle form like a sun god of war.

Wu Yong's eyes were as bright as the sun. Once again, he experienced that breath. It was an unspeakable power, just like the last time.

When Ye Futian lent him the way, he would feel as if he had almost touched an even stronger way, like the source of the Great Path. His physical body was like the source of all flames, swallowing up the fire of the heavens, thus strengthening himself.

He only personally experienced this feeling among the remaining seven leaders out of the nine major tribes. He also understood that this must have been related to what Ye Futian had obtained from the relics of Emperor Kua.

Wu Yong naturally would not reveal this. He knew very well that because of his original decision, now Ye Futian trusted him the most.

On the other side, Cao Kong was incredibly fast. When the Zhonglou Battle Form finished being cast, Cao Kong had already arrived.

His target was Ye Futian, and naturally, he would take Ye Futian down as quickly as possible. Ye Futian was right behind Wu Yong.

Mighty demonic powers swept across the heavens, and an awesome Demon appeared behind Cao Kong. Demonic clouds covered the sky. They contained a terrible power to consume, trying to devour Wu Yong's flame.

He grabbed directly towards Wu Yong's body. Those who cultivated in the demonic arts were experts in close-quarter combat, so he was quite fearless.

The giant palm expanded wildly, turning into a vortex of a black hole. It was surrounded by endless dark, magical currents, moving toward Wu Yong's Zhonglou Battle Form like demonic magic chains.

The demonic chains that were formed by the demonic magical currents sheltered the sky and enveloped Wu Yong's body, wanting to imprison him. The terrible dark demonic currents swallowed the flames upon Wu Yong's body. A palm of the Great Path descended and blasted toward Wu Yong's head, wanting to end him then and there.

"Let him," Ye Futian said to Wu Yong. Endless flames also surrounded his body. The Fire Spirit Orb of his life palace merged into the ancient tree of the world, and branches and leaves reached out and melded into Wu Yong's body.

Wu Yong's Zhonglou Battle Form became even hotter. Like the center of the sun, flames continued to pour into the great palmprint through his battle form, even allowing the chain that grabbed him to devour the flames inside his body.

He knew very well that Cao Kong could not swallow this flaming force.

Sure enough, Cao Kong's face changed in an instant. The chains became crimson as blood, as did the dark demonic palm prints. The terrifying red color blended into the darkness, and even the will that was madly swallowing up the flames between heaven and earth continued to surge toward his arm.

A terrible sizzling sound was heard, and the endless chain of demonic magic started burning, and the great palm print exploded under the flame. Cao Kong's eyes changed, and his body retreated. He wanted to extricate himself.

The temperature of the flames on Zhonglou Battle Form was getting higher, and there was an illusion of divine fire in this space. It seemed as if it would completely transform it into a world of flame.


Just as Cao Kong attempted to retreat, many flaming arms suddenly appeared upon the 12th phase of the Zhonglou Battle Form, sheltering the sky. When Cao Kong just wanted to get out of there, he saw that Lu You had appeared behind him. He raised his hand to blast out a great palm that struck Cao Kong back, causing him to be surrounded by flaming arms.

Cao Kong's's pupils contracted slightly. There were three nirvana figures on the other side, and because he was eager to take down Ye Futian, he miscalculated Wu Yong's's battle power—or rather, Wu Yong's's power that was augmented by Ye Futian.

However, Cao Kong was a nirvana-level demonic figure after all. Although he felt the oppression, he was still mentally solid. The monstrous demonic power now turned into an overbearing demonic sword, stepping out in one direction and slashing a way out, cutting off the arms that extended from the Zhonglou Battle Form.

However, as he was about to open up a path, a strong sense of danger descended, and many solar spears fell down, piercing straight at his body.

Boom. The magical power swept the world. His body seemed to have been covered by a demonic armor, both hands holding a sword, and slashed out, opening up a fissure with demonic magic. It split the void, breaking the solar spear. Sounds of roaring continued, and the towering battle form of Wu Yong came out. A sun appeared behind him, emitting infinite sun divine light of the sun. Each beam turned into a solar spear.

Ye Futian had inherited the relics of Emperor Kua, and he now had mastered all the abilities of the nine major tribes and passed them on to Wu Yong. Therefore, Wu Yong had been improving over the past few years. What he mastered was not just the Zhonglou Battle Form of the Zhong Clan, but also the abilities of the Zhu clan.

The demonic sword cut through the sky and kept splitting the solar spears, but there seemed to be an inexhaustible number of solar spears. The demonic currents around Cao Kong's body were burning up so that he felt as if he was in a solar furnace and bore the roasting of the solar true fire.

A radiant sun fell, drowning Cao Kong, carrying endless solar spears; everything about his body was burned into infinity.

Cao Kong screamed as the storm intended to devour the flames, but he found that his Great Path of consumption was not nearly as powerful as will of the flames. He only felt that his body was burning, and even his spirit was bearing this power.

In the past, when Ye Futian lend the way to Wu Yong, it was to fight against several nirvana figures. He easily wiped out the Nirvana characters of the Chang clan. Now, Ye Futian's cultivation was even more excellent than at the beginning, and his control of internal strength was much better. Wu Yong had also progressed.

So, even though Cao Kong was extremely strong, he was still suppressed with absolute certainly. He couldn't attack, couldn't escape, and was trapped in it.

The army on the battlefield had begun to fight. Seeing this situation, Lu You turned and headed toward the other battlefields. The cultivators of the Dali Dynasty were not their equal and were overpowered, screams were heard continuously.

On the other battlefield, the idle king of the Peacock Demon Realm was also an extremely very powerful figure who could suppress King White.

In this battle, there wasn't even a chance for the cultivators of the Dali Dynasty to get close to Ye Futian, never mind attempt to take him down.

"Withdraw." King White retreated and ordered his men to retreat.

If they continue to fight, they feared they might be trapped and destroyed right where they were.

"Cao Kong!" he yelled out but saw that Cao Kong was trapped. Countless flaming arms of the flaming war god attacked at the same time, everywhere. With a loud sound, Cao Kong screamed angrily and was hit directly. The flames invaded his body, boiling all of his internal organs, and he spat out a mouthful of burning blood.

What humiliated Cao Kong even more was that Wu Yong didn't seem to want to kill him, but wanted merely to trap him with his Zhonglou Battle Form, continuing to attack him.

King White's look changed as he watched the scene played out. He felt the breath from Wu Yong and knew that Cao Kong probably would not be able to extricate himself from the battlefield.

He cast another glance at Ye Futian, who was behind Wu Yong. His return this time would spell another disaster for Dali.

Who could have thought that the person who could sway the disputes between Dali Dynasty and Emperor Xia's Realm would be a young man?

The death of Prince Li Yao was nothing worth tears.

Everything had started because of him.

"Start the matrix, withdraw!" While King White retreated, he forced Lu You back, and as the army of Dali Dynasty retreated, those who guarded the matrix now initiated the grand matrix of space. In just a moment, a brilliant beam of Great Path of Space covered this immense land.

Clearly, the other had prepared to evacuate at any time.

"Don't go over there. Get back!" Lu You and Idol King also ordered. If the matrix took anyone to Dali Dynasty before the army had a chance to prepare, the outcome would be very miserable.

The two sides disengaged in an instant, and each returned to their own camp.

A loud roar came out, and Cao Kong went berserk. Knowing that King White had ordered the retreat, one could only imagine what he was thinking.

However, he still couldn't escape the absolute control.

Finally, Cao Kong, this demon, had finally revealed his panic. He was slightly pale when a beam of bright light rushed into the sky. It was like opening up a Great Path of Space.

A group of figures crossed the space and disappeared, leaving Cao Kong there, fighting.

Bang. With another loud sound, Cao Kong was blasted down by a palm strike and hit the ground. Hot blood came out of his mouth, his clothes were also burnt, and a flaming currents now leaked from his torso.

"I want him alive," Ye Futian said. The demonic might on Cao Kong was powerful, and he tried to get up as another flaming palm struck him down again.

Cao Kong was a giant from the Dali Dynasty, their premier demonic figure with great strength, who was highly respected.

In Dali Dynasty, he had the respect and fear of all.

But, at this moment, his state was miserable.

His eyes were pitch black. It was as if he was on the verge of turning into a demon. He tried to get up again and again, refusing to give in.

However, he was repeatedly shot down. All of his organs were burning inside. The life force inside his body was being burned up, and his breath became weaker and weaker.

Finally, after a long while, Cao Kong lost his ability to resist completely and just laid there, unable to get up.

Wu Yong kept the battle form, looking down to survey the figure below. The Idol King and Lu You also came, looking at Cao Kong.

The Idol King took notice of the desolate state of Cao Kong. After all, he was a leader of demonic magic.

However, although he sympathized, he could not say anything. This was the grudge between the two major Renhuang realms.

When Cao Kong first engaged Ye Futian, his ambush in the Empty Realm nearly made Ye Futian lose his life. No matter what Ye Futian did now, it was not excessive.

Currently, Ye Futian's figure drifted down from Wu Yong, and his breath was gradually collected. He looked at Cao Kong below and thought that he had dealt with Yaya this way once upon a time.

This time, again in the Empty Realm, Cao Kong had wanted to ambush him with King White, thus falling into his hands.

As such, he now had the first card in his hand.

The existence of any Nirvana Plane was extremely precious to Dali Dynasty. Cao Kong was the leader of the Cao clan, and now that he had fallen into his hands, Emperor Li must somewhat consider Cao Kong's fate.

At Emperor Li's Palace, King White came straightaway to inform Emperor Li about Cao Kong.

After that, Emperor Li looked up into the distance, and might of authority shrouded the entire Emperor Li's City.

Empty Realm was now taken away from them, the army guarding the Empty Realm was expelled, the Peacock Demon Emperor's Realm joined forces with Ye Futian, and Cao Kong was left behind.

It was the perfect picture of this war!
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    《The Legend of Futian》