The Legend of Futian
1317 Coercion
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1317 Coercion

The Peacock Emperor stood quietly above the sky and said, "Just walking about. I heard of the dispute between Emperor Xia's Realm and Emperor Li's Realm, so I came to take a look."

Emperor Li's eyes were cold. In the Empty Realm, the Peacock Demon Emperor's Realm had joined forces with Ye Futian to fight against Dali.

The appearance of the Peacock Emperor, at this moment, was naturally a cause for concern.

"Your Majesty, at the time of the battle for the Empty Realm, Dali Dynasty and the Demon Emperor's Realm were allies and were going to join forces to deal a blow to Emperor Xia's Realm. However, those from Emperor Xia's Realm were extremely conniving. They gained control of the cultivators of the demonic tribe and disrespected Princess Kong Xuan. So now, why does Your Majesty allow the Idol King to join forces with the people from Emperor Xia's Realm?"

Some cultivator of Cao clan said with puzzlement. It was precisely because the Peacock Demon Emperor's Realm and Ye Futian joined forces that their leader had been captured. His fate was still unknown.

This was also the question of many people. There was a time that Kong Xuan hated Ye Futian and his cohort to the bone.

"Now that you mentioned the Empty Realm, I seem to remember, Emperor Li, that the rules of the battle for the Empty Realm were set by us three parties and lasted many years. Your son broke our covenant by disobeying the rules. According to the agreement, Dali will not be eligible to enter the Empty Realm. I am sure you understand." The Peacock Emperor did not respond to the man but directly addressed Emperor Li.

The man who spoke was pale, but Emperor Li was much calmer. The Peacock Emperor was making a point that he could not refute.

When they were at the Empty Realm, it was indeed Li Yao who broke the rules.

Well, now that the Peacock Emperor was present, was it to make Dali obey the rules?

Of course, the Peacock Emperor said nothing, which only invited more speculation.

But despite whatever happened in the Empty Realm, just the fact that the Peacock Emperor stood there, was a kind of deterrence.

"Emperor Li, you want to wage war to invade Emperor Xia's Realm, and your elder brother, King Tiandao does even more so and caused many provocations. Since you seem to want such an ending, then let the armies battle it out," Emperor Xia said out loud.

Emperor Li was silent, like everyone else in the palace.

A great battle?

Their powers were in great disparity. Battling under such conditions would, no doubt, be a definite loss.

At this moment, there was a strong space power blooming. The brilliance shone brightly, and the space above the palace seemed to radiate the brilliance of the Great Path of Space. An ancient path of space appeared, and a group of figures appeared in that direction.

In an instant, it attracted everyone's attention.

Had the main character arrived?

Everyone in Dali Dynasty knew that in this war between two Renhuang realms, only Ye Futian was the one to watch.

He had instigated everything.

Now, he came from the Empty Realm through the teleportation grand matrix to descend directly in Emperor Li's City.

Behind Ye Futian, there was another large army. Two nirvana figures, Wu Yong and Lu You were by his side, taking Cao Kong into custody.

Cao Kong, at this moment, was barely breathing. He no longer resembled the awesome demon that he was known as. He had gone through some serious abuse. Ye Futian and the others would not have allowed Cao Kong to maintain any power for fighting.

"Sir." The cultivators of the demonic Cao clan looked extremely worried. That was their leader, the premier demonic cultivator of the Dali Dynasty.

But now, he was in such a miserable state.

Even if he lived, how would this premier demon figure of the Dali Dynasty face the world in the future?

Ye Futian stepped forward toward the crowd directly across from him and came to the front of Emperor Xia's Army.

Countless eyes from the Dali Dynasty fell on him and his white garments and silver hair. Whether in appearance or temperament, he was extremely outstanding. Compared to the Seventh Swordsman of yore, he was even more distinguished.

Naturally, all of Dali knew that the silver-haired figure they saw was the genius who had infiltrated the Imperial Advisor's residence—the Seventh Swordsman.

He was chased by Dali before, but now he returned with such a dominant posture.

He had come leading the great army of Emperor Xia's Realm.

Many people in the Dali royal family knew this former Seventh Swordsman had even gone to the west mountain to hunt together. Furthermore, the aggressive Seventh Swordsman had executed a descendant of the Prince Regent's Residence without regard for anyone.

Now, to behold the Seventh Swordsman again, the feeling was quite another.

Emperor Li's eyes fell on Ye Futian. Back then, he did not even realize that the Seventh Swordsman was using a disguise.

Once, he had wanted to grant his daughter to Ye Futian as a wife and make him a prince consort.

To kill Ye Futian at the time, Li Yao and the Prince Regent suggested that he send the Imperial Advisor to the Crimson Dragon Realm and execute Ye Futian to neutralize this threat.

And he had agreed.

However, the operation failed, and the Imperial Advisor could not harden his heart to kill Ye Futian.

Ye Futian didn't die; the Imperial Advisor was admonished and was imprisoned by him, and the Imperial Advisor's residence was history.

Emperor Li, as a figure of Renhuang, did not expect that the history of the Dali Dynasty would change because of a young man.

Now, the troops were here in the city.

Ye Futian wanted to threaten him—the Emperor—into compromising.

To releasing the prisoner.

"Ye Futian greets Your Majesty, Emperor Li," looking at Emperor Li, Ye Futian said in a clear voice, but he did not bow in respect, and there was not much respect in his tone.

One could even say that his tone had a touch of indifference.

In the battle at Crimson Dragon Realm, it was impossible without the explicit consent of the Emperor.

Who could order the Imperial Advisor if not the Emperor?

Obviously, Emperor Li had the intention to coerce the Imperial Advisor. Although he valued the Imperial Advisor, his heart was closer to King Tiandao and the Prince Regent. After all, the same blood flowed within them.

No matter how much the Imperial Advisor of Dali achieved, no matter how extraordinary he was, he was always an outsider who could be used and even given enough respect. But when push came to shove, it was always blood that could be trusted more.

If the Imperial Advisor was a relative of the Emperor, perhaps the Emperor would not have sent him to the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Emperor Li should have known how difficult it was for the Imperial Advisor.

But Emperor Li had hoped the Imperial Advisor would make a choice.

"You have brought your men here, so don't bother with pretense." Emperor Li looked at Ye Futian coldly and said, "Ye Futian, what do you want?"

"When I cultivated in the Nine States, the Lower World of Emperor Xia's Realm, Li Yao crossed the Renhuang realm, leading people to lay siege on the clan I was with. This caused heavy casualties to my clan, including my wife." Ye Futian looked at Emperor Li and continued, "In the battle of the Empty Realm, it was another slaughter with total disregard of the rules, and in the Crimson Dragon Realm, Dali Dynasty sent out four nirvanas to attempt to kill me. It's not about what I want, but rather, Your Majesty, what do you want? "

Emperor Li stared at Ye Futian.

"If Emperor Li desires so much for me to be dead, well, here I am. Emperor Li could order them to do it." Ye Futian pointed to the people of the Dali Dynasty.

No one made a move. On the side of the Dali Dynasty, there was dead silence.

If the armies collided, they would suffer great defeat; there was no doubt about that.

Once, Dali Dynasty had attempted to kill Ye Futian many times, but now, there was no way that they could.

When Emperor Xia saw Emperor Li's silence, he said, "Emperor Li, you are, after all, an existence of Renhuang. If you hesitate without a decision, our fighting will be at a stalemate. Why not play a round of chess?"


At this moment, Emperor Li did not have the interest to play chess.

He and Emperor Xia were equal in strength. One could not beat the other. If there had been a clear gap, there would never have been border wars.

The hardest fist was not bound by rules.

It was only when two sides were equal was there the need for rules.

"Your Majesty, decide," Ye Futian said. Along the way, he didn't allow mindless slaughtering. It was obvious that he did not view this invasion as a true border battle.

Otherwise, it would not have been so peaceful; countless people of Dali would have fallen along the way.

They had only killed those who fought against them because it was kill or be killed by the other.

Emperor Li, of course, knew what he wanted.

Ten armies descended today. With soldiers now in the city, all these thousands of men came for only one person.

The majestic imperial palace, with its towering hall, stood there in extreme solemnity.

Today, for the first time, someone dared to threaten the lord of the Dali Dynasty—Emperor Li—to make a decision in this majestic palace.

Countless eyes fell on Emperor Li and Ye Futian opposite him.

The army encircled the palace, and dark clouds loomed over the city, threatening Emperor Li.

Although the reference to a decision was not stated, everyone knew very well what he meant.

He wanted the Emperor to let the prisoner go.

The entire hall inside the palace was filled with pressure.

Inside the imperial palace, in the jail cell suppressed by the ritual implement, the Imperial Advisor of Dali sat there with weak breath, guarded by cultivators next to him.

And now, the two who were guarding him were actually on the Unblemished Saint Plane.

The two Unblemished Saints looked into the distance and knew what was happening. They felt pity in their hearts and looked at the Imperial Advisor of Dali.

Once, he was the first person of Dali Dynasty under the Emperor. Once, he ruled the realm. All had respected him.

Even now, though he was imprisoned, a bloody storm of a war started because of him. Emperor Xia's Realm had sent its soldiers to the imperial palace. A fierce battle would be launched if Emperor Li did not comply.

"Imperial Advisor still has power. Even in prison, there are still those who will shed blood on account of the Imperial Advisor," an Unblemished Saint remarked.

The Imperial Advisor of Dali raised his head and looked into the distance with a faded gaze. Although his cultivation was obliterated, he could still feel the horrible atmosphere of the entire palace.

The entire palace of Dali was facing a great enemy.

He knew Ye Futian had come.

He valued Ye Futian, Ye Futian's talent, and his ideal of boundless Great Path.

Of course, he was reluctant to kill such a character.

So, he released Ye Futian in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

He knew what it meant to release Ye Futian when he had personally witnessed the death of Li Yao. It meant that he had burned all the bridges, but still, he did it.

Someone like Ye Futian should not die, let alone by his hands.

He knew that Ye Futian would inevitably create into a realm far beyond his own, but he did not expect that Ye Futian would come so soon with his troops.

"Why bother?" muttered the Imperial Advisor. It was true that he did betray his position and betrayed Dali; thus, his cultivation was obliterated. But he did not blame anyone; this was his own choice and the ending that he deserved.

But thinking of Ye Futian's arrival, he smiled again. Perhaps he was happy because he had such a disciple.

He had thought that his life would end in a whimper, and he would be content for Feixue to live a little longer. But Ye Futian had cured Feixue, and Yan Yuan and the others had also escaped this place, flying free like birds. Now, there was a disciple of his who may leave a mark in the history of the 3,000 Realms.

What dissatisfaction could there be in such a life? Even if he were to die now, there would be no regrets!
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    《The Legend of Futian》