The Legend of Futian
1318 Game
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1318 Game

At the Imperial Palace of Dali, the mighty armies were facing each other.

Three major Renhuang figures appeared here. Although the palace was very peaceful at the moment, everyone knew that once it exploded, it would be earth-shattering.

The whole point now hinged on whether or not the two sides could reach an agreement.

Ye Futian launched the war this time and led an army to invade the Imperial Palace of Dali. His purpose was not to slaughter; otherwise, the way over would not have been so quiet, and countless cultivators would have perished.

He came for the Imperial Advisor of Dali and wanted to force Emperor Li of the Dali Dynasty to decide to release the Imperial Advisor.

But could he persuade the Emperor?

At this moment, Emperor Li looked toward Ye Futian. In his cultivation until now, in the Renhuang Plane, he had ruled a realm respected by all in Dali Dynasty. He wanted to strengthen the Dali Dynasty so that even in times of trouble, they could conquer or defend. He wanted to glorify the name of the royal family of Dali so that it would be known more than just in the one realm.

The Imperial Advisor was competent and was valued. In his view, the Imperial Advisor would be the main force in his plane to strengthen Dali Dynasty. He had even vacated the power of the Prince Regent and gave all the power to the Imperial Advisor.

However, the Imperial Advisor had disappointed him.

After all, the Imperial Advisor was not part of the Li clan, and there was no blood of the royal family flowing inside of him. Therefore, he did not share the same position as him. When he encountered Ye Futian, he had committed treason because of his affinity toward his disciple.

He had said once that he could allow the Imperial Advisor to make any mistakes, except treason.

He was also willing to give the Imperial Advisor a chance, but he had declined.

Therefore, he asked the Imperial Advisor to obliterate his cultivation and be imprisoned.

Now, Ye Futian, the genius character who had caused the betrayal of the imperial advisor, had come here and surrounded the palace with his great armies, threatening him to release the Imperial Advisor.

To release him or not?

Ye Futian asked him to make a decision. But how?

"Ye Futian, in the world of cultivation, discussion of past rights and wrongs are meaningless. Li Yao killed your wife and those in your clan, but you also killed him. You want to rescue the Imperial Advisor, but the predicament the Imperial Advisor is in today is all because of you. If it was not for you having been the Imperial Advisor's disciple as the Seventh Swordsman, the Imperial Advisor would still maintain his honorable position in our Dali Dynasty, and the Imperial Advisor's residence would still be respected by those in Dali. All of this was because of your plan for revenge."

Emperor Li looked at Ye Futian and said, "Since you want me to make a decision, it will all end today. Everything started with you, and it shall end with you."

"Ye Futian, if you die, then the Imperial Advisor will still be the Imperial Advisor of Dali. I will forgive all the charges against the Imperial Advisor and his residence. And if they are willing, they can still be in positions of power in Dali Dynasty. Of course, he can also choose to leave, and I shall send him off in a manner befitting his position as the Imperial Advisor. "

Those who were around were trembling inside, and countless eyes fell on Ye Futian.

Emperor Li's decision was that for Ye Futian to die, and the Imperial Advisor would be released.

And all transgressions would be pardoned.

Now, the people of the Dali Dynasty could naturally see that Ye Futian's progress posed a great threat to Dali. If he died, there would not be a Renhuang figure who might obstruct Dali Dynasty. If he died, the great army would also fall apart; the Peacock Emperor and Kong Xuan were most likely here because of him.

And those figures of Nirvana Plane from the Crimson Dragon Realm were also fighting for him.

As long as Ye Futian was dead, everything would end.

Ye Futian stared at Emperor LI. So, he asked him to die in exchange for the Imperial Advisor of Dali?

The people of Emperor Xia's Realm were angry in their countenance, and Emperor Xia also frowned.

"The Imperial Advisor is in this predicament today because of you, and he was willing to die for you, Ye Futian. What the Imperial Advisor could do, you cannot?" Emperor Li continued, "Such a disciple is dishonorable."

Emperor Li's voice emitted a strange authority. It penetrated Ye Futian's eardrums and directly affected his will.

In addition to the words themselves, his voice also directly affected Ye Futian's emotions.

It was as if his words were the truth.

He wanted Ye Futian to exchange his life for the Imperial Advisor's.

Ye Futian's heart was shaking, and his mind was affected. He frowned a little, seeming to have felt the influence of Emperor Li's voice. However, he soon returned to a peaceful state of mind, firmed up his will, and he cast an indifferent look toward Emperor Li.

"My Master exchanged his life for mine because he was unwilling to slay me. But you wanted me dead, so what my Master did was in vain?" Ye Futian said coldly, "In addition, there are many elders of Emperor Xia's Realm, as well as elders from Crimson Dragon Realm, and the mighty army that joined in this battle because of me. What would become of their deed if I died?

"Furthermore, Your Majesty, you don't seem to understand the situation today. I am giving Your Majesty a chance to decide, not a chance to renegotiate the conditions of the exchange." Ye Futian's voice grew colder and colder. He stretched out his hand, and suddenly, the breath of many nirvana figures bloomed, sweeping through the space and overwhelming the palace, shrouding the Imperial Palace in an atmosphere of terror.

Many large armies marched forward, oppressing with an even stronger might of authority.

If there was one misdirected word, there would be a blood bath.

And in the Imperial Palace of Dali Dynasty, a great battle would erupt.

Behind Ye Futian, the Swordmaster of Lihen and the others reveal a look of relief. Had Ye Futian been influenced by the words of Emperor Li and agreed to such a ridiculous request, then they probably would have been disappointed.

Otherwise, why did they fight?

Because of Ye Futian's talent, because of his brilliant future, it was possible that he would be a figure who could influence the realms.

If it was so easy to lose life over this, then what was the meaning of everything they had done?

It was exactly as he said: what was the reason for the Imperial Advisor of Dali sparing his life?

Now, would he be seeking his own death?

The hopes of many were pinned on his life.

"Is it?" Emperor Li looked at Ye Futian with sharp eyes and said, "If so, you can order them to give it a try."

He was still standing proudly when he spoke. The authority of Renhuang was released to its fullest and shrouded the heavens. His eyes were so deep and unfathomable that it was hard to see what his thoughts were.

He wanted to see if Ye Futian dared to issue an order to kill?

For many things, there was a difference between zero and infinity. Once there was a first time, then there, naturally, would be a second time.

Today, Ye Futian led an army to press them, and Dali Dynasty had no power to resist. The attack came straight inside the palace, and undoubtedly it was a shameful business to Emperor Li.

However, today he was threatened by Ye Futian to compromise.

After that, would the people of Emperor Xia's Realm no longer attack?

If not, then what was the point to compromise?

What he wanted now was for Ye Futian to die.

If Ye Futian didn't die, the situation would not change.

And for Dali Dynasty, it could only get worse.

Because Ye Futian would only become stronger and stronger, and the outside forces could become even greater.

Currently, he was only Saint of True Self. What if he became Unblemished or entered the Nirvana Plane?

Once he entered the Nirvana Plane, the combat power of him alone would be no less than the Imperial Advisor's, and perhaps, there would only be more people who would follow him.

Now, it was a game between the two.

Ye Futian wanted to force him to release the Imperial Advisor. He wanted to see if Ye Futian dared to make a move.

Ye Futian was silent. Looking at Emperor Li's eyes, he knew that he had underestimated the power of Renhuang.

Emperor Li would not move first, but he was also betting that Ye Futian dared not to strike first.

If it were rushed, then everyone would perish together.

Rules were rules, and rules were meant to be broken, not last forever.

Unless there were stronger forces regulating the rules...

If the moment of life and death for Dali arrived, would Emperor Li still abide by the rules?

"Release the Imperial Advisor and return his freedom so that he is no longer bound by Dali. From then on, I, Ye Futian, will never step inside Emperor Li's Realm," Ye Futian said, knowing full well the concerns of Emperor Li. He felt that Ye Futian was too great of a threat, and even if he promised to release the Imperial Advisor, it would not change the situation in the future.

Therefore, he wanted Ye Futian to die.

"It's not enough," Emperor Li said lightly. "I can release the Imperial Advisor, but he still belongs to Dali and cannot leave the imperial city of Dali."

Even if Ye Futian never entered the Dali Dynasty, others still could.

What's more, just how credible were Ye Futian's words?

The threat to Dali Dynasty remained. Either Ye Futian was dead, or the Imperial Advisor would continue to be controlled by Emperor Li.

"Emperor Li, this is hardly the kind of character befitting Renhuang," Emperor Xia said casually.

"Wait until Emperor Xia's Realm faces a moment like this, then ask yourself if you have the right to utter this sentence or not," Emperor Li responded indifferently; he was the Emperor of the Dali Dynasty.

All of Dali Dynasty was under his guardianship; he would never allow it to be threatened.

Ye Futian looked at the figure standing proudly on the top of the stairs, his fists clenched. He was struggling inside.

Emperor Li's thinking was spot on. Even if he never entered Dali again, he still had ways to deal with it.

Emperor Li had hardened his heart now. He was unwilling to compromise and refused to let the Imperial Advisor go.

"Emperor Li, Li Yao and all who had grievances with me have died, and the Imperial Advisor lost his cultivation. All this was counted as even between us and will stop right here. The loss suffered by Emperor Xia's Realm was repaid with the Empty Realm, so from now on, Dali Dynasty will never be allowed to enter the Empty Realm."

Ye Futian continued, "Going forward, I will no longer pursue any of these grudges."

Many people look toward Ye Futian. In fact, other than Cao Kong, others still had grudges with Ye Futian. Many cultivators, including the Prince Regent, had gone to the Crimson Dragon Realm to kill him, leading to the situation with the Imperial Advisor.

But, for the freedom of the Imperial Advisor, Ye Futian was willing to make concessions and compromise.

In this battle, the army of Emperor Xia's Realm participated, but he knew very well that it was not only because of him but also Emperor Xia. He couldn't gamble everyone's life because of his own grudges.

At this moment, he has only one goal, and that was to take the Imperial Advisor away from Dali Dynasty so that he could reunite with Yan Yuan and Feixue, no longer being oppressed by Dali, and getting to choose as he wished.

Concessions such as this should be acceptable to Emperor Li?

After all, Emperor Xia's Realm came to attack and had breached the palace. Along the way, many important strategic locations of Dali Dynasty were taken by them, including the Medicine City and other important ruins.

It could be said that Ye Futian had the absolute advantage.

But now, Ye Futian had only one condition, and that was the freedom of the Imperial Advisor, and for that, he could let go of everything that had been taken.

Next to him, Emperor Xia said nothing. This battle was for Ye Futian, and he should make all the decisions!
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    《The Legend of Futian》