The Legend of Futian
1319 Conditions
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1319 Conditions

"That's not enough."

A cold voice responded to Ye Futian.

Emperor Li looked at him and spat out these words: "not enough."

Even if Ye Futian decided to give up the pursuance of this grudge, and his only wish now was to leave with the Imperial Advisor safely, and he would no longer pursue things of the past...

That was all he wanted now.

As long as Emperor Li would agree, he would evacuate from Dali.

However, Emperor Li had refused decisively.

When Ye Futian heard the response from Emperor Li, his face became extremely cold, and a chill was released from his body. His fists were tightly clenched.

Today's situation, having surrounded the imperial palace of Dali, was an absolute advantage for them.

It should be them who dictated the conditions to force Emperor Li to comply.

However, the fact was that he stepped back and conceded, while Emperor Li still felt that it was not enough and refused to make any concessions and release the Imperial Advisor.

The Peacock Emperor watched all this quietly in the void. He secretly transmitted to Kong Xuan, saying, "When both parties are in negotiation, whoever cares the most is destined to lose. Emperor Li is Renhuang, after all, and dares to gamble everything and let go. But Ye Futian, he can't give up. He came for the Imperial Advisor, and his purpose is clear. He cares more than Emperor Li, so in this exchange, he is destined to lose."

Kong Xuan appeared to be deep in thought. Her father transmitted a secret message to her was perhaps reminding her of something.

In the future, she may also have the experience of an exchange such as this.

Even those from Dali Dynasty thought that the Emperor might agree to Ye Futian's request and let the Imperial Advisor go, and Ye Futian would retreat.

But they did not expect that Emperor Li still did not agree.

The advantage that Emperor Li had, compared to that of Ye Futian, was that Ye Futian dared not gamble the lives of everyone, unlike Emperor Li.

He was the lord of the Dali Dynasty. He could make any decision, and no one could disagree with him.

He did not need to consider anything else; he only needed to consider himself.

It was deathly still. Even though Ye Futian was angry, he was also helpless. He wanted to have a great fight and let the army sweep over the entire Dali Dynasty.

But just as everyone thought, he had more concerns, and he cared more.

"Your Majesty, then, means to make war?" Ye Futian stared at Emperor Li and said.

"You came from Emperor Xia's Realm and attacked until you came in front of me. Now you ask me if I chose to go to war?" Emperor Li smiled sarcastically, saying, "Ye Futian, I will give you two options: withdraw, and I release the Imperial Advisor, but he is still not allowed to leave the Imperial City. The second choice is this: now that the Imperial Advisor is suppressed under a pagoda. If you are willing to try to survive the three levels of suppressions of the pagoda in the stead of the Imperial Advisor, and you are willing to withdraw your army, you may leave with the Imperial Advisor if you live."

"Nirvana-level implements are not to be trifled with," Emperor Xia said, looking towards Emperor Li. "The Imperial Advisor once served the Dali Dynasty, but now you threaten us with his life. Emperor Li, don't you think this is unbefitting to your honor as Renhuang?"

"The Imperial Advisor of Dali betrayed us because of him, yet he refuses to die for the Imperial Advisor. Now, I only ask him to bear the suffering of the Imperial Advisor." Emperor Li responded coldly, "The Imperial Advisor suffered such pain for you daily, Ye Futian. What about you? "

His voice was the same as before. It was as if contained certain magic, affecting Ye Futian's will.

Many understood. Before, Emperor Li had already revealed his desire for Ye Futian to die.

Now, he did not directly ask Ye Futian to die for the Imperial Advisor, but this request was not far off.

He wanted to use this to kill Ye Futian so as not to worry later.

Otherwise, even if Ye Futian promised to let go of the grudge, Emperor Li would probably still be worried.

Only a dead man would require no more guarding.

"What is the difference between this and asking me to die if Emperor Li takes control of the implement?" Ye Futian said.

"Others will control it," Emperor Li said. Ye Futian seemed a little moved.

"No matter what means I use?" Ye Futian said.

"Yes," Emperor Li answered.


Even if Ye Futian had incredible means, as Saint of True Self, if he dared to agree to it, there would only be one conclusion, and that was death.

Even if he could use the external force to exert strength far beyond the realm, the result would be the same.

"Ye Futian," Emperor Xia called out and looked toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futian turned to look back at Emperor Xia, who said, "You don't need to promise him anything."

Obviously, he also did not want Ye Futian to save the Imperial Advisor in this manner.

Since Emperor Li had proposed it, it meant that he had absolute certainty of taking Ye Futian's life.

As soon as Ye Futian agreed, what awaited him could very well be death.

"What if Your Majesty breaks your promise?" Ye Futian asked again.

"The Peacock Emperor is here, he can be a witness, " Emperor Li said, looking up at the Peacock Emperor.

"Gladly," the Peacock Emperor in the void nodded in agreement.

"Father." Kong Xuan looked at him. The Peacock Emperor had agreed so decisively, but for Ye Futian, the result could be fatal.

However, the Peacock Emperor seemed extremely peaceful. Ye Futian had chosen this path himself. He caused this war, and everything was his doing.

The final decision, ultimately, was in Ye Futian's hands.

"Very well."

Ye Futian spat these words, which made the hearts of many tremble.

Xia Qingyuan stared at him. Had he agreed to such poor conditions?

"Ye Futian," Emperor Xia transmitted his voice to Ye Futian.

"Since Emperor Li threatens me with the life of my master, this is the only way. If I can't bear it, Your Majesty can interfere then by force." Ye Futian secretly transmitted his voice to Emperor Xia. Since Emperor Li was eager for him to die, he would play ball with Emperor Li.

Of course, he wouldn't want to die and trade his own life, so he reminded Emperor Xia.

He nodded and agreed, but Emperor Xia did not.

Since Emperor Li could intervene by force, so could Emperor Xia.

Both King Tiandao and the Prince Regent flashed cold murderous intent in their eyes. They would dare to agree?

If so, then the only thing left to do was to kill.

They wanted to see how Ye Futian would manage to resist the slaughter of the pagoda.

"Since that's the case, let's go and check on the Imperial Advisor," Emperor Li now seemed rather calm and did not show any emotions. He turned around and walked toward the center of the imperial palace. All the cultivators of Dali were following him.

Emperor Xia waved his hand, and the mighty armies suddenly moved forward together, heading in one direction.

After a short while, they came to a prison and saw the figure of the Imperial Advisor of Dali.

This prison was not an ordinary prison but was in a separate, independent space. In the sky above the Imperial Advisor of Dali, there was a giant pagoda, brilliant, sprinkling lights that turned into an independent prison. The body of the Imperial Advisor was enclosed within, like a prison in space.

Traces of horrible will of the Great Path permeated from it, and there seemed to be an enchantment surrounding the Imperial Advisor.

At that moment, he was sitting on the ground. His hair was a mess, his eyes were cloudy, and his hair had grayed much.

He resembled the hero of yore, no longer possessing the brave spirit of his former self.

Seeing the appearance of the Imperial Advisor, Ye Futian felt a little sad inside. How could this be the first person under the throne of Dali Dynasty?

"Master." Ye Futian felt saddened, seeing what was before him.

He still remembered that when he first came to the Dali Dynasty. He had come from the Lower Realm and entered the palace. He met the disciple of the imperial advisor, Lu Chuan.

Even though Lu Chuan was only the youngest disciple of the Imperial Advisor, he was still in a superior position, treated as a guest of honor by King Li, who ruled the Lower Realm as one of the four kings.

After entered into the Upper Realm of Dali, he felt even more clearly how respected the Imperial Advisor of Dali was in Dali Dynasty.

He has been someone who stood at the peak top of all of Dali.

But because he didn't want to kill him, he ended up like this.

One could only imagine how Ye Futian felt at this moment in his heart.

"Leave." The Imperial Advisor looked at Ye Futian with murky eyes. His voice seemed weak and lacked energy.


Seeing his master like this, how could Ye Futian leave?

He walked forward. Behind him, Emperor Xia shrouded the entire palace with his might. If someone in Dali dared to make a move on Ye Futian, he would intervene directly.

"Master, I will leave with you," Ye Futian said.

The Imperial Advisor had no more cultivation left. How could he leave his master here in this state?

Seeing the master today, his breath of life was drying up.

He was left on his own. He could really die.

For cultivators, the loss of cultivation was the greatest nightmare.

People of Emperor Xia's Realm seemed to understand why Ye Futian wanted to save the Imperial Advisor of Dali at all costs.

The former Imperial Advisor of Dali had ended up like this. Even those top characters of Emperor Xia's Realm who had seen him in Crimson Dragon Realm still felt saddened in their hearts.

How great was the Imperial Advisor back then? Even the Great Shaman was unable to resist him and was suppressed firmly by him. Just himself alone, he could battle several Nirvana characters at the same time.

And now? He was on the verge of death.

"Futian, it's not worth it," the Imperial Advisor looked at him and said.

It was not worth it for Ye Futian to save him.

"You were high above in Dali Dynasty but ended up like this because of me. Was it worth it?" Ye Futian whispered, feeling pain in his heart. He went forward, step by step, and horrific breath was released from him. The flames now burned into the sky. Above the firmament, wind and clouds were changing.

Suddenly, Ye Futian's body seemed to be devoured by the flames, but his eyes were still on the Imperial Advisor. He continued forward toward the area that was suppressed by the pagoda.

Boom. A horrible illusion of the flaming god of war was condensed into existence. An elusive face seemed to appear in the flames above the sky. It was as if Emperor Kua was summoned here and had descended.

The sound of a roar came out, Ye Futian's body became immense, and the Zhonglou Battle Form was cast. It grew larger and larger, exuding radiance light of the sun. It was irresistible.

The people of the Dali Dynasty looked at this scene with shock. Could he exert such tremendous power?

At this point, Ye Futian's breath was already that of the Nirvana Plane. The strength of that flame was so strong that it might really slay the existence of Nirvana Plane.

Boom! With one step, Ye Futian entered under the pagoda. Suddenly, the lights of the pagodas fell down, and the violent force streamed down along his body as if to shatter his body.

"Do it." Ye Futian looked up and looked in the direction of Emperor Li.

Emperor Li looked indifferent toward King Tiandao. The chance was best with King Tiandao controlling the implement to kill Ye Futian.

Even though Ye Futian's power was comparable to Nirvana at this moment, he still would not escape the fate of death.

Today, he would die!
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    《The Legend of Futian》