The Legend of Futian
1322 Beginning and End
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1322 Beginning and End

The Prince Regent's body was pierced in a flash. Terrible light shot out from him, and he gave a howling shriek. Under this brilliant light, his body was shattered into nothingness.

First, it had been King Tiandao, and now the Prince Regent. Both of them had lost their lives.

Including Cao Kong, the Dali Dynasty had lost three of its top figures.

Moreover, their former Imperial Advisor had slain two of them.

Many of the people in the palace felt a deep sense of misery. Even the Prince felt this way.

Those who belonged to the Li Imperial family harbored murderous intent, including King Tiandao's people, and the Prince Regent's people.

The Dali family had been opposed to the Imperial Advisor's Residence and were always trying to bring about the Imperial Advisor's downfall.

"In the past, you all participated in the siege of my residence," said the Imperial Advisor. Up in the sky, a divine array of the Great Path flashed. Ancient characters floated around him.

"Kill them."

The Imperial Advisor's eyes were cold. When he said this, divine light fell everywhere, destroying everyone. No one could survive it.

The people of the Dali Dynasty had once thought that the Imperial Advisor was too kind. He knew many powerful techniques, but he did not use them. Otherwise, the Dali Dynasty would have been able to destroy Emperor Xia's Realm. There would have been no reason why they should have lost the Battle of the Empty Realm.

But the Imperial Advisor had always been very careful about the techniques that he used. The Imperial family all thought that he was too calm and was not fierce enough towards their enemies.

Now, the Imperial Advisor had finally started to kill; but he had not killed the people from Emperor Xia's Realm, but rather those of the Dali Dynasty.

He had given all his loyalty to the Dali Dynasty, but even destroying his powers was still not enough. Emperor Li had still tried to control the Imperial Advisor's Residence. And now, when the people of Emperor Xia's Realm had come to save him, then Emperor Li had used his life as a way to threaten Ye Futian. He had asked Ye Futian to die in his place.

Of course, this had made him completely hopeless. From now on, he owed the Dali Dynasty nothing. He would no longer be their Imperial Advisor.

And since he owed them nothing, it was time for payback.

If the people of the Dali Dynasty said that he was betraying them, then so be it.

"Qin Xuangang!" came an angry voice from the sky. The world shook as terrifying destructive light fell.

The Imperial Advisor looked up and stretched out a hand. He used the Heavenly Great Path to block the falling destructive light. There was a loud noise as his fist was destroyed, but the Imperial Advisor was not harmed. Even Emperor Li's will could not kill him.

"Since you have already made your choice, Your Majesty, you have no right to be angry." The Imperial Advisor was looking into the sky. Qin Xuangang was his original name. Few people knew that. The people of the world were all used to calling him the Imperial Advisor. But Emperor Li naturally knew his true name.

Emperor Li wanted to kill Ye Futian and had done all he could to do so. This was his decision. At the moment that he had made the decision, nothing could be changed. Fate was set. Anger and regret would be meaningless.

He did not regret letting Ye Futian go in the past. He did not regret destroying his own powers to give Yan Yuan and the others a chance to live.

Now, he had begun slaughtering the people of the Dali Dynasty. Even if the people of the world spurned him for it, he would still not regret it.

This was his choice.

Another attack fell, and many people were killed on the spot.

"Imperial Adviser." At that moment, Li Xuan stepped forward. He rose into the air and stood before the Imperial Advisor.

He and Li Yao had once both been close to the Imperial Advisor and had desired to study under him.

"The Dali Dynasty has treated you shamefully. But is this what you truly want?" asked Li Xuan.

"Imperial Advisor." King Li and some others stepped forward as well. They all knew that as long as the Demon Peacock Emperor was helping him block Emperor Li's attacks, then Emperor Xia's people would not even need to get involved to defeat them.

None of them could stop the Imperial Advisor when he was like he was today.

"Imperial Advisor." On the ground, some people were even kneeling. They looked up at the figure in tattered robes up in the sky and begged him for mercy.

Seeing all those figures, the Imperial Advisor sighed inwardly.

He had so much bitterness in his heart, but after he had spent so many years in the Dali Dynasty, and trained so many of their youths.

And there were those among the princes who had done him no wrong.

And in the past, Emperor Li had treated him well. Otherwise, he would not have always done his all for the Dali Dynasty.

He sighed inwardly again, then turned and walked towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian watched him come. "Let's go, teacher," he said with a smile.

The Peacock Emperor had no quarrel with Emperor Li; he was shielding them from Emperor Li's madness. He would not really ally with Emperor Xia to kill Emperor Li. If they could kill him, that would be great, but what if they couldn't?

Emperor Li would vent his rage by slaughtering the people of Emperor Xia's Realm and the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm. Could Emperor Xia and the Peacock Emperor keep a constant watch on him?

And even if they watched him, could they stop him?

Thus, they could not really destroy the Dali Dynasty. And in principle, this battle between the three Emperors had not broken any rules if it all ended here.

This was a terrible defeat for the Dali Dynasty. Emperor Li had displayed a fierce and decisive nature, but it had all been for the purpose of killing Ye Futian. But he did not dare to harden his heart and try and destroy them both together.

"Mm." The Imperial Advisor nodded. He walked up to Ye Futian, who had once had such a weak aura, and then returned to Emperor Xia's camp.

"Disperse the army," said Ye Futian. Throughout Emperor Xia's vast army, all the divisions began to disperse.

None of the cultivators of the Dali Dynasty dared to stop them.

They had lost three of their great cultivators. Now they no longer had the Imperial Advisor, the Prince Regent, nor King Tiandao. They had lost a lot of their vitality. It would probably take a long time to recover, and they no longer had the resources to challenge Emperor Xia's Realm.

At the very least, they would be like this for a very long while.

As for the future...

Up in the sky, the great battle was still raging. It seemed as if the sky would collapse and the earth would split.

When the great army of Emperor Xia's Realm had dispersed, Emperor Xia's voice rang out through the air, "Do you still wish to continue, Emperor Li?"

As he said this, beams of destructive catastrophe light fell from the sky, and two figures floated down slowly. The Peacock Emperor returned to his original place and stood beside Kong Xuan.

Emperor Li swept a cold gaze over Emperor Xia. Then he looked and saw the situation that the Dali Dynasty was in. In reality, he had already seen that before.

How could he have imagined that the Imperial Adviser would break through his state of mind in a situation like this and advance to the next level?

It seemed that he had already touche the gate to the Renhuang level.

The Imperial Advisor was Ye Futian's only condition. He would not lead the great army in an attack. The army would disperse, and he had promised to forget this grudge.

But what about now?

Not only had the Imperial Advisor left, but he had also gone beyond the limits of his power.

The Dali Dynasty had lost three Nirvana level cultivators.

Other than that, his previous agreement with Ye Futian was not included in this. He might come back in the future.

If Ye Futian reached a level where he could threaten him, he would certainly not let him go.

The reason he had not brought slaughter to his men today was that he still had misgivings about facing a Renhuang level Emperor.

Emperor Li turned and descended. He walked back towards the palace.

It seemed as if he was calmly facing this tragic defeat.

He did not give vent to his rage. He did not even say anything angry.

This was the way things had ended, so doing any of that would have been meaningless.

He had not lost this game before. And in this case, he did not think he had done anything wrong. He had lost to fate.

He had bet that Ye Futian would not have the guts, so he had pressed him hard at every step. He had put forward his conditions, prepared to do whatever it took to kill Ye Futian.

But the Imperial Advisor had recovered.

And thus, he had been badly beaten.

But he had not lost to Ye Futian.

Even though he had lost, he would not lose his temper and go on a rampage. He was at the Renhuang level, so his state of mind was better than that. But he had bet the Ye Futian would not risk that.

But now it was all finished. Things had come to their end and could not be changed.

Now he should be thinking about the future.

Emperor Xia knew that Emperor Li was merely threatening Ye Futian. In reality, he also would not give vent to his rage by going on a rampage. He would wait and see who backed down first.

He looked up and nodded to the Peacock Emperor, and then the two of them left in different directions. They disappeared in the blink of an eye. It was as if they had never even come.

Everything in the Royal Palace of Dali was in disorder.

This was a day that the Dali Dynasty would never forget.

Throughout Emperor Li's City, countless people were standing there in shock, looking up at the disappearing figures.

The famous Imperial Advisor was now far away. After what had happened, he had already been fated to leave the stage of the Dali Dynasty's history, but he had still been in the Royal Palace of Dali.

But now, the Dali Dynasty had lost him forever.

He had brought glory to the dynasty. Even when he left, he would never be forgotten.

Now, what could the Dali Dynasty use to fight Emperor Xia's Realm?

They had lost the Empty Realm, and in the future, they would probably lose even more.

Of course, other than the Imperial Advisor, there was one other name that the people of the Dali Dynasty would never forget.

Ye Futian.

Everything had started with him.

Of course, who could blame him?

From the start, everything had been caused by Li Yao, the Prince of the Dali Dynasty.

The man who had once thought he could crush as easily as an ant and not only cost him his life, now he had taken way one of the most significant figures in the Dali Dynasty.

Who could have imagined it?

If Li Yao was still alive and had learned of today's battle, what would he have thought of it?


In direct contrast to the Dali Dynasty, Emperor Xia's Realm had experienced a glorious victory.

Ten army divisions had set out and swept away all in their path. They had attacked the Royal Palace of the Dali Dynasty and laid siege to it.

They had brought the Imperial Advisor of the Dali Dynasty to Emperor Xia's Realm and killed three great figures of the Dali Dynasty, including King Tiandao. Moreover, Emperor Xia's Realm had paid only a small price for this victory.

This glorious victory sent great waves throughout Emperor Xia's Realm. From now on, the Dali Dynasty would no longer be a threat to them.

Ye Futian's fame grew even brighter.

He eclipsed the Princes of Emperor Xia's Realm and even Princess Xia Qingyuan. Of course, as far as many people were concerned, Ye Futian and the Princess were inseparable.

This battle made more people think that the future ruler of Emperor Xia's Realm might be Ye Futian.

Within Emperor Xia's Palace, the great army returned to their stations and all the top figures who had gathered left.

Ye Futian immediately shut himself away to heal. It would probably be a long time before he was fully recovered.

In the palace courtyard, Yan Yuan, Teacher Nan Zhai, Mu Chunyang, Lu Chang, and Feixue stood before the Imperial Advisor.

"Teacher!" called Yan Yuan and the rest. They were all smiling, just as brightly and simply as they had in their youth.

Feixue walked forward, smiling. Tears were flowing down her cheeks. She took her father's hand and embraced him.

"Father," she said. The Imperial Advisor hugged her gently, a thousand feelings racing through his heart.

It seemed as if he had been reborn.

When Yan Yuan and the others saw this, their smiles grew even brighter. They sighed inwardly. Ye Futian had not lied to them. He had brought their teacher back.

It had begun with him, and it had ended with him!
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    《The Legend of Futian》