The Legend of Futian
1325 A Match for Ninth Servan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1325 A Match for Ninth Servan

Back in the Crimson Dragon Realm, everyone had been gone from Qianye City for several months.

Before they left, Ye Futian had used the Sword Matrix of the Void to attack the Ancient Imperial City so that they would not dare to do anything foolish.

The Ninth Servant had indeed not done anything foolish. He did not care about anyone else in Qianye City. His only target was Ye Futian.

In the time after Ye Futian and the others had left, the Ninth Servant had officially left the city.

He had sent people to Qianye City, and they had destroyed another Sword Matrix of the Void there.

Moreover, he created a spatial matrix in the Ancient Imperial City. It was a two-way teleportation matrix, and the other side of it was in a residence in Qianye City.

At the same time, the Ninth Servant and the people of the Ancient Imperial City captured Ye Futian's former subordinates and prevented them from leaving the city to spread the news.

He had lost that battle in the past because he had been the first to be injured by the Sword Matrix of the Void. This had profoundly affected his combat ability, giving his opponent a chance to find a way to beat him.

Now, Ye Futian and the others had actually dared to leave in such a careless manner. All they had to do was destroy the Sword Matrix of the Void, and once Ye Futian returned, he could teleport to that residence in Qianye City.

At that time, if he wanted to go and watch, who could stop him?

Otherwise, Ye Futian would never come back.

This way, he would take the most vicious vengeance possible for Xing Kai's death.

Many people in Qianye City were worried about Ye Futian. For example, a man of the Situ family knew that if an enemy like the Ninth Servant would be so daring as to directly come here even under the threat of the Sword Matrix of the Void, he must have some tricks up his sleeve.

If Ye Futian came back, it would be a disaster.

Now, the cultivators of the Ancient Imperial City had conquered Qianye City. No one dared to stop them, nor would they be able to.

At that moment, the head of the Situ family, Situ Zhong, asked the man who had come in, "What is the situation outside?"

"The Ancient Imperial City has almost conquered Qianye City. We are being watched, and we can't go out. Otherwise, the Ninth Servant will probably act against us," said the man.

Situ Zhong sighed miserably. What was Ye Futian thinking? Without a great weapon like the Sword Matrix of the Void, how could they deal with someone like Ninth Servant?

Unless they had carved defensive Sword Matrices of the Void in other cities before they left, they would have no way to return to Qianye City.

But could it be that Ye Futian had no idea what was going on in the city?

Once he got back, things would go very badly.

"How are there so many people from the Ancient Imperial City here?" asked Situ Zhong.

The Ancient Imperial City was the foremost city besides Crimson Dragon City, but this was because of the Ninth Servant's prestige. In reality, the Ancient Imperial City did not have a huge population; the Ninth Servant was the symbol of the city.

"There are also those from Xiang City. They probably have not forgiven us for the death of that Nirvana level figure, and they want revenge," answered the man.

"Xiang City again?" Situ Zhong frowned. Ever since the Battle of the Crimson River, when Yu Sheng had crushed Xiang Nan of Emperor Xiang's Realm, they had always been looking for trouble. And every time they were frustrated. They seemed to be unwilling to give up.

"It is probably because they are jealous," said Situ Yan, walking up. "Ever since Yu Sheng defeated Xiang Nan, he has not gone out at all. It has affected his state of mind. Even to this day, he has not become a Saint. Afterward, Xiang Ze had come to participate in the Peach Banquet. However, with Ye Futian there, he had not managed to gain any benefit from this. He was merely reduced to the role of villain. This must have been hard for Xiang Ze to bear. This was added to his previous grudge against Ye Futian. He is definitely mixed up in this as well."

"So Emperor Xiang's Realm retreated and then allied with the Ancient Imperial City. With their power added to that of a high-level cultivator like Ninth Servant, they are probably feeling confident," said Situ Zhong coldly. At any moment, the people from Xiang City could retreat and go back to Emperor Xiang's Realm.

Xiang City was just their foothold in the Crimson Dragon Realm. They could afford to lose it.

"What can we do now?" asked Situ Yan.

"In this situation, there is nothing we can do. We can only hope that our Lord has some plan. Now that he has led all of our cultivators out of the city, he has probably thought about how Ninth Servant would deal with him, and see how he should react," said Situ Zhong.

Situ Yan nodded. There was indeed no other way.

It was not just them. Everyone in Qianye City knew the situation they were in. The Ancient Imperial City had completely invaded them.

Everyone was worried about Ye Futian and the others.

Ye Futian still had an imposing reputation in Qianye City. This man, whose name resonated throughout the Crimson Dragon Realm, and Yu Sheng were two of the most powerful figures in the land. They were on the Regional King Ranking. These legendary figures were from Qianye City, and thus the people of the city felt honored.

In a great palace in the Ancient Imperial City, Ninth Servant had his eyes closed in meditation.

At that moment, someone came forward. Ninth Servant opened his eyes and looked at the man. It was the Prince of Emperor Xiang's Realm: Xiang Ze.

"What is happening below the palace?" Ninth Servant asked indifferently.

"There are some matters of cultivation that I wish for you to teach me," said Xiang Ze. They had sought an alliance with the Ancient Imperial City, and Ninth Servant had not opposed them. Some of the cultivators of Emperor Xiang's Realm were stationed in the Ancient Imperial City.

Once Ye Futian appeared, he would head over directly using the space teleportation matrix. He would kill him in a single blow, not giving him any chance.

"Fine." The Ninth Servant nodded. Xiang Ze was taking advantage of his opportunities. He had asked him for guidance on many occasions.

But he did not refuse. Xing Kai had been killed, and now all he had left was the little master Xing Chou. It would be advantageous for Xing Chou to make friends with good backgrounds.

Ninth Servant gave Xiang Ze some pointers about his cultivation, after which Xiang Ze said, "Ye Futian and the others have been gone for a long time, they will probably be coming back soon."

"I am not worried," said Ninth Servant indifferently.

Xiang Ze smiled and nodded. "With your great power, there is indeed no need to be worried. As long as no Renhuang level figures interfere, you will be able to easily kill Ye Futian of Emperor Xia's Realm. There is no need for you to wait here."

The Ninth Servant did not say anything. He naturally could not leave the Crimson Dragon Realm and go find Ye Futian and kill him. If he ran into Emperor Xia somewhere, he would die a horrible death.

He was strong, but not as strong as a Renhuang level figure. Here in the Crimson Dragon Realm, he had protective charms.

There was almost no one below the Renhuang level who could be a match for him.

As they were talking, a bright flash of spatial light shot up into the clouds far away. The Ninth Servant looked up at it. He suddenly stood up straight and walked out into the air.

A figure flashed over towards them incredibly quickly, then bowed and said, "My Lord, Ye Futian has returned to Qianye City."

When he heard this, a powerful aura bloomed from Ninth Servant. "Let's go," he said in a loud, clear voice.

He stepped through the air as he said this. Many figures from the Lord of the Ancient Imperial City's Residence stepped into the air at the same time. Gai Huang was there as well, and the cultivators that Xiang Ze had brought along.

"Let's go!" called Xiang Ze in a clear voice. They were all moving extremely quickly. They had to get to the matrix and activate it before Ye Futian and the others did.

In but a moment, the line of people that Ninth Servant was leading descended upon the matrix. The brilliant spatial light of the Great Path shone, seeming to cut through the Ancient Road of Space.

They all disappeared in a flash.


Once Ye Futian and the others reached Qianye City, they felt that something was wrong.

"It seems that someone is sending us some information," Wu Yong whispered to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded, but his expression did not change. They had left, leaving behind an empty city. How could the Ninth Servant not have made preparations for this? This was, without a doubt, a great opportunity.

If his teacher were not fully recovered, this would be a problem.

But now, there was no need to think about anything.

If the Ninth Servant was not going to give up and was going to attack them directly, then he would have to stay here forever.

The group walked towards the City Lord's Office. All along the way, things seemed to be wrong.

At that moment, a voice came up from below them, "Lord Ye, I am a member of the Situ family. Don't go back to the City Lord's Office!" Ye Futian looked down there. There was a figure on the road below them, but he was not looking at them.

Suddenly, Ye Futian knew exactly what was going on. But he did not stop walking.

Before long, the City Lord's Office appeared in their field of vision.

Before they descended, a blast of powerful aura rose from the direction of the City Lord's Office. It swept out through the sky, covering them within it.

A group of figures appeared there, and among them were the Ninth Servant, Gai Huang, and others. Their auras were mighty, especially the Ninth Servant's. His will bloomed, covering everything up to the far reached of the sky. Everyone in the area felt a suffocating pressure.

Ye Futian swept his gaze over them. Besides the Ninth Servant and the others from the Ancient Imperial City, he also saw Xiang Ze of Emperor Xiang's Realm.

Moreover, there was cold murderous intent in Xiang Ze's eyes as he looked at Ye Futian, as well as a sense of mockery.

He had really come back like this, dragging the people of the Nine Major Tribes along with him?

But even though they had a few more Nirvana level cultivators, could any of them stop the Ninth Servant?

Ye Futian had a death wish.

The Ninth Servant stepped through the air, only taking a single step and yet still reaching Ye Futian. He raised his hand and struck up into the air.

When his fist fell, the Worldly Great Path seemed to shatter. The area where Ye Futian was standing seemed like it was about to break.

The earth shook as the Ninth Servant's fist turned into thousands of fists that then slapped down in the blink of an eye.

But at that moment, another figure stepped forward from beside Ye Futian.

He stretched out his hand, and the light of ancient characters wrapped around him. A divine matrix of the Great Path appeared in the sky, shielding Ye Futian and the others from the front.

The Ninth Servant's fists slammed into it, and the air shook without stopping. Heaven and earth seemed like they would split. However, the dazzling matrix still shone brightly.

Qi Xuangang slammed his fist out again, pushing the divine matrix forward and breaking all of the fists as it shot towards Ninth Servant.

The Ninth Servant's expression changed. He struck out with both his fists, breaking his opponents' attack. He was sent flying backward. He stared at the figure that had strode forward. His eyes were bright, and his heart was pounding.

Who was this man?

Gai Huang, the others from the Ancient Imperial City, and Xiang Ze all looked shocked as well. How could this be?

Such a terrifying figure had suddenly appeared beside Ye Futian.

People at the Ninth Servant's level were not easily found. It was the same in all the realms. They were as difficult to find in Emperor Xiang's Realm as they were in Emperor Xia's Realm.

"That is the Imperial Adviser of Dali Dynasty," said a figure behind Xiang Ze. It was his brother, Xiang Nan. He had been there at the Battle of Qianye City. Was the Imperial Adviser on Ye Futian's side now?

And he had grown even stronger!
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    《The Legend of Futian》