The Legend of Futian
1326 Crushed
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1326 Crushed

Xiang Nan was not the only one to have realized this. Some of the other people there had been in the battle all those years ago.

In particular, the people of Qianye City had all witnessed it, and they all recognized the Imperial Adviser of the Dali Dynasty.

The Imperial Adviser had once stood in opposition to Ye Futian and the others, but he had not been able to bring himself to kill Ye Futian. Now the two of them were walking together?

Moreover, the Imperial Adviser had been unstoppable in that battle and had overpowered the Ninth Servant, forcing him to withdraw.

Everyone's hearts beat wildly as they felt the intense tension. How could they be calm in this situation?

They could all feel that this battle would not play out like they had imagined it would. Instead, it would go in another direction.

What would happen once the Imperial Adviser and Ninth Servant started fighting?

The people from the Situ clan understood what was going on. This was why he had not chosen to disperse after they had warned him, but had instead continued to face the Ninth Servant.

Without a doubt, the most confused people were the people from Emperor Xiang's Realm. The look on the two brothers' faces was marvelous to behold.

The reason that they had allied with the Ninth Servant for this battle was that there was no risk in doing so.

If they had a chance to kill Ye Futian without putting themselves in any danger, why would they not do so?

Even if the Ninth Servant were defeated and could not kill Ye Futian, they would still easily be able to escape. And a cultivator of Ninth Servant's level would probably be able to crush Ye Futian anyway.

But now?

Xiang Ze could feel a cold pair of eyes gazing at him. It was Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stood there, his deep eyes filled with icy coldness. He had not planned to get entangled with Xiang Ze and Xiang Nan again. The two of them may have plotted against him, but the two of them had a Renhuang realm to back them up. As long as they did not affect him too much, it would be too much trouble to deal with them. He did not want to create enemies everywhere he went, especially powerful enemies like a Renhuang realm. This would make it very difficult for him to travel around.

But he had not counted on his enemies targeting him no matter where he was.

This time, they had come here to kill him.

Who did not know of the conflict between the Ancient Imperial City and Qianye City?

Xiang Ze's face fell, then he looked in another direction, towards where the Ninth Servant and Qi Xuangang were. The fight between them would decide the outcome of this battle and would determine the outcome of the struggle between the Ancient Imperial City and Qianye City.

However, Ye Futian did not bother to wait for the outcome of their fight. "Take them all," he said calmly.

As he said this, a group of Nirvana level cultivators stepped forward, including Zhu Kai and others. At that moment, his Nirvana level cultivators completely outnumbered his opponent's.

"Your Highness, we must retreat," said a Nirvana level cultivator of Emperor Xiang's Realm. Just as he said this, a fist descended. This was the elder of the Zhong tribe's attack. Now they had no way to escape. They could only honestly submit to Ye Futian. They naturally had to try their hardest to get back into his good graces.

Thus, they took a more active stance than Wu Yong.

The great battle broke out in an instant. Gai Huang was strong, but several Nirvana level cultivators targeted him and trapped him.

Another fierce battle broke out at the City Lord of Qianye City's Office.

The people of Qianye City were already numb to it. This was not even as bad as things normally got here.

Ye Futian stepped forward, and Wu Yong stayed behind him, guarding him. Ye Futian could use his skills to fight; thus, it was most optimal for him to stay near Ye Futian.

Xiang Ze looked frightened as Ye Futian came near him. He tried to flee.

"You want to flee, even now?" Ye Futian grabbed for him, and space will fell. Xiang Ze felt like his body had frozen. It was as if he was under an immense amount of pressure.

Brilliant light bloomed from him. The divine light seemed to be Renhuang's brilliance.

However, the brilliant light did not bloom in time. Ye Futian was already there. The Star Plucking Handprint reached through the air with a loud "whoosh!" Xiang Ze was not strong enough to resist it. He was grabbed easily, and his face instantly turned pale.

Crack! A crisp sound rang out. Xiang Ze cried out in pain as his bones seemed to snap. Ye Futian waved his hand, and the giant handprint slammed into the ground with a "bang!" Xiang Ze was smashed into the ground so hard that his body made a dent.

He struggled to crawl out of the hole his body had made, but he saw a foot coming down toward him. It forced him back down into the hole with another "bang!" He spat out a mouthful of blood.

A furious look came over his face. Ye Futian was humiliating him this much.

Not far away, Xiang Nan's face was as pale as ash. As he watched what was happening to his brother, it was like he was looking at himself.

"Does Xiang City think that Qianye City is a good target to bully?" Ye Futian stepped forward and picked Xiang Ze up from the ground, holding him by the throat. He lifted him into the air until he was dangling. He pressed down with a tiny bit of pressure, and Xiang Ze felt like he could not breathe.

Xiang Ze went pale. "Do you want to make all of Emperor Xiang's Realm your enemy, Ye Futian?" he said in a hoarse voice.

"I don't want that, and so I never sought you out to settle our debts. But even though I don't want to make Emperor Xiang's Realm my enemy, you still tried to kill me. You tell me, should I kill you?" Ye Futian was filled with cold murderous intent. His gaze seemed to pierce into Xiang Ze's eyes.

"From now on, I won't cause you any more trouble," said Xiang Ze.

Ye Futian smiled bitterly. Could it be that simple?

He saw that Xiang Ze was still watching the other battle. Ye Futian knew that he still had hope for the Ninth Servant's battle. He hoped that the Ninth Servant would defeat Ye Futian's teacher.

"Since you want to watch so much, you can watch. Afterward, we will settle our debts." Ye Futian rotated Xiang Ze as he held him by the throat, holding him up in the air where he could watch the battle. This kind of humiliation was practically a fate worse than death for Xiang Ze.


Over at the other battle, Qi Xuangang was moving forward, forcing the Ninth Servant to retreat up into the air. The light of the ancient characters of the Great Path flashed as they wrapped around everything in the area.

A person like the Ninth Servant would naturally be able to feel how strong Qi Xuangang was. Someone at his level could tell what level his opponent was after only a single exchange of blows.

Ninth Servant knew that Qi Xuangang was, without a doubt, not at a lower level than him. He had already touched the door to the Renhuang level.

He stepped forward, ignoring the distance between them. Billowing will swept out from him, shaking and shattering the very air. He smashed out with his fist, and the sky trembled and shrieked. His fist seemed like it could cross any distance to kill him.

An incomparably bright light flashed, and a character that read "strong" was created in front of the Ninth Servant, like a stone of the Great Path.

The character was filled with wild fist will. All the ancient characters trembled violently, causing a terrible roar. However, the characters seemed to be one with the Worldly Great Path, so they could never break.

Whoosh! Another ancient character flashed to life on the Ninth Servant's other side. It read "earth."

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! These sounds rang out continuously as characters that were filled with the will of the Worldly Great Path descended, falling all around Ninth Servant. They seemed to have sealed off the whole area.


Everyone was trembling as they watched the scene unfolding in the air. The ancient characters of the Great Path wrapped around Ninth Servant and spun, giving off incomparably brilliant radiance. The whole area seemed to be bound up within them, and the Ninth Servant was trapped within.

Someone as strong as the Ninth Servant, who was on the Regional Kings Ranking, had been trapped in but an instant.

No one would have thought that the battle would come to this conclusion. There was someone who could dominate the Ninth Servant.

The Ninth Servant took a deep breath. He had a solemn look on his face.

He knew that he had encountered the greatest opponent he would ever face in his life.

After all, as a Saint-level figure, he could not fight with Renhuang level cultivators. And the man before him was the strongest man he had ever faced.

He formed seals with both his hands, and his body became misty and hard to see. He turned in place as a bright light shone from him.

Soon, everyone saw many figures that looked like the Ninth Servant appear, seeming to have superhuman powers.

The air all around him trembled violently as if it would shatter under the weight of the will that filled it.

Terrible fighting will burst out from his body. A beam of light shot straight up into the clouds, trying to cut through the very heavens. But up in the sky, it was smothered by the rotating characters.


A terrible aura burst forth, and countless Ninth Servant figures appeared at the same time, heading out in all different directions.

These were not exterior incarnations. Each image seemed to have been formed out of his will.

Thousands of figures appeared in every direction, lashing out with their fists at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Incredibly loud noises rang out, and the ancient characters trembled. In every direction, the countless images seemed to overlap in an instant, and their thousands of fist wills merged, forming a single fist. Overwhelming power exploded from it.

The sound of cracking rang out continuously from the wall of ancient characters. It seemed like it would shatter.

And that was not all; more images appeared. They seemed to be endless. Before them, the wall of characters was about to be destroyed.

Qi Xuangang stepped forward in front of the wall of characters. He reached up as if he was holding up the very heavens.

And then, everyone witnessed a scene more shocking than any other.

Endless ancient characters were born into the world and fell continuously into the wall that was about to shatter.

A terrible divine light appeared up in the sky.

"Leave!" said a voice, and the brilliant divine light descended in a straight beam right to where the Ninth Servant was standing. It seemed like it would pierce right through him.

And then, all of the rotating characters shattered and seemed to turn into endless beams of light that pierced through everyone one of the countless images of the Ninth Servant.

The whole area was about to be destroyed.

Ninth Servant stood at the center of the area. Countless beams of light shot toward him. His body swelled, destroying much of the oncoming burst of energy, but the images around him were continuously pierced through and shattered. As the endless divine light fell, yet another beam of light shot towards him.

In the next instant, all of the other countless beams of light pierced through his body.

The Ninth Servant was frozen there. He looked up into the sky. At that moment, his life seemed to be flashing before his eyes.

"Your Highness, I have failed you. I have not lived up to your trust in me."

The Ninth Servant sighed inwardly. There were tears in the corners of his eyes. He thought of how he had been bullied when he was young. It was only when he received the care and support of His Majesty that he had been able to have a future.

At that moment, he was not sad about the fact that he was about to die. His heart only ached because he was about to let down His Majesty when he had placed so much trust in him.

He had tried to help the young master become the Emperor with all his heart. But he had never thought that he would meet his end like this.

If he had done anything wrong, it was only because the young master had come up against the wrong opponent.

Everyone's gaze was fixed on the battle up in the sky.

Was this the end?
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    《The Legend of Futian》