The Legend of Futian
1327 The Curtain Falls
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1327 The Curtain Falls

Divine light fell, piercing everyone's eyes. Although the battle was taking place high up in the air, everyone in a vast area could feel the strength of the divisive and destructive will.

When they opened their eyes, the Ninth Servant's figures were no longer in the air. Qi Xuangang was the only one standing there, his plain robes flapping in the wind. However, the radiance of the Great Path that was around him was beautiful and dazzling.

The Ninth Servant was the City Lord of the Ancient Imperial City and a cultivator of the Regional Kings Ranking. He was called the most powerful city lord outside of Crimson Dragon City.

He had died in battle at Qianye City. He had been slain.

Everyone still felt like they were in a dream, like this was not really happening.

After all, that was the Ninth Servant. His name had resonated throughout the Crimson Dragon Realm for so many years. He had stood at the peak of the Nirvana level.

He would have thought that he would have died.

The former Imperial Adviser of the Dali Dynasty was much more powerful than he had been at the Battle of Qianye City all those years ago. He had decisively crushed the Ninth Servant. He must truly be as powerful as was possible while still on the Nirvana level.

Who below the Renhuang level could be a match for him?

There were several other Nirvana level cultivators on the Regional Kings Ranking in Crimson Dragon City, but would they be able to resist him?

Ye Futian looked up at his teacher. Although he was more powerful than he had been, in reality, he was no more dazzling. On the contrary, his aura was more restrained now, as if he had dropped all affectations to return to his original simplicity. He stood there in his plain robes, and if he did not release his aura, he would seem just like a common person. His magnificence was all on the inside. This was what it meant to truly change one's state of mind.

But his combat ability had increased by leaps and bounds.

He naturally understood the Ninth Servant's Power. He had learned of it at the Battle of Qianye City when he had wounded him with the Sword Matrix of the Void, and yet he had still been able to force his way out and escape. The fact that his teacher was able to trap him and then slay him in combat showed just how powerful he had become.

The death of Ninth Servant meant the end of an era for the people who lived outside of Crimson Dragon City.

The Ancient Imperial City, which had once been the most powerful, had fallen.

A new king had risen.

Qianye City replaced the Ancient Imperial City as the foremost city besides Crimson Dragon City.

But was Ye Futian worthy of being called the most powerful City Lord?

After all, he may have been the City Lord, but he was only a Saint of True Self. There was a considerable gap between his combat ability and that of many other top figures. But many people thought very highly of him, even the former Imperial Adviser of the Dali Dynasty. He had left the dynasty to stand by his side and fight for him.

Such was his charm. This man had created a legend for himself and was considered by many to be the top talent in all the Crimson Dragon Realm. It seemed that his legend had been kicked off by stepping on the back of the Ancient Imperial City.

Would the next era be his?

He had slain Xing Kai despite their difference in level. It was said that after he entered the Regional Kings Ranking, no one of the same generation was willing to fight with him anymore. Which of them would be able to withstand him?

Perhaps Yu Sheng would, but Yu Sheng would not fight him.

"Ninth Servant!" Gai Huang, who was still fighting, turned pale as ash.

It was over.

Everything was over. Even someone as powerful as Ninth Servant had died here in Qianye City.

He had some regrets. If he had not been so arrogant in the past and intervened when all those cultivators had besieged Qianye City to seize Emperor Kua's Ruins to give as a gift to Xing Kai, there would not have been such hostility between the two sides.

At that time, he had not considered Qianye City to be worthy of his notice. How could they have ever imagined that the city would one day destroy them?

Xiang Ze and Xiang Nan felt the same way. Their faces were also as pale as ash.

It could even be said that they were utterly without hope.

Ye Futian was still holding Xiang Ze up in the air to watch. He witnessed the Ninth Servant's death with his own eyes.

His death destroyed his hopes. The battle was already lost. The victory was Ye Futian's. Who could save him?

How could Ye Futian humiliate him this much?

It was indeed over. The outcome was decided at the moment of the Ninth Servant's death. The Ancient Imperial City no longer could resist at all.

They had wanted to launch a single decisive attack. They had tried to eliminate Ye Futian and the others at the moment that they landed and had not yet had a chance to settle, relying on the Ninth Servant's power. But now, Ninth Servant was dead, and their opponents still had Qi Xuangang, who was strong enough to kill the Ninth Servant.

Even if Qi Xuangang did not do anything else, and just watched, they still would have no way to withstand the Nirvana level cultivators of the Nine Major Tribes. Moreover, they still had Yan Yuan, Yaya, and Shen Tianzhan.

Their formation was so much stronger than theirs.

The battle was completely one-sided. Gai Huang tried to flee, but several Nirvana level cultivators surrounded him, blocking off his avenue of escape. Everyone knew that he was doomed.

In the last battle at Qianye City, he had not shown the least bit of grace. How could Ye Futian let him go?

"Does that put an end to your hopes?" Ye Futian asked Xiang Ze, who he was still holding out.

"What are your terms?" With Ye Futian holding his throat, it was hard for Xiang Ze to speak, and so his voice was very hoarse.

Ye Futian looked at him coldly, though he felt a bit said.

Even now, he was still talking about terms?

He relaxed his grip, freeing Xiang Ze. Then he slammed out with his fist, hitting Xiang Ze in the torso. The sound of snapping bones rang out. He groaned as blood flowed from his mouth.

"Take him away and imprison him in the city. Lock him up with Xiang Nan,' said Ye Futian.

Wu Yong walked forward and took Xiang Ze.

Xiang Ze looked up with great difficulty and saw Ye Futian staring straight forward. He was not even looking at him.

Xiang Nan was taken as well. The two brothers felt sadder than they ever had before.

Were they going to be imprisoned in Qianye City?

What made Xiang Nan even more afraid was that Ye Futian did not even seem to care about whether he lived or died. He had said only one thing: imprison him.

The feeling that this gave him was that he was not even worthy of Ye Futian's consideration.

The only thing that Ye Futian was concerned about was the Renhuang Realm that was backing them up. Or rather, it was only their father that concerned him.

Ye Futian had initially wanted for Xiang Ze to give him a reason to show him mercy. But unfortunately, it seemed that Xiang Ze did not know his place. He still sought to make a deal and to talk about terms.

What terms could Xiang Ze possibly offer him?

And even if they were going to talk about terms, it would be Emperor Xiang who sent people to do the negotiations.

It was just like the Ancient Imperial City had been in the past. Now, Qianye City was the foremost city besides Crimson Dragon City. They did not have to worry about other Renhuang level figures. Here, they were nearly without enemies.

The reason he did not kill Xiang Ze and Xiang Nan was not that he valued them. On the contrary, it was because he did not think they were worth killing.

What would be the point of killing two useless people and, in doing so, earning Emperor Xiang's enmity?

While they were in the Crimson Dragon Realm, Emperor Xiang could not do anything to them. And what if they were able to leave one day? This was bound to happen.

It was not a good thing to be remembered by a Renhuang level figure.

Of course, just letting them go was not something he could do.

So, he had chosen to imprison them and let Emperor Xiang send people to negotiate.

Before long, the battle had quieted down. The cultivators of the Ancient Imperial City had been destroyed.

Ye Futian swept his gaze over the crowd. He discovered that Xing Kai's brother Xing Chou was not there.

At the start, it had been because of Gai Huang and Xing Chou that their enmity had grown so deep.

Now, the Ninth Servant had not brought Xing Chou along with him. Had he feared that this great battle would affect him?

After all, Xing Kai was dead, and so the Ninth Servant would probably not want to put his last young master, Xing Chou, in any danger.

"Spatial teleportation." Ye Futian smiled mockingly. The Ninth Servant had ordered people to set up a two-way teleportation matrix between the Ancient Imperial City and Qianye City.

That was really...

Ye Futian was almost speechless, but he said, "Let's go to the Ancient Imperial City."

On saying so, he stepped forward, and many cultivators followed him. They headed towards the teleportation matrix.

The Ancient Imperial City is finished, everyone thought as they saw what was going on.

It was completely finished.


In the Ancient Imperial City, Xing Chou was standing there calmly. He had been waiting all along for news from the other side.

It had been so long, and they had still not come back. The battle must have already broken out.

As long as the fighting had started, then Ye Futian must be dead, without a doubt.

He was staring farther. At that moment, beams of brilliant spatial light flashed, seeming to form an Ancient Road of Space.

Xing Chou felt his heart surge with pride, and an excited look came over his face.

"Have you returned in triumph?" He stepped forward with a smile, preparing to welcome Teacher Ninth Servant.

The light of the Great Path of Space shone, and a group of figures appeared in Xing Chou's field of vision.

As soon as he saw clearly who these figures were, he froze. His face went deathly pale as the blood drained from it.

His heart pounded in his chest. In a flash, all of his thoughts ceased.

How was this possible? How could this be?

How could Ye Futian be the one who had come?

What had happened to the Ninth Servant?

Ye Futian swept his gaze over him. He stepped out, straight towards him, moving extremely quickly.

Only then did Xing Chou react. A powerful, Saint level aura burst out from him.


A bolt of lightning flashed through the air, and Ye Futian descended right in front of Xing Chou. He pointed at him.

The finger that he pointed with seemed to be made of the Great Path itself. Xing Chou's face was filled with fear. Powerful fighting will surged out from him, but it was pierced through and destroyed by Ye Futian's finger.

Snap! Ye Futian placed his finger on Xing Chou's brow, and destructive will surged into his mind, destroying everything.

Xing Chou's eyes widened, and he stared fixedly at the figure before him.

Was this really how he was going to die?

Ye Futian did not say a word. He was simply going to kill him.

At that moment, Xing Chou felt incredibly sad, as if he had just realized that he had never been an important figure.

Instead, he was someone that Ye Futian could kill with a single finger.

Bang! A beam of light shot out of his finger and into Xing Chou's brow. A terrible killing will shot into his mind, destroying everything there. In a flash, Xing Chou's body fell lifeless to the floor.

From start to finish, Ye Futian had not said a word, as if it Xing Chou had not even been worth talking to.

"Young Master!" The other people in the City Lord's Office trembled in their hearts. Ye Futian had been able to slay Xing Chou like that?

"Destroy the powers of the Xing Chou and the Ninth Servant's trusted aids. Let everyone else go. If they cause any problems in the future, kill them," said Ye Futian coldly. The rest of the people he had brought with him shot through the air, preparing to sweep through the Ancient Imperial City.

In an incredibly short period, the most powerful city besides Crimson Dragon City had fallen to this level. After years of hegemony, they finally had to withdraw from the stage of history.

Ye Futian swept his gaze over the once might Ancient Imperial City. If they had not acted aggressively towards him, he would not have acted against them.

He left everything in the city to be coordinated by the people who had previously done so, and he returned to Qianye City.

The matter had finally come to an end. Now there were no more forces that could threaten Qianye City!
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    《The Legend of Futian》