The Legend of Futian
1328 Wedding
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1328 Wedding

The war between Qianye City and the Ancient Imperial City was over, and Qianye City was completely victorious. The Ninth Servant—the City Lord of the Ancient Imperial City—was dead.

It was said that Xing Kai and Xing Chou, the descendants of Emperor Zhan, had been slain by Ye Futian. Emperor Zhan's bloodline had been completely cut off, leading many people to weep ceaselessly.

Afterward, Ye Futian named the chief of the Beili Tribe as the City Lord, giving him command of the city. Other than Wu Yong's Wu tribe, all the other tribes moved into the city as well, so they were in complete control of the city.

However, everyone knew that the Ancient Imperial City was still a vassal of Qianye City.

And the status of the Beili Tribe seemed to have changed entirely.

As for Wu Yong, Ye Futian had originally thought to make him the City Lord, but he wanted to stay by Ye Futian's side to cultivate, and so he gave up the prized position of City Lord.

After some time, Emperor Xiang's Realm sent envoys. Emperor Xiang had sent them. They brought many cultivation resources as gifts, and they were willing to cede Xiang City and promise that from now on, Emperor Xiang's Realm would leave the Crimson Dragon Realm. As long as Ye Futian was there, they would not set a foot there. They also promised that they would never seek revenge for this in the future. They were willing to write off this grudge with a single stroke of the pen.

Many people sighed inwardly at Emperor Xiang's courage. Although they had suffered great losses in their struggle with Ye Futian, if they continued to pursue this grudge, their losses would further outweigh their gains. First of all, Ye Futian's power within the Crimson Dragon Realm was nearly unmatched, and Emperor Xiang's Realm could never compete. Secondly, he had Emperor Xia's Realm backing him up. And finally, there was his infinite potential for the future.

If Emperor Xiang's Realm hardened their hearts and continued fighting Ye Futian, then even if they were able to kill him, the price they would have to pay would be far too high.

The envoys that Emperor Xiang sent also secured Ye Futian's promise that he would not pursue this matter any further and release Xiang Ze and Xiang Nan, who had been tortured horribly. He would let them return to Emperor Xiang's Realm at any time they pleased. He knew that the two of them would always hate him fiercely, but without Emperor Xiang's support, what trouble could the two princes stir up?

Moreover, even though Emperor Xiang was making a promise, the two princes would still be well disciplined.

Ye Futian would trust the word of a Renhuang level cultivator. After all, this was not a matter of life or death.

After the people from Emperor Xiang's Realm left, there was still the matter of Xiang City. Ye Futian talked about it with his teacher. In the end, Qi Xuangang and the people of his household went there to renovate and reorganize the city. The reason Ye Futian sent his teacher was that he wanted to let him have his own space. There he could fulfill his ideals and continue to teach even more outstanding heroes.

And Ye Futian believed with all his heart that the Crimson Dragon Realm did not lack for outstanding youths with great potential.

As for Qianye City, he was still the City Lord. He had top figures like Wu Yong, Shen Tianzhan, and Yaya by his side, and thus no one could threaten him. And he was making preparations to link the three cities via space matrices so that he could travel between them as he liked.

In this way, Qianye City, the Ancient Imperial City, and Xiang City formed the greatest force in the Crimson Dragon Realm. No other cities could threaten them.

After this was all worked out, Ye Futian returned to the Regional Palace, where he locked himself away in cultivation.

Now he had cultivated up to the Saint of True Self level. His next goal was to become Unblemished.

He was sure that although he had removed many of the obstacles in his mind, it had not all been done through his own power. Most of it had been done with the help of the people beside him.

But now, the Crimson Dragon realm was completely stable.

As long as he did not offend any Renhuang level cultivators, no one could threaten him.


The days passed, and the 10,027th year of the Divine Prefecture calendar came to an end. A piece of shocking news spread through the Crimson Dragon Realm, but thankfully it was good news.

Chi Shang—the Prince of the Crimson Dragon Realm—was going to officially wed Yu Shifei of the Yu clan. This pair of heroes of the Crimson Dragon Realm were going to be together from now on, which made everyone in the realm very happy. Countless women were jealous of Yu Shifei.

Not only was she a superior specimen, but she was also able to marry someone who she loved and who loved her. And in addition to that, she was of extremely high status and was eminently talented.

Prince Chi Shang and Yu Shifei of the Yu clan both had wonderful personalities as well. One of them was natural and unrestrained, and the other was gentle and elegant. They had never offended anyone, and naturally, no one would ever offend them.

This made them a divine couple in everyone's eyes. They were so perfect that people almost could not even be jealous of them; they were only happy for them.

At the end of the year, countless people in the Crimson Dragon Realm set out on a journey to the center of the realm: Crimson Dragon City. They wanted to witness this perfect wedding. Many powerful figures also went to pay their respects and to present them with gifts.

When the end of the year came, Crimson Dragon City was busier than it had ever been before.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, who was cultivating in the Regional Palace, also received invitations to the wedding. They had been sent out in Chi Shang's name, and they were invited to come to the palace itself. Not many people in the Crimson Dragon Realm received such an honor. The vast majority of people would only be able to watch from outside the palace.

The 10,028th year of the Divine Prefecture Calendar finally arrived. That was the day of Chi Shang's wedding.

There was a sea of people outside the lofty palace. They seemed to be able to see a floating stage in front of the brilliant golden palace. The stage was covered in dragons and phoenixes, giving it a happy and auspicious atmosphere.

There were all kinds of people from the Crimson Dragon Realm within the observation area in the palace. As they walked up the stairs, they looked up at the high hanging stage. Faint smiles came over their faces.

Ye Futian had brought the others as well: Yu Sheng, who had been cultivating in the Regional Palace, Xia Qingyuan, Pei Min, and Yin Tianjiao all came together to pay their respects.

And they were giving respects on behalf of the Renhuang Realms that they represented.

"Ye Futian!" came a voice. He turned and saw a man coming towards him.

He smiled when he saw him. The man who was walking towards him was Duan Wuji, who had come from the Eastern Palace to pay his respects. An extraordinarily imposing and elegant woman was beside him. It was his sister, the Princess of the Eastern Palace.

"Long time no see!" called Ye Futian with a smile.

"It has indeed been a long time. But with all the great deeds you've been doing, I hear your name all the time," said Duan Wuji with a wide smile. This guy had actually managed to destroy the forces of the Ancient Imperial City.

Xing Kai had been unlucky the day he made an enemy of Ye Futian.

"Let me introduce you. This is my sister Luoyu. She is always asking about what kind of man you are. Now that you can see him, what do you think?" said Duan Wuji.


Ye Futian looked at Duan Wuji. This guy...

The woman beside him could not hide her embarrassment at what Duan Wuji said. She could not help but hit her brother, and her pretty face looked like all the blood had drained from it.

How could her brother be like this?

It was true that she wanted to see this legendary figure, but when he heard her brother's words, he would not be in any doubt about that fact!

Ye Futian smiled and nodded to here. "Princess Luoyu." He was someone who had been in all kinds of intense situations, so this was nothing.

Princess Luoyu smiled slightly and bowed.

"Let's go, the ceremony is about to begin," said Xia Qingyuan coldly from beside him. Her gaze was fixed straight forward.

"Let's go together." Ye Futian smiled at Duan Wuji. Duan Wuji nodded and grinned at Xia Qingyuan.

They walked until they reached the bottom of the observation platform. Everyone who was allowed to come here was someone of high status, and so Ye Futian saw many familiar faces, like Luo Yang, who he had first met at the Peach Banquet, and Jiang Tai'e of the Jiang clan.

They watched him coming. Ye Futian had displayed his unparalleled talent at both the Peach Banquet and the Battle of the Crimson River, where he had defeated Xing Kai.

Now that he had become a Saint of True Self, they did not know just how strong he was.

But this was not a time for fighting.

Soon, their gaze shifted. They looked back to the ceremonial stage.

Up in the sky, radiant sunlight shone down. A golden roc appeared amidst the sunlight, flying by means of rule power. It flew down and seemed to form a real body for itself. There was a figure standing atop it. It was Chi Shang.

On the other side, a strange phoenix that was the color of ice crystals appeared. A beautiful figure was standing atop of it, wearing a dress of ice phoenix feathers.

The golden roc and the ice phoenix circled in the air, gradually coming closer together. The two people riding them clasped hands.

Chi Shang was bathed in divine fire, and Yu Shifei was bathed in snow and ice. When they stepped onto the ceremonial stage, it seemed like the rest of the world had lost its color.

The Yu clan cultivators all smiled brightly. They had waited a long time for this day.

Dazzling light shone down from the palace as the two figures stepped forward.

The Crimson Dragon Emperor and the Crimson Dragon Queen appeared. One of them had a majesty that eclipsed all else, and the other was elegant and poised. She could have been a model for all women everywhere in the world.

"Greetings, Your Majesties. Congratulations on the wedding," someone called out as they bowed. In an instant, countless other voices rang out as well.

"Greetings, Your Majesties. Congratulations on the wedding."

The sound roared through the palace. Countless people were there to witness the wedding.

All the women in the palace were looking at Yu Shifei like she was the luckiest woman in the world.

"She's very beautiful," whispered Xia Qingyuan. At that moment, Yu Shifei was indeed blindingly beautiful, and even Xia Qingyuan could not help but express her appreciation.

This must have been the happiest time of her life.

Her smile was warm enough to melt the world. Her beauty engraved itself on everyone's hearts.

All the women in the world could only dream of having a moment like this, of being this beautiful.

Would she have a day like that?
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    《The Legend of Futian》