The Legend of Futian
1333 Brahma“s Pure Sky
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1333 Brahma“s Pure Sky

Luo City was one of the cities in Emperor Qi's Territory.

The Yun Clan of Luo City was the most powerful force to be found in that ancient city.

Ye Futian found the city to be an extremely bustling one after entering it, which was comparable to Qianye City in terms of liveliness. That city was considered a medium class city in Heavenly Mandate Realm. While it was without doubt stronger than the smaller cities, the city itself was considered a small city when compared to top notch cities. The key lied with the city it was being compared to.

Many in the city took notice after Yun Teng and the others entered the city, and everyone seemed very respectful, which showed that they apparently knew who Yun Teng and the others around him were.

The group came to a grand, majestic-looking manor. That was the manor of the Yun Clan of Luo City. Someone was seen coming out of that grand building to receive them.

"How did it go, father?" A middle-aged beautiful woman of Saint Plane looked at Yun Teng and asked.

"There had been some hiccups. Yun Ni, this is Ye Futian," Yun Teng said and introduce the young man to his daughter. He then said, "See to our guest here and send men out to see if there are any who seems to have ran into predicaments similar to Ye Futian in the region. I'd need to be elsewhere."

"Very well." Yun Ni nodded. The clan was a huge one and her father still needed to report to her grandfather.

Yun Teng nodded slightly to Ye Futian before leaving with a group of people. Yun Ni gave the order and then said to Ye Futian, "Sir Ye, we of the Yun Clan still has some influence in Luo City. If your friends were to have landed in Luo City or somewhere nearby, it shouldn't be difficult to find them. If they were to end up in territories further away, things would have been considerably more difficult."

"Thank you." Ye Futian then nodded.

"Please come in, Sir Ye," Yun Ni extended her hand and said. Both of them walked and then she asked, "So you have fought with the Celestial Sword Li Clan, Sir Ye?"

"Indeed." Ye Futian nodded. "The people of the Celestial Sword Li Clan wanted to kill me. I owe my life to senior back then."

"Father was not actually doing it all for you, Sir Ye." Yun Ni's eyes turned rather cold and continued, "The way the Celestial Sword Li Clan carry about their business and how Li Ruoshuang is being so aggressive now, it is just normal for father to butt in."

The group came to an elegant compound and there seemed to be a young woman training before them. Sparks of lightning dazzled all over her, contained auras of rules. She extended her hand and slashed. The resulting lightning shot forward like a serpent.

However, that did not seem to be the result she was after.

She turned around and saw Yun Ni and Ye Futian. She then called, "Mother."

"This is my daughter, Yun Qianyue. Qianyue, this is Sir Ye," Yun Ni introduced.

"Sir Ye." Yun Qianye took a look at Ye Futian and bowed slightly. That silver-haired young man had extraordinary bearing and was probably not common folk, but he looked very young, as if he was her age. However, his aura was very reserved and his training would have probably been of very high levels. Her mother, who was a saint, would not have addressed him as 'sir' otherwise.

"Is the Yun Clan mainly practicing the ways of lightning? I have seen Senior Yun's lightning ways and the power shown was extraordinarily overwhelming," Ye Futian said.

"You're too kind, Sir Ye. The lightning arts of the Yun Clan is naturally considered powerful in Luo City, but we're not even at Renhuang class. If we were to take the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm into consideration, we wouldn't even be considered strong at all. Furthermore, there is also an insurmountable mountain in the realm," Yun Ni elaborated.

"You mean to say..." Ye Futian was feeling curious.

"Nothing much. It is still all too far away," Yun Ni said as she shook her head. She did not want to say more, and that was not part of her world after all.

"All lightning arts in the world originates from the Heavenly Palace." Yun Qianyue's voice sounded rather serious when she said it. That violet palace high up in the clouds was to be known number one throughout the three thousand realms in lightning arts.

As such, it was said that all lightning arts in the world originated from the Heavenly Palace.

Due to the Heavenly Palace being a part of Heavenly Mandate Realm, there were many forces training in lightning arts in the realm.

" All lightning arts in the world originates from the Heavenly Palace." Ye Futian mumbled to himself and then continued, "Boisterous indeed."

"The Violet Heavenly Palace was the most powerful force to be found practicing lightning arts. Countless lightning arts found throughout the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path, have all been derivatives in one way or another of what is practiced by the Violet Heavenly Palace. This is not actually boisterous at all," Yun Ni smiled and said.

"What about Brahma's Pure Sky then?" Ye Futian asked all of a sudden.

Both Yun Ni and Yun Qianyue were stunned. They then looked at Ye Futian with peculiar expression. Yun Ni then smiled and said, "While you're of formidable training, Sir Ye, but it is best to not venture into a place like the Brahma's Pure Sky."

Brahma's Pure Sky was simply too far away for them, yet it was where all women in the world wanted to go to.

An empress was enlightened to the great path at Brahma's Pure Sky, and that place was lauded as the number one mountain in the world.

The Jiutian Goddess who served the empress was a figure that countless worshipped.

There was simply none of them who were not legendary Renhuang.

It was not a surprise for Yun Ni to tell Ye Futian to not think too much about it. Even the virgins who served the Jiutian Goddess had already been a holy figure that countless deemed unreachable, let alone a supreme force like Brahma's Pure Sky.

"Is the lord of Brahma's Pure Sky that powerful?" Ye Futian asked.

"What you're saying now, Sir Ye, is probably heard by the lord of Brahma's Pure Sky." Yun Ni continued, "That is a being whose will reaches the three thousand realms. It is said that she is possibly someone capable of breaking through the heavenly path."

Ye Futian's expression was a solemn one. That lord of Brahma's Pure Sky was indeed too far away from him.

However, if he were to be clear of Jieyu's situation and wanted to know about whether his wife was dead or alive, he would have had to get to Brahma's Pure Sky sooner or later.

He turned his eyes around and looked at Yun Qianyue, saying, "The lightning arts that you intend to practice before. Is it something like this?"

Ye Futian said and slashed at the sky. Dazzling flashes of lightning shot out, seemingly cutting the sky.

"Indeed." Yun Qianyue's eyes sparkled. She nodded and said, "Somehow I just don't seem to get the hang of it. I'd be honored to have your guidance."

"Forget what you've learned before and forget the rules that you've come to comprehend. Just focus on practicing the technique and spend some time repeating it, and see if you have learned something new by then," Ye Futian said.

Yun Qianyue was steeped in thought for a bit, before nodding and saying, "Will do."

"Continue your training then." Yun Ni said to Yun Qianyue and then brought Ye Futian to a compound. The place looked elegant and Yun Ni asked, "How about you stay here for the time being, Sir Ye?"

"Thank you indeed," Ye Futian said.

"You could come and look for me if you need anything, Sir Ye," Yun Ni said and then left the place.

Ye Futian took a look around. The Yun Clan of Luo City seemed to be a place like Qianye City back in Crimson Dragon Realm, with Holiness of Nirvanas ruling over a city.

There was definitely a Holiness of Nirvana among the Yun Clan.

Yun Teng was out to report, and he would have probably head out to report to the clan leader.

Ye Futian felt rather restless when he thought about his people scattered all over the place after the teleportation turned hay-wired. It would have been fine if they were dropping out somewhere nearby. If they had ended up somewhere too far away, the size of Heavenly Mandate Realm would have made it very difficult to locate them, unless they were to cause a ruckus large enough to shake a region.

"Let's just see if they have any useful news about," Ye Futian told himself and put it behind him, closing his eyes to train instead.

Someone else came not long afterwards, but did not bother Ye Futian seeing that he was training with his eyes closed, electing to stand faraway instead.

Ye Futian opened his eyes and then saw Yun Qianyue smiling. He then asked, "Is there anything I could help you with, Ms. Qianyue?"

Yun Qianyue stepped out and came before Ye Futian. She was dressed in blue attire, facing Ye Futian before bowing to him, saying, "Please guide me in my training, sir."

"You've learned something?" Ye Futian's expression was peculiar. He had only reminded her of something, and did not expect her to be able to get something out of it in such a short period of time.

"Indeed." Yun Qianyue nodded, "I'd like you to be my teacher."

"I was simply giving you pointers. That was just a way of training and I didn't actually teach you anything. You owe being able to get it so quickly to your own intellect. It has little to do with me, and I'm afraid I'm unqualified to teach you," Ye Futian smiled and said.

He had many teachers throughout this journey in cultivation, and every single one of them played key roles in various stages in his life.

He totally did not expect someone to want to take him as their teacher. However, he had actually fulfilled all the requirements for such a role. The only inadequacy was that he appeared too young.

"If you are unwilling to take me as your student, would you mind if I come here often to ask for guidance then?" Yun Qianyue continued. Ye Futian had really simply given her pointers, and that was something that could not have been applied in everything.

However, she was able to get what she sought in an extremely short period of them, picking up the lightning arts that she sought. It simply proved that Ye Futian was extremely learned in such ways.

"Not at all." Ye Futian nodded and agreed to it. Yun Qianyue smiled and bowed, saying, "Thank you, sir."

A group of people arrived from the air at that moment, who then walked up to him.

Yun Teng flashed and came to him as well, who then addressed the crowd, "Sir Ye is a guest of mine. You shall not be rude in my place."

Those people backed away one after another. Yun Teng frowned and said, "Many mighty ones from the Celestial Sword Clan came. Li Ruoshuang led those people personally to the Yun Clan, demanding that we hand you over."

Yun Ni's expression became somewhat colder at the mentioned of the Celestial Sword Li Clan. The same went with Yun Qianyue as well.

"Aren't the Celestial Sword Li Clan enemies with the Yun Clan of Luo City?" Ye Futian asked, "Why is Li Ruoshuang able to come all the way here to make demands?"

"Li Ruoshuang was extraordinarily talented among her generation in the Celestial Sword Li Clan, and it was extremely possible for her to train under Emperor Qi." Yun Teng elaborated, "Emperor Qi often picks a bunch of people in his territory, and they stand a chance of being personally taught by the emperor. Li Ruoshuang's talents are such that the probability of her making it is extremely high. As such, she has been very proactive in making the necessary preparations. If Li Ruoshuang were to succeed, then the status of the Celestial Sword Li Clan would have changed considerably, and they would have been able to loom right over us."

Yun Qianyue's aura was that of extreme cold. She had been training very diligently in her clan, just so to one day surpass those from the Celestial Sword Li Clan. She saw Li Ruoshuang as her goal, driving herself forward.

Ye Futian was even able to sense faint killing intent from her.

He looked at Yun Qianyue in a curious manner, and Yun Teng at the side added, "Qianyue's father died by the hands of those from the Celestial Sword Li Clan.

Ye Futian's pupils constricted slightly. He only understood why Yun Ni said that Yun Teng was not only doing what was done for him back then.

Sword wills howled outside the Yun Clan manor at that moment. A group of mighty ones rode on their swords and the woman leading them was none other than Li Ruoshuang.

They knew that they were not able to kill Ye Futian back then and gave. They also knew that Yun Teng had considerable enmity for them.

At that moment, however, she came directly to the Yun Clan and demanded they hand over the man they were looking for, and it was to see if the Yun Clan would have complied.
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    《The Legend of Futian》