The Legend of Futian
1340 Get Ou
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1340 Get Ou

"Boom!" After a loud boom, Yun Mo's bones were smashed into pieces; lying there dead, he was not able to exert strength at all.

He couldn't damage Yu Sheng's defense, but just with one strike, Yu Sheng's attack destroyed his defenses and vanquished him most forcefully.

This Doctrine Saint forcibly won over Yun Mo of the True Self Plane!

Did the battle prove the real strength of a person who attended the Palace Examination?

People thought of Ye Futian's jeer before the fight and felt it even more jarring.

On the other side, a collision also happened between Ye Futian and Yun Chong under the gazes of numerous pairs of eyes in shock.

Yun Chong, as an Unblemished Saint, was shaken back to the place where warriors of the Yun Clan gathered.

He was an Unblemished Saint of the third level in the Saint Plane.

Ye Futian, with silver hair, stood there imposingly with the Halberd of Time and Space in hand, his white clothes blowing in the wind; his temperament was outstanding.

As if he could defend the attacks from tens of thousands of men.

Yun Mo didn't deserve fighting with him.

Even his father, Yun Chong, of the Unblemished Saint, was shaken away; how could Yun Mo fight with Ye Futian?

"You sold my disciple in exchange for your son's future," Ye Futian shouted in a cold and intimidating voice, solemnly raising the halberd to the sky.

"Do you deserve her?"

Ye Futian's voice was like a slap on the faces of all warriors from the Yun Clan.

They sent Ye Futian's disciple to serve as a servant in exchange for Yun Mo's future, but ironically, Yun Mo couldn't bear even one blow.

Besides, Ye Futian's disciple herself was a lady of the Yun Clan, which made Yun Clan look even more despicable and useless.

The scene that just happened indeed put warriors of the Yun Clan to shame; they couldn't be more embarrassed.

They claimed Yun Mo was the genius, the strongest warrior of this generation of Yun Clan and even traded a clan lady in exchange for a chance to better cultivate Yun Mo.

But at this moment, Ye Futian slapped on their faces, in front of the whole world.

Besides, nobody had expected Ye Futian and Yu Sheng to be this powerful.

"A person like him doesn't deserve cultivating. If he studied under Emperor Qi, that would be a disgrace to His Majesty," said Ye Futian, "he should be deprived of his cultivation."

"You are too presumptuous!" The Lord of the Yun Clan yelled and took one step out. The terrifying Nirvana-Plane life force enveloped toward Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Ye Futian could perceive the Nirvana life force. He pointed the Halberd of Time and Space toward him; at the same time, a person jumped into the air from the crowd. It was Wu Yong who showed up, the life force of the same Nirvana Plane released from his body.

"Do you want me to exterminate your whole clan?" Ye Futian spat out these cold words; the Halberd of Time and Space swallowing and emitting horrifying light.

His voice made all warriors of the Yun Clan shiver.

It was not only aiming at Yun Mo.

Just one sentence, "do you want to exterminate your whole clan?"

How aggressive.

As if he could use one sentence to decide the life and death of Yun Clan of Luo City, exterminating the whole clan.

While a Nirvana Saint was just standing next to him.

Ye Futian didn't even say anything, and he directly showed up, as if he had been guarding nearby.

They all had to guess Ye Futian's real identity; he was accompanied by a Nirvana-Plane figure.

They even began to feel funny that they used to think Ye Futian needed their protection. Had he been faking?

Ye Futian directly stunned all warriors of the Yun Clan with one sentence; even the Nirvana-Plane lord of the Yun Clan perceived an invisible pressure from him.

No wonder he once absentmindedly felt Ye Futian was a gallant figure in a high position.

Now it looked like his feeling was right; it was not an illusion.

"He is an outsider, he had no right to intervene affairs of the Yun Clan," Yun Chong shouted, noticing the lord had the intention of quitting.

It was not because he had the courage; just because his son Yun Mo was in Yu Sheng's hands and could be hurt at any time, no wonder he felt anxious.

After the words, he turned around toward another direction. Yu Sheng's arm smashed down again; Yun Mo let out a shriek full of agony, and soon Yu Sheng threw him to the people of the Yun Clan.

"Remember what you said, for the family," Ye Futian reminded Yun Chong with his back to him.

Didn't it sound great?

Being great while sacrificing others, how gross it was.

People's eyes all fell upon Ye Futian. Today was the day of the Palace Examination, a big event in Emperor Qi's territory.

However, at this moment, it seemed that Ye Futian was the only hero of this Palace Examination.

But since Prince Qi You asked Ye Futian to take charge of this, other people would not intervene.

At this moment, Ye Futian was heading forward. He took a glance at Li Ruoshuang from the Celestial Sword Li Clan and said, "Li Ruoshuang from the Celestial Sword Li Clan claimed to kill me and threaten to capture me from the Yun Clan. Celestial Sword Li Clan, it is up to you."

He even didn't pause his steps while walking, as if he had never kept Li Ruoshuang in mind.

But Li Ruoshuang had tried to kill him twice, undermining the Yun Clan with the power of Zuoqiu Clan, threatened to capture him and found a connection with the Zuoqiu Clan.

Her ambition was accomplished by treading on others.

Then it could only be destroyed. As for her talent and her aloofness, Ye Futian was not interested at all.

Hearing Ye Futian's cold words, Li Ruoshuang turned sullen. Was he threatening the Celestial Sword Li Clan?

Just in one sentence?

Too presumptuous, as if he didn't give a shit about all the talents in the Palace Examination.

The Zuoqiu Clan was the one that the Celestial Sword Li Clan hung on, and today, Ye Futian seemed to be ready to offend both the Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan.

"The Palace Examination has been going on for many years. I've never before seen a person as presumptuous as you," a voice came at this moment. People were slightly stirred when they saw the speaker, Zuoqiu Yan.

The young man was the most outstanding man of the Emperor Qi's territory, the joint strongest warrior, along with Zhong Qiu in this Palace Examination.

They were also respectively the Zuoqiu Clan's future and the Zhong Clan's future.

Zuoqiu Yan stared at Ye Futian. Not to mention Ye Futian claimed that the Emperor Qi's territory had no strong warriors, Li Ruoshuang was the woman chosen by the Zuoqiu Clan, and if nothing wrong happened, she would become his wife.

How dare Ye Futian threaten the Celestial Sword Li Clan to treat Li Ruoshuang just with a few words?

Ye Futian took an emotionless glance at him and ignored him, kept walking toward another direction, the direction where warriors of the Zhong Clan were.

The Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan were the joint highest powers in Emperor Qi's territory.

Ye Futian stood in front of warriors of the Zhong Clan. He looked at that elegant figure behind Zhong Qiu and said, "Qianyue, come back."

Yun Qianyue looked at that man in white, her eyes wet.

She had already lost hope, but she didn't expect that man would show up today in such an imposing manner, in front of the world, to seek justice for her.

But suddenly, Yun Qianyue perceived a slight pressure; in front of her, a slight Cold Will was slowly being released from Zhong Qiu's body. The coldness infused into her bones and veins steadily and made her unable to move.

She was still young, just of Sage Plane; Zhong Qiu could easily control her with a wisp of Will.

Zhong Qiu didn't turn his head to her; he fixed his stare on Ye Futian and said, "she belongs to the Zhong Clan now."

He doesn't care what Ye Futian was; here was Emperor Qi's territory.

The Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan had prospered in Emperor Qi's territory for many years. The Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan were at their apex within this territory.

Ye Futian just came here and disdained everyone, ignoring all the existing rules.

What he said was too demeaning to the Zhong Clan; the reputation of the Zhong Clan could even be ruined.

The Yun Clan of the Luo City volunteered to send the girl to the Zhong Clan Residence, but now he used it as evidence of the Zhong Clan's ill repute.

Ye Futian heard Zhong Qiu's words and saw him look straight at him, but he didn't pause his steps.

Numerous pairs of eyes fell on him. In front of him was Zhong Clan, the strongest power of Emperor Qi's territory, the clan which stood shoulder to shoulder with the Zhong Clan.

Was he ready to directly confront them?

But so far, people still had no idea what the cards in his hand looked like. Even if he was able to win over Zhong Qiu, how could he get rid of the situation safety since he had offended everybody?

"Belong to Zhong Clan? Who decided her destiny?" Ye Futian looked at Zhong Qiu and asked. "The old codgers in Yun Clan, or you?"

"No need to tell you," said Zhong Qiu.

Ye Futian laughed after hearing Zhong Qiu's words. He took back the Halberd of Time and Space in his hand and said, "is he the strongest warrior in the Palace Examination?"

Ye Futian's silver hair was flying; the wind rose on the fighting platform, and his clothes were blowing. He looked at Zhong Qiu and said, "I heard you cultivate with women's bodies as your cauldron? Your cultivation method is filthy; your way of doing things is filthy, too. I don't know how your ability is, but from your conduct, I know you don't deserve to be a Saint. Ironically, you are peerless in the Palace Examination."

He turned around when he talked and took a few steps back. When people were confused by what he was doing, he again turned around, looked at Zhong Qiu and said, "to deal with a cultivator like you, one strike should be enough."

The crowd again went dead silent. Ye Futian stood still with hands behind back and said to Zhong Qiu, "Get out!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》