The Legend of Futian
1341 One Hi
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1341 One Hi

One hit was all it had taken.

Everyone was speechless. If Ye Futian had been the one saying that to the others, it probably would not have left much of an impact.

However, the one he was facing was Zhong Qiu, the most extraordinary of saints to be found in Emperor Qi's Territory. He was also the future leading figure of the Zhong Clan.

Zhong Qiu had exhibited extremely terrifying combat prowess back at the Palace Examination. Every single one who was of his plane had been overwhelmed when they had fought him.

In Emperor Qi's territory, both Zuoqiu Yan and Zhong Yan were like nearly unconquerable mountains.

However, that man who had just come had told Zhong Qiu to get out there in a very uncouth manner.

Eerie, hostile intent was gradually sensed being sent in Ye Futian's direction. Those from the Zhong Clan sported cold expressions. There was hardly any expression seen on the pale face of Zhong Qiu, but his eyes would have sent bone-chilling cold to anyone looking at them.

Get out there?

One hit would suffice?

No one had dared to say anything like that to him before.

Just who did he think he was?

A chuckle was heard all of a sudden. There seemed to be hints of ridicule within, but that person did not say anything. Many saw that the one who had chuckled sarcastically was none other than Zuoqiu Yan.

While Zhong Qiu was indeed his rival, the other man was nonetheless just as renowned as he was. Despite their rivalry, he acknowledged what Zhong Qiu was capable of.

Ye Futian had disrespected both him and Zhong Qiu one after another, and that could no longer have been described as brash and insolent alone.

Ye Futian looked at him, and Zuoqiu Yan responded in kind, returning his gaze plainly.

"If you're interested in trying your hand as well, you're welcome to." Ye Futian's words caused the plain smile on Zuoqiu Yan's lips to gradually disappear.

"Big talk indeed. What happens if you can't pull off what you claimed you'd be able to pull off then?" Zuoqiu Yan's face turned increasingly glum. The prince, Qi You, did not interfere. It was easy to tell that the prince intended to see how capable they were as well. If they were unable to put Ye Futian in his place, the prince would also see it and think they were incompetent.

However, both the Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan were top-notch forces found in Emperor Qi's territory, and that day was the day of the Palace Examination. Ye Futian had essentially stolen their thunder by behaving in such an uncouth manner.

If he was unable to do what he claimed, then...

"Death, of course," a mighty one from the Zuoqiu Clan said. The one who'd said so was none other than that mighty one who had walked with Li Ruoshuang back then. His tone was cold, eerie, and full of killing intent.

"You'll only have one chance at this," Zhong Qiu said at the same time. He gradually rose and walked towards Ye Futian.

He would not have minded fighting Ye Futian just to see what enabled that man to be so insolent.

However, Ye Futian had provoked him to do battle in such an insulting manner.

If he dared to be that presumptuous, then he would only give that man a single chance.

"One hit. If you're unable to do so, you die." Zhong Qiu rose and walked towards Ye Futian. Every step he took caused the place around him to turn increasingly cold. The eerie coldness seemed to slow the senses of everyone around him.

The will of the great path seeped into Ye Futian's body, affecting his blood flow. It even began to slow his senses, as if the great path in his surroundings had actually begun to slow down.

The will of the great path affected the senses of others, making it seem like he was the only one left in that space.

"Sir Ye." Yun Qianyue's face turned pale. Ye Futian sought justice for her, and she was naturally grateful and touched because of that.

However, she knew well just how powerful both Zuoqiu Yan and Zhong Qiu were. She had witnessed Zhong Qiu's battle not long ago.

While she indeed believed in Ye Futian's powers, she was unable to fathom whether it was possible to unleash just a single hit and end it all.

There were just too many variables at work with that one hit. Unless the difference in powers was overwhelmingly great, ending it all with just a single hit would not be possible.

Furthermore, from the way the Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan behaved, they did not intend to fight Ye Futian fair and square. If that one hit did not work, they would really move out and kill Ye Futian, showing no mercy whatsoever.

If Ye Futian really failed to do what he said he was capable of and both the Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan were out to kill him, the prince would still probably keep his hands to himself.

The mighty one of the Zhong Clan shot a cold glance at Yun Qianyue. His eyes seemed to have a faint hint of coldness in them, causing her to shiver all over.

She was able to sense clearly the killing intent within the eyes of the mighty one from the Zhong Clan. Those people really sought to kill Ye Futian for what he had done.

Ye Futian had truly offended the two greatest forces in Emperor Qi's territory.

She looked at Ye Futian, who appeared totally unfazed despite being under tremendous pressure from those two top-notch forces. His eyes remained the same, and he, standing proud, seemed to be saying that he was confident to take on whatever changes were to come.

The will of the great path of Entropy was unleashed. That formless, eerily cold power was shattered right away.

The battle between saints was done in the face of the might of the great path.

The way of Entropy was unbelievably overbearing. Despite that the attacks that Zhong Qiu practiced were extremely cold and the coldness was everywhere, they remained incapable of invading his body.

Ye Futian extended his hand, and stars were conjured all over the place, making it look like the place had been turned into a world of stars. A great many constellations appeared all of a sudden in the sky above.

The light of constellations orbited with Ye Futian at the center, seemingly moving with a mystical tune, and a raging might shrouded the place.

A halberd of the great path appeared on Ye Futian's palm. The boundless light of the stars coursed, and that weapon pulsed with frightening powers within an instant, seemingly capable of breaking and subduing everything it touched.

The light pulsing on the weapon alone made Zhong Qiu sense tremendous pressure.

His eyes turned severe, and he burst with coldness all over him, which was then conjured into a storm of cold. Cold, eerie currents swept at Ye Futian's body. The method he trained in was on the extreme yin side of the spectrum of yin and yang, capable of killing without alerting the target.

Boom—the stars all over the sky seemed to burst into flames right at that very instant. The devastating halberd of the great path lit up with true flames of the sun, with extremely overbearing will of the great path bursting through it, as if it were out to overpower Zhong Qiu's eerie cold.

If Zhong Qiu took the path of extreme yin and extreme cold, then Ye Futian sought to respond by bringing the power of extreme yang and extreme heat to bear.

Boom—Zhong Qiu's Life Spirit appeared, which was a Black Turtle sacred beast. That terrifying will of the great path coalesced into solid currents with him at the center, circling around him ,and every single current caused any place they passed to turn completely dead.

When that many currents were coursing about at the same time, the scene was nothing short of harrowing.

At that moment, Ye Futian stepped forward, and their surroundings shook violently.

Zhong Qiu's heart seemed to shake alongside Ye Futian's steps.

"Even one hit would be too much for the likes of you." Ye Futian walked towards Zhong Qiu, zipping past the space within an instant.

The pressure that Xing Kai had put on him had been stronger than what Zhong Qiu, at the moment, was able to muster. Ye Futian had still been a Proving Holiness saint back then, and now, he was already a Saint of True Self.

There was no way Zhong Qiu could have won against him.

The stars above the sky orbited at that very moment where Ye Futian walked. The light of the constellation of the great path rained down at the same time, crushing everything around him, and he charged, making it seem like the light of ancient symbols was raining down on Zhong Qiu.

At that moment, Zhong Qiu felt as if he were caught in the world of stars. Every single beam of light of the great path shot at him, like a star coming down on him.

Countless stars rained down as they burned with true flames of the sun, making them capable of razing everything they hit.

His expression finally changed. When Ye Futian truly brought his might to bear, Zhong Qiu finally realized just how terrifying things could have been. That pale face of his seemed to turn even paler. Countless currents rushed at Ye Futian in a frenzy, yet they seemed insignificant before Ye Futian's attacks.

He roared, and a huge Black Turtle appeared, freezing the entire place as he was shrouded within, turning his attacks into defense.

Boom, boom, boom... Their surroundings continued to shake, and thousands of clashes seemed to happen within a single moment. The Black Turtle began to crack, and a holy halberd burst through, tearing the sacred beast at the center and penetrating what was inside.

"No..." Zhong Qiu became frightened. He cranked his powers to be the limit, intending to freeze the space over, yet the Black Turtle continued to be destroyed. The halberd looked unstoppable. With a loud rumble, the Life Spirit crumbled altogether, and Ye Futian's halberd went straight into Zhong Qiu's body.

Zhong Qiu looked horrified. He then looked up at Ye Futian and saw Ye Futian push his hand forward lightly. Devastating power burst and tore through everything in Zhong Qiu's body.

He would have him dead if he was unable to pull it off, huh?

What about if he was actually able to do what he claimed to be able to?

Boom. A person was sent flying and fell limply to the ground. Zhong Qiu's face was filled with utter terror. He sensed that everything in his body had been destroyed—even his Life Spirit had been taken apart by Ye Futian's attack.

Ye Futian had thoroughly crippled him.

"You're unfit for cultivation," Ye Futian said.

Countless people watched that scene with baffled expressions, and their hearts raced.

One hit.

Ye Futian had truly only used one attack, and that attack had utterly overwhelmed his opponent.

Was that really Zhong Qiu?

Zhong Qiu of the Zhong Clan had looked so impossibly weak back there.

He was unable to take even a single hit.

Zuoqiu Yan watched, feeling as if his mind had been rattled. His expression was a very ugly one. He was unable to imagine what would have happened if he had been the one to fight just moments ago.

"Sir Ye..." Yun Qianyue watched the scene with a shocked expression, finding Ye Futian to be impossibly powerful.

While she had gone to seek guidance from Ye Futian many times before, she had never seen what Ye Futian was truly capable of, and in that moment, she had finally seen it.

Even someone as powerful as Zhong Qiu was unable to withstand even a single hit.

Mighty ones of the Zhong Clan at her side flashed to Zhong Qiu's side, looking into the extent of Zhong Qiu's injuries. Their expressions turned cold, and killing intent was sensed sweeping out.

The killing intent became blatant after they saw that Zhong Qiu was utterly crippled. The mighty ones from the Zhong Clan headed in Ye Futian's direction and said coldly, "You behaved in such an unbridled manner in the Palace Examination. Did you even have any respect for the prince or anyone else around you?"

That man's killing intent was frightening, as if he intended to kill Ye Futian right where he stood.

Many sweated on Ye Futian's behalf after sensing the terrifying might of a Holiness of Nirvana bursting through. They all wondered if the man who had crippled Zhong Qiu with one single attack would be able to walk off the stage alive.

"Try making a move against my student if you dare."

A towering might shrouded the entire place, pressing down on the Holiness of Nirvana. Everyone sensed the terrifying pressure within an instant.

The Holiness of Nirvana of the Zhong Clan turned around to look at the one who had spoken. He was not alone, as everyone looked toward the source of the voice.

A figure appeared at the prince's side and slowly walked out. It was none other than Qi Xuangang.
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    《The Legend of Futian》