The Legend of Futian
1345 The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1345 The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven

The mountain range in Emperor Qi's territory was sparsely inhabited. Cultivators rarely came here, and only recluses or silence seekers would cultivate in the mountains.

At this moment, many people got down from the top of one mountain. Their robes were blowing in the wind. Divine Might was being released from their body, extremely intimidating.

They kept glancing around, forceful minds rushing out from their heads and enveloping the endless space. They seemed to be looking for something.

"He is hurt; he can't escape too far. Maybe he is still in the mountain range. You go find him separately," said the leader of the group. People nodded and soon flashed toward different locations. They released their life forces without disguise at the same time, so even though they were far away, they could still perceive the life forces from others and support each other instantly.

The leader looked quite young. He looked cold and had an intimidating life force.

Many warriors were searching in the mountains, one of whom was an old warrior in a black robe. His body flashed in the air, fast like lightning. When he came to a land of valley, he seemed to perceive a faint wisp of life force. He immediately looked up in alert and darted toward that direction.

There was a river in the deep of the valley. The old warrior in the black robe arrived on the bank above the river. He restrained the life force from his body and looked down, and then he saw a figure sitting there with his back to him. The life force was suspended around his body. It seemed he was healing himself.

His clothes were still tinged with bloodstains.

The old man resumed his steps. His stare was cold, fixed on the figure in front of him. That man in white seemed to have noticed. He slowly turned around and stared at him coldly.

Boom! The old man's life force exploded to the full and surged out. The Divine Might arrived. He raised one palm and thrust it out. It turned into a golden wheel and smashed the space.

The man in white also raised his hand and thrust forward. Suddenly, nine palm prints showed up in the sky and turned into one. The Great Law resonated and trembled the void sky. His palmprint collided with the golden wheel print and made a booming sound.

"Why don't you surrender now!" the old man shouted. His palmprint swept forward and crushed the young man's palmprint. The young man let out a low humph, but his palmprint was still firm. Cold killing thought flashed across his eyes.

Suddenly, the old warrior seemed to perceive something, and his face turned pale. His mind glanced behind, and when he tried to retrieve the palmprint, he found that the person's palm was sticking tight on to his palm. He hastily thrust out the left hand, but at that moment, a white phantom flashed in front of him and disappeared.

Pkkkhht… after a clear penetrating sound, blood oozed from the old warrior's neck. His head fell, and the white phantom merged into the figure in white and became a part of it.

He coughed. A dribble of blood fell from his mouth. He took an emotionless glance into the distance and turned around, flashing away. His life force was concealed, and his speed was super-fast.

Until now, he still had no idea why the person who came to the Heavenly Mandate Realm with him suddenly sent people to capture him.

He didn't offend him, and since he just came here, he didn't have enemies.

What on earth was it?

Even though he didn't know the answer, he could do nothing but escape. First, escape from this mountain range, and then disguise himself, hide in the crowds until they couldn't find him.

It was not long after he escaped that a group of warriors came. The leader arrived, too. He saw the old warrior's corpse on the ground, of which the head had fallen to one side. He had been decapitated.

The leader's face looked extremely sullen. They had wasted a few Saint-Plane warriors, but they had not caught him yet.

"Go!" he gave the order and flashed into the air, chasing after the residue of the man's life force left between the sky and earth.

To be more exact, the Imperial Palace of Emperor Qi's territory should be called a city within a city.

The Imperial Palace was a vast district covering hundreds of acres. There were countless lofty palaces in this area and abundant cultivation resources.

Besides, the Imperial Palace was enveloped by one giant matrix, full of the thick nimbus of the universe. Even the Will of the Law was everywhere, permeating the whole space.

It was a perfect land for cultivation, just like the earthly paradise described in legends.

But it was not beyond Ye Futian's expectation. A Renhuang's dwelling place was often like this; he used to cultivate in the Regional King's Palace.

In the Regional King's Palace, Wills of Flame were also everywhere, extremely thick in the air.

It was also one of the reasons warriors of Emperor Qi's territory all wanted to attend the Palace Examination and cultivate under Emperor Qi's throne.

They would not only learn Emperor Qi's teachings and cultivate in this zone but also get bigger opportunities if they performed well enough and had enough talent.

Many eminent figures had come from this Imperial Palace.

And at this moment, in the Imperial Palace, Ye Futian and other warriors were staying in a provisional palace.

During these days, from time to time, some people came here to visit and practice cultivation skills. They were all full of pride when they just came here.

But they all looked quite depressed and enervated when they left, their heads lowered.

Soon, warriors stopped visiting this provisional palace. The people here were too tough to mess up with.

Ye Futian's companions from the Crimson Dragon Realm gradually all arrived. Since Emperor Qi helped release information in person, and also because what happened in Palace Examination had shocked the whole territory, everyone who got a clue immediately rushed to the Imperial Palace and found the people they were looking for.

The warriors who came from Thousand Leaves City with Ye Futian were almost all here.

Xia Qingyuan arrived, too. In fact, she had been in the Imperial City on the day of the Palace Examination.

"Still no news?" Ye Futian asked the Sword Saint of Cottage Villa. He went outside to seek information and had just come back.

The Sword Saint of Cottage Villa shook his head and said, "Not yet. Dongliu is always careful when doing things. If he had heard about the battle, he must have attempted to come here. Unless something stopped him."

Now, the Third Brother Gu Dongliu was the only person who had not arrived yet.

Other people were all here.

The Third Brother's real strength was not weak. He should be able to protect himself if nothing serious happened.

But Ye Futian was still worried about him since they were in the Heavenly Mandate Realm where strong warriors were everywhere. If he had met a person like Li Ruoshuang, it would mean big trouble.

"Was it possible that he was sent to other territories by the collapsed spatial road?" asked Ye Futian in a low voice.

"Maybe," said the Sword Saint, nodding. A cultivator should be fine being alone outside, but he was still a little worried about Gu Dongliu, who didn't come here to meet them.

At that moment, someone walked to them.

"Mr. Ye." That person saluted him from a distance. Ye Futian walked forward; he knew the person belonged to the Imperial Palace.

"His Majesty has prepared a banquet and invites you and other heroes to come," he said.

Ye Futian listened and asked, "What time?"

"You can depart now if you are free," he continued.

"All right," said Ye Futian, nodding. He needed to show respect for Emperor Qi. This time, Emperor Qi penalized the Zuoqiu Clan and the Zhong Clan. The power of both clans had been weakened, especially the Zhong Clan, which had left the center of politics.

But, of course, Ye Futian would not think it was all for him. Maybe these two clans had fallen out of Emperor Qi's favor for long, but they worked for him and did things in his name, just like in the Palace Examination.

So, Emperor Qi just took the chance to give them an alert and enervate their power and voices.

Ye Futian and others departed and soon came to the Emperor Qi's dwelling Renhuang Palace.

The banquet was ready. Many warriors sat on both sides of the banquet.

People of the Crimson Dragon Realm had all arrived. They scattered and sat in different seats.

"Ye Futian, what is your plan?" Chi Shang asked Ye Futian. He was sitting with Yu Shifei, opposite Ye Futian.

"I don't have a specific plan, but I want to figure out what powers of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were like first," said Ye Futian in a low voice.

"Hm," said Chi Shang, nodding, "this time, we just came here for cultivation and training, so we don't have a strong intention. We are ready to leave here after today and go to different locations for cultivation."

"Okay," said Ye Futian. He knew it was not convenient for so many people to cultivate together.

Although many people came from the Crimson Dragon Realm, they belonged to different powers, and they didn't have to stay together.

"When you come back to Crimson Dragon Realm, I hope to see you become the top warrior below Renhuang in Crimson Dragon Realm," said Chi Shang, laughing.

Ye Futian didn't say anything. Perhaps he needed a lot more time to reach that level.

He didn't know if his Master Qi Xuangang had ability like that.

When they headed toward the banquet, in the Imperial City district of Emperor Qi's territory, a figure in white swiftly flashed toward the Imperial Palace.

However, he was stopped outside the palace.

The man in white was Gu Dongliu. The life force suspended around his body, and his white clothes were stained by blood. There seemed to be a gust of appalling life force rushing toward him.

"This is the Imperial Palace. You are not allowed to enter," a guard outside the Imperial Palace said to Gu Dongliu with a long spear in hand.

"I came from the Crimson Dragon Realm. I am here to find people," said Gu Dongliu. He got the news on his way and ran here.

The guards took a look at each other and slightly nodded. They left some space for him. One of them turned around and said, "Follow me."

And then, Gu Dongliu followed him to the Imperial Palace territory.

Just after they stepped inside, the group of people following him arrived. The ones at the front line paused their steps, frowning.

This district belonged to Emperor Qi's territory; it was Emperor Qi's Imperial Palace.

Many Renhuang's Imperial Palaces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm were independently established spaces, prohibiting unknown visitors from trespassing.

A figure arrived from the void sky. The life force being emitted from the person's body was very appalling. His eyes revealed a horrifying gleam. His stare was fixed on Emperor Qi's territory ahead of him.

Other people turned their heads and looked at him. He took a stride forward and kept moving.

Not to mention the Imperial Palace of Emperor Qi's territory, they were going to catch him anyway, even if he ran right in front of Emperor Qi.

Who knew if the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven knew his existence!
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    《The Legend of Futian》