The Legend of Futian
1346 The Lost Clan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1346 The Lost Clan

The banquet was going on in Emperor Qi's Palace.

Ye Futian and others had arrived. Emperor Qi came in person, too.

"Is it true that recently some royal warriors came to visit Ye Futian's provisional palace and were all taken away on a stretcher?" Emperor Qi looked at the warriors and asked.

Many people lowered their heads and looked quite embarrassed.

Those proud, big figures went to challenge Ye Futian and ended up being defeated.

"Mr. Ye is the strongest warrior of Crimson Dragon Realm in this generation. It is normal that Emperor Qi's territory has no one to contend with him," Qi You was standing nearby and said. Emperor Qi nodded and said, "Realizing your own shortcomings is the first step for a more powerful cultivation path. From now on, don't be someone who sits in a well and thinks they know the world. And, soon, you can depart with Qi You."

"Aye, Your Majesty," people all answered, nodding. They all knew what Emperor Qi meant.

Soon, a big event would happen in Heavenly Mandate Realm. This event would be of vital importance for cultivators in this district, especially for those who studied Thunder Laws; that would be a rare chance for them.

Even though they might not grasp the chance, they should still go to the event.

"Ye Futian, I know the Yun Clan of Luo City also cultivates in Thunder skills. Since Qianyue is your disciple, you must be good at the Law of Thunders as well, right?" Emperor Qi asked Ye Futian.

"I can't say I am good at it, only the basics," Ye Futian replied subserviently.

"You are being modest. I can tell your Thunder skills are good, too," replied Emperor Qi. "Soon, there will be a chance of inheritance. I will send many people there. Would you like to go with them?"

It was out of Ye Futian's expectation. Emperor Qi, as a Renhuang, seemed to pay much attention to this.

Or did Emperor Qi draw Ye Futian to his side also because of this thing?

To let him accompany Qi You?

"May I know where to go?" asked Ye Futian.

"Have you heard about this after you came to the Heavenly Mandate Palace?" asked Emperor Qi. "All the Thunder Skills in the world originated from the Heavenly Palace."

"Yes," said Ye Futian, nodding. He indeed heard about it from Yun Nin when he was in the Yun Clan of Luo City.

All the Thunders Skills in the world originated from the Heavenly Palace.

The Heavenly Palace here referred to the top power in the Heavenly Mandate Palace—Violet Heavenly Palace.

Was the thing related to the Violet Heavenly Palace?

"The place you are going to is one of the orthodox holy places of the Violet Heavenly Palace and contained one of the eight Thunder Law inheritances of the Violet Heavenly Palace," said Emperor Qi slowly. He looked solemn, as if lost in thought of the past, and then said, "The Violet Heavenly Palace inherited from heaven and owned the Heavenly Law, Divine Thunder of Purple Heaven. There are 72 layers in the Divine Thunder of Purple Heaven, eight sects, and numerous branches in the world, and this vast district contained one of the eight orthodoxies of the Violet Heaven Palace. The place you will be going is related to it. Of course, nobody is forced to go. It is voluntary."

Ye Futian slightly nodded. Emperor Qi just provided a simple introduction and didn't give any details, but if he decided to go, he would get to know more.

Of course, Ye Futian wanted to go. All thunder skills of the world originated from the Heavenly Palace. It was one of the eight orthodoxies of the Purple Heavenly Palace.

He came to the Heavenly Mandate Realm in order to reach higher levels and search for an answer.

If he had the chance to approach the Violet Heavenly Palace, it would be a very good choice.

"We don't cultivate in Thunder Laws; we just hang around. You don't have to join in the fun," said Chi Shang. He was not the only one; many people didn't cultivate in Thunder Laws, either.

He had told Ye Futian he might part with him and go somewhere else.

"All right, then," Emperor Qi said, nodding.

Suddenly, Emperor Qi lifted his eyebrows.

He raised his head and looked up into the distance as if having perceived something. His forceful mind stormed out and enveloped the boundless space.

And soon, he saw a place there.

On the outskirt of the Imperial City, a group of people surrounded a young man in white.

The leader of the group had an unusual temperament. It was as if he was aloof from the world. He stared at the man in white emotionlessly.

The person in white was Gu Dongliu.

He had been fleeing on his way and had just come here after hearing about the thing that happened in the city.

However, he was still blocked the moment he entered the city.

The young leader in the group waved his hand and immediately. These people flashed and encircled Gu Dongliu.

"Keep him alive!" the young leader ordered mercilessly. Appalling life force was released from his body.

From Gu Dongliu's body, his life force also burst out violently. The Nine Characters of Spiritual Power appeared and rotated around his body. A celestial phantom appeared, and a huge amount of Wills gushed out.

Seeing the scene, the young leader turned more concerned and yelled out, "Take him, right away!"

But at this moment, a suffocating pressure came down from the sky dome and enveloped the boundless space; it was the Might of a Renhuang.

A giant face showed up in the void sky. It was formed by wills. It was Emperor Qis's face.

He paused for a second when seeing the ancient characters around Gu Dongliu and the celestial phantom, and soon looked toward the group of people and asked, "Didn't you know you are not allowed to break into the palace in my territory?"

The young man who took the lead slightly bowed to Emperor Qi and said, "Our apologies to bother you, Your Majesty. We will leave immediately after taking him away."

And then he took out a token to show him. There were two characters on it: Wu Tu—Earth the Fifth Essential.

"The Token of Wu Tu?" Above the sky dome, Emperor Qi slightly frowned at the scene.

Gu Dongliu raised his head and looked toward Emperor Qi. Since he was here, Emperor Qi should have known the reason. Ye Futian came here and stirred up the whole realm but was still looking for him. Emperor Qi might have made his guess.

However, at this moment, Emperor Qi didn't say anything. He just stared at Gu Dongliu in silence, as if he was able to see something from his halo.

They wanted to capture him. Was it because…

No, it shouldn't be possible.

The Celestial Gate of Heavenly Gate should be extinct.

"We apologize to bother Your Majesty," the young man slightly bowed and walked to Gu Dongliu. The life force emitting from his body was copious, extremely forceful.

Gu Dongliu was severely injured. Looking at the warriors coming to him, he saw Emperor Qi's attitude.

Gu Dongliu immediately understood that these people who came to capture him had prestigious identities, even higher than Emperor Qi, the Renhuang.

Otherwise, they would not dare to intrude into the Imperial Palace.

"I will go by myself," said Gu Dongliu. There was no need to persist. He took a step toward them and gave up resisting.

He headed here after he got news about Ye Futian and still reached the Imperial Palace after many difficulties. Since Ye Futian was his younger brother attracted attention from the Renhuang in this territory, he thought he would be safe here.

But obviously, he underestimated these people's identities. Even a Renhuang didn't dare to block them.

It meant that even if he had found Ye Futian and others, it would be useless and might get them involved.

So, he would just go with them.

It was just, so far, he hadn't figured out what the whole thing was about.

Why did these people have to capture him?

"Again, I apologize for this trouble I brought, Your Majesty," the young man bowed and said to Emperor Qi after noticing Gu Dongliu following them. "Hope I can visit you again if I have the chance. Besides, Your Majesty can let your people depart now."

After these words, they turned around and soon left the Imperial Palace.

Emperor Qi's face gradually vanished in the void sky.

In the banquet, when Emperor Qi's mind came back, many people were watching him.

They all noticed Emperor Qi released his mind; nobody knew what happened.

A beam of mind shot out, and immediately, a virtual scene appeared in the void sky. Ye Futian suddenly rose to his feet and yelled, "Third Brother!"

Emperor Qi looked toward Ye Futian. Did he call him Third Brother?

The Sword Saint stood up, too. He looked quite worried.

"Your Majesty, that person is my elder brother. Please show mercy to stop them," Ye Futian pleaded. He didn't know who Gu Dongliu had offended, but now, only Emperor Qi could save him.

Emperor Qi looked toward Ye Futian and said, "The token he holds in hand is called the Token of Wu Tu. They belong to the place which I just told you about, one of the eight orthodoxies of the Violet Heavenly Palace. Their real strength is very strong."

Ye Futian turned pale. Even Emperor Qi didn't dare to block them?

The eight orthodoxies of the Violet Heavenly Palace. How did the Third Brother offend them?

"Master, let's go chase them," said Ye Futian to Qi Xuangang.

"There is no use of it. They had crossed the space and left using divine instruments," said Emperor Qi. This Gu Dongliu should not be a simple person since a direct descendant of the Palace chased him, but with such a divine instrument, no wonder the young man could take him away even though he had arrived.

There was no other way to go.

"Was he really your brother from Crimson Dragon Realm?" Emperor Qi looked toward Ye Futian and asked.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked quite confused.

"Is your brother related to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven?" Emperor Qi continued asking.

"The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven?" Ye Futian murmured. It is a top power in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The Third Brother came from the Lower Realms; how could he have a connection with them?

"No, we came from Emperor Xia's Realm of Crimson Dragon Realm—a smaller place—and so did my brother. He shouldn't have any connection with them," replied Ye Futian.

"What is your brother's last name?" Emperor Qi fixed his eyes on him and continued asking.

"His last name is Gu," replied Ye Futian. He felt very anxious; however, Emperor Qi might have known something, so he just replied honestly.

"Gu…" An appalling beam of sharp Will came out of Emperor Qi's eyes. Even the life force around his body began to fluctuate.

The four highest ancient clans controlled the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven at the political apex of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The Gu Clan of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven should have been extinct.

That lunatic should have been the last person of the clan.

But now, a person whose last name was Gu showed up in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. If he really belonged to the Gu Clan, he would very likely stir up a storm in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"Your Majesty," Ye Futian looked at Emperor Qi and said, "what happened?"

Emperor Qi stared at him and didn't respond, but rather, he delivered his voice to him and said, "Your brother's life spirit and ability are very similar to the ones used by the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven of the past. However, the Gu Clan in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven is extinct now."

Ye Futian was shocked by what Emperor Qi had told him.

The Gu Clan was extinct.

But Third Brother's cultivation methods were very similar to the ones of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven Gu Clan.

Was it just a coincidence?

Didn't Master kidnap the Third Brother? And Master didn't say the Third Brother had anything special.

Or was Gu Dongliu sent to the Lower Realms to take refuge in childhood?
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    《The Legend of Futian》