The Legend of Futian
1351 Lu Yu
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1351 Lu Yu

Ye Futian went up one step after another, and the mark left inside of him grew increasingly powerful. Lightning bolts throughout the Divine Mountain shrouded the vast space around him, with him at the very center.

Every single bolt of lightning that smite was earth-shattering. Every part of his body was baptized by lightning. Even that ancient tree within him had boundless lightning coursing through it, but at the same time, it was also consuming the power of lightning.

"Is the power of the Source of the Great Path?" Ye Futian searched within himself and muttered. His body became a furnace when the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was cast, refining the divine lightning of his surroundings, melding them with the lightning will within his Life Spirit.

That was the meaning of the existence of the Eight Divine Mountains, passing down the teachings through the lightning bolts themselves, enabling the ones taking in the bolts to develop will of Infernal Thunder of Wutu within them, which in turn enabling them to develop talents for that element, paving their way for training within the Emperor of Purple Underground.

Imparting the way through the lightning bolts was something that only top-notch forces in Supreme Imperial Realm were able to do.

It was unimaginable to the Lower Worlds.

Ye Futian's body had formidable adaptive abilities. With the World Tree Life Spirit and the Deed of Thorough Comprehension at work, it resulted in him melding quickly with the lightning around him, causing all lightning will found within his body to gradually be developed into the will of the great path of Infernal Thunder of Wutu.

With that, he became able to withstand thunderous might of greater power as he became compatible with them.

No one would have been able to sustain smiting from over 100 lightning bolts alone otherwise.

As Ye Futian kept moving up and overtaking a greater number of people, eventually, there were only three people left before him.

Lu Yu, a descendant of Sword Emperor of Shocking Clouds, The thunder bird, a descendant of a demon emperor, Zhu Qi, daughter of the Bamboo Emperor.

The thunder bird continued to consume the lightning of the great path around. The lightning sheen on it shrouded the sky, shining on a vast area. Its eyes were extremely pointed, looking at Lu Yu, who was at the absolute highest point, leaving it and Zhu Qi in the dust behind.

Presently, even the thunder bird was enduring extremely great pressure.

That was the same with Zhu Qi. Her body was moving extremely fast, like an illusion. But when lightning bolts flashed, she would have been hindered.

Ye Futian gradually caught up with them from behind. His steps were steady as he followed, heading towards the peak of Wutu Divine Mountain.

The millstone-like thundercloud above raged on, making it seem like doomsday for those witnessing it.

Boom. A rumble was heard. Countless on the Divine Mountain looked up and saw a figure walk to the peak one step after another, holding a sword in his hand. The figure was none other than Lu Yu.

"Some speed indeed."

Many shuddered to find that Lu Yu was actually about to get to the top.

It was as speculated by many—Lu Yu indeed became the first to get to the top of the Divine Mountain. That descendant of the Sword Emperor of Shocking Clouds, who was capable of attracting lightning with his sword and had incredible proficiency at the ways of lightning, was indeed a cut above the rest.

He looked like some god of the sword. His back faced the ones below him as he made it up one step at a time.

Boom. Yet another flash of lightning blasted. His sword hung above him, and the bolts blasted onto the sword right away, which was then refined by the sword as it passed before finally surging into his body.

He looked up in the sky and lifted his legs, continuing to move his way upwards. His sword aura was towering, and boundless lightning glimmered on his sword, making him looking dashing and legendary.

"That indeed is the number one among descendants of the Sword Emperor of Shocking Clouds. Lu Yu will probably be able to study under the Emperor of Purple Underground," some muttered deep down. Many found themselves inferior, looking at legendary figure beneath the thunderclouds.

It was not that those people were looking down on themselves, but that it was a glaring fact proven by the powers of the one they were comparing themselves to.

The ones who were capable of fighting him were probably the handful of people right below him.

"He's at the top."

Lu Yu stepped out at that moment and reached the peak.

The thunder bird glittered as it moved below him, pulsing with towering flashes of lightning. Zhu Qi took an illusory form and continued moving upward. Her many bodies of lightning melded into a single entity eventually as she moved while stepping on the lightning bolts, making her look impossibly beautiful like a goddess.

Ye Futian continued moving steadily right behind them, and he was not all that far from the peak anymore.

Lightning bolts flashed again, but they were not able to shake Lu Yu one bit. He refined the bolts as he looked up.

There had been a person who withstood 900 strikes and became a personal student of the Emperor of Purple Underground, becoming revered by countless and lauded as the orthodox of Infernal Thunder of Wutu. That person was to become one of those who would inherit one of the nine thunders of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

However, Lu Yu did not think so.

'Who came first' had no bearing when it came to cultivation. What the other person had been able to do back then, he was able to do now as well.

No one else had been capable of fighting him.

He believed that no one below would be a challenge to him, either.

Four lightning bolts struck from above at the central region of the millstone-like thundercloud. Lu Yu waved his right arm in a dashing manner. The sword hanging above him was quickly turned into four swords, appearing in four corners and stopping the lightning bolts.

Boom. The bolts hit the swords, which made it so that they were hitting Lu Yu as well. His clothes billowed, and the lightning flashed in a glittering manner.

The might of thunder on the four swords surged towards his body. His bearing at the moment was nothing short of legendary.

"Lu Yu was able to stop the bolts and consume the path of lightning of others." Many looked shocked at what he did. That was a testament to the immense confidence he had in himself. It was as if he were to withstand being baptized by the heavenly bolts all on his own. He was the only being, and no one would have been able to compare to him.

"You all could stop now." Lu Yu looked down below him and continued, "The Divine Mountain is open today, and I intend to break the past records. I shall withstand 1,000 strikes, and you all can train where you are. There will be no problem for all of you to enter the Purple Underworld to train."

He knew that everyone wanted to reach the top, to stand at the peak of the Divine Mountain, and have themselves rained on by the lightning bolts, enabling them to become beings revered by all.

But he deemed that the peak of Divine Mountain could only have one person stand on it, or it would look less than perfect.

He had no intention of seeing any who came to the Divine Mountain as rivals. His rivals were those people outside. However, he was competing with them through time and space as they were not of the same generation.

"How boisterous." The thunder bird said in human speech, "I intend to try as well at the peak and be struck by 1,000 bolts. How about you step down instead?"

The bird continued moving upward as soon as it was done saying that. The huge thunder bird cast towering beams of lightning from its humongous body.

Lu Yu shot a plain look at it and did not say anything. He then pointed at the sword hanging in the air.

The swords rang and howled under the thunder.

Boom, boom, boom... Lightning bolts flashed and struck down again as if the sword guided them. It was as if he had been attracting the bolts with his sword. Will of lightning in the vast area of the Divine Mountain gushed towards the sword in a frenzy. A towering flash of lightning of the sword glittered in his surroundings. The scene looked very harrowing.

"One sword shall command the thunderclouds," Lu Yu—descendant of the Sword Emperor of Shocking Clouds—uttered. The voice reverberated in the air. It was extraordinarily overbearing and sharp.

The thunderclouds had indeed moved as the sword was drawn.

A sword came down from the sky. The clouds moved with the sword as it zipped past his surroundings, tearing through the sky and coming right before the thunder bird's body.

The thunder bird howled loudly, and having taken its original form; its body was humongous. That huge body gathered boundless will of lightning, and it fired a bolt of lightning from its beak. Boundless will of lightning that it had consumed before was quickly turned into 81 beams of lightning, tearing through space in a fearsome manner.

The two attacks clashed on top of the Divine Mountain. The resulting flash was so blinding that many struggled to keep their eyes open.

All 81 beams of lightning seemed to have turned into 81 thunder birds, howling through the sky. Yet, its opponent remained using only a single sword to retaliate.

The sword commanding the clouds tore through the incoming attacks, continuing to move forward at the body of the thunder bird.

The thunder bird let out a shrilled howl, and its huge body charged forward. Its huge wings brought terrifying flashes of lightning to bear, which were sharper than blades as they lashed out at the person at the peak.

Lu Yu snuffed coldly and pointed his finger at the sky. Nine swords materialized, and it seemed that their powers were nine times greater than before.

The nine divine beams of light rained down and tore through his opponent's attacks, tearing right through the sky and heading straight for the thunder bird.

Boom. A huge rumble was heard, and the sword will penetrated its huge body. Blood spilled, and it crashed into the mountain. Its huge eyes glared at the swords in the sky. The nine swords remained hanging there instead of raining down. The bird would have probably suffered a worse fate otherwise.

"Thank you," the thunder bird said in human speech. Although its opponent injured it, it remained grateful to its opponent for showing mercy. It had to accept that it had lost.

Lu Yu's name was known throughout the region, and he indeed lived up to his fame, proving that his powers were supreme.

"What about you all?" Lu Yu looked at those who continued to move up. The ones who were near the peak were Zhu Qi—daughter of the Bamboo Emperor—and Ye Futian. As such, one could assume that he was addressing those two.

Zhu Qi's eyes gazed upon Lu Yu, who was in the sky. While she was indeed extremely confident in her powers, the powers of the sword shown before made her realize that she was still unable to take him on. If Lu Yu were to bring his swords down, she did not know how she would have resisted them.

Even if she managed to stop them, she would be injured nonetheless.

He was attracting lightning bolts with his sword, and Lu Yu became the absolute king in that place for doing so.

"We shall see how many lightning strikes you can endure," Zhu Qi said. It was apparent that she gave up. She remained where she was and trained.

Lu Yu nodded slightly to her. The world would then witness him taking on the lightning bolts soon after, and he would break the record.

It was his goal to take on 1,000 lightning strikes.

"Some power indeed."

"He seems invincible."

Many who were climbing the mountain were in awe. The thunder bird lost, and Zhu Qi gave up. They had all been of the same renown before, and all of them had been very famous. At that moment, however, it was apparent who among them proved superior.

Lu Yu was a cut above everyone else, and no one had been able to make him budge.

Everyone would have only needed to sit around and witness how many lightning strikes he could endure to see if he would be able to break the record of that insane genius.

Lu Yu's expression was calm and composed, getting ready to be struck by the lightning of the great path. However, just when he was about to look away, he found another who continued to move upward, which caused him to frown.

He made himself very clear and had shown mercy, yet there seemed to be someone who refused his kindness still.
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    《The Legend of Futian》