The Legend of Futian
1355 Messenger from the Heavenly Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1355 Messenger from the Heavenly Palace

Of course, as the first person to break the pole number of the Wutu Divine Mountain, Ye Futian also possessed such qualifications.

Above the staircase, those Renhuangs in positions around the Emperor of the Purple Underworld also looked at Ye Futian. It seemed that today, Emperor of the Purple Underworld would accept a good seedling, which, if given proper nurturing, would not be any less than Zhang Changqing.

This person, perhaps one day, would battle Zhang Changqing in the future for the succession of Wutu.

Around these Renhuang, they had each brought some descendants here, and they looked at Ye Futian with some interest. They were all characters who had created the glory of the eight major Divine Mountains. What was the true method of this person who had broken the pole number of Wutu Divine Mountain?

Ye Futian looked up at the figure above in the sky. He bowed to the Emperor of the Purple Underworld, saying, "Your Majesty, I trespassed in the Divine Mountain of Wutu so that I could meet Your Majesty and ask for a favor."

"Oh?" the Emperor of the Purple Underworld revealed a strange look, and everyone around him was a little curious as well.

"Tell me," the Emperor of the Purple Underworld said. Since he intended to take in Ye Futian as a disciple, he would agree to most requests.

"Forgive me, Your Majesty," Ye Futian said, bowing again. "Previously, the people of the Purple Underworld took away a person from Emperor Qi's Territory. I heard that this person is now at the Purple Underworld. His name of Gu Dongliu; he is my senior brother. Although I don't know my senior brother's past, and neither does he, he cultivated step-by-step in the Lower World until today. I hope that Your Majesty will not make it difficult for my senior brother and will set him free. I am sure whatever it is that Your Majesty desires to know, my brother will tell you."

What Ye Futian said made the vast world fall into quietude. Today, two of the most important events in the Purple Nether City were the opening of Wutu Divine Mountain, and the other was how best to deal with the descendant of the Gu clan.

Now they found out that the one who broke the pole number at Wutu Divine Mountain had also come for the descendant of the Gu clan.

Moreover, the two were brothers.

This world was really a small place.

The senior brother had an extraordinary family prestige, and his junior brother was also exceptionally talented.

Perhaps, there was some kind of connection between extraordinary people.

Zhang Changqing also revealed a strange look. He looked at Ye Futian and finally understood that Ye Futian's indifferent attitude toward him was not because he wanted to challenge his position.

It was because he was the one who took Gu Dongliu.

Ye Futian broke the pole number of Wutu Divine Mountain, and if he had made any other demands, Zhang Changqing thought that the Master would have agreed to them.

However, he proposed the release of the descendant of the Gu clan.

Clearly, this was simply impossible. Even the Master could no longer dictate this situation. Looking at all eight major orthodox of Renhuang who arrived today, who did they come for?

Furthermore, Ye Futian made this request to the Emperor of the Purple Underworld on this occasion, which more or less put the Master in a tough bind.

After all, from the standpoint of common sense, to order people to go after a junior figure was not an honorable thing to be done by the Emperor of the Purple Underworld. If Ye Futian pleaded for his release, he should agree. After all, Ye Futian had said that even Gu Dongliu knew nothing of his heritage, just like every other ordinary cultivator, so why would a Renhuang give him a hard time?

But precisely because of it, it would be difficult for Emperor of the Purple Underworld.

"Presumably, you were also not too clear about the affairs of the Gu clan. Although he is your senior brother, as a descendant of the Gu clan, there is too much involved that can't be clarified. I won't be hard on your senior brother, but at present, I cannot release him to you. And even if he's really in your custody, perhaps, you cannot keep him for long."

The Emperor of the Purple Underworld spoke to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had already guessed this outcome. He knew that with just a few words from him, the other party couldn't release the third senior brother.

However, at least he needed to find out their stance.

"Your Majesty is a Renhuang—one of the eight orthodoxies of the Violet Heavenly Palace. Like the rest of the elders, you transcended from the world. I had heard a thing or two about the events involving the Gu clan in the past, but my third senior brother knew none of it; he was just a bearer of the name. It was said that those of the Renhuang realm possess the ability to tolerate all things of the world, and so I ask all Your Majesties to let go of what happened in the past."

Ye Futian bowed down. And his tone was extremely polite from the beginning to the end, without any disrespect. He was simply pleading.

He knew who he was facing, and he clearly understood the gap between him and the others. Although his reasoning may be superior, the fist was the ultimate decider of everything. If he dared to run in blindly, he wouldn't even know how he died, never mind saving the third brother.

The Emperor of the Purple Underworld looked at Ye Futian. This young man appeared polite and respectful, but he could see that Ye Futian was quite calculating. Expressing his case in such manner, it would not do to keep Gu Dongliu in his hand for long and make things difficult.

Otherwise, it would make them look bad.

It was only that Ye Futian had ultimately underestimated the influence of Gu's descendants in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"You have no inkling of what happened with the Gu clan. The Purple Underworld will take care of it ourselves. Now, Master asked if you were willing to be part of the Purple Underworld and cultivate under the Master as his disciple." At this time, Zhang Changqing, who was behind Emperor of the Purple Underworld, spoke up. The fact was that everyone could see that because of Gu Dongliu, Ye Futian might not enter the gate of the Emperor of the Purple Underworld.

Zhang Changqing's question was forcing Ye Futian to answer directly.

"If His Majesty could release my brother and let him stay in the Purple Underworld to cultivate, then I would also be willing to join the Purple Underworld and cultivate under His Majesty," Ye Futian bowed and said respectfully.

If the Emperor Of the Purple Underworld were willing to release the third senior brother and protect his safety, then he would have proven himself as trustworthy, and there would be no impropriety for him to cultivate under him.

The Emperor of the Purple Underworld looked at Ye Futian, and the Renhuang of the other eight orthodoxies also revealed a look of interest.

Ye Futian was making things difficult for the Emperor of the Purple Underworld.

The person who broke the pole number of Wutu Divine Mountain, but refused to enter the door of the Purple Underworld just because the Emperor was unwilling to release Gu Dongliu, it would perhaps cause much gossip among people.

"How dare you!"

Zhang Changqing chided coldly, "For the Master to accept a disciple is a great event, but you take it as an exchange?"

The people of the Purple Underworld were staring at Ye Futian. The Emperor was accepting a disciple because of Ye Futian's talent.

But Ye Futian only wanted the Emperor of the Purple Underworld to release the prisoner—his brother.

Ye Futian gave Zhang Changqing a cold glance. This Zhang Changqing was deliberately provocative, making the situation worse.

"Your Majesty, it was not my intention. I only wanted my senior brother to be safe and sound," Ye Futian explained to the Emperor of the Purple Underworld.

The Emperor waved his hand and said, "I understand what you mean. You may go."

For the person who broke the pole number of the Divine Mountain, he was naturally willing to accept him as a successor and nurture him so that there would be another powerful existence in the future for the Purple Underworld.

It was just that as far as Gu Dongliu was concerned, this could not be done.

Especially now, it was difficult to even for him to keep Gu Dongliu.

When Ye Futian heard the words of the Emperor, he understood that there was no hope for the Emperor of the Purple Underworld to release Gu Dongliu today.

He looked at the Emperor, then nodded slightly, and retreated.

"If others are willing, you may cultivate in the Purple Underworld. If you don't want to, you may leave now also," the Emperor said to the rest of the crowd on the stairs.

Everyone knew that because of Ye Futian's request, the Emperor was not in such a great mood.

Let them decide themselves, without any nonsense.

The vast majority of people were willing to cultivate in the Purple Underworld, but only a few had refused.

Ye Futian returned to the ground below, standing there silently.

Obviously, even if he had broken the pole number of the Divine Mountain, it was still not enough weight. Even talent such as this was not enough for the Emperor to release the man on his account.

"You've done all you can, leave it to destiny," next to him, Qin Xuangang whispered. Xia Qingyuan also looked at him. Ye Futian was already doing his best.

It was just that his status today, compared to those Renhuang, who were high above him, was still too far apart; it was not enough to affect the others.

Even if he had inherited the thousand way of Tianlei, he had created the history of Wutu Divine Mountain.

"Um." Ye Futian nodded slightly, said nothing.

With his current ability, this was all he could do, and even he dared not ask anything further, for this was the gap in strength.

"What a pity."

Although this was the time when the others decided whether or not to cultivate in the Purple Underground, even more people were still paying attention to Ye Futian.

He had inherited the thousand way of Tianlei, planted the Seal of Wutu Thunder of the Underground, and it was in his best interest to enter the Purple Underground. However, because of his senior brother, he did not, which was kind of a pity.

This was perhaps the first time in history that someone who had set a record but did not submit under the discipline of the eight orthodoxies.

"Purple Underground, what are you going to do with the descendent of the Gu clan?" someone finally asked; Ye Futian and the others were staring at the Emperor of the Purple Underground.

How would the Emperor of the Purple Underground plan to deal with Gu Dongliu?

"Don't worry, it should be here soon," said the Emperor, which shocked the rest of the Renhuang.

It seemed that Emperor of the Purple Underground still intended to hand him over.

They probably couldn't touch him in any way.

They instinctively understood that if the Emperor were to deliver him, it would only be delivered there.

The Thunder Method Orthodoxy of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, Violet Heavenly Palace.

If the Violet Heavenly Palace were to take him away, it would be impossible for them to step in again.

Before, when they asked the Emperor of the Purple Underground if he had obtained anything from this descendant of the Gu clan, he did not give them an answer.

So far, it was in unknown suspense.

At this moment, there was lightning shone above the sky, and out of the endless clear sky, divine light of thunder had appeared.

Countless many looked up at the sky; their hearts were shaking.

Flashes of lightning sailed across the sky, and in the next moment, figures appeared in the sky above the crowd.

The group seemed to come by lightning, so it appeared out of thin air, and the group in front emitted a terrible breath; especially the one who led the group, who stood above the void and gave everyone a sense of irresistibility. It was as if he was one with heaven and earth, and the way of the thunder.

Renhuang of the eight orthodoxies stood up and looked above with a solemn look.

"Violet Heavenly Palace." Below the stairs, countless people trembled in their hearts.

The world's thunder methods were all from the heavenly palace. The eight major orthodoxies of the thunder method were, in fact, passed from the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Now, the Violet Heavenly Palace descended in person.

"Purple Underground, where is the man?" the leader of the group asked.

"Bring him out," the Emperor of the Purple Underground said. Below, Ye Futian appeared a little pale. The Violet Heavenly Palace arrived, and with just a few words, the Emperor was about to hand the prisoner over!
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    《The Legend of Futian》