The Legend of Futian
1356 Principality of the Heavenly Mandate Realm
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1356 Principality of the Heavenly Mandate Realm

In the Purple Underworld, a group of people appeared, with one man in custody.

Below the stairs, Ye Futian looked up there, and the man in custody was Gu Dongliu.

"Dongliu." There was a faint flow of knife will on the Knife Saint. At this moment, Gu Dongliu appeared to be slightly tired.

Those who cultivated were usually full of energy, especially when they entered the realm of Saint. Under normal circumstances, they would not appear tired at all.

Unless... something had happened to him.

Although the Emperor of the Purple Underworld would not do anything drastic to Gu Dongliu during these days of capture, it was impossible that he would do nothing at all.

What did these people want with Gu Dongliu?

Gu Dongliu looked up at the figure above the sky. His eyes were filled with indifference.

Until now, he still did not understand just what he had done.

After these people captured him, they interrogated him and even wanted to pry into his spiritual world forcibly.

And now, they were going to hand him over to some other people?

No one asked him, and he did not expect that even with his cultivation to the Saint Plane, that he would be this powerless.

As for the principles that they believed in, they were as fragile as a piece of paper in the face of absolute power.

The people of the Violet Heavenly Palace looked at Gu Dongliu from a distance and thought that his temperament was outstanding.

"Release your life spirit," the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace commanded Gu Dongliu from the sky.

Gu Dongliu looked up at the man and remained indifferent.

Seeing him remain silent, a mighty pressure descended from the void and directly landed on Gu Dongliu.

Feeling this pressure of might, Gu Dongliu remained standing quietly and looked up at the other without compromise.

The Renhuang, who was the head of the group, frowned, and a terrible divine light shot from his eyes. This divine light penetrated Gu Dongliu's eyes and rushed into his body.

At this moment, the breath inside of Gu Dongliu's breath roiled, his spiritual will was not under his control, and his soul shuddered.

Boom. The light of the life spirit appeared, and it was an illusion of an immortal. Nine ancient characters surrounded the illusion and seemed to echo with heaven and earth, which caused sounds of whistling in the space.

"Indeed," the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace secretly exclaimed. He was undoubtedly the descendant of the Gu clan.

But this soul would be more befitting in an ordinary person.

But compared to the Gu clan of yore, its power was far from impressive.

In the past, when Madman Gu released his life spirit, it had eclipsed the glory of heaven and earth.

The cultivator of the Violet Heavenly Palace stepped forward, and the divine light in the eye bloomed once again. It was like thunder shocked the world, and it rushed into Gu Dongliu's body again.


Gu Dongliu's body shook. His long hair was flying in the air, his spiritual willpower seemed to bloom uncontrollably, and the breath of life spirit was even stronger.

The cultivator did not stop there but stepped forward again.

Gu Dongliu groaned. His face was ashen. It was as his life spirit had been released to its limit.

But it seemed that it still did not meet the expectations of that Renhuang character.

"I tried it already," the Emperor of the Purple Underground said. Gu Dongliu's life spirit seemed to be limited at this point, unless there was a second awakening...

This was indeed a considerable gap with the people of Gu clan in the past.

"The elder is of the Renhuang Plane and is bullying someone his junior thusly. This is conduct unbecoming of someone of your stature." At this time, a voice was heard, and everyone followed the sound and saw that Knife Saint looked up at the sky, his hand holding the hilt of the sword. At the moment, he relaxed his hold on the handle, but the movement seemed a bit stiff.

Although knowing that the gap between them was like heaven and earth, seeing how they had treated Gu Dongliu, as his elder senior brother, he couldn't help but comment.

The other glanced briefly at Knife Saint, and his eyes were sharp. It was as if divine thunder bloomed from his eyes. Knife Saint felt a flash of thunder, and lightning blasted his spiritual will. The lightning in his head roared with humming sounds in his head. With a groan, he stepped back.

The man still looked indifferent. It was as if he hadn't done anything at all and didn't explain anything. It was as if no explanation was needed.

"Elder brother." Ye Futian was witnessing all this. His fists were clenched tightly as he raised his head to look into the void. He saw that Gu Dongliu looking at them, and said, "Don't interfere."

Gu Dongliu understood very well how powerful these forces were. Even though there were anger and unwillingness in his heart, he knew very well that they could not resist. If they insisted on fighting them, it would be akin to committing suicide.

"I'll go with you," Gu Dongliu said to the cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palace looked rather casual. This was not a choice that could be made by Gu Dongliu. From the beginning to end, he had no choice.

The prosperous and renowned Gu clan of yore was now extinct. The era of Gu Tianxing was the golden age of the Gu clan.

He cast a glance at the other positions above the sky, and said, "Since everyone is here now, show yourselves."

Obviously, he did not take Gu Dongliu away because of the opinions he had expressed.

What was more important was that it was not the Violet Heavenly Palace that had arrived today.

Below the staircase, countless looked up at the sky; their hearts were shaken.

Previously, there had been rumors that the supreme forces of principalities had entered the Purple Nether City. Now, it seemed that the rumors were true.

Forces that could attract the attention of the Violet Heavenly Palace were naturally forces of the same level, standing at the peak of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"Because its the last descendent of the Gu clan bloodline of our Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, he should be brought back by us." At this time, an ethereal voice came from the void, and then there was a fairy light falling from the sky, and a line of elusive figures came from the sky and appeared in the sky above the Purple Underworld.

This group of individuals was transcendent in their temperaments. Fairy lights were released around them. It was as if they were one with the Great Path surrounding them, holy and ephemeral.

South Vast Heaven of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had arrived.

The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven—one of the top principalities in the Heavenly Mandate Realm—was equally renowned as the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Furthermore, in the past, Gu clan was one of the three peak clans of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and was in charge of it along with the other two peak clans.

Later, when the Gu clan was destroyed, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was greatly impacted by it. However, the other two major clans were equally powerful, so they were still standing at the peak of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"You compromised back then, so what are you doing here now?" A taunting sarcastic voice was heard, and in the other direction, another group of cultivators appeared. The individuals who made up this group each had their different temperaments and were not as domineering and aggressive as the Violet Heavenly Palace, but also not as unearthly as the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. Though the temperaments of these cultivators all varied, they were all very powerful.

"10,000 Divine Mountain," many people exclaimed. 10,000 Divine Mountain on the eastern region of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had also appeared.

Today, would the top five forces all come for the occasion?

This was all just because of the resurfacing of a descendant of the Gu clan. What profound lesson did Gu Tianxing leave for the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

So much so that just one descendant of the Gu clan was enough for these cultivators to gather together.

"What game do you guys at 10,000 Divine Mountain want to play?" a cultivator of the Violet Heavenly Palace asked aggressively.

"We like to have fun too at the 10,000 Divine Mountain," said a Renhuang figure, clad in a black and white robe, with a smile. "And we can also catch up with all the friends of Brahma's Pure Sky."

When he finished speaking, in yet another direction, an elusive divine light shone.

A group of dazzling figures appeared above the void. This group was made up of all women, and what was even more amazing was that all were extremely beautiful.

When they appeared, heaven and earth seemed to lose their beauty in comparison.

"Jiutian Goddesses has arrived in person," the cultivator of the Violet Heavenly Palace said lightly. The woman who headed Brahma's Pure Sky was a peerless goddess who seemed unattainable. She was one of the Jiutian Goddesses of Brahma's Pure Sky.

Beside her were all virgins who cultivated under her.

"Brahma's Pure Sky."

Ye Futian looked up in that direction and saw that all the goddesses' temperaments were ephemeral, and their appearances were not of this earth. They all served under the throne of Brahma's Pure Queen from the ethereal Brahma's Pure heaven.

That was also Ye Futian's target; it was a place where he wanted to go.

When Xia Qingyuan saw the presence of the cultivators of Brahma's Pure Heaven, she looked at Ye Futian, who was beside her, wondering what he was thinking at the moment.

Ye Futian really would like to step toward them and ask them some things, but those ethereal goddesses may not even bother to answer him.

Furthermore, the gathering of the top principalities today was because of the third senior brother.

The situation seemed to be more and more complicated.

At this time, Ye Futian felt faintly also, just what kind of character Gu Tianxing of the Gu clan, really was.

The Goddess of Brahma's Pure Sky looked in one direction. One last principality and the five peak forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm all arrived.

"The descendant of the Gu clan belongs to us."

In the direction where the goddess was, a figure came out. From the sky, a group of noble figures descended. Its majestic imperial power enveloped the world, and the light released from their bodies seemed to demand worship.

"Heavenly Mandate Dynasty."

The people below the staircase trembled violently. Today, the top forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm had all arrived.

The God of Heaven was named after the Heavenly Mandate. They were the oldest forces among the five major principalities. It was said that many years ago, they were the absolute bosses of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty ruled the central region of ​​the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Many royal dynasties were ruled by it, and it was the greatest power in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Its roots were deep and unfathomable.

The extinction of the Gu clan was because of its confrontation with the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

"Does anyone disagree?" said the Renhuang character of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, who had descended. It was as if he was certain that he would be in possession of the descendant of the Gu clan.

The men of all forces were looking at him; they were the clearest on the confrontation that happened between the two.

At the height of his golden age, Gu Tianxing had made rivers of blood at the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. He became an immortal and climbed up the ladder of the divine dynasty and slaughtered his way to the divine hall of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

That battle was Gu Tianxing's most brilliant one.

The emergence of the old emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and joining forces with the current ruler of the dynasty led to the demise of Gu Tianxing. It was said that Gu Tianxing was injured in that battle, which subsequently led to the fall of Gu Tianxing and the extinction of the Gu clan.

But for that, the price paid by the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was the death of the old emperor—a god-like character who ruled a generation. One could imagine how terrible Gu Tianxing was.

The whole Heavenly Mandate Realm was shocked by the aggression exhibited by Gu Tianxing in that battle. His presence made the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm uneasy.

In those days, Gu Tianxing was the other. His actions were unpredictable and unrestricted by rules, and he did whatever he wanted.

The sins created by that battle were too heavy. The blood stained the dynasty so that the Heavenly Mandate Realm no longer had a place for him.
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    《The Legend of Futian》