The Legend of Futian
1363 Everyone Has Their Own Choice
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1363 Everyone Has Their Own Choice

At that moment, a cultivator stepped into the vacant sky, looked at them above the stairs of the Celestial Demon Arena, and said, "These three demon matrixes are devised by many demon saints and performed like one. As challengers, we are put in a passive position when we enter the matrix. It is not fair for us."

These three demon matrixes respectively contained three different matrix methods targeting warriors of three different levels of Saint Plane: the Doctrine Saint, the True Self Saint, and the Unblemished Saint. The Nirvana Saint Plane was not included since nirvana-level top demon beasts were also hard to find.

Had the matrixes not been in charge of four royal members of the demon clan, it would have been extremely difficult to make them so large.

"If you don't want to enter the matrixes, fine, you can choose to challenge the four of us. Defeat us all and you can also pass," said the great demon beast of the Thunder God Clan, its sonorous voice booming like thunder.

The cultivator glanced at the four demon beasts in the sky. Their descendants were the so-called Four Tyrants of the Celestial Demon City, who were also extremely talented, especially the demon crown prince Zhu Yan. Upon inquiring about them, it was said that this crown prince was such a skilled fighter that all of the Celestial Demon City was under his control.

Moreover, since those four demon beasts' Planes were all very high, challenging them would mean being affected by their Planes. One person had tried it before and ended up severely injured.

If he failed to challenge the matrix, they would at least show him some mercy if he submitted his belongings and cultivation methods to them.

The main thing was that their most core characters had not taken action because there was no absolute certainty. If they failed, they had to hand over something along with the cultivation methods they used. Before then, the Zhu Yao demon crown prince killed those who refused to hand over the cultivation methods they used during the matrixes.

They couldn't even say anything. The rules had been set, and it was their territory. All they could do was obey.

If they didn't comply, they couldn't blame anything for their deaths.

At that moment, the Zhu Yan demon crown prince got up lazily from the throne, stretched out like a human, and glanced down toward the warriors with a pair of golden eyes. He said, "It seems that you are not being serious today, either. Fine, let's call it a day and continue the game tomorrow. You can go back and discuss what to do. If tomorrow you still behave like you did today, then please get out of my sight."

The other three demon beasts followed him and stood up; the demon matrixes on the Celestial Demon Arena were removed as they left.

The human cultivators looked emotionless. The Zhu Yan Demon Crown Prince was an extremely proud person, using them as training dummies while plundering their treasures and cultivation methods.

"I have heard that human beings are cautious by nature. It seems that it is true. Aren't all the five supreme forces in your human cultivation world here?" the Zhu Yan demon crown prince jeered. He swept his eyes to the crowd and soon left.

Demon beasts of the demon clan were all thrilled. The cultivators of the top forces in the human world must've been the most talented ones.

It seemed that the demon crown prince of the Celestial Demon City was seeking the strongest opponent.

In Celestial Demon City, the Zhu Yan demon crown prince was notorious for his fierce and tyrannical nature. Many monsters were in awe of him, but none of them could surpass him.

Although this was the most famous main city in the Demon Realm that bordered the human world, everyone had heard that Zhu Yan the demon emperor was not a simple demon emperor. He was well-known within the demon world as a powerful demon emperor.

Had it not been for this, the other three demon emperors would not be so willing to follow him, leaving their offspring to follow the demon crown prince to spread chaos.

"It seems that no one has received the news yet," said the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord. "Let's go visit the demon crown prince."

"Qingyang, even though you are the head of the Verdant Gazelle Palace, the demon crown prince may not even bother."

The bull demon beast said to the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord.

"It's worth a try," the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord said nonchalantly. To him, there was little hope for Ye Futian to pass through the demon matrix. If he wanted to return the favor to Ye Futian, he could only visit the demon crown prince.

As the lord of the Verdant Gazelle Palace within the Celestial Demon City, he served the demon emperor; he could at least talk with him. Of course, if he failed, all he would lose was his face.

The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord went to a side road, where the demon crown prince and his party were heading.

After a while, they appeared below the stairs. The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord cupped his hands and said, "Your Highnesses, Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord is here to salute you."

The crown prince Zhu Yan fixed his golden eyes onto the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord. He said, "I have heard about the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord for a long time and have always wanted to meet you. What brings you here today?"

It was said that the demon crown prince Zhu Yan was obstinate and ferocious, but he was by no means incompetent. He knew about many powerful demon beasts in the territory. The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord was of the Nirvana Saint Plane, which was very rare among demon beasts. His fighting skills were also marvelous, which was worthy of learning from.

The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord looked toward the people around him, and immediately the crown prince Zhu Yan also noticed Ye Futian.

"Human cultivators?" the demon crown prince Zhu Yan asked.

"Yes," The Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord said, nodding. "When my daughter was in a dangerous situation, these cultivators rescued her out of kindness. Thus, I ventured out here to inquire if Your Highness could show mercy and reveal anything about the news."

The crown prince Zhu Yan looked untroubled without reacting.

"You want to return the favor to them, but you have seen what has happened today. Why bother to ask?," the Taotie demon beast next to him said. Although his skull resembled that of a human, his complexion still looked very ferocious. His beast body looked extremely tall and sturdy, giving him an intimidating appearance.

The crown prince Zhu Yan waved his hand and said, "It's fine for the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord to ask, but they need to wait after the thing is gone."

Speaking of them, he swept his golden eyes towards Ye Futian and others and said, "I know there are many merits to being human, but sometimes you are too clever and prefer to use surreptitious approaches. If you want news, you can go directly to the Celestial Demon Arena."

Ye Futian looked at him and felt an almost divine flame burning from his eyes. The demon crown prince Zhu Yan Yao was just as the rumored said; he promised to answer the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord's request, but he didn't give a real answer.

Once he finished speaking, the Zhu Yan crown prince turned around and left. The other demon princes all looked at him from behind. With his massive eyes, the demon prince of the Thunder God Clan fiercely stared at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian just looked at him with a smile and said nothing.

Actually, he and the Thunder God clan had a long history.

The prince of Thunder God clan seemed to have sensed the kindness in Ye Futian's eyes. With a doubtful look, he stared at him and then left.

"Thank you, Your Highness," the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord saluted and said behind them. The demon crown prince's promise was already a big favor to him.

"Qingyang, His Highness usually never agrees to such a request, but this time he did it. I guess he must have a good impression of you since he has heard of you before. If you didn't mention this request, maybe he will help you more in the future," the bull demon beast said. "For example, maybe he would let you cultivate with him."

"It doesn't matter," the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord said in apathy. He looked back at Ye Futian and said, "This is how the crown prince is. You don't need to worry too much about going to the matrix. Since the Prince had said that he will talk about this once the thing is over, he has granted the request. Of course, if any human cultivator succeeds in passing the matrix and hears the news, it may spread by itself."

"Indeed," Ye Futian said, nodding, "Anyway, thanks a lot, Sir."

He knew that just now the bull beast demon was actually talking to him.

The Demon beasts in the surrounding area gradually all dispersed. Nearby was a group of people standing there and looking this way.

Ye Futian seemed to be aware of it. He turned his eyes and saw several people there looking at him.

They were from the Purple Underground Sect; Zhang Changqing was also there.

Somewhat unexpectedly, he encountered Ye Futian here. Was Ye Futian also inquiring about his brother?

"It seems that you are not only talented in Thunder Laws but also very clever," Zhang Changqing said. They were all finding solutions in unraveling the demon matrix, but Ye Futian was unusual; he got into the game by asking a demon beast for help. This way, he learned of the news from the demon crown prince.

There was irony in his tone. The demon crown prince was rather abrasive towards them, and the demon matrixes were obviously aimed at dealing with them. Even so, Ye Futian tried to flatter the demon crown prince, and he disdained the behavior.

Ye Futian glanced at him with no reply.

Just then, a group of warriors came, all of whom were from the eight orthodox forces.

"Zhang Changqing, who is this?" someone asked.

"The person who broke the record of the Wutu Divine Mountain, Ye Futian," Zhang Changqing replied. There were strange looks on all their faces; some people even released fighting will from their bodies.

People of the eight orthodox sects were all talented cultivators in Thunder Laws. When the Eight Great Divine Mountains were opened, many people were there. Among them was only one person who broke a record like Ye Futian.

Some of them even tried once the last time when the divine mountains were opened. Ye Futian, the person in front of them who broke the record, could be said to not only have surpassed all the cultivators who entered the Wutu Divine Mountain but even almost outperformed all challengers of the Eight Divine Mountains.

Even though Ye Futian was not taken as a disciple by the Purple Underground Sect because of Gu Tianxing's appearance that day, his name still weighed enough for all warriors of the eight thunder law orthodox sects to have at least known his name.

"Seeing him in person was no better than hearing his name," someone said in slight disappointment. They all wanted to see what kind of person could break the record of the divine mountain, reject the invitation of Purple Underground Sect, and even the Violet Heavenly Palace. Now that they saw him, they discovered that Ye Futian wanted to flatter the demon clan; they no longer thought well of Ye Futian.

Seeing this scene, the Verdant Gazelle Palace Lord looked toward Ye Futian with amazement. It seemed that Ye Futian was also renowned among human cultivators, or he wouldn't have attracted so many people.

His decision to visit the demon crown prince earned him some criticism that affected his reputation.

He just wanted to return Ye Futian's favor, but the situation was now what he expected.

"Everyone has their own choice. Let's go and discuss how to pass the demon matrixes tomorrow," another person said in a calm tone. Ye Futian was just a passenger to them, and he didn't have much effect on their states of mind.

What was imperative now was to break the demon matrixes.

People nodded and gradually departed, flashing away from the scene.
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    《The Legend of Futian》